Willing and Adel?

Taarabt to the Toon?
Another day, another rumour and this time it sees Newcastle again being linked with Championship Player of the Year, Adel Taarabt.

Reports in The Chronicle today claimed that Alan Pardew will be looking to sign the 21-year-old in the summer, but I personally don’t think that Neil Warnock will be looking to get rid of his star man, especially if QPR achieve what looks likely and gain promotion back to the Premier League after a 15 year absence.

This seems to be a recurring link as we’ve been linked with this player before. It may just be the same story regurgitated, but at the moment we will just have to wait and see. Whilst he’s been linked with us, he has also been linking himself to the likes of Manchester United and Real Madrid. There is no doubt that he is a very good player, but there are questions over whether he is really as good as he thinks he is.

Taarabt’s record this season speaks for itself, and having scored 15 goals and provided 15 assists it has made him look a huge bargain to QPR who paid a cut price fee of around £1 million when he signed for them last summer. If QPR were to sell we would have to bid a considerable amount more than that due to the fact that QPR aren’t really desperate for money as they’re one of the richest clubs in the world.

After conceding two goals in the first three games of Neil Warnock’s reign due to silly flicks in his own half, Warnock was quick to bring in a rule which meant that if anybody passed to Taarabt in his own half they would be fined and the money would go to charity. Is that really the type of player that we need? In my opinion, I’d say no.

Pardew has been saying how anybody who plays for Newcastle has to be the right type of player and that they have to be able to carry the burden of the shirt. Whilst he would certainly get the fans off their seats he would be very much a passenger in defence, and in the Premier League you can’t afford passengers. Not in the bottom-half of the table anyway.

Another reason why I struggle to believe that this is a viable transfer is the fact that if there is anywhere in our team where we are already strong then it is centre midfield. Kevin Nolan, Stephen Ireland and Hatem Ben Arfa will all be looking to play in the same position as Taarabt which makes me think we would be better to look elsewhere and improve other positions on the pitch.

Would you like to see Adel strutting his stuff around St James or is this just more paper gossip?

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136 thoughts on “Willing and Adel?

  1. DJG – I moved when I was young because I had to, because my parents, whose families both lived in the tyne valley and surrounding areas for generations, had to get away for work. Now being under 18 I had very little choice in the matter. That was as a direct result of the mines and manufacturing being shut down by Maggie. That makes it personal.

    And remember what happened the last time you dragged my accent into it? Just because I talk differently doesn’t change the years I spent in crawcrook or the fact that I’m from the North East.

    Now feck off.


  2. Ice maybe the England game will go to his head and will fall apart come saturday when he realises that that he still plays with a shitty team 😆


  3. toonsy – my grandad and great grandad and everybody elses around here worked down the mines. I am from a very similar area in the tyne valley to your family. Coal mining started to become open-cast, miners had strikes and in the early years of the 70’s they had the govenment by the short and curlies and hence got their way with help from the trade unions. Eventually though the government had enough alternative resources to ‘keep the lights on’ to the point where they could fire up additional oil power stations and the coal miners didn’t have the government ‘by the balls’ anymore by striking so to speak. By the 80’s the general population also turned against the coal miners aswell when they became sick of sitting in the darkness. This didn’t just happen in the north east it happen in the midlands aswell (where a lot of coal mine and power station combos were based). It’s similar to British Airways strikes or Royal Mail strikes, the public lose sympathy eventually. The fact that you seem to blame this natural progression of the industrial revolution on the north east and the conservative government baffles me for two reasons. 1) It happened all over the country, 2) It would have happened under either main parties.


  4. DJG – “I was conned by Labour for years mate, not anymore”

    DJG – “I have lived here all my life and I couldn’t give a flying fuk.”

    DJG – “It would have happened under either main parties.”

    What exactly is your message then? Are you saying we should all vote Tory? Or are you saying we shouldn’t give a fook?

    If it’s the latter, why you going on about it so much?


  5. Sy ,
    them accounts from the fizzy are out 2 moro arn’t they ??

    Will you mail me them , or just the figures 😆 😆


  6. Jobey Batty likes to get the 100th mate, and I just couldn’t resist it 😆
    DJG whats with the history lessons lad 😀 as for politics the’re all the same they say what you want to hear untill they get into power then they dont give a fuk anymore until the next elections. They dont even need to let you know when the elections are because you soon know when you see the [email protected] the elections are due its the only time you do see them.
    Rant over 😆 😆 😆 😆


  7. DJG – It probably could have happened under any government, but it happened under Thatcher. I’ve never denied that it happened all across the country, but it the North East first which is why a lot of people moved away and why places like Nottingham have a high proportion of North East folk as they moved for the mining work.

    I’m not the only one who blames the conservatives for this and it could have been different and we could have been sitting here pointing the finger at other people, but ultimately it was Thatcher in charge so she must take the blame for taking away the industry up in the North East and nit replacing it with anything else


  8. Moreno – Can’t gt Facebook at work mate. What’s been said?

    Hello – Aye. Tomorrow. I’ll sortit out for ye 😉

    Jobey – Clue = Z + you’ve already mentioned his name 😉


  9. Ooh and toonsy, The geordie website directory on twitter retweeted the link to here the other day, he’s got quite a few followers 🙂


  10. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like Baroness Thatcher either but im just trying to turn the argument into a more rationale and sensible direction from ‘let’s blame the tories for everything’.


  11. DJG – You’re pissing against the wind with that. You won’t change my mind on them, rational or not.

    Catch you later Jobey 🙂


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