Jose Enrique only ‘OK’ at Newcastle.

Coy on future.
Jose Enrique’s recent comments have suggested that the player won’t be at the club come the summer. We all know how important the Spaniard is to Newcastle and to be perfectly honest I haven’t seen a better left-back in black and white during my time.

Jose, who only has 16 months left on his current deal, opted to put new contract talks on ice until Newcastle retained top flight status, which is perhaps understandable, but with the club seemingly moving closer to safety Enrique has spoken about rumours linking him away from the club come the summer;

“It is flattering that Liverpool are interested. I’ve also heard that Manchester United and Aston Villa have asked about me.”

“They are both big teams and I’m not closing the door on anyone. I’m ambitious and want to play in the Champions League.

“I want to win things. I’m OK at Newcastle but I aspire to more.”

The left back has been in magnificent form this season and it’s hardly a surprise that big clubs are monitoring his progress and to be perfectly honest it was always going to be a struggle to keep the player. He is quite irreplaceable in my opinion as I believe the only left back in the country that is superior is money grabber and serial shagger Ashley Cole.

I have to say I’m not very happy wth this. It may be unpopular with you guys for me to say this but I find Jose’s comments very disrespectful. Yes the club’s ambitions are bound to be questioned after the sale of Andy Carroll, and granted we aren’t Champions League material, however you have a bunch of lads who are trying to push the club forward and with Newcastle climbing the table the possibility of Europe hasn’t forsaken us.

Liverpool? Aston Villa? They’ve hardly had solid seasons, with Villa still in a relegation scrap and Liverpool only just pulling their fingers out their arses, neither of those clubs are likely to get Champions League football this season. Manchester United on the other hand are giants of the world and it’s very hard keeping a player when they register an interest.

Jose has always insisted he’s happy at Newcastle and said in the past he’d be happy to end his career on Tyneside, so to now say he’s ‘OK’ at Newcastle seems a little worrying and it really shows how fickle footballers are. I’m not saying Jose doesn’t deserve a chance to play at a bigger club, he does but I think you should be tactical about such things and I think he could have kept quiet until the summer and instead just focus on playing for his current employers.

With players such as Kevin Nolan and Joey Barton saying such positive things in recent weeks it seems a shame that one of our brightest players decides to pretty much put himself in the shop window. It’s a bit selfish if you ask me. I love Jose Enrique, I think he’s world class and comes across as a top lad but before he goes responding to rumours maybe he should just wait and see how Newcastle can finish their season first?

I hope the loss of Andy Carroll and such comments from another star performer will encourage owner Mike Ashley to invest in the summer. This would show a bit of ambition and maybe show the current playing staff that we can reach the next level if we bring in the right calibre of player. Joey Barton certainly agrees as he has urged Ashley to splash the cash.

The lads appear to be on the up and I don’t want anything distracting or hindering the team from finishing the season strongly. Although I understand the principle of what Jose has said, I think the timing stinks and if he wants to leave the club that should be a conversation behind closed doors. I don’t care what it takes but we must try everything to keep this player at the club.

What are your opinions on this?

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44 thoughts on “Jose Enrique only ‘OK’ at Newcastle.

  1. I agree that his comments are disrespectful, but on the other hand I think they are part of a concerted effort to make a statement to the club on behalf of the players, following the double shock of the CH and AC departures.

    From their point of view it must look very dodgy indeed. Just when they thought they were part of a progressive, cohesive club that really was following a sustainable path back to the big time… the club caves in and shows that everything and everyone has a price to them.

    If the club don’t recruit towards a CL-chasing squad this summer, I think we’ll lose Barton, Jose, Jonas, Collo and Tiote for starters. Anyone fancy our chances of staying in the prem without them?

    Bloody idiotic football decisions killing the club again. Fat lot of use having a good business model if you don’t know the business. Owl-heed has to go, or we’re stuffed.


  2. Icedog – make your mind up mate. Do you want someone who’se worked in football before, or someone with half a brain? Can’t have both… 😈

    If you look into the ear of most people who work in football, you’ll just about be able to read a sign saying “this space for rent”…


  3. All the player is wanting is some reassurances from the hierarchy who clearly don’t communicate with the players as well as the fans.
    The way Ashley operates, he will challenge Jose and ask him to leave. Im all for moving on players who are overpaid and underperforming but Jose is the opposite. Passionate, hard working and is just looking for some respect and loyalty from the club.
    Ashley doesn’t do respect or loyalty so I see an unfortunate end to this saga and the snowball will grow.
    I hope I’m wrong but I base my thoughts on Ashleys behaviour and personality.


  4. whumpie-
    your not wrong buddy. maybe it is a wake up shout aimed at ashley.
    isnt it scary that if we held onto spurs and scum leads then we’d be above liverpool.


  5. TC
    just cropping up everywhere, dunno where they started mate. the gazette included- i have just read thier article and they reckon pards will talk to jose to reassure him of club’s ambitions.


  6. I sincerely hope that Pardew is coaching Owl Heed right now, explaining how they need to get each player in, explain to them why they’ve done what they’ve done and reassure them that the club is indeed aiming at CL-level football and they don’t need to leave to get it.
    It won’t keep them here, but it may keep them here long enough to see the club prove it with cash in the summer.


  7. If champions league football is what he is after then Man Utd is the only option.
    Liverpool and Aston Villa aren’t going to be champions league any time soon.
    For me, depends on whether or not Man Utd get rid of Evra. Hopefully Man Utd will keep Evra and sign Reina, making Liverpool less appealing to a Spaniard.


  8. moreno- aye that was one of my points in the blog…
    I’d be annoyed if he left for a club who aren’t in Europe. bit like when barry said he wanted to leave villa for cl and joined city- clearly a money move.. if it turned out to be similar here I’d be annoyed!


  9. I think it’s amusing how all of a sudden these noises are coming from several of our players 😉

    Hopefully my gut feeling is correct and they are collectively seeking assurances from the board over squad strengthening.


  10. If we can finish in the top half this year, the club can make a reasonable case for building the squad to challenge for a CL place next season, although to be sensible that’s 2 years off. Whether that’s enough, or whether these players have had their confidence irrevocably shaken, remains to be seen.
    Let’s also hope that these other clubs may eventually have their ‘duh’ moment and realise that the new rules won’t let them just spunk a quarter of a season’s revenue on a player. Fat lot of use coming 4th if the powers-that-be then ban you from the CL for overspending.


  11. Heard a few people saying Joey was also having a go, almost demanding that we need reinvestment.

    Has anyone actually read the full interview with him? Mentioning new additions couldn’t have been any more of a side note, the whole interview he goes on saying how it’s an honour being here and playing in this team.

    But guess that doesn’t get headlines does it?

    And another thing, Jose’s English isn’t the best, ‘ok’ may have just been the first appropriate adjective that popped in to his head. Anyone who speaks a different language knows what it’s like.


  12. Someone made a good point on a previous thread: if Barton re-signs, it’s a clear indication that the club has done it’s bit to reassure players. For as long as he doesn’t we can be fairly sure they still have a long way to go.


  13. Pardew seems to have loads of bottle, he took a lot of flack for the owners after Hughton and also over the Carroll fiasco and he had that ” Shafted” look when he left.
    He could be our last chance of convincing Ashley to move the club on and it will be a big test of their confidence in him with the current contract renewals and transfer window coming up.
    What really pisses me of though is the wall of silence yet again from the Board, they are trying to push season tickets but doing nothing to re assure the fans, maddening.


  14. I’m afraid players and agents will always prostitue themselves,will always make the right noises until someone comes along and offers them something bigger.


  15. Mick G
    Yep, totally agree, until clubs are in a position to compete with these clubs, any club is running the risk of losing their better players, we’re no different.


  16. Yep, it is sadly part of the current, nasty, sleazy and amoral picture.
    But this club shoots itself in the foot through a lack of domain knowledge and common sense. I don’t blame the players one bit for taking fright at the CH and AC shockers. Barton has made it perfectly clear that they’ve had a negative impact on player confidence in the direction of the club.
    If they are going to make shocking decisions, they need to get the players into a room ASAP – preferably before anyone knows about it outside the club – and explain those decisions. Mushroom syndrome just leads to transfer requests, and any decent, experienced club director knows that.

    Anyone seen one anywhere around here? Thought not.


  17. Ross

    Well if thats how the fat man thinks, then we may as well secure safety this year, and then sell:

    Tiote for 20mil
    Enrique for 15mil
    Barton for 12mil
    Nolan for 6mil
    Ben Arfa for 12mil
    Coloccini for 14mil
    S Taylor for 6mil
    S Harper for 2mil
    Jonas for 8mil
    Release Smith and R Taylor

    That’ll give us 80mil plus the 35mil for Carroll so 130million… pay off all the clubs debt in one go… then play for 17th position next season with our remaining squad of:


    Simpson—————-Williamson————- Kadar———————Ferguson



    Is that what MA’s plan is you reckon 😯 😉


  18. Obviously I’m joking, but we either go one way or the other…

    (1) Invest well with the 35mil, keep our players and become a stable Premiership Club that finishes top 8, paying off debt over the next 5/6 years… or
    (2) Completely strip all our assets once safety is secured, pay off all debt and build from scratch.

    Because anything in between, we are still risking relegation by losing top players, and we’ll still have enough high earners to cripple us financially if we do go down…


  19. I think it may well be somewhere in between. If big bids came in for Tiote & Jose then we may have 80m available in the summer. If we assume £25k wages for a 3 year contract and £5m fee per incoming player then each new player costs £9m. with a couple of bosmans that means that we could buy 2 LB, 2CDM, as well as all the people we have been linked with so far.

    Much as I think losing either let alone both of those two would significantly weaken our team we would have a much stronger squad and I think we would still end up as a top 10 ten next year.


  20. JJ – actually, I think you’ve probably nailed it there. The club must nail its strategy to one of those two; in between doesn’t work, for exactly the reason illustrated by this thread.

    Gawd, I hope it’s the first one. I really like this squad, and they’ve been assembled at the expense of a lot of pain to be the close-nit, passionate Toon enthusiasts that are bringing exciting footie back to SJP. I don’t want to see that go, and I don’t think it makes good sense to let it do so either.


  21. Cheers Ross.

    So there’s always the chance his true feelings have been a bit lost in translation.

    As an eternal optimist that’s how I’m going to read them. Until I hear otherwise. 😉


  22. This story originates from Daily Mail so could well be bollocks
    Looks like the players have gotten together and decided to all come out to the press to say the club needs investment in players
    If we dont get any they’ll be off, Barton and Nolan have more or less said the same thing in the last couple of days


  23. 4411 – The story actually originates from the Spanish press. And no, it doesn’t look pretty in their language either.


  24. Hmm,if let’s say He does leave i summer,would you want a youngster from our own club for say kadar/paul to start,or go out and buy a new LB?

    some say we can buy van aaholt.

    I would actually prefer having trust in the youngster we have.

    But i know,Perch would be playing LB. 😯


  25. I cant blame these lads for wondering what the fcuk is happening, We all know Ashlias are planning something for the summer with the season ticket offer coming so early so maybe players the quality of Enrique are thinking its nigh on pointless waiting for chunk to waddle off into the sunset and the clubs potential to start being reached.

    Its a crying shame because we have the base of a really talented side… 🙁


  26. There’s a rumour on BBC that says if Real get Evra then Man U want Marcelo in exchange.

    If that’s true (and its a big “if”) I can’t see them wanting Jose too.

    Villa are on the same sort of level as us right now, and Liverpoop, although enjoying a jolly little honeymoon under King Kenny (excuse me while I throw up) are still not going to qualify for the Champion’s League.

    I guess what I’m saying is, unless its purely for more money, there aint much reason for him jumping ship.


  27. TC it wouldn’t shock me if it was about the money.
    Anyone have a link to the original spainish story? I speak a little spainish and would like to check it oot.


  28. Doesn’t surprise me. But I agree, anything other than Man U, Chelsea, or Arsenal would be a lateral step for Jose. Of course, he could always go to Europe… 😕


  29. Defo hope that MA does the truffle shuffle with some cash and gets some serious players in the door and manages to lose none. Ha, wishful thinking, that.


  30. Hi,
    First post here so let me just say thank you Toonsy for the blog, great job! And Mark, good article.. and everyone else for the posts and chitchat 🙂

    I thought I’d translate the bit from the original article for anyone who doesn’t read Spanish… it’s actually a little longer. He doesn’t mince his words either, and sadly there are no surprises….

    This is my translation…

    Q: Hablando del Liverpool, los ‘red’ se han fijado en usted para la próxima campaña…
    Q: Speaking of Liverpool, the Reds have got you in your sights for their next campaign.

    Jose: He leído en los periódicos ingleses que equipos como el Liverpool, el Manchester United o el Aston Villa me quieren y eso es un halago. Son equipos grandes de Inglaterra. Ahora estoy a gusto en el Newcastle pero no cierro las puertas a nada. Me encantan los aficionados de aquí y la ciueda. He sufrido con el equipo, con el descenso hace dos años y hay que ser realistas. El Newcastle no está actuando bien, ha hecho promesas que no ha cumplido y yo soy ambicioso. Quiero jugar en Champions, competiciones importantes y poder ir a la selección española.

    Jose: I’ve read in the English press that teams like Liverpool, Man Utd and Aston Villa want me and it’s like a dream. They are the big teams in England. Right now I’m happy at Newcastle (or, I like it at Newcastle… take your pick, but better than ‘OK’ I think), but I’m not closing the door on anything. I love the fans here and the city. I’ve suffered with the team, with relegation two years ago, and we have to be realistic. Newcastle aren’t acting well (or, behaving properly), they’ve made promises they haven’t kept, and I’m ambitious. I want to play in the Champions League, important competitions, and to be able to be selected by Spain.

    Q. Le quedan 16 meses para finalizar su contrato, ¿Su intención es quedarse en el Newcastle?
    Q: You have 16 months left on your contract. Do you intend to stay in Newcastle?

    Jose: Siempre he dicho que estoy bien en este equipo. Es verdad que me han prometido cosas que no han cumplido. Como cualquier jugador, quiero ganar títulos y no que el objetivo sea la permanencia. Quiero poder decir a mis hijos en un futuro que he jugado la Champions o en la selección española. Soy ambicioso y no cierro las puertas a nada.

    Jose: I’ve always said I’m happy in this team. It’s true that they’ve promised me things and haven’t kept their promises. Like any player, I want to win titles and not that the objective is to stay here permanently. I want to be able to say to my future children that I played in the Champions League or for Spain. I’m ambitious and I don’t shut out any possibilities.

    🙄 👿


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