Injury woes.

Looking forward to seing this lad.
Hello ladies and gents! Firstly sorry it’s taken so long for me to write another article, sadly I’m going through the dreadful process of having to care for my dad, who is very ill. It’s a heartbreaking matter in truth and I’m finding it a bit hard to cope to be fair.

It’s funny you know, no matter how bad life gets football is the only distraction I have from the real world. When I am at a game I switch off for two hours and my troubles forsake me for a while. With this in mind I hope the lads can get a win for me against Stoke a week on Saturday.

Newcastle have always had a job keeping players fit and this season is no exception. We have been denied the chance of seing Ben Arfa too often thanks to a horrible and needless ‘challenge’ by the clumsy and sinster thug Nigel De Jong. Stephen Ireland is another new arrival that has been hindered by injury since arriving on loan.

I was excited by the summer arrival of Dan Gosling too. He’s a player I rate and think we did great business by getting him here on a free. But bar a brief appearence against Sunderland injury has kept Dan away from the action.

It would be interesting to see how we may have faired in recent weeks if we had these three players fit and available. I have said all along that at full strength we have a squad full of ability and potentially a very exciting team. But I have never been a fan of shoulda woulda coulda anyways, it simply is what it is.

However it is difficult not to look at the current injury situation and not feel a little sorry for ourselves. Not only are we missing the above but we have had to cope without Joey Barton for the past couple of weeks, who all will agree has led by excellent example on the pitch and has been in inspirational form this season. Jose Enrique coming off injured in the home defeat to Everton was also a very unwelcome sight.

So we head to Stoke next, a very tough away fixture. Very intense play to go with a team who are physical to say the least, a team who enjoy their long ball football and fans who are most certainly not the most pleasant I have experienced.

With the lads only picking up one point in our last two games (both at home) it’s important that we go to Stoke with the intent of winning, as difficult as that will be. With this in mind, and with the injury list ever growing, what team would you go with? Alan Pardew will hope to welcome back Joey, but Ireland and Jose are likely to miss the fixture. Also I’m not too sure what the situation is on the injury front with Jonas?

Ryan Taylor serves the second of his three match suspension and will therefore be another player unavailable for selection. I would personally look to play wing backs and three centre-halves. I think this will help to deal with Stoke’s lump the ball tactic. My team would be as follows.

Harper, Simpson, Williamson, S Taylor, Colo, Ferguson, Nolan, Barton, Tiote, Ameobi, Best.

Even if Jonas is fit and assuming Barton is of course this is what I’d go with, play Simpson and young Ferguson as wing backs and a three at the back, with Barton, Tiote and Nolan in the middle I think that looks pretty solid. Although, I’m sure people will disagree, but hey it’s a place for opinion right?

What do you think?

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I'm Mark, I live in a little town called Rugby. I go back a long way with Toonsy, we have traveled the country together watching the lads. I eat, breath and sleep Newcastle United! Follow me on [email protected] MRStockers or add me on Facebook- Mark Stockley.

28 thoughts on “Injury woes.

  1. re coping: I know how you feel. A few years ago my wife was killed by a drunk driver. We’d been separated for a couple of years, so it wasn’t as bad as it might sound, but we were still friends. The only thing that got me through the trauma was football. Quite frankly, football is the only thing that really excites me these days. It’s a rollercoaster ride in a theme park called My Life.

    re the injuries: I wonder if we’ll get the “it’s like have 2 new signings” next season, when HBA and Gosling are fit. And I wonder if they’ll form part of the squad strengthening propaganda from Pardew and co in the off season.


  2. Hey MarkToon, sorry to hear about your Dad. I’m afraid I’m not much good with words at these times, I’m more of a ‘hugger’. So from me to you buddy, ‘Big Hug’.

    Good article mate. I still favor the 4-4-2 formation myself, so I’d probably try Simpson, S Taylor, Colo, Ferguson, for back 4 assuming Enrique is still injured. Then try Barton, Tiote, Nolan and Jonas as mid field with Best and Ameobi up front.


  3. Chin up Mark. You know where I am. Nige is a tough cookie mate and a top bloke πŸ™‚

    On topic, it’s a shame about the injuries as they have had such an impact on our season. It’s not like we’ve had a drip of a couple of players out here and there either. It’s been like BANG, and five or six players have been out. Shyte deal πŸ™

    Mind you we had the chance to address it in January and fluffed the lines πŸ™


  4. Whilst I think the wing back option is a good one, not sure about tinkering with the formation this late in the season. 4-4-2 with Barton on the right has worked in the past so I would go for that as a safe bet. Stoke are the sort of opposition Williamson does well against too so I would drop Taylor.

    I know I keep harping on about Pardew and Taylor being future best mates forever, but I just know it’s true, don’t ask me why. Due to this fact I have completely fabricated, we will play Taylor, we will mess up the formation and the team and end up losing.


  5. Mark…..Sorry to hear your Dad’s ill, both of you keep fighting thru it mate.

    Bris…sorry to hear that mate, that’s a horrible thing to go through.

    Ref formation I agree with Moreno’s first paragraph…..however his second is more than possible too πŸ˜‰


  6. Injury woes? if the squad had been big enough and had enough back up we wouldnt be scratching around for players, just what is the point of Sol Campbell, Gosling, Ben Arfa and Ireland?
    Thats 4 senior squad players who wont or cant add anything to the team and we added a some total of nothing in the last window apart from Kuqi who has played all of about 20 mins and done naff all.


  7. Thoughts are with you n your family Mark. Kinda puts things into perspective. We all come on here knowing very little about what most of the people on here going through in their day to day lives yet we are all binded together by football and the greatest football club in the world!


  8. I wish you and you dad all the best mark. Hopefully a few players will be fit enough to return for the Stoke match which will be a tough one, tough on my liver as well πŸ™‚


  9. I see Bernard is talking about homophobia and says it’s football’s biggest taboo.

    Is the wee little sausage jockey trying to tell us something? πŸ˜‰


  10. mark hope every thing turns oot alright for you ,jay tough on your liver πŸ˜• not if marktoon has owt too do with it πŸ™‚


  11. sorry to hear your news mate,hope things pick up for you.

    the snide has said joey will not be playing at stoke,i like young fergie a lot but its a bad game for him to come into he lacks a bit weight and height against stoke big lads,sure they will try him oot πŸ™


  12. cheers lads, your are all utter tops. i appreciate it.
    he has cancer and has been battling but it’s got him this time. it’s heartbreaking


  13. cheers ice, but he has a hospital bed in the living room, oxygen at home and needs help with everything, we have been told he hasnt got long and it’s there to see… thankyou for your support buddy..despite what jay jay says- if your at a game i’ll get a pint in.:)


  14. MT mate not trying to build your hopes up,just hang in there,wor lass is a nurse and seen funny things happen,if i can dee owt for you,dont what like but just ask its not a empty promise.

    think jay is happy hes small,cannot reach bar to order owt πŸ˜†


  15. MarkToon
    Posted March 11, 2011 at 11:53 AM
    cheers ice, but he has a hospital bed in the living room, oxygen at home and needs help with everything, we have been told he hasnt got long and it’s there to see… <<<<< its horrible m8 i had the same with me mam bed in the living room and that 39 when she died ,i know what your going through ,very sad mark i feel for you m8 πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯


  16. MT said before mate if i can dee owt,ask

    DAVE aye m8 its playing up (the blog),bit like your car,stop/start,bloody toonsy slacking again πŸ˜€


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