McClaren stops by!

The wally with the brolley!
I read yesterday that manager Alan Pardew invited Steve McClaren over for a day so he could take in a training session and offer a friendly ear for the Newcastle boss to talk to.

When I first saw it I didn’t really take much notice to be honest, but as soon as I saw that Alan Pardew was also getting advice off McClaren on potential signings for the summer my interest grew substantially.

We all know that Steve McClaren had a good time in Holland, winning the league with FC Twente, but he wasn’t so successful during his time in Germany. But success or not, he will have more of an insight into the Dutch and German market than some of our scouts, who will only be seeing these players on a one or two game basis, will have. This is what Alan Pardew had to say on the matter;

β€œIt was just a personal call. We will hopefully be in the market for players that Steve has come across in the last two or three years in Europe. There were a few that I asked him about which was very informative.”

Personally I think this is a very good idea by Pardew. If he’s got people with real world experience to call on for advice then why not use them? After all, McClaren was apparently influential in making up Cheik Tiote’s mind in coming here, and we all know how good he turned out to be!
If I was to guess then I’d say the players Pardew will want to know about will be from the Dutch League as that’s where we regularly hear about us looking for players, along with France of course. McClaren also spent more time in Holland than he did Germany so it would make sense.

As for who the actual players in question are; my guesses would be AZ Alkmaar’s striker Kolbeinn Sigthorsson and Feyenoord’s right winger Georginio Wijnaldum, both of whom we have been linked with and both of whom McClaren would have seen from his time with FC Twente.

If it was those players who were up for discussion then it bodes well for the summer because both are young with great quality, in particular Wijnaldum. Of course I could also be well off the mark and it could be a couple of unknown players from the German League πŸ˜†

So who do you think the players are who were being discussed?

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54 thoughts on “McClaren stops by!

  1. Dan, 2 articles in a row 😯 😯

    So long as he can let us know about a few more Tiote’s then he can stay the week!


  2. With McClaren being in Germany for such a limited time I think if it was to be anyone from there it would be from the team he managed, Wolfburg.


  3. Lee Ryder has stole my thunder a bit as I was going to do something like what he has just done πŸ‘Ώ


  4. I suppose it’s one of those overlooked things when it comes to experience – networks. Pardew has been around for a while as a player and a manger, so he’s probably made a few contacts in that time.

    No doubt they talked about players that McLaren coached, and I daresay they talked tactics and training methods and all those other things that people who do the same job talk about.

    As for players, well, I’m not going to join the tabloid bandwagon and start speculating and adding to rumours.


  5. Toonsy your like a broken record πŸ˜†

    If it keeps up it’s going to be bigger than the official site it’s self πŸ˜‰


  6. I’ve seen you mention that it’s quieter on Friday, haven’t really noticed it me self. Sunday seems quiet for me but obviously not πŸ˜†


  7. And btw, a while ago we were linked to Ambani for a takeover. I have a friend who works at a power job in Indian finance – I should say worked, cos I now find he’s retire. I haven’t emailed him for about a year, but I did after the recent rumour spread.

    He’s still in touch with many in financial circles, which include brokers working with Ambani’s money. Anyway, enough back story.

    The news is that the talk is still there apparently. As he says (edited for brevity), ‘It’s not going to happen tomorrow. It might not happen at all. The thing is … football is still growing (in India). Our appearance in the AFC went well. If football takes off … the theory is … Ambani will be in for a team … he can bring here.’

    He doesn’t have any evidence that Newcastle is the team Ambani would buy ‘but it would probably be a team in mid-table’.’The Indians (at Blackburn) have jumped in ahead of everybody. Expect more Indian owners in the next few years.’


  8. Dan – It usually depends on the result on the Saturday to be fair πŸ˜†

    Bris – I just fail to see the benefit of a new owner given the new rules coming into play (if they work obviously). If a club can only spend what they generate than what will change massively?


  9. I dunno, Toonsy. I don’t know anything much about the new rules. I’ve never been one for accountancy. Can owners make gifts?


  10. As far as I’m aware, no. Could be wrong though. Ther’ll be a loophole somewhere of course, but the real test is whether or not UEFA seal it up quickly.


  11. Could owners pay way over the odds for services? Like Ashley buying a page in the match programme for 20 million quid? It’s all income that he may or may not have put in anyway (not that he’d do that, hypothetical only)


  12. Bris – They (UEFA) claim that things like that will be tested if the see anoything out of the ordinary. Everything will be market tested to see if it’s a fair refelction of what could be earned on the ‘open’ market.


  13. Ed πŸ™„

    You know what, I’d never do that to the readers. Call it boring but I just couldn’t be arsed.

    BTW, DJG, you’re banned!


  14. He actually would have taking him a while to get that right and he will think he’s hilarious πŸ™„


  15. Why would you want to waste your time writing up a hoax when the newspapers do it every day – and what’s more, Ed reports it every day.


  16. Maybe I should read those new financial rules. No doubt there’ll be some debates on the topic when the time comes, and no doubt there’ll be some crap spouted. I presume they’re on a website somewhere.


  17. Bris – They are on a .PDF file that ypu can mooch through. There is about 60-odd pages of mind numbingly boring stuff contained within that file.

    None of it matters unless UEFA really truly want it to work.


  18. Reading the Fair Play rules:
    Costs of acquiring a player’s registration : Payments to third parties for the acquisition of a player’s registration, excluding any internal development or other costs. They include:
    β€’ transfer fee payable for securing the
    β€’ transfer fee levy (if applicable); and
    β€’ other direct costs of obtaining the player’s registration (including training compensation and solidarity contributions).

    What the hell are solidarity contributions?


  19. *snore* I knew there was a reason why I didn’t take up a legal career – apart from not getting the required results at school. I’ll pass on the actual document and look for a summary.


  20. I agree hitman. Seen the comments on the Chronicle article?

    There are some right numpties support us like


  21. I see est is out for the season.

    Selling Carroll is starting to look a bit silly now.

    IΒ΄m stating to get more and more concerned by the day.


  22. batty – IΒ΄m just not sure we have the fire power to score the goals we need. Ameobi cannotbe relied on, Lovenkrands is not good enough, he misses too many chances and Ranger hasnΒ΄t score a goal yet!

    Worrying times indeed.


  23. The most worrying thing about this story is AP saying We hope to be buying this Summer. Does that mean management is conceding that relegation is coming again? Will the Carroll money have to be used to keep the team afloat for another round or so in the Championship? NUFC needs a big dose of luck to make it through to survival. Let’s hope that what has not transpired to date was our luck.


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