Is a Routledge return on the cards?

Wayne Routledge

Wayne Routledge
Routledge coming back to Newcastle?
Wayne Routledge almost seems like a forgotten man since his January loan move to QPR, with many people already assuming that QPR will sign him in the summer.

However, recent developments suggest that may not be the case after it was reported at the start of March that the two clubs had agreed a fee for a transfer dependent on whether or not QPR managed to achieve promotion.

The Loftus Road outfit only need two more wins to guarantee a Premier League return, but Wayne’s agent insists that no deal has been done, despite what Neil Warnock says:

“Wayne’s going to come back to Newcastle United in the summer. There’s no deal in place between QPR and Newcastle,” he told The Journal. “He’d like to come back to Newcastle United and show what he can do, to be honest, but obviously if Newcastle don’t want him then it is difficult for him.”

After 15 assists last season in the Championship he really struggled to make the grade in the Premier League, and that wasn’t for the first time in his career! Since his move back to QPR though he has regained some form, albeit at the level in which he is most comfortable at.

Neil Warnock seems desperate to keep the winger and give him another chance in the big time. But after these comments it seems that QPR isn’t the move for Wayne. However I feel that it is very unlikely that he will still be at Newcastle after the end of the summer transfer window after the way he left Newcastle in January not long after Alan Pardew’s arrival. Does anyone remember what Pardew said about Wayne?

“Well I think there are opportunities for players that come along and you have to weigh it up. I mean, was Wayne gonna be a long term first team player for us? And I don’t think he was.”

I’m sure Pardew would like to have him around at the moment with the size of our squad, but after the summer I’d like to hope that we will have strengthened enough not to rely on Wayne.

Would you give Wayne another chance?

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65 thoughts on “Is a Routledge return on the cards?

  1. The lad just isn’t good enough IMO. He’s had enough chances at previous clubs and has demonstrated it at every one.

    What I will say is that I don’t hunk ability is the problem as someone with that pace should always be a pain in the arse to defend against. I think the problem is in his mind.

    I agree with Pardew on this 100%.


  2. He has been at a couple of PL clubs and Championship clubs and has showed his class, Championship class that is. He just doesn’t cut it in the PL and I’m not even sure why, he has the pace, why cant he do the same things he is doing for QPR now for us. He wont return he will sign for QPR and wont be missed!!!


  3. Agree fully with the comments, waste of wages really. Wish him luck if he signs for QPR though 😉


  4. David, you seem to feel quite strongly about this subject 😉

    He would have been useful a few games ago when we had no one out wide but because he’s played so well at QPR it’s probably helped us get some extra cash from the deal.


  5. No he’s obviously shite!

    How many PL clubs does he need to play for before people realise he’s just not good enough!


  6. STUART aye m8 along with a canny few at the toon at the moment,you do know if he stays there he will score against us,thats the way it goes 😡


  7. He offers very little apart from pace, but what does pace matter if you cant turn your man and get a half decent shot away or even pass the ball competently to another player? Not to mention his defending isn’t just bad, its just none existent. Not the slag the lad off as he did a good job for us last year and I don’t dislike him or anything, but when you’re a player who’s about x5 as frustrating as Jonas… 😆


  8. Aye, Stuart, agreed.

    Feel for the lad though as he comes across as decent. Not decent enough for the money he is on and the contribution he makes mind you but I reckon he would stand up on the bus to let an old lady sit down (hypothetically of course – as if he would take the bus! Chortle Chortle)


  9. @twitters
    I have expressed my views over many months on this blog.
    Clearly I’m anti Ashley but it looks like we are stuck with him until he claws back his investment. That should not be the case. He bought into the club that is an institution. Thousands of peoples lives revolve around its success and failure.
    We all know he is willing to sell at the right price, as he recently stipulated that any serious investor must buy a £50k box for 5 yrs before consideration will be given.
    I only ask of the man that he offers the club at a reasonable price. We know he took the piss out of the now Man City owners. I don’t know whether there will be potential buyers for the club who have the financial clout to take us to the next level but Ashley won’t allow that opportunity to happen.
    He should cut his losses and at least try.
    I’ve been going to SJP since 1979 and we are now going through the same phase of mediocrity caused through an owner who doesn’t have the financial clout or the vision that Sir John Hall had.
    As long as he’s in charge, I see the rot of complacency setting in with the fans who are already turning their backs on the club. They’ve got nothing to get excited about. It won’t happen overnight but it will on season on season.
    Our crowds are what set us apart from other clubs and within 3 to 4 yrs we will be down to the mid 30k like Sunderland.
    I still wonder where yous get your optimism from with Ashley cos everything about his business empire and the way he has handled himself since taking over is trash.
    All I wish is he tries his damn best to sell the club at a price that’s not taking the piss , as in the past and if no one takes up the offer I will shut my whinging gob.
    By the way, this was sent on an iPhone so I can’t check over the grammar .


  10. I liked Routledge seems like a nice person, met him at a signing session and he came across friendly, got decent crack on twitter as well.

    He just is not good enough for the Premier League, for some reason he rips the championship apart, has perfect crossing then when it comes to the Prem e.g Wigan away when he came on he had two or three perfect chances to put in a decent ball and he failed badly.

    If he does come back I honestly would not mind him for a squad player, not a bad player to bring on for the last 20 minutes or so with his pace.


  11. @10. you’re blinded with hatred, our fans wont stop, We had 40k plus in the championship.
    You telling me that watching Luque play is more exciting than watching HBA play, Ashley may not spend a great deal of money on players, but at least we will still exist as a club with his money which he has continually put in last year to prevent admin.
    The previous regime had crippled the clubs finances and left us with a team full of mercernaries, currently we are getting onto a stable financial footing with players who fight for eachother and the club.

    I know what i’d rather have.


  12. Just to add to my point, nowt against the bloke as he seems like a nice lad. Shit Premier League footballer though mind….


  13. Yes but there cant be 20 teams challenging for the title every year. It makes me laugh how 3rd spot for Chelsea and the 1/4 finals of the Champ league and its a failure of a season.

    What if all 20 teams had billionaires as owners, what then? We are going through structural change. All things go through ebs and flows and it is our time to be in a little trough. We got relegated but still had massive attendances. Give it a year and I suspect with a stable league position, stable team, and no debt and a self sufficient club there will be a load of people wanting to buy us. The only issue would then be we would be at a cross roads. Would the new owners continue down the path investing a little more whilst keeping the books in check, or go down the Man City / Chelski road where if either of their owners gets bored they are simply screwed. I know which I want, and if people leaving means I get to have a season ticket then thats fine by me


  14. Ha. Morono – Ive really upset you over the past two days.
    Woo hoo hoo hoo. 😛


  15. @Bobby

    Well nice one for outlining your views but wish you’d stop changing peoples names, it’s disrespectful…

    Unfortunately I think you need a reality check.

    Mike Ashley bought the club from Hall & Shepherd which he is entitled to do, he’s invested a lot of money in Newcastle to keep us afloat (I think the recent accounts submitted to companies house reflect this) & as he owns the club he’s entitled to a return on his investment regardless of what you think of him.

    By the way, I bet Hall & Shepherd made a pretty penny out of selling Newcastle, far more than they invested I reckon. Oh & Hall sold at the right price & Shepherd resisted cos he knew he was onto a good thing. Shepherd loaned the club money & charged interest, Ashley isn’t charging interest…

    I also think Hall & particularly Shepherd brought good players to the club on the never never. Spending sponsorship 2/3 years ahead of recording it but admittedly there were good times. You say you’ve been going to st James since 1979 so you must therefore appreciate that those good times were the exception not the rule.

    So in many respects I’m grateful that we have financial stability but has impacted the type of players we can buy. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing either…although I do have concerns about Pardew finding the right players at the right price & thats potentially where Ashley will us down, through his managerial appointments but we’ll see.

    If people turn their backs in the club purely on the basis of a chairman then they dont really support the instituation as you state that is Newcastle United…they just want the success & to be honest that’s nit what it’s about…


  16. It just pains me to think that there are some fans out there who believe super rich owners ploughing money into the club is the answer. I thought we had moved on to a higher plane of understanding as fans but there is obviously still the odd idiot with a blinkered view on things.


  17. Barry Hearn is a bell end. And Spurs. How dare they ruin my enjoyment of watching West Ham struggle to fill a huge stadium in the future 👿


  18. we know most fans will go and support the toon come what may its in the blood so to speak,look at clubs like hartlepool,darlington ect ect the few die-hard fans go week in week out they know keep going by haveing cheap lower grade players or loans and if they find a decent player he will move on and still they turn up.we are lucky,wish we had more of those type of fans.

    nowt like a good moan like 😉


  19. @twitters
    Changing names is Tongue in cheek.
    I don’t mind booby bull shitter.
    I know all the views about Ashley . I don’t accept them.
    Youve got to move with the times. Football is about billionaires nowadays.
    If you want to play in Europe with the best, that’s what you need.
    If there’s none out there to take us over then that’s fine but Ashley has not gave the opportunity to put the club up for sale at a realistic price or so we are led to believe.
    You may be content with being an also ran but I’m not.
    Shepherd could so easily have been a hero at this club but his decision making on appointing the right manager was poor. Only SBR was the right man however he sacked him for souness!
    It was the managers who wasted the money.
    Despite that some say the fans won’t diminish, I’ve seen enough over the years to believe they will.
    Ashley has invested alot of money however alot could have been saved if he hadn’t caused the relegation.
    I fullly understand the prudence approach and Ashley has no option. He can’t afford to finance the club. So I feel he has a responsibility to give others a chance who can.


  20. Toonsy – I was also looking forward to seeing how many would go to watch a championship club, similarly the spuds moving miles away to get that land, much the same as Arsenal did. Having said that I can see Hearns point, it is flouting the FA’s own rules


  21. @Keith Lard Number 9

    It might be tongue in cheek but calling me a twit & moreno a moron doesn’t exactly endear you to anyone…

    Football isn’t about billionaires, well not to get you into Europe anyways, we’ve done it in the past, arsenal do it year on year, manure do it, Liverpool have done it, tottenham, everton, fulham…they don’t have billionaires as owners…

    Chelsea will win fook all this season but I’ll concede man city may win the cup & both will probably qualify for Europe…they are an exception.

    It’s about supporting your club…success is a nice to have


  22. I see the rose tinted brigade are back.

    Wake up, Ashley is slowly ruining this club. He’s taking the soul, he’s making people not want to go to games, he’s taken the piss out of every manager who’s had the misfortune to work for him.

    What more evidence is needed that the man is a complete disaster zone when it comes to football?


  23. Stuart79
    Posted April 14, 2011 at 2:35 PM

    “he’s making people not want to go to games,”

    Aye. Really strong supporters they must be 🙄


  24. People have short memories. Dalglish, Gullit, Souness.

    We were dire under them, even after spending absolute fortunes. Have you forgotten that Stu?

    As for not wanting to go to the games, put your hand up if you didn’t want to see us thump Villa 6-0, beat the mackems 5-1 or pull back 4 goals against the Arse. Even down at the Emirates beating them. Anyone putting their hand up? Didn’t think so.


  25. Ashley aside, the fat fooking buffoon, I really don’t think the football has been too effected Stu so making people not wanting to go to games is only applicable to people who can’t get over their hatred of the board to support their team


  26. @Stuart79

    And Souness, Roeder & Allardyce really bought exciting football didn’t they? Ruining the club as you put it isn’t solely Ashley’s doing

    It’s up to you…you either support the club or you dont…simple


  27. So sorting out the finances not a good idea stupot? Ready to comply with the rules when we qualify next season?!


  28. Perhaps it’s just me, but I remember when Newcastle were close to dropping to the third division, and when SJH said he wouldn’t be able to afford to run the club if it dropped so it was likely have to close.

    Quite how people can say that we are worse off now (when if we finish in ninth it will be our best finish in 5? years) is beyond me.

    Talk about delusions of grandieur. NUFC have historically been a mid-table team. We’ve won nowt for over 40 years, and nowt domestically for over 50 years and have had a couple of season where we flirted with Europe ever since.

    Perspective needed.


  29. This seasons goal was to stay up. Thats it. I agree with you Toonsy, I was a season ticket holder even then, not like a few who may have started when the good days started to come along. Jim Smith and Ozzie for me.

    Money in the bank and a great scout who will get a few great players in for us. I can only see the positives. The club is being sorted financially, much like the country. We have had it good for a little too long and we need to tighten our belts a bit.


  30. Wow, I didn’t quite expect it to be that easy.

    I didn’t mention any of our past managers did I? Why they were brought into it is beyond me.

    I wish sometimes people would just take a step back and look at what has happened over the last few years under Ashley.

    We were struggling financially when he bought the club, yet he sanctioned the signings of Barton, Collocini, Smith and Xisco, all on huge salaries. He didn’t even put a relegation clause in their contracts.

    So who’s fault was it that we got relegated and he had to subsidise the club? Don’t fool yourself into thinking he subsidised the club out of the goodness of his heart, he did it to protect his investment – he had no choice.

    Look at the seasons prior to relegation – yes we were declining but wow he speeded that process up.

    He sacked Alladyce, for what reason? He replaced him with KK to please the fans and then shat on him from the heighest point in Newcastle, tried to sell the club for a ridiculous amount, brought in Joe Kinnear (WTF!), sold our best two players when we were in a relegation battle, fcked about with a caretaker manager when Kinnear had a few health issues, then decided to bring in Shearer and shat on him from an even greater height that he did with KK, then tried to sell the club again, before appointing Hughton (his only good managerial appointment, as it turned out), saw us get promoted and then sacked Hughton for no reason yet again and appointed Pardew for no reason, then made a fool out of him by selling Carroll and failing to find a replacment.

    Now I reckon Ashley has spent more money on paying managers off than he has on players since he’s been here – that’s not good!

    It’s obvious he would like to sell the club and for what it’s worth I think he’ll sell the club this summer, but look at the facts before trying to stick up for the man.


  31. No one was sticking up for the man Stu if you read back. They were dismissing your claim that people will stop going to watch the games.


  32. Moreno
    Posted April 14, 2011 at 3:23 PM
    No one was sticking up for the man Stu if you read back. They were dismissing your claim that people will stop going to watch the games.

    Average attendances are down since he arrived I would bet.


  33. Nothing to do with the recession, unemployment and the fact it’s £40 a ticket then?

    Nope, just Ashley’s fault


  34. Stuart…average attendances are probably down since Cashley arrived, but despite demoralising many fans with some ridiculous decisions, I don¨t think Ashley will break the back and the morale of the toon fans in general… The day he moves on I think many people will be happy, but until then we have the owner we have. It^^s up to every individual to make the decision themselves how far there own boycott goes…


  35. Probably Stu, but is that not also a by-product of a recession, large unemployment, relegation plus an element of unrest?

    Or is it all because of Ashley?


  36. We weren’t in recession in 2006 and 2007 these were his first two seasons and they probably went down.


  37. 2005 – 51,844
    2006 – 52,032
    2007 – 50,686
    2008 – 51,321
    2009 – 48,750 (Keegan, relegation)
    2010 – 43,388 (Championship)


  38. After Keegan they went down. Until then they remained level.

    Plus there was the happy glory fans that pissed off last season as well as a drop in corporate attendance (this is reflected in the accounts).


  39. Takes them oot probably mate. I know I wish I could take my mrs teeth out. Might stop her chewing my ear off. Might 😉 😆


  40. Shinton,NUFC fans hardly ever have adull moment.Feels a bit like riding a manic depressiv roller coaster,but roller coasters are a lot of fun aswell as a bit frightening.You seem to be on your way down all the timeand I guess it must be rather strenous with a head constantly filled with negative predictions. 🙁


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