Newcastle United will never be defeated.

Vital player for Newcastle.
Joey Barton has recently praised the club, insisting that Newcastle United are finally going in the right direction. This was one of the factors that made Joey announce that he wanted to end his career on Tyneside and sign a new contract with the club.

Joey has been in fine form this season and hearing his comments about the club were most welcome, however since then, Monday 31st of January happend. A lot has been said about Carroll’s exit from the club in terms of why and how it happened, but what is for certain is we sold a player that was vital to the club.

My concern is whether or not this transfer will affect the mentality of the dressing room? Will the Joey Barton’s and Jose Enrique’s feel the sale of Andy Carroll is a massive backwards step? I just don’t want this whole sorry saga to affect other important players and their future at the club. I hope Joey will still feel this club can continue to grow and the sale of that greasy ball bag Carroll doesn’t show a lack of ambition.

Hopefully players like Barton may find it a bit of an insult that Carroll thought he could waltz into the board room and demand a new improved contract on deadline day. I say insult because it’s been well documented that Joey was willing to take a pay cut to stay at this football club. Obviously the two men were miles apart with their intentions, there’s Joey Barton who has been instrumental in our success this season showing commitment and passion whilst the local lad is putting himself before the club he claimed to love.

It certainly shows the level of arrogance for Carroll to put out ultimatums- pay up or i’ll leave. Many readers have said they are proud that Ashley and Pardew took a stance with Carroll and I agree. Say whatever you will about Alan Pardew but I was mightly impressed with him in that press conference today and he put out the simple message that if Andy still wanted to be a Newcastle player he would be.

I’m bored of the issue in truth, it’s happened, it’s over and everyone must move on. I just hope that everyone in that dressing room realises that Newcastle United is bigger than any one player and although we have lost a player of Judas’ calibre his head was turned and in all honesty whatever did happen, that player chose to leave us behind.

We can still continue to push foward, we have played some good football in recent weeks and have been able to score goals in the absence of Carroll. Let’s just hope Mr Barton still sees his future at St James’ Park along with the likes of Jose Enrique, Colo, Tiote and Ben Arfa. It would be a shame if one man’s greed and selfishness lead to other players believing the club is going backwards.

There were infact rumours doing the rounds that Joey’s new contract was going to be signed, agreed and announced on Monday but of course that didn’t happen. I hope Monday’s events haven’t put a spanner in the works. Maybe along with the rest of the dressing room he wants to see what happens with that £35 million in the summer before deciding whether the club is still going foward.

If Barton was to sign in the near future it would certainly lighten the mood a little, what do you think?

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87 thoughts on “Newcastle United will never be defeated.

  1. mds – i cant remember any offers being made – but then again i am wrong every now & again like 😉


  2. @marktoon
    I must have hit a nerve there judging by your bite!
    You miss my point.
    He’s young, he’s got an agent poisoning his mind and like all inexperienced adults he’s prone to rash decisions.
    I would accept your point if he had been threatening leaving the club in the lead up to the transfer window. He didn’t , in fact he expressed his undying love.
    Now I’m not defending Carroll outright, as he has acted unreasonable and I’m pissed off with him BUT my main point is, Pardew should have seen past this and used his experience to take the heat out of the situation and rejected his transfer request.
    Pardew was as rash as Carroll in the situation and for me, the pair of them are equally to blame.
    I feel Pardew is getting away lightly from this yet he should be carrying the can in my eyes.


  3. RC- i think they were of the “reports” type, menaing nothing formal if at all. But still “reports” were of very low fees. club made the right call by keeping him no doubt


  4. mds – it’s probably best not believing things the press print – it’s normally all porky’s m8.


  5. well aware of that RC- just saying what remember being “reported. I don’t think the club every confirmed a formal offer


  6. reject the rquest- not give the payrise and have him poisoning the dressing room?
    i see your point and of course respect your opinion but i think your wrong mate.
    Pardew and co refused to be backed into a corner. carroll clearly thought he could get what he wanted. the principle was all wrong. pardew must feel like an idiot for selling after saying he wouldn’t for so long. but the sale went through because we wouldnt let a player call the shots. i applaud it.
    no one is happy he’s gone, yes the club could have rjected request/bid but it would have sent out wrong message imo.


  7. mark toon – AC was well liked in the dressing room so lets just hope that he wasn’t – forced out – coz that could have a negative effect with the team from now on.


  8. Bobby-I don’t even know if we can assume Pardew was consulted mate. If Carroll came to him out of nowhere demanding to be made the clubs highest paid player, no doubt he went back go Ashley and said Carroll was threatening to leave. From that point onwards Ashley may have taken matters into his own hands and immediatly accepted a bid. Could Ashley have rejected the 35 mil and told Pardew to sit him down? Absolutly, we could have reject the bid and simply told him he’s not going anywhere and that his contract would be renegotiated in the summer.
    I agree with Mark though in saying that it simply looked like Carroll was using the Liverpool bid to make more money. I also agree with you, that his agent will have simply said “look, Liverpool want you and that shows what a player you are, if you’re not shown how important you are financially, you should leave”..pathetic but that’s the way the slimey [email protected] work sadly as I’m sure you know.
    He may have said he loves the club, but if he really did, he’d have sat tight and told his agent and the club, regardless of the bid he’d be going nowhere. Even if Ashley tried to force him out, If he wants to play for Newcastle, a simple “no, not happening” would have kept him here.

    Takes two to tango as they say and for me, Carroll wanted out for money and Ashley couldn’t care less whether he’s here or not because he banks a cool 35 mil.


  9. roy cropper agreed-
    but going over old ground, he didnt have to leave did he? end of the day even if bid was accepted ac could have said no thanks dogleash then said to owners- i have 5 years left here and im living the dream, no sale sorry. but that didnt happen.
    as i say i just hope players realise this gives them the chance to prove their worth and that they arent a 1 man team. Tonight imo will show the intent of those lads.


  10. I think what BSN9 is saying is right: the club (i.e. AP, MA and Owlheed) had three choices:
    1. Give in to AC’s demands. Very, very bad idea.
    2. What they did: take the dosh and ship him out. IMHO, a bad idea because the risk posed by weakening the team is too high.
    3. Turn him down flat and do likewise with the transfer request. Send him home to calm down, talk to his mates and realise he’s been a greedy twat.

    I think the lure of the dosh plus the hot-headedness of this very inxperienced group of men has led us down this very risky path.

    However, if we do survive, it could all turn out ok. Just gutted that we’ve lost the possibility of a life-long Toon hero.


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