Harps’ sweet music to my ears!

Harper is most defnitely number one!
With a large portion of the season gone, and now that the lads have a bit of a respite, I would like to offer some praise to Stephen Alan Harper.

The Geordie shot stopper has been some what of an unsung hero this year, but he has been vital to our current success.

With young Tim Krul nipping at his heels and Harps getting a bit long in the tooth, there’s been some talk of the Easington born stopper being overtaken as number one. In fact there has even been a mention of his retirement at times! However, the stats I’m about to present may put an end to some of those thoughts.

I’m going to exclude the Everton game in which Harps got injured, even though it was a win and a clean sheet. To show his impact, I’ll just mention all the other games in which he featured start to finish.

Harps has played 12 full games this season, winning four, losing three with five stalemates. He’s managed five clean sheets, and allowed 12 goals In those games. In the 14 games without him, we’ve won four, lost seven and drawn three, getting only two clean sheets along the way and conceding 25 goals.

His performances may not stand out amongst others because he’s not the kind of high flying ‘keeper that catches the eye, but it’s hard to argue with his results.

He is a steady force at the back that keeps everyone calm and seems to always be in the right position. Players play the ball back to him with confidence and he’s an excellent distributor. He’s not afraid to leave his line, and I can’t remember a single time that he decided to come out for a ball and it has cost us. He reads the game unbelievably well and really is an asset to our defence.

The stats prove it. He’s come back from injury at the start of this year with all the injuries and departures from our forwards, and has only been involved in one loss. That being the flat performance against Fulham where even then he only allowed the one goal.

We’ve talked about where we might be if we had better striker options, but now I ask where we might be without Harper’s stellar performances?

At the start of the season, I was waiting for Krul to win the position and although I love Harper’s loyalty, I just want the best player out there for the club. Harps looked a bit immobile and just plain old. He looks like he’s going for a stroll whenever he has the ball and looks like he’s going to fall over and take a nap after every goal kick. But while he is getting older, one thing that never gets old are his results.

Like a fine wine, or a good scotch, this Geordie lad just gets better with age.

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46 thoughts on “Harps’ sweet music to my ears!

  1. Harper is the present but Krul and Forster are the future. The only problem is that their probably both going to be too good to sit on the bench so one will have to go.


  2. Depends who comes in for them. If it’s City, the richest club in the world he’ll probably sell one of them for £2m and let them have him on tick. If it’s Leyton Orient he’ll probably demand £15m!


  3. Roy C hows Hayley babes I havn’t seen her for a while, and that other lasses fry’s arn’t as good as Hayley’s. So I think you need to get her to pack in the knicker factory and get back to the stove 😉


  4. I am coming down the road visiting family in the toon tomorrow so the missus is on me back to pack me bags.

    takes me about 3 minutes so I dunno what the hassle is like!


  5. Batty alls good mate cant really complain, but cant wait to get finished tomorrow and get a few days off 😀
    Moreno Toonsy is probably playing with his knobs again 😆


  6. You are right big save I’m Lodi buddined with that users fat lump behind the counter I need to get haley back associate as possible mate


  7. Oi Oi radgies!!
    Pure crackin day the day like!!
    Had some great blaw ! Pure Benwell black!
    A taxed this youngin for it cos he was lookin at is the wrang way. Pure divvy man!
    Anyways, proper missed the craic like! What’s been happening? Me and Big Mick have been spending the money he made on Carroll .
    Hoo man, Big Mick bought blew £30m on one gan of the roulette wheel ! Pure muckle mental !
    He reckons the other £5m will covers Dekka’s wages like so at least it wasn’t aal wasted like!
    Big Mick isn’t happy wi Jose like. He reckons he’s ganna sell him for £100m in the summer! Great profit that like yi kna! £95m profit!
    But the good thing is tho, he kna’s he got a ready replacement withoot spending any money! Me!
    He reckons if a pack the weed in and just used whizz a would be the fastest footballer ever! Even faster than Supermac!
    Trouble is, am pure not bothered man. Love me tac like! Ye’s winnit understand but a love the feeling yi kna. Anyways a divvent gid oot of me scratcher til midday so a would miss training as weel and any midday kick offs, like when wi play the mackems!
    Anyways godda nash, ave just farted and followed through! Hate that like!
    Laters gaters!
    Toon! Toon!


  8. Toonsy, sent you a message through the contact tab at the top of the page, if you could reply at your earliest convenience…that’d be fookin champion.



  9. big dave – soz about that last night m8 – i was in the pub using my new iphone i got yesterday.
    it doesn’t seem to be working properly so i’ll be taking it back today.


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