Andy Carroll has moved on, like it or not Newcastle must too.

Carroll handed in transfer request
It’s been a month that has been filled with speculation, but now it’s over.

This transfer window has been a nervy one, and in all honesty the question on everyone’s mind was always whether or not Andy Carroll would stay put? That question was answered on deadline day, and it wasn’t the answer that Newcastle fans wanted to hear.

The constant message that was coming from owner, manager and player himself on several occassions prior to deadline day was that Carroll was a one club man and the player wasn’t for sale. I think Newcastle fans could be forgiven for being sceptical of the owner’s promise that the star player wouldn’t be sold at any price.

It was reported that Liverpool had bid for the striker late on Sunday evening, a bid in the region of £30 million. This news was made public on Monday morning after it was announced that Newcastle had rejected the bid. Liverpool apparently wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and continued to work on a deal for Carroll as they searched for a striker to replace Chelsea-bound Fernando Torres.

It was later claimed that Ashley and co had rejected a second bid from the Scousers in the region of £35 million. At that point I heard from a few places that talks between the two clubs had maybe stopped. Then the unthinkable happened and Judas, oops I mean Andy handed in a transfer request in an attempt to push the deal through.

The rest is history. He held talks with Dalglish, had a medical and before you know it, he’s someone else’s number nine. My main annoyance is hearing the lad talk about his love, passion and commitment for our club for so long. Then on transfer deadline day, when time was getting on, he decided that he’d kick each and every one of us in the bollocks and announce that he wanted out.

The timing gave us no chance or real opportunity to replace such a vital player. If for whatever reason Andy decided he wanted to move on he could have spoken up earlier about it and given everyone enough time to think about preparing for the loss

Andy apparently didn’t want to leave the club, and he sent a text to Toon Talk editor Steve Wraith which reportedly said:

“I’m gutted to be leaving my home town club. I was told to go. I didn’t want to leave that’s why I signed a 5 year deal. I was pushed out of the door.”

Aww, that’s ok then Andy because you didn’t hand in a transfer request did you? I’m sorry, but as people on here and other blogs have always pointed out, you are under contract that you don’t have to leave the club, nothing is forcing you to sign a contract elsewhere. So I’m afraid this whole ‘I was forced out’ crap will not fool me, it sounds like a feeble little consolation for the brilliant Newcastle United fans. It won’t wash with me. If Andy Carroll wanted to be a Newcastle player then he still would be, it really is that simple.

The only new arrival on Tyneside yesterday was the loan signing of Stephen Ireland, a deal that was expected to be completed anyway. It was reported that we made a last ditch attempt to sign former player and serial sulker Charles N’Zogbia in the closing stages of the window last night, and It was believed that we had an initial bid of £10 million rejected before a follow up bid of £12 million was also turned down by Dave Whelan.

You know the saying that no one is bigger than a football club? We should all remember that. The truth behind this sorry saga may never be fully understood, or accepted by us, but we have a team there that we love.

Carroll is gone and he has turned his back on the chance of being a true local hero and taking his boyhood heroes to the next level, which is too bad but life goes on and next stop for us is Fulham away on Wednesday night.

Andy Carroll is not our business anymore, not untill our trip to Anfield anyway and I’m sure that we will make our opinion known that afternoon. Onwards and upwards. Howay the lads!

Feel free to use this thread to vent.

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199 thoughts on “Andy Carroll has moved on, like it or not Newcastle must too.

  1. no quotes from any of the players today ? – you normally cant shut the [email protected] up ! – are they all a bit pissed off with fat ash & his arse licking brigade – me thinks they are.


  2. jesus christ this blog wasn’t working so I popped onto worky’s for the first time in a little while, it’s full of a simlar calibre of nonces as Ed’s ffs! That one went downhill quickly. Anyway, I- like most of us I expect- did not get a good nights sleep last night, mainly because of rage. Couldn’t stop imagining Andy in f*cking red banging em in in front of the scousers. Now that I’ve slept on it…I’m still pretty angry tbh… but can afford a bit of perspective. The main thing I’m relieved about is that we didn’t land N’Zogbia for 12 million f*ckin quid!!!! That would’ve wasted a third of the wedge we got for our prize asset. Looking forward to summer when we can reinvest the dosh in a fair market, hoping that Carr is rubbing his hands together at the thought of having a little more wonga to speculate with. I genuinely believe that Ash will spend the money in the summer, he knows it’s not worth him holding on to it because of the backlash. What will now happen is he only spends the £35 mil though, rather than that added to any of the other money he was supposedly gonna spend had we not sold Andy, which would have been roughly 10-15 mil I’d say. Fear not lads, we are not a one-man team and we will not get relegated. I’d say we may even stop-up in the top half. Hope yet remains.


  3. Either that, or somewhere in the middle of both stories. Carroll demands a new contract and the club say he isn’t getting one. Carroll says he’ll reconsider his future should they not give him the money he wants and he’s told he won’t be getting more and that his only option is to stick with one he has to submit a transfer request..


  4. Batty, I didn’t just take the bit out of the quote I thought would shame him.

    I just don’t understand why he requested a new contract if he was the victim he states. He thought that giving them an ultimatum would work and it backfired. he tried to hold his own club to ransom and I personally would have told him where to go


  5. Devon-that bid scared the sh!te out of me and I was so glad it didn’t go through. I was laughing at Fuller being liked with the scum last week after they got money for Bent but at the end of the day if thats how Pardew plans on spending the money it’s bloody worrying. Clearly clueless about insomnia’s last stint at the club? And for 12 million!?..thank god it was too late.


  6. Hitman-good point. There was talk of us in the press about a week ago of us offering him a new contract to keep hold of him and doubling his wages to 60 a week


  7. AP: mood here is not great. We’ve lost a friend & a good player. There’s disillusionment in everyone here – you can’t hide that #nufc


  8. Interesting interview by pardew

    There isgoing o be 3 stories to this , carrols side club side n the truth.

    Be interesting if we do get the full 35 mil as promised by ashley. We know his promises r like,

    N last;y i think andy has been very shot sighted in joining for liverpool. Liverppol r a club in decline. Didnt spend a penny yesterday just re investd torres n babel sales. They still need major re-building. Do we need major rebuilding? mmm time will tell


  9. I read Pardew’s comments regarding the AC situation. Did he make any comments about other targets that were pursued or what they plan on doing moving forward with the money, etc.?


  10. Im here batty 🙂 well on my wa into work so be back on at 215

    Yeah we need 2 new strikers but we dont have to re build ,

    We dont have to replace the aging pair of gerrard n carragher.

    We dont need a massive injection of pace.

    We dont need a new defense.

    We dont have to find a new manager.

    wedont need two new wingers

    We dont comoili in charge of bring in players n we kno his recrd at spurs.

    In saying tha atleast they have someone in harge of bringing in players…12mil for zogs….ffs…. 😉


  11. mds he sed they tryed too sign a couple but people were asking daft prices ,he also sed fatty promised him all the cash is too spend which i divent beleive 😉


  12. Johno,
    think I would disagree about not having to rebuild, personally, I don’t think any of our strikers – baring Ranger purely based on his age and prospect – are Premiership quality.

    I would seriosuly get rid of all our stirkers in the summer, baring Ranger, and invest in three stikers and a right winger. I would go for a couple of younguns and an experienced one

    Connar Wickham
    Ricky van Wolfswinkel
    Nicolas Anelka

    Something along those lines


  13. carroll demands a new contract right now if hes not given one he wants to talk to liverpool,pardew tells him he will have to put that in writing..

    who to believe eh


  14. I think we need to be careful with getting excited over Pardew saying that all the money is there to re-invest, doesn’t mean he will spend though.

    The past windows have been all about the right player and the right deal, just because he have a bit of cash to play with I can’t see it changing.


  15. Batty/Hitman cheers 🙂

    Not sure i believe it either but if true, it will be fun to have some cash to spend in the summer. If spent properly, the club could really be set up for the long term. Glad we didn’t panic buy


  16. The transfer request is within the request for a new contract. It is not a question of believing or not believing, they are interpretations of exactly the same event. Hours before transfer deadline is not the time to be discussing new contracts, once he asked for a new contract or he would go that was his transfer request. He can read it as them asking him to put forward a transfer request or they can say we want your position in writing so they can act formally. It is basically the same. If he hadn’t made his staying contingent on getting a new contract he could well be here now.

    To repeat old ground, a contract was agreed 3 months ago, his request for a new one dependent on some other clubs offer was his transfer request, in spirit if not necessarily in fact.


  17. ILM I totally agree with your statement regarding player recruitment. I’d keep Ameobi & Best as 5/6th choice strikers, sell Lovenkrands and bring in exactly who you said. Only assuming we could get Anelka for about £8 mil. Wickham for something similar, Wolfswinkle for £12 mil then have another 8 to play around with on the RW. Failing that, I’d love to see Carr locate players we know little about that turn out like Tiote. Very important we sign decent players to keep morale of the squad on a high. Sustained push for Europa next season is possible, looks like we’ll be competing with l’pool for that spot though the c*nts!


  18. Pardew (in my opinion) came across very well in the interview, and I tend to believe his side of the story rather than the story from the money grabbing, back stabbing b*stard.

    Pardew had to say that that all the money would be re-invested in the summer to keep us lot happy.

    However every club in the summer will now know that we have £35m to splash which puts the selling club in the driving seat, and prices for average players will rocket.

    He can’t win … 🙁


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