Shola looks to the future

Shola Ameobi.

Shola's looking up!
I have never known a player to divide opinion like Shola Ameobi, and his recent comments will do just that.

Nigeria born Geordie Shola has always suffered a huge amount of criticism from certain sections of the fans who lambaste him in everything he does. I often hear fans say that he ‘isn’t good enough’ at this level and he is ‘only loyal as no one else will have him’

I don’t believe either of these statements to be true. Shola is like any decent Premier League striker in the fact that he has his good games and his bad. If he played to the expectations of some Newcastle fans he would have been a full time England international for many years.

I admit, he is extremely frustrating to watch at times and when he isn’t on form it seems to get noticed a lot more as the ball is generally punted in his direction a lot bringing him into the game more than other players. He also looks like he is dancing on ice a lot of the time but there are many things I can’t fault about Shola.

He loves this club and always will. He is passionate about playing for Newcastle United and conducts himself in exactly the right way off the pitch in his representation of the club. He always portrays a positive image and truly has a positive mentality as highlighted in a recent interview with The Chronicle:

“It’s a work in progress and we want to keep on improving. We have to take one step at a time.”

“There’s no better feeling then hearing the Champions League music and lining up in a black-and-white shirt – why not strive for the top? Playing top teams in Europe is something you cherish.”

“Being a young lad at the time I took it for granted that we would be in it every year after that, which you just can’t do. But you CAN strive to get back to it and strive to be better as a player and a club.”

“If you aren’t striving to get back to the top then why are you here? As hard as it might be, we have to think positive, and one day in the not too distant future we can get back.”

Now before people start labelling Shola as a deluded fan, he isn’t saying we will challenge for top four next season. He is saying that the club are heading in the right direction and can see them continuously improving with Alan Pardew at the helm. A solid foundation at the club and a few years of stability and there should be no reason as to why we are not at least ‘aiming’ for European places.

I think we can all agree that Champions League football is what you need to strive for in the Premier League if you are a top club, and we should be hearing this sort of thing coming out of the mouth of our second top scorer in Europe and one of our most senior figures in the dressing room even if it does seem extremely far fetched in the current circumstances.

It’s what we all really want to see happen to the club, yet years of poor managerial appointments since Sir Bobby Robson have plagued us. My belief is that we MUST have this sort of mentality to keep players like Ben Arfa and Joey Barton committed to the club and next season we should be going all out for a Europa League spot and a domestic trophy.

If we are wanting to attract top talent in the summer, they want European football. We don’t have it so let’s at least persuade them it’s on it’s way!

As Shola says “If you aren’t striving to get back to the top then why are you here?”

Is Shola right to look that far ahead with safety all but assured? Or is The Mackem Slayer just proving to the rest of football that Newcastle fans are deluded?

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98 thoughts on “Shola looks to the future

  1. Toonsy et al: the Geordie Nation was there long before John Hall used the term. Northumbría was a kingdom that’s been shafted by many over hírtory. A bit like Cornwall with which we share the same colours – black and white. We also have an affinity with the Catalans who rdgard themselves as independent of Spain. Hence Hall’s vision, his seeing Barcelona as the model for Newcastle United. Embrace all was and should be the message.


  2. Lesh – well perhaps its halls vision of 11 geordies representing a geordie nation that makes me cringe. Either way, whatever, it makes me cringe 🙂


  3. Its great when Shola does well shame it’s usually once every 5 or 6 games. He played amazing against Wolves now he’s back to his usual Shola ways which is very, very average.


  4. He needs to be fit and hungry, when he’s both he can destroy teams. When you need to play him every match though…dodgy. Still I like him, and we should hold onto him. Not being funny but theres plenty of “PL quality” strikers that don’t notch up 10goals a season, or make as many assists as Shola can. Shola isn’t amazing, but he can still do a job for us, and whilst he’s not a champions league level player, he’s certainly premiership quality.


  5. Aye definitely Newkie,

    compare him to other mid table teams strikers and a few previous names we have had at the toon and he looks a good player,

    He also cost us nowt in transfer fees and has always put pressure on the strikers ahead of him to perform. I think a lot of people slag him off through disappointment that he has never stepped up to the plate to lead the line. When he has had the chance he hasn’t taken it.


  6. Aye Moreno true, being built up as the replacement to Shearer and falling short, by a wide margin, is always going to leave a bitter taste in the mouths of supporters. He always seems best when he’s got something to prove, he’s a bit of a tragic hero really, he was destroying the Championship up until injury as people have mentioned…and at the beginning of this season he was brilliant, even picked ahead of old Carroll at Man City I believe…I’m not being funny but Carroll has often had in the words of Pardew, the touch of a rapist, some of his shots have flown out of stadiums, and his running and control has made Shola look like messi…and I never remember him picking up such damning words…he was always “trying his best.” Ah well.


  7. -Andrew

    Who cares? Let the mail drum up as much fuss as they can, hopefully he can develop to be a thorn in Liverpools side at the very least? 🙂


  8. In fact I’m surprised the Mail didn’t run with transfer speculation…Carroll and Reina to Barca?…watch this space.


  9. Just been outside in my garden naked whistling to the birds. At one with nature.
    I had a magpie whistling to the tune of the Blaydon Races.
    This is what life is all about. Off now to try my Union Jack suit on and put up the red White and blue pendants on my rooftop.


  10. West Ham owner criticising his players for not having the heart. Is that a wise move give their position?


  11. Sentiment cant come into the Shola argument, hes a local lad, so what?
    He is and has been paid a fortune for approximately one good performance in ten, a total enigma veering from sensational to absolute pants, not consistent enough for the top flight.


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