Deal Jose in.

This man MUST stay at Newcastle
When I think of the best full backs in the country Jose Enrique most certainly comes near the top of the list. The classy Spaniard has been his usual reliable self this season following a superb season in The Championship.

Jose has excellent strength and it’s very rare you see him lose a one on one. He’s also brilliant at going foward and in a nut shell we look a much much better team with him in it.

Enrique arrived from Villarreal for Β£6.3 million in August 2007. Jose penned a 5 year deal with the club after agreeing to sign for then manager Sam Alladyce. Jose struggled when he first arrived, a young obscure kid with a hefty price tag. It took him a while to cement a place in the team with Charles Insomnia- ahem N’zogbia preferred at the left back position for a period.

The Spaniard has become one of Newcastle’s shining lights and with his contract due to run out in August 2012 it’s important that the club make it a priority to tie Jose down to a new long term deal. The sooner we could get an offer on the table the better.

Jose has made his affections for the club known on several occasions and I don’t think he’d hesitate to sign on the dotted line if offered a new deal at Newcastle.

Newspaper reports have linked the player with Manchester United and Spurs in past weeks and although I deem that as newspaper gutter talk you have to wonder how long it will be before bigger clubs take a long look at Enrique. The boy oozes with class and IMO could easily cut it at a big club.

For me Jose continues to improve and look better all the time and is at an age where he can continue to develop. It’s surely only a matter of time before he’s playing for the full Spainish team, he deserves it too.

Alan Pardew has voiced the importance of keeping all his best stars at the club and Jose certainly falls into that catagory. With the excellent news that fellow top performer Joey Barton is locked in positive contract talks with Newcastle currently, wouldn’t it be great to get Jose to commit too? Lets hope the club are working on a new deal for our little left back.

What do you think?

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31 thoughts on “Deal Jose in.

  1. Hard to argue against anything you’ve said there Mark to be honest. It does make me wonder why Jose isn’t being talked about for a new deal though?

    Even if he was off somewhere it would make sense to secure him as the price would be higher.

    I don’t think he would leave easily though as he really genuinely does seem to love life in Newcastle.


  2. jose will be next after joey for talks i feel
    i think id be equally as upset with jose going as i would be carroll


  3. Raffo is up aswell. He is on the other thread :mrgreen:

    I’ve not long got in form work so I’ll be off to bed soon. Mark is an insomniac so he is wide awake until his narcolepsy comes in. Strangely, it kicks in when there is a threat of him having to buy a drink :mrgreen:


  4. Nope. Not on a school night, day, whatever.

    Events on Sunday just back my case up though.

    Mark: Fancy a pint
    Me: Ok
    Mark: *complete silence*
    Mark: Sorry, I fell asleep.

    The fear of buying a round sent him into a coma πŸ˜€


  5. only 11pm here in Canada. Watching the ODI from Australia. England batting atm. Had a few single malts for Rabbie Burns day fighting to stay awake.


  6. Aye marky. Jose has become a vital player for the toon. He always plays, and 96% of the time whoever lines up on his side is taken almost completely out of the game. He plays with complete commitment and even when he bombs up field, he always bombs right back. Or left back 😐 πŸ™‚
    One concern that I have is that he will be a full international soon, and whilst I really want that for him as he deserves it, I worry that he may have second thoughts about staying at the toon after having regular time with the kind of class that the spainish team has. They’ll be in his ear, and he may become more in want of better footy.
    Hopefully we get him signed soon and then build a quality side that he’ll want to be a part of.


  7. story in L’Equipe today – Don’t remember any English press reported this.

    Suffered a double fracture tibia and fibula of his left leg last October 3 at Manchester City-Newcastle (2-1), Hatem Ben Arfa had surgery the next day in a hospital in Manchester. L’Equipe revealed Wednesday that former Marseille underwent a second operation in mid-November at the Hospital de la Pitie-Salpetriere. This new operation was decided after a complication, “a problem that could be infectious and to prevent the consolidation” said Dr. Eric Holland, a member of the orthopedic surgery department of the facility and physician to Paris Paris-SG.

    The player currently staying at the rehab center in Clairefontaine (Yvelines), where his recovery is monitored very closely. His second statement does not call into question the timetable for his return to competition, still scheduled for March, “if all stages take place normally. ” Reassured about the health of its players, the management of Newcastle has decided to exercise the option to purchase (6 million euros) in the middle of the former OM few days ago, January 6th. Hatem Ben Arfa is now linked with the Magpies until 2015.

    In a nutt shell, there was a ‘complication’ so he had a second operation – to prevent an infection? – in Novermber but this hasn’t effected his return date, March.


  8. I’m feeling really good about Benny ATM. Seems like a long time since I heard of a toon player working so hard to get back playing. Also gives me confidence that this injury won’t make him a lesser player. With all the reports on his bad attitude, he seems fully committed. His agent said this about him:
    β€œI think it lays a marker down and now Hatem is desperate to get back playing and pulling on that black and white shirt again.

    β€œHe told me that his goal is to become one of the best players in the world in a Newcastle shirt.”


  9. Agree that Jose needs to be next on the re-negotiation schedule. Trouble is, he, like Collo, was one of the few signed under the previous mad regime on silly money before Ashley asserted his own business model.

    Unlike Joey, Jonas, Collo and Jose don’t have huge histories and issues to balance when negotiating, and perhaps have less reason to accept a pay-cut. That worries me a bit, and although I don’t think we can doubt their loyalty to the club there must be a limit to the size of financial compromise they’ll make to stay here.

    I wouldn’t want to lose any of them; they’re the spark and flair of the team. Jose in particular is one I’d hate to lose; he’s everything I like in a player.
    (Except for losing me fingernails when he plays out of trouble instead of hoofing it! Gets it right almost all the time, mind.)


  10. Jersey – yep, it’s exciting: but let’s remember that when it comes to statements, there’s lies, damned lies, statistics… and the utterings of agents. πŸ‘Ώ


  11. Jose IS the best left back in the league. BETTER than Clichy, BETTER than Evra, BETTER than Kolorov, BETTER than Ashley Cole! There, I said it!


  12. mark good thread and a good read mate, i hope jose signs soon as he is part of the spine of the team. I really do think we have a real good team, and only a few short of a consistant top ten team that will be challenging for the top half of the top 10


  13. anyone seen that Hatem’s agent has come out and said he’s told him personally he wants to become a ‘world class player at Nufc’. Nothing if not very nice to hear eh? I can’t help but feel suspisious of Hatem’s apparent passion for the toon- don’t get me wrong, I’m not questioning it- but why does he love us so much? I feel blessed! When he first signed I thought he just saw us as a stepping stone to a top 4 club but since then his words/signing of a long-term contract, all make me feel more and more confident in his commitment to our cause. He’ll certainly go a long way to making us more attractive/successufl, a few shrewd acquisitions in the summer and we really will have a very strong side indeed. This is a purely speculative (and unrealistic) side, but imagine the difference three quality signings would make to our starting line-up:

    kranjcar-barton-tiote-ben arfa

    That’s three transfers that would cost, admittedly, about 20 million (the figure Ash said he’d spend on transfers every year?) but would create a side well worthy of europe league ambitions, very possiblly higher, with a solid core of youngsters coming through to supplement and perpetuate the success. Considering SAFC spent about 80mil over the last few years, it’s surely not so unreasonable for our club to spend a fraction of that and truly secure secure trophy football on tyneside again?

    (apologies for the long comment, am in the uni library procrastinating with all me might)


  14. Devon – It depends how sincere he is πŸ˜‰

    Mind you, I do think the amounf of support the lad recieved after he had his leg broke will have made him have a soft spot for us.


  15. Devon-A few things on the Benny situation mate.

    Firstly, as Toonsy has said he was given massive support from fans and the club when he broke his leg, I imagine thousands sent get well soon messages and I imagine it will have surprised him given the fact he’s only been here a matter of months. It shows passion from the fans and an immediate loyalty to players who wear the b&w. “Youre one of us regardless how long you’ve been here” sort of thing.
    Secondly, he’ll have known about the club. French PL legends such as Ginola having played here in the past will have meant that he knew of us I reckon, ex french players might have even had a quiet word with him regarding the city and club.
    Thirdly, results this season. He joined a club returning from relegation, that is now sitting 7th in the league. He’s seen us beat Arsenal, Everton, hammer Sunderland and WH, beat and draw with Chelsea..he maybe see’s we clearly have potential and wants to be a part of us growing.

    I’m chuffed he’s here long term like, can’t wait to see him in b&w again. Always had Alot of time for him, never expected us to bag him in the first place. Hopefully he’ll come back 100%, the injury was a shame. Can you imagine how he’d have terrorised that clueless mackem back four at Halloween?!


  16. Just watching the Nat Lofthouse funeral. The camera panned to Sam Allardyce chatting away in the crowd.

    He was probably wondering when he was going to feature in the service and why it wasn’t all about him.


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