Pardew on trial.

Alan Pardew
Look at me. Look at me.
After a few months in the wilderness, I’m back writing articles again, big thanks to Toonsy.

I wanted my first article on my new blogging home to sum up how I currently feel, how the last year or so has changed me and my perspective on all things Newcastle.

I have been feeling very uneasy ever since Chris Hughton was knifed in the back – sorry I meant relieved of his duties. That unease stemmed from the fact I truly believed in what we were doing and where we were headed under Chris’s guidance.

I liked his signings. I liked how he addressed the squads weakness and prioritised them absolutely correctly, with a clarity that not many possess. I certainly didn’t understand the difference Cheik Tiote would have made – did anyone? I loved how he kept us out of the press despite the best efforts of the players to get in the news for the wrong reasons.

I thought Chris Hughton was the perfect fit for this NUFC. Here was a manager that truly managed, he managed within his means, within his constraints, within his restrictions, with his incompetent Managing Director, with his squad, without his staff, and any rumblings he did have he kept private – behind closed doors – just the way it should be.

The title of this ‘blog isn’t meant to be sensationalist. It’s how I feel. Alan Pardew has yet to earn my trust.

You see when Chris Hughton was sacked, he had earned all of our trust, by the bucket load. He remained loyal to his players and they to him. I still remain loyal to him this day, I can’t shake it off, I feel he was wronged.

Everything was rosey in my NUFC garden until that fateful day. Within hours of the sacking, Pardew’s odds came rolling in, the bookies knew something was up – apparently Alan Pardew claims he knew nothing about what was happening until a later date. To me, Pardew undermined himself and his trustworthiness to us in that first press conference.

Our transfer business used to be conducted behind closed doors. Nothing was official until it was announced. Chris used to bat off reporters’ questions like he was Geoffrey Boycoutt (you see what I did there 😉 ).

In contrast, Pardew readily answers anything. The information comes thick and fast – now information is something we had been starved of for some time, but I had become comfortable with that, Chris had the right balance between managing expectations, providing a little info to keep you interested and holding the press at bay. Pardew on the other hand stokes up the Andy Carroll will be sold debate every day – especially when he comes out with comments like – Andy isn’t ready to go to a big club yet! Or even commenting on questions about Carroll being sold full stop – Geoffrey wouldn’t be pleased at all.

I swear when I see Pardew interviewed I can almost see him licking his eyebrow and the stuck on shining star on his teeth. “Mr Pardew” shouts a reporter “can you comment on Nile Ranger.” No problem for Pardew – he will launch into a public rebuke, not behind closed doors, not managing the situation, but chucking meat out for the press in a bid to keep them away from his own failings.

I can’t imagine the players liking this new public hanging system either.

Then we have our team. We are one of the highest scoring teams in the league, yet our priority apparently is another striker, not another to cover Tiote who will be missed more than any other player – the pressure on our defence is too much when he doesn’t play. In other departments we have cover – to a greater or lesser extent. No offence to Alan Smith but he isnt a natural holding midfielder, he is a striker whose legs have gone.

Pardew’s team were fantastically under-motivated for Stevenage. He blamed lethargy – yet he refused to introduce young fresh legs for the game. I could go on and on, but this isn’t about a public hanging before Pardew has had a chance, it’s just his start has left me uneasy, like we are no longer moving forward but we are on a precipice where we could go forward or backwards from whence we came.

Alan Pardew has started in a way where he defends his own skin, defends his own actions, blames others – anything as long as he looks good. Well that simply won’t wash. Where we had dignity we now have vanity. That has to change, he needs to look at Sir Bobby and Chris for inspiration as to what a good manager is.

Will this new way be successful? Will Pardew be respected, admired and accepted as a worthy replacement to Chris? Will he succeed with his team as a team or as Alan Pardew – international superstar (with a bedraggled team behind him).

To me the jury is still sitting, and when it eventually does go out – I just hope they jury come back with a happy verdict – for all our our sakes.

P.S. Mr Pardew, if you can sort out a royal humping of the mackems on Sunday, a week long passport to acceptance awaits 😆

55 thoughts on “Pardew on trial.

  1. The shear gall of this little worm we call Stardust is beyond comprehension!
    I am almost lost for words! But I must try and express my disdain as best as I can without being threatened with a banning order by Toonsy.
    This worm is the same one that wriggled for months on end trying to defend Ashley, claiming him to be some super human being, almost Godlike, who he worshipped the very ground he walked upon!
    No matter what criticism was thrown at Ashley, the worms response was always ” IN ASHLEY I TRUST”
    Time and time again! We all read it, in fact because I know him, I heard it!!
    The appointment and then sacking of Keegan. The appointment of Kinnear. The appointment of Wise. These decisions were trusted by the worm unequivocally. No questions asked. “IN ASHLEY HE TRUSTED”.
    Can everyone recall the big red bus that Starsust the worm used as his method to assist us mere minions, visualise the journey we were travelling under the safe hands of Messiah Ashley?
    However, overnight! Yes, overnight! The very thing that we minions bleated on about since Ashley took over, but dismissed as bunkem by The Stardust Worm, Ashleys unpredictability, struck over night! Hughton ws sacked!
    We all saw he was capable of this! We all saw it but the great believer was rocked to the core!
    Today we see the worm has turned! Why do you no longer trust your Messiah? I see you commented on the previous thread about the distasteful NUST?
    Are they not just campaigning for what we’ve all been telling you for years? Ashley is not trustworthy!
    This be hard to believe for some but he comes a shock for some. Me and Stardust are good pals and this is not unusual to pull each other apart. It comes with having the ability to trust each other yet not being frightened to criticise for the right reasons with the added bonus of not taking the huff.
    Workyticket might want to take note!


  2. And my point was , Pardew is Ashleys appointment! Boom boom basil brush! IN ASHLEY I TRUST”


  3. Yeah I agree about Pardew, he loves himself.
    Time will tell if he’s any good as a manager but I reckon his hands are tied by Ashley on who he buys/sells and picks for the team – wasn’t there a rumour of a blazing telephone row between pards and Ashley over who should be in the team against Stevenage ?


  4. I personally agree with the way he publicly had a go at Ranger. It was pretty clear that the quiet word in his ear that Hughton was doing had absolutely no impact on the lad. Now his unproffesionalism is out in the open he might feel a tad embarassed.

    In general I like Pardew’s open approach much more than I did Hughton’s. I think the supporters should be kept informed of everything as long as it’s not confidential, and lets be honest, what’s confidential? Nothing!

    I don’t know whether he’ll turn out to be the right decision, I don’t know why he was appointed, it made absolutely no sense, so I can only think there is an interior motive for Ashley.

    I guess time will tell, but he has done a pretty good job at most of his clubs. Only Charlton has he achieved nothing, and things were stacked against him there.


  5. @4411
    Yes, there was a blazing row which occurred at the training ground between Pards talking to Ashley over the phone, which was witnessed by my source.


  6. Canny Article mate, Pardwho wasn’t exactly my dream choice but he’s in charge of the team so I just have to hope he’ll do a good job. Imo it’s obvious he knew about the job earlier than he said but there was no way he could own up to that, he would have been finished before he got started. Unfortunately that’s often the way it’s done, I suspect Avram Grant’s replacement is already lined up and if memory serves wasn’t Wor Kev lined up before Ardiles was given the old heave ho?
    In reference to his public utterances I think he was possibly right with Ranger as CH had tried the “keeping it in house” approach and it obviously didn’t work and so a new tact is required. |The one I disagreed with was the Krul’s mistakes with his kicking at Stevenage outburst, it wasn’t a mistake, it’s a weakness with his game and shouldn’t even be a rollocking let alone a public one, it’s something that should be worked on in training.All Pardew has done now is highlight the problem to other teams who will now press the young lad on every backpass in the hope of forcing an error….out of order imo……….but beat the scum and you’ll be universally loved(whey almost)…for a while at least.


  7. “I am almost lost for words “… I think you’re a little further away from “almost” than you think Bobby 😉


  8. They may have been getting out anyway, 1 defeat in 7(where was that I wonder 😉 ) won 3 out of last 4… if I was Grant I’d play Cole at left back, Green up front, Parker in goal etc 😈


  9. 6 million for Keane, baring in mind that how much Ben Arfa was, no wonder we wanted nothing to do with him! Irritates me when people talk about the club being stingy with money as imo, the best way to describe our spending is ‘the money is always there for the right deal’

    So we moan and moan about the lack of communication from the club to the fans, and now that Pardew has been told to be that bridge, and is therefore more vocal in telling the fans stuff, we lambast him, citing him for loving himself and his own voice etc etc.

    Well which is it, are the club to quiet or is Pardew to vocal?


  10. I Love Mike
    Posted January 15, 2011 at 9:25 AM

    “The money is always there for the right deal”? Aye as long as it’s not over £3m. Wow, we’re really going places!

    I can see us offering £3m for someone like Messi or Rooney.


  11. as long as it’s not over £3 million? Is that a joke, or do you want a list of players we’ve bought for over £3 million?


  12. BS9 – never met you before in my life 😆

    Hitman – Classic 😆

    Stupot – I personally think a public rebuke is out of line – other pressures can be applied without undermining your player and letting all other players your prepared to publicly undermine them too. As Richie says – his public shot at Krul was shocking.

    ILM – I’m an objective sort, a good manager gives a clear message in what he says – Pardew has unsettled me with his messages to date. You have to accept that as a reality for now – as it is my reality. You’re obviously happy with it and him, I am uncomfortable. I do know that Chris has us all thinking his handling of the press was brilliant – Pardew already divided opinion.

    Not sure why that isn’t a valid point?


  13. Cat got your tongue Dusty? 😛 Or have you just realised what a tool you’ve made of yourself? ❓ ❗


  14. We don’t care what you say wormy. Get back to mackem land and crawl down a hole with the Lambton worm.! You’d make a lovely couple!


  15. toonsy – clearly you dont have to know anything about football to write a blog for this site then.

    who you got lined up next then – i love mikey ?


  16. Stardust
    “I’m an objective sort”

    “Pardew has unsettled me…You have to accept that as a reality for now – as it is my reality…Chris has us all thinking his handling of the press was brilliant”

    Iol, aye mate, you’re all about the objectivity like!!!

    I’m sorry, but imo the article was nothing more than a subjective rant, a projection of your worries and fears on to the readers, ultimtley, offering nothing as a talking point for the blog.

    Not even the colourful metephors can cover the fact, as you even said, ‘the jury is still out’, he hasn’t had enough time to prove himself to anyone, so why judge him already, as you clearly have?

    Nothing positive, only negative, ‘objective’…..really?


  17. ahhhh yawn yawn yawn, where does it end, eh? ‘where’s the Milner money’ or ‘shouldn’t we be due some money from the sale of Martins’

    You sound like any other thick f*ck in sam jacks on a saturday.

    You know what the clubs finances were like, they’re there for eveyone to see, we’ve not sold anyone to fund other signings.


  18. Wormy. You say Pardew has divided opinion amongst the fans. What about your views on Ashley? Are you now with us ? You seem to be. But also seem split between the nonsense you spouted for years and the nonsense you spout now. You seem divided? Where do you stand?
    IN ASHLEY I TRUST . ? clearly you don’t know where you are?
    Boom Boom basil brush


  19. Roy – knowing nowt about football is a pre-requisite to write on here full stop

    Nice to have you around 😆


  20. I agree with the article , I think pardew comes across as a bit flash to me , always talking bout what he done elsewhere , he comes across as a bit of a spoofer to me , a bit like fat sam alladyce.

    A few non newcastle friends of mine have said this to me , i dint reador have come across it , but apparently pardew was in the press sayin that after best scored his hatrick that best wasnt given a chance by Hughton and he is getting one now etc etc. As i siad i didnt read it or have come across it but 3 different people have said it to me.

    But so far ( barring the stevenage game really ) results n performances have been good and thats what its all about really , and he will be given time to win me over , a result 2moro will certainly help 🙂

    Be interesting to see who he brings in over next 2 transfer windows to lould his squad in his image…time will tell….


  21. Johno – Talking about his own experiences is all he can do, that’s all anyone can do when they get new job,

    All in all I prefer his communication to that of Hughtons. All Pardew is doing is answering questions, if he feels that telling the supporters that Carroll isn’t for sale, then great. If he said ‘no comment’ everyone would be foaming at the mouth saying Carroll’s being sold ect…

    No manager can ever win up here, that’s why it’s such a tough job.


  22. BS9 – I’m kinda wandering in no-mans land – all by myself – waiting for a red bus – anyone got any timetables? Just I can’t even find a bus stop at the mo?


  23. No stuart spoofers talk about what they have done before , Fat sam all he talked about when he was here was , i done this at bolton and i was great at bolton and bolton where nothing without me etc etc etc ,

    I can fully understand at Pardews press conference when he ws annouced talking about previous clubs , not a problem about that , but talking about what he done at west ham before our fa cup game against stevenage , it was somethin like how he rested players in a league game to have them rested for a cup , or something along those lines , what difference does that make?

    He is our manager now and i fully support him , as ive said bar the fa cup game he has done well so far and if he keeps winning and gettng results great


  24. Ok as regards Pardew, I’ve got to agree with stardy as I just don’t trust Pardew. His public critisisum of players is way wrong as will chip away at the spirit formed under hughton who dealt with all problems with a percieved dignity that appears lacking now. The last two matchs we’ve been told we’ll have a new signing, with absolutely no real chance of it happening. Our dealings were always quite and although anoying but preferable to the return of a joe kinnear type spouting of drivel.

    So far his tactical nouce at substitutions is baffling with only ranger and routledge during the Liverpool game making much sense. I don’t trust this bloke as he just feels like a slippery car salesman with a little football knowledge. I will remain open and hope he proves me wrong just as hughtons appointment did.

    Ashley was starting to win me over with shrewd transfer work, not being pushed to pay over the odds for has been’s. We bought well last January to secure our promotion push. Our signings of ben arfa, gosling (hopefully) and tiote have been brilliant. With the right manager this strategy might really work. There are areas we really need to address but getting players in with the right attitude to be willing to be second fiddle and fight to be number one in this ego fuelled play ground is difficult.


  25. @stuart79
    I agree with you that Pardew is only answering questions but I do think Hughton had a knack of answering which satisfied both the fans and press without causing contraversy. Pardew always seems to do it in a way that leaves it open to interpretation.
    I can see trouble ahead if he continues the way he is going.


  26. Although I do like a lot of Ashley’s business model, I hope to god we get taken over soon and I hope the first act of the new owners is to sack Pardew for all of the following reasons:-

    1) Pardew’s long ball football, makes Allardyce and Kinnear look like Brazil

    2) Wants to keep ” cheerleader ” Smith and will play him tomorrow regardless of all other options.

    3)Puts on an injured Tiote when we’re 2-0 down and chasing a game.

    4) Is interested in buying journeymen donkeys like Bothroyd.

    5) Slags off young keeper Krul in public

    6) Slags off Jose for going on twitter, then announces to the world we won’t be playing Carroll!

    7) His top achievement was finishing 9th. Even Roeder finished higher with the hammers !

    He’s not looking to bring in any mobile, quick and skilful players who aren’t always playing with their back to goal. Ben Arfa is not a striker. Harewood and Bothroyd are Pardew’s level

    9) Plays Perch before Kadar and Ferguson.

    10) Managed to upset Tevez and Mascherano and played Harewood and Mullins instead before the hammers were rescued by Curbishley and Tevez was restored to the team after fan protests.

    Rant over. I just want Pardew gone as he is simply not good enough and like the Joke Kinnear, should never have been here on merit. However, would be chuffed to bits if we won tomorrow and I’d take it all back, well some of it !!


  27. Anyway, giving respect to the well written article, I agree with what you are saying about Pardew perhaps being a bit too quick to wash the teams dirty laundry in public.
    Pardew should be the front man for the team and take responsibility for their actions. Then, privately give them a bollocking if required.


  28. Chris became a legend after the Derby game, perhaps Pardew can do the same?

    It’s daft, but it could be a make or break game for him. Win and he’s a legend all is forgotten. Lose and he’s a snide that should go. 😯


  29. Per; Troy Shinton Stardust bunter, what do you mean El Toon 79 toro?

    Get one thing straight. Troy Starvers is no pseudonym of mine. However I do believe Micky Goon And I Love Myself are one and the same. Their inane sober like personalities are just too much alike to be different cardboard characters!


  30. ahhh man, caught out, well done Clouseau.

    Toonsy I don’t know why you entertain these social retards by letting them see their words on here, they add nothing to the blog but only to cheapen it.


  31. mikey – if you dont like it you could always go back onto worky’s blog & bore the shit out of people on there . but you wont do that will you – coz you hated constantly being pulled up & corrected by him & when toosy opened this site you couldn’t be seen for dust.

    bobby’s reet – you do love ya’sel like.


  32. Stardust welcome back to the writing world. Very good read with some good points, some i agree with, and some i dont agree with, but then it would be a pretty boring world if we all agreed.
    I would have prefered to let CH keep going till atleast the end of the season. But that wasn’t to be, i would have prefered a better manager than Pards but that wasn’t to be either. But unless you actually own the club there is fuk all we can do about who gets brought in to manage or play.
    But i do feel as if the Toon is my club and i will support them no matter what.
    I for one didn’t like the way CH didn’t give anything away when talking about the club, I feel as a fan that i need a wee bit on info on whats happening at the club. Now wee have Pards that talks too much but unlike a lot of others i dont see him as giving away info that shouldn’t be giving out, but i do enjoy the fact that we are being told things now. I think we just need to find a happy medium between to much info and none at all.
    I didnt agree with what he said about Krul, but as for Ranger CH tried to protect him for over the last year and i think its fair to say that it hasn’t worked, as he is still getting on like a knob, but if it wasn’t for Pards we would still be calling for Ranger to be played and blasting the decision not to play him. But now we all know why he isn’t being played, so now i for one am happy to see him sit on the bench untill he wises up a bit. So you never know maybe Ranger will wise up now that everyone knows why he isn’t getting played, instead off calling for him to get the chance when he dosn’t deserve it. 😉


  33. Eh? I think you might have me confused with someone else.

    Corrected by whom?
    If I’m wrong, happy for people to correct me.


    I love Mike.


  34. Interesting piece, some points that I agree with, some I don’t. I wasn’t comfortable really with Hughton as our manager in the premier league. I don’t know where the blind faith came from for some but to me, in two seasons in the prem we just wern’t up for it in enough games that we should have been winning and apart from a few freak results this time round it has been relegation form. I don’t agree Hughton was sacked in the manner that he was at the time he was though. For me he should have gone in the summer. Pardew, ok isn’t everyones cup of tea but he is Ashley’s choice and it seems as though he has done his homework a bit. None of this annoys me, in contrast im releived that Ashley has done some planning and it came as no suprise that Hughton went as he was not offered a new contract or a new assistant. Also I like the way that Pardew talks to the media instead of Hughtons style. Which I found quite offputting and disrepectful to the media and fans almost to the point of rudeness. I didn’t like the smirk on his face when he would just point blank refuse to answer even quite mediocre questions. Pardew actually seems suited to NUFC IMO. Whether or not he is a big time manager in his head or a big time manager for real will be revealed in the fullness of time but for some reason I just feel like he has the experience and ability to get us back to being a competitive club more than Hughton would have. It is something I can’t even explain why it’s just a feeling I have. I also think the second half of the season we were going to start sliding down towards the relegation zone again under C.H.


  35. The sporting world is littered with stories about players finding themselves when working with a new coach. If what CH tried did not work with Ranger, then AP will try something else. Every personal management strategy comes with a risk. A manager like SAF has been so successful because he is a master of knowing what buttons to push (public or private) to get the best out of his squad. Let’s hope that AP has some of that SAF touch in him.


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