Sign Ireland this summer!

Ireland should become a permanent fixture!
I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that signing Stephen Ireland is a must!

If he truly wants to be here and he can be had at a reasonable fee, which I think he can, then we should sign him up as soon as possible. My paranoid side even suggests that we give him the rest of the season off, now that we are practically safe, just to stop his fee from increasing. This lad is exactly the kind of player we’ve been missing for a long time, maybe even since Pedro hung up his boots.

I know many of you will say that “you can’t judge a player on one game, much less 20 minutes”. To that I say I don’t give a fill-in-the-blank. I will put myself up for any kind of repercussion on this if I am wrong.

I wasn’t high on Ireland while he was playing at Manchester City. I thought he was good but not spectacular and really couldn’t figure out how he scored so many goals. I was also put off by his attitude and really just found myself wanting to squeeze the juice out of his peanut head every time we played them. I was getting annoyed recently with all the anticipation from the media about when he was going to make his debut. I kept thinking to myself, he’s good but it’s not like he’s Kaka for Christ’s sake.

Then he jogged onto the St James’ Park pitch against Manchester United with 69 minutes gone on the clock, and at that point, I didn’t care if it was the fat hobbit from Lord of the Rings coming on. For all his effort, Lovenkrands was doing my head in. I sat up slightly in my chair wondering if we could nick a goal and another famous scalp this year, and what I saw from the want-to-be Hollywood lad was brilliance.

He had one snap shot off target and maybe touched the ball five or six times, but off the ball is where I saw his ability. He showed a guile and vision off the ball that I believe nobody in our squad can match. Not even wor Benny. Nolan is good at getting into opportune spaces in the box, but Ireland was an available target all over the pitch.

He showed he has a good footballing brain and a natural feel for the game that you just can’t teach. He even showed enough confidence to tell some of his new buddies where to be on the pitch.

His effort was also a bit unexpected. From my previous view of him, I was expecting him to push up the pitch and not press to much to defend. But he tracked back and as soon as we retrieved the ball and pushed it forward, he came flashing back into view looking to become an outlet.

At that point of the game, we were sitting back a bit, looking to keep the clean sheet, so support for him and Ranger was left a bit wanting. But he showed me his class in those 25 minutes. Even his snap shot that didn’t come off showed the ability he has.

Am I saying he is going to be the best attacking midfielder to ever pull on the black and white? No. But we are starving for a player of his skill. Our squad has plenty of players who get stuck in and can pick out a good pass. We have a couple of players who can attack defences with the ball at their feet. But Ireland has the key to regularly unlock defences.

In my opinion, he is a must sign because he’s young, has ability that we are sorely lacking, and can be had for much less than what he is worth. I believe he has the ability of a £12-£18 million player, and we could probably get him for some where near £6-8 million.

The one question mark I have is, will he be up for it? I think that with the support of the Geordie nation, and Alan Pardew’s well documented man-management skills, he will be. Then just maybe, when Geordie eyes are smiling,

It’s wor Ireland we’ll see!

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yes, I support the toon. What of it… Number 7 on your shirt, number 1 in your hearts.

198 thoughts on “Sign Ireland this summer!

  1. Richie-

    LOL!! 😆

    Gotta say, there’s some good craic on this site today.

    (And she IS sexy btw… shagged her twice last time she was in the States. Totally great f*ck for sure, but she does this really weird moaning thing… freaked me out a bit tbh 😈 )


  2. Good job shes only in Nottingham and im in sheffield ( bout 1:30 on train) I’ll pretend im gunna toon match with Jobey and just show her a good time instead 😉 😆


  3. that kevfatoonforlife is an absolute Kunt, i’d avoid him at all costs 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉


  4. OH….aye she said ya had to do it twice for her to feel owt, and she said she was moaning cos she’d put some bread in the toaster before ya started and it was all over before the toast was ready 😉 😆


  5. Spencer just roll up a copy of the financial times and put it under your arm, you’ll get served anywhere mate, trust me 😆


  6. KK whats your name on it mate?

    And jayjay ill wear ma suit and say im ganna for a interview and im shyting bricks and I thought a pint would calm me down abit 😆


  7. couldbewolfy- you see the other week when toonfalifekevbrown got a bit upset after being called a nasty name, he went offline. bit touchy don’t you think?


  8. jobey the way i saw it ,he was off having his supper .i think the lad took it well to be fair .it could have ended up a lot worse dont you think ?spencer would have been banned if it was taken the wrong way imo


  9. 🙄 I was expecting him to take it like that and lucky he did, however I think some people did take it out of proportion like.

    And Jobey im sure you said it to zoggs like a few days before but no one was on, or am I imagining things? 😆


  10. Oh alright then Jobey haha.
    and he cant egg my bedroom windows so im not really that botherd 😆


  11. What you on about you Jobey?

    You been smoking green again and its making time slow down?


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