Should Jose be dropped?

Jose the red?
Rumours are continuing to gather pace as they suggest that NUFC favourite Jose Enrique is set to leave Newcastle United and follow in the footsteps of Andy Carroll by joining Liverpool.

Phil Thompson even called it a done deal!

This news is worrying to me to be honest. Obviously we can’t be sure until the next transfer window closes but if we don’t bring in quality replacements for the likes of Andy Carroll and Jose Enrique then it’s clear to see which direction the club is heading.

I’m not one for calling us a massive club with a god given right to play Champions League football or that we should be challenging for the title, but becoming a Liverpool feeder club is a tag that makes me feel like vomiting.

But that is the future, what about now? Jose has looked out of sorts in recent matches, his body language isn’t like it used to be and the effort isn’t there anymore. Is his mind and heart already in a Liverpool shirt?

Two years ago we paid the price for having too many players who had already appeared to have decided that their futures were away from St James’ Park. We are not quite in that position, but could be soon if lads don’t want to put the effort in as was the case with some on Sunday.

A lack of effort has not been the case with young Shane Ferguson however. The slight left-back has shown against physical teams that he is no pushover, and has a fair amount of skill and pace too. Against Stoke, Ferguson was the only shining light and that was against the type of side I thought would give him nightmares. For me Ferguson can step up to the plate.

Of course much of that depends on how much truth there is in the Jose rumours. If he is off then we may aswell play our youth for the final few games of the season rather than keep a departing player sharp for someone else. There would be no better time to play young Ferguson with us being pretty much safe, so if Jose is to go why not look after ourselves for a change?

What would you go for? Lack of experience or lack of commitment?

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54 thoughts on “Should Jose be dropped?

  1. I dont think he should be dropped if he wants to leave. He should only be dropped if his perforamnces start to drop , yeah he had a poor game sun but he was only back from injury so its not surprising.

    As for the summer , I dont think Liverpool is a done deal. I feel if we show we are going to invest he will stay , but if he wants to go then leave him off.


  2. If we do lose him I’d defiantly go for Cheikh M’bengue.

    As long as he can sort out his sliding tackles πŸ˜†


  3. He may not want to leave! No he shouldnt be dropped as he is under contract and we need him. Fergie is a LW not a LB and so I wouldnt want him there either. Who playes LB for the Ressies?


  4. Why do the chronicle keep running the story of ireland returning like it’s the return of the prodical son? I’ve nothing against Ireland and he use to be a decent player, but for christ sake, this is getting daft.

    He just needs to get his head down, get fit and play his socks off in any of the games he gets this season, before even thinking about staying here.

    Can we not have an update on Ben Arfa or even Gosling for that matter. Players that are already ours, but we never hear anything about.


  5. Army – its a big deal because when he is on form he is brilliant, he could be the difference between a top 10 or bottom half finish.


  6. I dont think the second goal was his toonsy πŸ™‚ Came off the defenders head n he didnt touch it! Granted when I came to this conclusion i had a few beers on me but defo not his , he only got 1 goal πŸ˜†


  7. Amen Army. Although I am a big Ireland fan so really hope he does well and if he gets back to his best will be a great asset for us.

    Dan – Dont you think then that Dummet should be next in line to play at LB? I dont understand why we continually put square pegs in round holes. I know that flexibility and players that can play in a number of positions is a great thing these days, but we dont have a decent option at LB. Fergie IMHO is a LW and should be played there with Jonas on the RW and Joey in the middle. Too much of this making do stuff for me. nI hope we can get 2 LB’s in this window, esp if Jose is going. We must address this daft practice. Thats not to say of course that having a right footed striker at LB isnt the worst thing if he is the best option. I hate seeing Kadar or Simo or Perch at LB because they weaken the team considerably


  8. Raffo, were better off if were not going to play Jose to just play Ferguson because personally I don’t think Dummett’s up to it, he just looks like he’s the only reserve left back we have so he plays every game.

    Michael Riley will be really good but he’s only 16 at the minute but reminds me of Jose the way he goes forward but not so great defensively but that will come in time.


  9. Jose should not be dropped. Even if his performances have slipped,he was in my opinion our best player by miles on Sunday.With the size and lack of quality in the squad we can ill afford to take the moral high ground and leave him out.An alternative would be to bring on Ferguson earlier in the game with maybe half an hour to go.


  10. Then balls to it, lets play 3-5-1-1 against Manure!







  11. Can I just say that all this has come from Pinnochio and not the player himself, who has consistantly said he will decide his future when we are safe.

    He may just stay!


  12. We need to buy an entire squad of 11 players in the summer and loan out the likes of Richardson and Donaldson, etc.

    The only youngsters we should keep as back up are Ferguson and Kadar as they have proven quality. Vuckic and the rest have failed and need to play in the Championship or League One.

    Our back ups need to consist mainly of good players, not players who COULD be good.


  13. Raffo, I can’t see us changing the formation vs Man Utd after what happened vs Stoke.

    It will probably be;

    Simpson Williamson Coloccini Enrique
    Barton Guthrie Tiote Jonas


  14. How can you make that judgement? Players like Kadar, Ranger, Vuckic, Fergie, Airey, Tavernier havent been given any sort of run in the team. Look at manure and Raphael. He is only now looking half decent after a run in the team.

    I agree that Perch, Raylor, Guthrie, McLovin, Smudger dont look up to it and should be got rid of. Youngsters are only going to get better with games and to suggest they have failed is a little premature IMHO.

    I agree that some need to go on loan but how many and then how much money do we need to have that sort of mass overhaul? Kadar will come in to replace Campbell I think but after that who knows. Vuckic for Smudger.


  15. Funky, we don’t need 11 new players like, we obviously need some good ones brought in for the squad but not a whole new squad, if we had everyone fit this would probably be our reserve team at the minute;

    Perch S.Taylor Campbell Ferguson
    R.Taylor Guthrie Gosling Jonas
    Best Lovenkrands.

    I think out of that Krul, S.Taylor, Ferguson, Gosling, Jonas and Best are good back ups.


  16. I know Dan and it was just a throw away post about dropping Jose.

    I would actually like to see a slight tweak of yours and have


    Simpson Williamson Coloccini Enrique

    Jonas Barton Tiote Fergie



    I think Fergie could keep a better eye out on covering Jose with Nani out there. Also, Jonas will provide better cover for Simpson on the RW and Barton drifts inside anyway so have him inside. MAnure are too good for us to give them space and a free run at Simpson.


  17. I also really hope Forster comes back to us and doesnt get sold. Thats another rumour flying around that I havent seen covered much on here. I think Forster has earned his shot at the no1 shirt next season for me. Harps will need replacing soon and in the summer for me.

    Reet off to try and get some scran for 50p!!!


  18. I am not saying sell them, I am saying loan them out to give them competitive experience in rough leagues. That way when they come in, they are somewhat experienced and not just teenagers who train at the same park every day.

    I don’t panic if Ferguson or Kadar come on, I’d crap myself if I saw Ginger Richie come on as a sub and Pardew clearly feels the same since he has basically admitted he would leave an injured player on before subbing one of the babies on.

    We can’t just throw kids who have never played into the Premiership. Arsenal loan about every youngster they have out several times before they break in and they are far better than the kids we have.

    We can’t just expect miracles from them.


  19. Raffo, aye that’s a decent team and would be happy with it.

    I wonder the last time Jonas actually started a game on the right, must have been the season we went down…


  20. There’s no doubt that Jose’s away and sadly, I’d assume that his agent’s been doing the businees with Liverpool. It has alll the trappings of the last transfer in that direction.

    The figure of Β£15m has been bandied about as has Β£8.5m and I’d suggest those numbers’ll reflect Jose’s package and exclude a transfer fee.

    Why I say that? Look at the Carroll transfer, it happened at the last minute with our scouse friends fingers very much in the mangle and MA squeezing the financial sap out of them, I’d suggest it’s gonna be a similar scenario as we’re unlkely to have agreed a fee when there may be other clubs interested in Jose.

    The important thing is that whatever happens, we have a new, good LB in place in anticipation of any eventualities.

    But, why drop Jose now? It’s a bit premature and by all means do so when we’re mathematically assured of Prem survival but not before!


  21. Ice – I handed it in. Don’t know how it went as I walked back out again, got in a vehicle and pissed off to North Wales. I’m going to check my e mail now πŸ˜†


  22. OMG, lose a game and the psycho’s come out in force! Enrique was double and triple teamed throughout the game. And, when he wiggled clear, he had no one to pass to, due to inexperienced help and AP positioning to protect against Villa’s strong wing play. .

    Whether he (or anyone) is going or staying, the minute they hit the pitch that stuff is forgotten. The game takes over your thoughts. Had Enrique been daydreaming about a different colored shirt, Villa would have had a lot more goals..


  23. Just read a brilliant report about Joey Barton at”scheidt’s footballing miscellany” When Joey had is one and only cap for England those “grown up” England footballers woudn’t sit with him,and when Lampard refused to sit with him one morning Joey said”It’s alright I’m not going to eat your breakfast you fat priΒ£k” Genius . Sorry to those who have heard the story before.


  24. I agree with Jay Jay. I don’t want to pay my money to go watch players who are just going through the motions. That is how Jose makes me feel at the moment.


  25. surely if its a done deal is that a case of tapping up,is it not against the rules,does that really go on πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  26. We are doing the exact same thing as we speak eh lesh.

    Well Dan I think he may put Raylor on the RW with Jonas on the LW in a similar type formation though, which wouldnt be too bad. Its a fair point, I am not sure when he last played there, but it makes sense as he is right footed


  27. BeeGuy at 29. Thank you!!! Plus he’s coming off an injury. People expect Jose to do a running summersault over the Villa defense with the ball between his legs before backheeling it into goal.

    He had some very nice runs then found no one to pass it to. Says more about our current lineup than it does about Jose


  28. Raffo, yeah that would make it nice and balanced.

    I genuinely think we will get something with Tiote, Ireland and hopefully Shola back.


  29. More chance with those 3 than without them thats for sure. It really is going to be interesting to see how Ireland, HBA and Gosling come into Pardews thinking should Ireland stay with us


  30. Well we’ve already heard that Pardew’s going to play Benny off the striker, Gosling is only 20 so has plenty of time but Ireland and Nolan will be interesting but I guess that’s what a good squad’s for.


  31. Jose is still being paid so why make it easy for him to slope off at the end of the season. If he is away then put him in the shop window and get the best possible deal for him.


  32. It does make for an interesting time, and of course it also depends on who may be brought in.

    Gosling could be good in the middle with tiote and joey with HBA and Ireland either side of Gervinho/or other.

    The squad depth is the main gripe with us all at the moment and so the better the bodies brought in the bigger the headache and for me thats a great problem!


  33. @icedog
    Tapping up players will go on and no complaints made if both clubs agree to the tapping.
    It seems clear Liverpool agreed some kind of arrangement with the Toon when Carroll was sold.


  34. jose played okay on sunday,okay he gave the ball away on a few occassions,but so did the rest of the for people asking whether he should be dropped,ludicrous,he’s one of our best players.we dont have any strength in depth to call upon,so it’s a non starter.
    if jose does want to leave,then you cannot blame him,when the club is showing zero ambition.i would definatley run for the hills,if a had to work for a pair of clowns,in ashley and llambias.


  35. If indeed its all a done deal and no one has jumped up to deny it.This will be a further blow to the great team spirit we keep hearing about.It was first dented with the CH sacking and then again when Judas left.We may be seeing a whole raft of changes before next season.
    Would you play Jose in the Liverpool game?


  36. He will probably have a thigh strain or injure himself during the warm up. πŸ‘Ώ I’ll defo smell a rat then.


  37. Providing the coaches see the effort in training then you pick your best team simple as, Jose would be in our best team every time!


  38. But as has been stated earlier, you dont drop one of your best players just out of spite.
    If he wants away, then so be it. But he is professional enough to keep performing right to the end.
    TBH I cant blame him for taking up a better offer than what NUFC offer him. We’re not exactly setting the lge alight are we?
    Neither are we going to be in europe anytime soon with the complete lack of ambition being shown by the club and I think L’poo will be.
    Friggin joke πŸ‘Ώ


  39. To those who say Jose’s body language indicate he no longer want to play for us.

    “are you guys talking about a player who asked to play against Stoke after just recovered from injury?” πŸ˜€


  40. Beardsleys Boots
    Posted April 12, 2011 at 3:41 PM

    “TBH I cant blame him for taking up a better offer than what NUFC offer him. We’re not exactly setting the lge alight are we?”

    So being ninth with only six games left in our first season back in the Premier League is not setting the league alight? It’s probably not, but it’s pretty damn good for a team that was playing Peterborough and Plymouth last year.

    Interestingly, if we stayed there it would be out best league finish in 5 years.


  41. Widowmaker
    Posted April 12, 2011 at 5:05 PM

    “To those who say Jose’s body language indicate he no longer want to play for us.”

    It’s funny that, because it was at the Stoke game where I first noticed it. Then for the Wolves game he “didn’t want to be risked and asked to be left out” πŸ˜›


  42. Jose is still the better left back, and i’d play our best players until safety is completely assured, however another performance like hsi recent ones and theres probably not too much difference between him and ferguson. If its true then ferguson needs premiership games under his belt and some games to get used to it-lets face it better to get up to speed now and work on it in pre-season rather than starting afresh next season and making the mistakes that will naturally occur.


  43. to toonsy,

    I thought AP has made it clear that he was convinced by Jose to include him in the starting lineup. Do you mean Jose suddenly realised that he has got a good offer coming at the 23rd minutes of the Stoke game and decided to fake injury?

    You could be right, but it doesn’t sound logic to me.


  44. interesting point jay!
    and i would see your point for not wanting to play him potentially. I t will be interesting to see how he performs against united next week.


  45. Widowmaker – He may well have been convinced for Stoke, bit for Wolves, when asked to play, Jose said no as he wanted to protect himself. From what exactly?


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