United against Newcastle

This article has been prompted by a recent experience I had with the new supporter group on the block who are strangely named – ‘United for Newcastle’

Now let me just start off by saying that these are my own views and do not represent this site in general or anyone else’s opinions. If people agree or disagree then that’s absolutely fine, that’s why we all come together to have our say and give our opinions.

When I first heard about United for Newcastle, it was actually on this very blog. It was a write up from Toonsy which you can read here if you didn’t catch it at the time.

I agreed with the goals of the supporters club and supported what they were trying to achieve. They were going about it a sensible way and actually managed to gain a meeting with the clubs hierarchy to get a few important questions answered, which you can read here

As you can see, all positive stuff. I thought that if UFN kept this up, we would start to get a lot more communication with the club which is something that we haven’t had since the days of Chris Mort being around.

Why did the club agree to speak with them in the first place and not NUST?

Simple, NUST went in all guns blazing and UFN took a measured, sensible approach which struck a chord with the board. After the initial meeting, UFN then gained another interview within the club regarding the re-location of the singing section which again proved positive.

Due to the success of the meetings with the upper echelons at St. James’ Park, UFN grew quite a following and have increased their support ten-fold. Since then, it’s all been downhill.

Due to them finding that their voice is heard, they have decided to start circulating rumours, hearsay and comments in the media which portray the board in a negative light. It just seems like reporting sensationalist news stories and generating traffic on their facebook page is their new goal.

How is this going to increase communication with the board? Surely they know that the board aren’t going to entertain a group who constantly slander them, which is the reason NUST never got a look in. UFN seem to now be an Anti-Ashley group and it’s of their own doing.

Wow, fat lot of good that’s going to do.

Now don’t get me wrong, this article isn’t pro-Ashley or pro-Board. I just think that their original approach in gaining the meetings was their unique selling point which will now be lost. If Newcastle are doing well in league and we are winning games, who actually cares? We support the team in the hope we win games, not the individuals who pay the wages. Not only have they lost their unique selling point, but their new one becomes irrelevant to the average Joe Bloggs fan.

I recently exchanged some direct dialogue with the group which went as follows:

Moreno: “UFN – Out of interest, what is you goals over the coming months? What are you setting out to achieve?”

UFN: “June will see us launch an official website which we hope will help us grow as an organisation. The website may also make a membership scheme a possibility.

The coming months will mainly be about growing as an organisation and becoming an Football Supporters Federation and Supporters Direct recognised supporter group.

We feel these short-term goals are achievable.”

Moreno – “What’s the advantage in being a supporters group though? Are you Anti-Ashley?”

UFN replied – “As a supporter group Moreno, we won’t only be for Newcastle fans that are opposed to his ownership. We can be for Newcastle supporters across the world, no matter what they think of Ashley.

As our status the other day suggested, his summer will be judgement day for Ashley amongst a lot of Newcastle fans. If he doesn’t spend the money that desperately needs to be spent – we (and hopefully our followers) will be ready to take action.”

I think this really says it all.

I would be interested to hear on what action they plan to take? Raise money through membership fees to buy the club maybe? πŸ˜† Ask fans to boycott SJP? It’s been tried by louder voices than them and failed miserably.

Recently, on an article they have posted regarding their ‘source’ telling everyone Shearer’s Bar was being re-named I posted this –

“β€œAnother complete farce from United for Newcastle inciting hatred against the club.

β€œWe’ve heard” – who from? Phil Thompson?

When you guys first started, I thought you were a breath of fresh air. I really thought you were going to be able to represent the fans in dialogue with the club.

You had a really successful first meeting and reported back to the fans. What a victory! The club speaking to the fans after such an amnesty!

Since then, all you have done is circulate sensationalist news stories with absolutely no facts what so ever and rile the fans hatred towards the board. What chance have you got of meeting the board and representing our view now? None. Makes you as pointless as the other fan organisation.

What’s your ultimate goal? To provoke a fan uprising? As that’s how you are coming across.

You need to learn that people are always going to have their say behind a keyboard, when it comes to putting their hand it their pockets or physically taking action will they all be behind you? No.

AST (Arsenal supporter trust) have a great relationship and power with the board members as they engage in sensible dialogue and don’t print any old ridiculous stories that β€˜they hear’

Going about this the wrong way, feel you have lost sight of why you even set up in the first place, this is of course, just my opinion but I am sure the people who want to see the club at peace and successful and not having internal battles, will agree.”

This comment was deleted upon being noticed with no reply. Must have hit pretty close to the mark?

Now yes, maybe I was fishing for a bite a little bit but remember “We can be for Newcastle supporters across the world, no matter what they think of Ashley.”

Hmmmm, is that why you are censoring fans views on your page if they don’t mirror your own? Funny that… I went on to say:

“β€œI see my comment was deleted. Some supporter group you are. Someone has an opinion you don’t agree with and you remove it. Censorship on your page, why not try to defend against what I said instead of removing it?

Hardly setting an example to any potential followers that you run away when you hear something you don’t like. What a joke.

No doubt this will be deleted too.”

Again, deleted without reply. If they really want fans to back them when they decide to take action when everything ‘apparantly’ inevitably turns to shit, are they going to be this spineless and lack fight? Imagine someone at the board throws something at them a bit harder than what I did, what they going to do? Cry and hide under the table until it goes away?

I am not saying that there is no truth in any of the rumours. I am just saying that I didn’t realise they were set up to circulate rumours to get the fans riled against the board, I thought they were set up to make themselves heard.

You can’t make yourself heard if no one’s there to listen.

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47 thoughts on “United against Newcastle

  1. Just to let you know, this wasn’t just an off the cuff rant, it’s been building for weeks with snide little comments they have been making based on no evidence at all


  2. Moreno, I don’t think I’ve read an article where I agree with every single point but I do with this one!

    They’ve shot them selves in the foot, big time.


  3. Moreno,
    Good article mate and I support your suspicious views.

    They clearly have a hidden agenda. πŸ˜‰


  4. Interesting

    I follow them on twitter, I’ve obviously heard of them, but to be honest I have never really paid much attention to what they say or do.

    I don’t see why these fans groups bother wasting their time, fair enough it is nice to hear what gets said at certain meetings but Ashley will never take into consideration to what we think.

    This group just seems like a farca just like the NUST were – I remeber hearing them blabber on about how they hope to raise enough money to buy the club πŸ˜†


  5. Good write up Moreno, and I agree entirely.

    Fair play to them for doing something, but if they burn bridges they won’t be able to do a thing in the future. I thought they were different but it appears not.

    On a personal level I’m pissed with as I got feck all in return for helping to publicise their meetings 😑


  6. One of the issues with these guys is that there are so many of them who chip in with answers and post comments under the same banner.

    I questioned their ambition a month ago and got four different replies from the site at pretty much the same time. They aren’t even singing from the same hymn sheet by the sounds of it.

    United – my arse!


  7. Moreno I tend to agree with most of what you say mate. I thought they were on to a real good thing but as I said to them if they keep abusing The Fatman he will drop them staright away.
    As you mentioned AST I think they are the way they could have went, and once they were an established force like AST they would have had a bit of power to ask real awkward questions.
    I just hope they start to reel back on their stance before Fatman cuts their legs off


  8. UtdForNewcastle United For Newcastle
    It probably boils Ashley’s guts to hear us singing Shearer’s name, at the club he ‘owns’, because he knows we’ll never sing his. #nufc

    I’m sure saying things like that will get them more meeting right away…


  9. They may as well just start a facebook page called ”we want to start a riot against the board at St. James’ park to give the media something to laugh at and fall flat on our faces”

    then they could all click ‘like’ and have a moan on there


  10. Ha Dave, on that note, that’s me away. Got the bottles to prepare for the midnight feast my little fat lad goes for.


  11. Moreno- Night mate, sleep tight.

    ***if you’re watching bobby, Yeahs im wishing some goodnight*** πŸ˜‰


  12. Maybe UFN and NUST are one and the same…….same result, started out well intentioned but ended up as much use as the proverbial one legged man at an arse kicking party πŸ™„


  13. Dear agony aunt …

    “I am a 12year old girl and haven’t had sex yet, do you think my brother must be gay?”

    regards Mary ,Sunderland


  14. Morning Nora.
    It’s the wide awake club not the nighty night club.
    Much better banter.

    Regarding the united for Newcastle – do none of the reps not occasionally post on here like NUST used to.

    They should at least try and defend themselves.


  15. @morono

    It’s the only time I’ve agreed with you, however, I can’t see many disagreeing.
    it’s commonsense that they will get nowhere with their style of approach.

    Furthermore, that kind of group will start off with the right intentions but will quickly attract the rogue element and if they are allowed to post their views on a facebook site then it’s the madmen running the asylum.

    You might find the original organisers are furious at the rogue element posting sensationist headlines.

    I don’t know them but its usually the case with these kind of groups.


  16. @richiegoon
    It’s the wide awake club where people are ruthless and cut throat instead of the nicey feely nighty night club where everyone pats each other on their backs before wishing each other sweet dreams.
    πŸ‘Ώ πŸ˜‰


  17. rich nowt he just sat there for the whole thing and sed nowt , his assistant spoke ,so the press started too leave πŸ˜†


  18. looks like ireland might not be playing ,he is at his missus bed side after she has been badley injured in a car crash πŸ™


  19. Morning lads.

    Batty lets hope he can still be on the bench on Tuesday, must be horrible for him that.


  20. Good article Moreno…always thought from the start that it would end up this way, as soon as some things go their way these type of groups can’t help themselves from seeking more publicity.


  21. Sensationalist stories?

    Dear oh dear Moreno, all because we forgot to tweet your website …


  22. “Maybe UFN and NUST are one and the same…….same result, started out well intentioned but ended up as much use as the proverbial one legged man at an arse kicking party.”

    We have no affiliation to the NUST whatsoever.

    Big Dave

    We agree, we must be careful about what we say so we do not jeopardise the relationship we have built with some personnel at the club.

    Moreno you are right, we aren’t here to rile fans up against the board, we are here to represent the fans.

    Please list these ‘snide’ comments from the last few weeks

    Toonsy – We apologise for not plugging your website, and would be more than happy to provide you with publicity via our Facebook and Twitter.


  23. United for Newcastle,
    3 points and a question.

    1) Hadn’t realised you had posted a reply, bravo! Maybe not as spineless as you make out on your own site (sorry facebook page) Had more important things to discuss, like NUFC for example.

    2) Isn’t it funny how every comment on here is unanimous in agreement that you have lost sight of your original goals and are about as much use in St. James’ Park as a cock flavoured lollypop (saying that, you could still try Llambias though πŸ˜‰ )

    3) I never have asked you to ‘tweet’ the website, maybe getting me confused with someone else which is strange as you know exactly who I am. As regards to listing the snide comments, you already have done so on your facebook page.

    Unless those comments have been deleted as well?

    At the end of the day, I am glad you have come on and fought back. These comments will stay intact so you can put your point across for any fans to see. It would be cowardice for me to censor/delete your comments on here because I disagree with them…..

    My question to you is, why delete the aforementioned comments on your facebook page?


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