Are we building a team around Carroll?

Andy Carroll.
With the signing of Hatem Ben Arfa, which we all seem very pleased about, and the much publicised, although unconfirmed, pursuits of Gradel, Bentley and Beckham, is it fair to say the club see the wide positions as being important to the near future of the club?

This goes some distance to banishing my fears about the future of our number nine, Andy Carroll. Rumours that Tottenham have had an enquiry for Carroll dismissed remain unconfirmed by both clubs, but the point as I see it is why chase wide players if you are planning to sell one of the best attackers of the ball in the league?

This would make no sense at all, surely? Some might argue that that’s the Newcastle way, but I see it as building a team that can move foward, hopefully playing some good football down the channels, with Andy Carroll applying the finishing touches. Is the future bright? Only time will tell, but I , along with the rest of us, certainly hope so.

Carroll is one of the most talked about players in the Premier League at the moment, and rumours are unlikely to go away givem how the lad is performing currently. His effort and determination is admirable and he has proved he can perform against some of the best defenders in the league, whilst scoring goals also appears not to be a problem for the young foward. There are not many clubs who wouldn’t want a player of his quality in their team, which is probably why there is so much speculation surrounding him.

Us supporters tend to worry when we hear quotes like “developing young players with potential and sell on value”. Does this mean we become a feeder club? Or does it mean we devolop young players, whether we buy them or whether they are promoted through the youth ranks, and watch them grow and hopefully stick around, and IF the player wants to leave, the club will at least see a good return financially?

Hopefully we are starting to see some sense from the club both on and off the pitch. Will it ever last though? Maybe Mike Ashley is finally getting the hang of how to run a football club, a couple of decent signings could see us safe sooner rather than later, or perhaps a good strong finish to the season could see us push further up the league, which is already a pretty picture at the moment after the great victory over West Ham.

What do you think?

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108 thoughts on “Are we building a team around Carroll?

  1. Toonsy – good to hear about your hospital visit being clear. Any idea why the comments box is really narrow on my screen sometimes?


  2. I think that after seeing Carroll on the bench with other lads who are still to come back from injury relieved me quite a lot. I don’t think Carroll is going but we have one of the hottest young prospects in the league.

    Delighted with Ben Arfa signing as I wondered if we wouldn’t secure him after Hoots left, we now have him and Barton who has been immense this season.

    Also impressed by ferguson’s display last night, I think he will start against Stevo on Saturday and glad to see us building our squad up as it will create more competition


  3. HWTLDIZZLE – I apologise for calling you an arsehole, but you are doing just what you are throwing the dummy out about.

    Hyocritical much?

    There is my apology, now leave my site alone. Any issue you have with anyone else is regardless.

    E-mail me and I will offer an explanation.


  4. TOONSY thats super m8
    might be a cancer cut out on this site,dont want a great site spoiled by the odd dick,
    but sure you have that covered anyway


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    If you want owt changed just let me know and I’ll get on it πŸ™‚


  6. He is threatening to whore the address round different sites now and get the whole world to spam this place to death.

    Like I said, I don’t do threats, so if he wants to take his issue out on me then fair enough.

    Free advertising πŸ˜€


  7. Toonsy – glad to hear you’re ok, don’t bother putting edit button on comments, it really slows down wordpress due to the database read/writes


  8. Jay Jay well done Lad I didnt even realise this was yours mate, untill Toonsy mentioned there. I take it this is the start of your Football journalist career πŸ˜‰


  9. toonsy thanks, looking back at this i was an arsehole. i came here to read your site. i was pissed off with batty ruining with spam. im a massive toon fan and read as much as possible. when i came to seek batty (aka perch) he instantly turned into a knob.
    and i reacted.

    i hope you accept my apology, and would like to apologise to anyone else who used the thread today, that i might have spoilt there enjoyment of the thread, i would not like this myself.

    i hope this explains everything and dont need to email you know.

    the ip address i use was at work, to what extent has it been affected.

    i will change my alias and come back on new terms one day and join conversation.

    cheers, oh and nice to see good news about your illness.


  10. That is fair enough. Life is too short to hold grudges and that πŸ™‚

    Blazing in like you did was naturally going to get peoples backs up, and it kind of snowballed from there.

    I’ve asked Batty to stop and have suggested a better way of promoting, which he will hopefully use. He was only tying to help me out and trying to get this place busy and never meant to cause any distress I’m sure.

    I’ll unban your work IP now and nothing will have been affected.

    No worries about coming back, and now this is all done and dusted I hope you come back soon. The people on here are all sound and don’t hold grudges so I’m sure they will be fine with you πŸ™‚


  11. Yesterday’s result was absolutely brilliant, but we need to carry on the good work, and ensure the gap to the relegation zone remains. Call West Ham a poor side if you like, but at the end of the day we beat them big time. BTW what a sublime touch by Nolan for Best’s hat-trick goal, well done that man.

    Looking forward to the end of the January transfer window…sure we’ll come up trumps this time round too…


  12. Right there with you MDS. Thanks for the tip about the replay on FSC…was able to watch the game last night. Those two looked incredible. Fills me with hope to see them play.


  13. @toonsy

    cheers mate, ill think of a alias and join in in a few days.

    sorry again, shit day at work, just me being a prick, i cannot apologise enough.

    if you will unban ip thats great.

    speak with you very soon under another alias.

    sorry all.


  14. Fairly confident. All the levels of trace hormones and what not have returned to normal and stayed there for the last two visits now. I’ll still have to take the tablets, but apart from that they are happy to let me go back and be dealt with by my GP.


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