Show us the cash, Ash!

Mike Ashley

Mike Ashley
Ash to splash some cash?
Mike Ashley. The name causes a nauseating feeling along with fits of rage amongst a lot of the Toon Army faithful. I am not a fan of his myself, but I feel that this has to be said. Get over it!

Mike Ashley is and will be our owner for the foreseeable future. He has far too many of his personal millions invested in the club, and with the finances starting to look like they could be getting in order, no good business man would take the kind of loss he would take in selling the club at this time. I would also assume that he isn’t going to be doing any favours for the same lot calling him a ‘fat cockney b*stard’ how ever true, or indeed untrue, it is.

For those thinking he could take the Β£35 million Judas money and sell the club at a minor loss here is a newsflash: He’d still be looking at potentially 100 million in personal losses. Some may say that’s pocket change to a billionaire, but I believe the fact that he’s a billionaire only extends how far he’ll be willing to go to make good on his investment. If he’s not worried about a few 100 million quid, then why would he rush to lose it at a time when he looks to have the finances sorted?

There were reports a couple of days ago suggesting that Ashley is no longer selling the club. I don’t think the club has been officially up for sale for some time now, so that report doesn’t surprise me. What is interesting however, is the claim that Ashley has fallen back in love with football, and this was before the unbelievable performance this past Saturday. Reports state that Ashley is prepared to release major funds to strengthen the squad in the summer. I hope this is true, but there are no direct quotes from Ashley and even if there were, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Pressure from the supporters could possibly get a manager sacked, or a director, or even a ball boy. It proves a bit more difficult to get the sacker to sack himself. If our rotund owner is intent on holding on to the club until he can at least break even, then how would boycotting the club or causing a disruptive atmosphere help the situation? If the club is making less money through sales, lack of advertisement or poor form, then it’s only delaying his stay. If you are of the thought that causing disdain between the owner and the supporters will help the club, then I would say you have already been proved wrong.

Ashley has done some good on Tyneside, even if only for his own benefit. The youth development aspect is promising, and the fact that he’s kept the club out of some debt to the banks is also good for the future of this club.

But all the good that has been done on the financial side, is almost mirrored poorly on the football side. Too many business-men, not enough football-men. The lack of ability to bring in cover in the January transfer window, along with the apparent lack of organization on the transfer front, needs to be sorted as much as our striker situation.

Ashley has seemed extremely cautious with funds since fat Sam wasted around Β£20 million, and then the next year, “his” man Dennis Wise, wasted another Β£10 million. Maybe with the success of this past summer, he may feel confident in releasing some more funds? Perhaps he has a bit of faith in Graham Carr? We will see.

But for the better of the club, we all have to get over the fact that the fat cockney b*stard will be our owner for now, and adjust our sights to some more attainable scalps.

Like Derek “owl heed” Llambias 😈

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55 thoughts on “Show us the cash, Ash!

  1. “Mike Ashley is and will be our owner for the foreseeable future.”
    somehow i remembered the statement regarding hughton after arsenal cup game.


  2. He’s not perfect but how far back do you need to go to find a better owner. FFS πŸ‘Ώ SJH 😯

    There is an argument that his wiping out the debt stopped us doing a Leeds or Sheffield, or even a Portsmouth.


  3. i doubt we will see much of the 35mill,i have zero faith in this man doing the right thing,he has shown zero ambition why he has been here,all he cares about is getting his money back…


  4. i think that this summer will see one final spending spree by clubs throughout europe, i am expecting lots of transfers and lots of high fees!!
    if this is the final roll of the dice for all the foreign owners before they have to balance the books or so to speak, then they will all want the clubs on as good a footing possible going forwards.
    now im not saying that ashley will be competing with roman and the sheiks, but i do expect or hope that there will be signifcant outlay on new players of a good quality and a few more youths to come in for the future as well.
    lets wait and see though now


  5. I think we’re in for a long summer when it comes to signings like, and I don’t believe it will necessarily be the fault of our board either.

    I believe the majority if the Carroll deal will be ‘available’ to spend, but as has been the policy in the past, we’re not going to pay over the odds, or pay huge wages, for average players. I can’t see a, and so it shouldn’t, change in the near future, no matter how much cash we have to spend.

    We have money to spend and clubs know this, they will try and take the piss with the price and we won’t budge, there will be an almighty stalemate and eventually, we will walk away with Pardew coming out and saying ‘they were wanting astronomical money’.

    I think we’ll get players in, with maybe one big signing and a few good 1st teamers/squad players. But i’ve got a feeling that it will be a tedious summer of ‘sky sports understands’ and ‘sources close to the player’ and eventually nothing will come of it.

    Plus, I also think there will be one major outgoing too, I can see exactly what happened to Carroll, happening with Tiote. The opportunity (and money?) will be too big for him to miss and i’ve got a feeling the valuation will be met. Maybe we will need to look at a replacement for him also?

    Tiote – Β£15mill out
    Sissoko Β£7mill in



  6. and thats the catch 22 ILM,the better players are going to want better wages and ashley isnt willing to give better wages out,so we will end up with average players..


  7. Reports state that Ashley is prepared to release major funds to strengthen the squad in the summer. I hope this is true, but there are no direct quotes from Ashley and even if there were, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    More comedy!

    Also when did Fat Sam waste Β£20m? Nearly one third of that was spent on Barton and he could only spend money that summer when he’d offloaded the likes of Parker and Dyer.

    In essence Sam only spent approx Β£5m.


  8. hitman – not necessarily, look at spurs, arsenal, they dont have players on ridiculous wages but players playing there because they want to be part of an ambitious team etc.
    if we can get a few good players in then i can see a few extra wanting to stay and see where they can take newcastle united.

    ILM – do you not think you are selling tiote a bit cheap there?? surely 20 mill would be the cheapest, i would even say 25


  9. Rest assured every decision Ashley makes (even if some form the view it is for his own benefit) is also aligned with our ambitions and needs


  10. hitman
    Posted February 8, 2011 at 10:41 AM
    and thats the catch 22 ILM,the better players are going to want better wages and ashley isnt willing to give better wages out,so we will end up with average players

    Spot on.

    But don’t forget also, that in the event we do get lucky and sign another top player for next to nothing and pay him peanuts, as soon as a good offer comes in for him he’ll be gone. So we’ll be back to square one – Mid table/relegation fodder – but with a nice big bank balance!

    I think Ashley is under the impression that when UEFA’s new fair play laws come in you’ll get points each week depending on how much money the club has in the bank.

    What a moby…


  11. I don’t know hitman, I get what you’re saying to a centain extent, but Ben Arfa’s on around Β£40k (or so i’m lead to believe anyway) and of course in the past we’ve had Collocinni Β£80k and Barton Β£60k, so I think we’ve had indication that for the right player the wages are there. I don’t think there is such a thing as a ‘wage cap’ I think it’s just a media buzz work people have jumped on. I just think we’re being financially prudent and making sure that players aren’t coming here ‘only’ for the money.

    I agree, because of geography, we’ll need to do something different to get people here, but if the only thing people are interested in coming here for is the money, do we really want them here?


  12. Stardust
    Posted February 8, 2011 at 10:48 AM
    Rest assured every decision Ashley makes (even if some form the view it is for his own benefit) is also aligned with our ambitions and needs

    No it’s not, Stardust. Every decision that man has made since his huge ‘mistake’ in buying the club has been to either protect his investment or more recently limit the amount of money he puts in so when he does finally sell, his losses won’t be as big.

    It’s obvious the club are now standing on their own to feet – that has more to do with his ineptitude than anything else, so what’s the point in having a billionaire owner? Especially one who won’t put any money into improving the player side of the club.


  13. “It’s obvious the club are now standing on their own to feet – that has more to do with his ineptitude than anything else.”

    How has him paying off debts and getting the club back into the black got anything to do with his ineptitude??


  14. May be he won’t sell the club between now and the end of the next window. But, what if he doesn’t spend the Carroll money, which would fit in with your thesis. What is the reaction then Jersey Geordie? Is this the last chance saloon for him or do we just roll with it until he’s gone in 2, 3, 5 years time?

    Not sure he’s planning on picking up the losses of a 10 year moratorium on season ticket sales.


  15. Nope, nothing this guy says will be trusted anymore by anyone who isn’t looking for a fight.
    I was one of the fools that was willing to give fcb a chance. His sacking of Hoots has made me realise what side of the fence I’m now on after years of sitting on it.
    He needs to go. Until he does the club will never be united.


  16. Rambo 87
    i think that this summer will see one final spending spree by clubs throughout europe, i am expecting lots of transfers and lots of high fees!!

    Personally I expect the big clubs to be reducing their squads to trim wages over the following 18 months.

    So I expect at least 2 high profile departures Β£20m+ each over this summer. However, I also expect 2 or 3 bosmans tied up before the end of the seasons, plus a further 2 or 3 continental purchases for say Β£8m each so that is an outlay of Β£25 fees & Β£25m wages. This together with offloading some of the fringe players should see a stronger squad.

    This should reduce our wage / revenue balance significantly as well as reduce our debts further. The big clubs will have to give away players to reduce their wage bills and we can pick up a few each window for the next season or so.

    But then I’m and optimist.


  17. prem and up

    the fact that alot of clubs will be trimming wage bills, such as man citeh, i think will enhance the amount of transfers. adebayor to real madrid for 20 mill seems a good bet.

    are you saying you think we will sell two for Β£20m+? if so who do you think they will be?

    in terms of our business i think they will learn from previous mistakes and get the business done early doors so that the squad has a full pre season together. but knowing how newcastle like to do things this will go out the window as common sense never seems to prevail on tyneside!

    i agree we will go continental and i think most of our business will be done there, france holland belgium and the likes. you can pick up quality up and coming players there for peanuts.

    i think we will bring in 2 strikers in the summer, a right winger, a CM, a DM (back up to tiote and not replacement i hope), a CB and WB.

    i also think a few will be shipped out, routledge, smith, lovenkrands, guthrie would be shame as i like him, raylor, and maybe a youngster or 2 who arent good enough.


  18. To the tune of That’s Amore

    When your facing a rout,
    and he’s thirty yards out,
    Cheick Tiote!

    From the Ivory Coast,
    blast’s it inside the post,
    Cheick Tiote!

    Oh he left Fabregas,
    sitting flat on his ass,
    Check Tiote!

    When you’re losin 4-3,
    he says leave it to me,
    Check Tiote!
    πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  19. -richie-Class mate πŸ˜€

    As for the summer I’m pretty sure we will see money spent on players-not likely to be high profile ones, but at the end of the day our two relatively low profile ones (okay we haven’t seen much of arfa) worked out brilliantly.

    Tiote doesn’t seem to have much of an ego and seems a solid personality-He isn’t on mass wages now..and to be fair he left Holland for us where he could have played european football..albeit in a Dutch team that overachieved. Really hoping that his head won’t be turned by a “bigger team” and that we can sign him up propperly long term, he is a crucial part and basically the spine of our team and virtually irreplacable, though I suppose if he is sold we’d see more of Gosling who can play that role? Still, he’s a bit like Seb Bassong-he is worthy of a better team than ours currently, so if he wanted out i’d be massively dissappointed but not betrayed like the Carroll saga.

    As for Ashley…well it gets tiresome really. He’s a c*nt, as most owners are. What can we do about it? F*ck all. The mass hysteria and anti ashley stuff that comes out every now and then is annoying but at the same time understandable. He isn’t that inept an owner that I’d trade him for anyone else…I just wish he could appoint a decent director and chuck out lambias. If he could get a competent number two to actually run the club propperly, who knew about football, then I think the club would go from strength to strength.


  20. Black&White China, in the end, his concern is his investment. Our concern is the club. They are one in the same. He’s already proved he won’t be bullied out so if you try and hurt his investment then aren’t you also in turn, hurting the club?
    I believe we’re stuck with him for a minimum of 5 years. I still want some form of success in those years, so I say get behind the club, and much like we pressured wise out, pressure out the llambias’s who are not fit for the job.


  21. Stu the transfer figures were difficult to get a hold of. Your probably right that the difference between players sold and bought that year may have been around 5 or 10 mil. But my point is between 20 and 30 mil was used with very little return. Now we are seeing success of Barton and the bull, but at the time only beye at around 2 mil looked like a good buy.
    One other thing we can’t forget is the amount of wages spent on those transfers. If you equate that to the wages cut and the difference in money coming in and out, i would expect that number to be huge. We got viduka and geremi on frees that year. They obviously didn’t have a transfer fee but their wages certainly made their mark on the clubs finances. For Nowt I might add.


  22. Jersey-Cheers mate, sound write up by the way! πŸ˜‰

    Another thing about the Ashley stuff that annoys me is that as soon as something bad happens-i/e the Hughton sacking, Newcastle gets swarmed with the press and we see “WE WANT ASHLEY OUT WE WANT ASHLEY OUT” fans on MOTD-then we have a 3-1 victory over liverpool and everyones fine again…Just gives another stick to all other clubs to batter us with. Most fans dislike their owners for one reason or another..and whilst we’ve got more reason than most theres still very little we can do. Just need to get on with it like the rest of the nonesense at our club πŸ˜€


  23. Newkie – True. In fact the only owner that I would rate in my lifetime is Hall, but even then he had his fingers in the pie. Having shyte owners is nit a new phenomenon for Newcastle, or other clubs fir that matter.


  24. This ‘good’ press we’ve been getting since the arsenal match has been a bit hard to get used to. I even see journos defending Barton 😯


  25. I’m interested to know what makes the kids they show on ssn with their broken teeth and bed sheets any less important thab anyone else when it comes to voicing an opinion on how the club is ran?
    They might be radgies, but they are still nufc fans same as everyone else.


  26. The only good and true owners I can think of in any sport, are owners who have had the club in their family for generations, and even some of them are crooks.


  27. The Board need to reward the magnificent support with a squad they deserve, no one is expecting Galcticos but they cant keep scrimping and scraping and expect the fans to dig in and commit themselves to a new 10yr season ticket plan when the owner is hardly digging deep in his pockets.


  28. Toonsy the mistake with Sir John was letting his kid take over with his mate ffs.
    Still remember sir john having a dance when we were promoted with keegan at the helm.7-1 over leicester me and me mate hammered in the old leazes stands. Happy days.


  29. Just a few thoughts:

    Would Ac have gone if HBA stayed healthy & NUFC was 5 or 6 in the table?

    Will it have been good business if AC does not play agian this year & comes back next year just 90% of what he was for NUFC?

    With the new financial rules, will NUFC still be in the drivers seat in having cash to buy players?


  30. Toon Chicken
    Posted February 8, 2011 at 1:46 PM

    Loving that song, richie!!…..

    that’s a bit of a cheek coming from you like – at least they turned up in the first place unlike you that wont even enter the stadium if joey barton is playing!!….

    by the way that song wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for wor joey’s motm performance – once again chicken you prove just what a complete tit you really are.


  31. Beeguy – To your last question, yes because the new rules ensure that players are paid for within a year.

    Bobby – No financial commitment required mate. You can opt out the deal at any time apparently. It just means your season ticket won’t rise at all but you can still pay season by season.

    Mind you, I’d sign up as you never know what is going to happen to season ticket golders that don’t commit. Think gas and electricity price freezes – inevitably if you aren’t on one the price goes up πŸ˜‰

    For once its actually a good deal for the fans imo


  32. sorry chicken – just ignore that last post – i’ve got voices in my head again.

    i’ll be ok – i’m off for my monthly shock treatment just now.


  33. First of all, Richie, that effort was stop notch. i think saturday’s result was epic enough to warranbt a tune of it’s own. You have created a classice mister…

    As for ashley, he really is a maddening owner isn’t he? I am of the opinion that he prevented the club for doing a Leeds so in a sense he saved us. But so much else is infurating…

    Still, for me it’s sort of the devil you know kind of thing. There are a lot of worse oweners out there…


  34. Jersey Geordie/ Newkie Brown, I have no problem with your points really, I’ve been relatively positive about Ashley in terms of the good things he’s done; decent youth policy, reducing wage bill, not being bossed on transfer fees etc. I just couldn’t let myself believe it was all purely with a business head on, that in some way he does give a shit.

    The Carroll saga in the end could well be great for us. My only point is what if he doesn’t invest the majority of that money? As I am sure he was going to still spend a bit before anyway, like the Tiote/ HBA deals.

    Under Ashley we are now in a better position, and there is a feeling that things are going in the right direction, but this Carroll thing is massive. Barton may well have said he’ll sign and will, come what may, but not many more will if Ashley doesn’t re-invest that money. Especially if we aren’t spending top draw on wages.

    I think we are in a great position to go forward, with the new rules. But, he has got to invest all that money, that is massive for us. Otherwise, with what it says and what we get, we will just be eternally average.

    My point again is, what if he doesn’t spend the majority of that money. He could even sell Tiote. For me, so much rides on what he does between now and the end of the summer.

    He could just as easily fu-k the fans again with this season ticket thing, selling Tiote and Jose and not re-investing that is as likely as otherwise, given previous. What then? I still think he could even walk then, with somebody buying us for a decent price as we are now a good long term investment.

    We’ll see eh! I have been positive about everything Newcastle for 25 years, but just as Toonsy wrote on Saturday, something doesn’t feel quite right. But, I will be chuffed if he gets it right this summer.


  35. toonsy
    Posted February 8, 2011 at 2:50 PM
    There is some reasoned debate on here. Where is the usual stuff we see on an Ashley thread

    True we can get a bit unruly at times, but there is more reasoned debate on here than the other sites in my opinion. Though I suppose that’s like saying ‘arry complains less than Wenger…


  36. Toonsy, in regard the season ticket thing. It is a great deal for the fans, but is it a great deal for the club? That revenue is important and prices go up for a reason, inflation could well be a problem in Britain over the next 10 years, but the club won’t be able to raise their season ticket prices.

    My first thought on reading it was that it is his best chance to convert the many doubters to recommit their money, and that he doesn’t plan on being around long enough to face the long-term consequences in a revenue sense for the club.


  37. Much as I’d like to take the credit for that song, one of my mates texted it to me πŸ˜‰

    Has any body else still got a knackered throat from the match?….I’m chucking lozenges doon like there’s no tomorrow


  38. Toonsy
    “No financial commitment required mate. You can opt out the deal at any time apparently.”

    This is what it says on the site:

    And there are no tie-ins or catches, with an annual opt-out clause included if you decide you need to give up your season ticket for whatever reason. However, there is a minimum commitment of one season, i.e. 2011/12.”

    They just want you to commit for a year, I have a feeling that there might be some small print though about this ‘opt-out’ clause, a fee maybe???


  39. Aye mike can’t see it making much sense w/o some penalty paid for opting out.
    One thing it may do is make the Newcastle ticket a hot commodity again. If it’s harder to get a ticket then supply and demand says ticket prices would sky rocket for those not in the plan.


  40. Nee bother cropper – I know you love me really! πŸ˜‰

    If the shock treatments aint working maybe you could try a lobotomy? πŸ˜†


  41. I don’t know if anyone is still reading this thread, but there’s another really important factor in what’ll happen in the summer and beyond, on top of the new fiscal rules:

    A pub landlady in Portsmouth.

    Because of the court ruling that Sky cannot enforce a geographical monopoly, the Prem’s income stream is about to plummet. That means player wages and fees will have to plummet too, at a time when most clubs (Liverpool, are you listening?) are already looking at unsustainable business models.

    Most players will suddenly find themselves staying put. I hope. What we need to do well is a model based around bringing our own talent through, and living within our means.


    (Oh, and you’re dead right: focus on losing Owl Heed, not Ashley. The business side is fine; it’s the footie side that’s cack.)


  42. Im surprised Batty hasn’t been on yet telling us how great the Fat Controller is and how the sun shines out of his ass, and all because the Fat man give him a few box’s of Sports Direct’s seconds, Yes I know you will think that Batty was easily bought but the Fat Man has told him he could be his main man for seconds in the future πŸ˜†
    As for me I still think that MA has caused us so much damage and will continue to do so untill he gets rid of the useless [email protected] Owl Heed as I really do believe he has been behind most of the sh1te that has happened during M’s tenure πŸ˜‰


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