The three men in France?

Gervinho? Gameiro? God knows....

Gervinho to Newcastle? This summer will bring with it many rumours, and no doubt a few of those rumours will come from the social networking site ‘Twitter’.

One of the men supposedly in the know on Twitter is known Colin Warris, or to go by his perhaps now more familiar name, Cwarr07. Now I know what you are thinking, and it’s probably along the lines of “Hmm, Twitter” with maybe a few stronger words thrown in there for good measure. Fair enough, I don’t expect you take it as gospel, in fact I don’t even take it as gospel, but it does give us something to think about and to reflect upon.

Anyway, the man who brought us the news of Hatem Ben Arfa signing permanently, Stephen Ireland joining on loan and Andy Carroll trotting off to Anfield has had this to say.

This kind of fits in with what Alan Pardew has said in press conferences about starting early in the hunt for players, and it also matches the leagues that we’re apparently planning on targeting when trying to bolster our squad for next season.

That brings me on to the important detail – who could the players be? Well these are the players that spring to mind for me because they have been previously linked with the club.

Moussa Sow – Sow is a centre-forward who plays for Lille, alongside another Newcastle target Gervinho. The 25-year-old has had his best scoring season of his career so far with 20 goals in 30 league games for the French club.

That’s a good goal scoring record, but something that worries me about Sow is that he only scored 12 goals in 82 league games for his previous club. That’s not such a great tally. After signing for Lille on a free in the summer, Sow is now rated at around £7-10 million pounds according to reports. He’d be a brilliant signing if he could carry on scoring at the rate he is at the moment, but the thing that worries me is his previous goal-scoring record. Let’s just hope he his is a late bloomer.

Cheik M’Bengue – M’Bengue is regarded by many as a brilliant young talent. He currently plays left-back for Toulouse and has also managed 12 caps for the France Under-21 team. The 22-year-old, in my opinion, is the most likely successor to our current left-back Jose Enrique who is reportedly away in the summer. He is supposedly bright going forward but also tidy defensively.

However the main problem with M’Bengue is that he has twice received lengthy suspensions for bad tackles in the French league. The bans have both been around the three month range with one meaning that he was suspended for 13 games.

But, unlike England, in France the suspensions can be changed after seeing the severity of the injuries, which would mean Nigel “the thug” De Jong would have received such a suspension for his tackle on Hatem Ben Arfa. M’bengue looks a bright talent but he would always have those tackles hanging over him so he should only be signed if he can put recklessness like that behind him.

Kevin Gameiro – Gameiro is another striker who we have been heavily linked with over the past couple of weeks. The 23-year-old French striker has had another good goal-scoring season this season to add to his 17 goals last year. So far, in 30 games this season, the striker has scored 18 goals and is regarded one of the best strikers in Ligue 1.

The Lorient striker has represented France at every level including the full national team which he has played for three times. Gamiero is valued at around £9 million by his club and after receiving £35 million for Andy Carroll we should be in a position to pay that for him. Gameiro is personally the player I’d most like us to sign in the summer and with him being only 5 ft 7 1⁄2 inches it would mean that we would be less likely to play hoofball and hopefully we’d try to play a nice brand of football.

Gervinho – Gervinho is somebody who can play either on the wing or up-front and currently plays for Lille who are sitting at the top of Ligue 1 in France. He is an international team-mate of Cheik Tiote for the Ivory Coast, and he is somebody that Tiote has himself recommended to us, which makes you wonder if there is some credibility to this rumour.

Gervinho has scored 23 goals in 53 league games for Lille which is a decent return when you consider that he isn’t always used as an out-and-out frontman. Gervinho has been heavily linked with a £12 million pound switch to Newcastle but his comments last month slightly dampened hope of a deal.

“Newcastle are a good team, but Lille are currently top of Ligue 1 and I want to play in Europe next year, so we’ll have to wait until summer to see where I am going”

He did praise the club, but the comments about wanting to play in Europe may rule us out as we’re not going to be involved in any European competition next season. However, he may be persuaded by Tiote that Newcastle is the place for him. Hopefully.

In a recent poll on this site it showed that Gervinho was the most popular of the three strikers in question. I voted for Gervinho myself but after seeing his quotes about Europe I feel we’re less likely to get him this summer. Kevin Gamiero would therefore be top of my list. Someone that I haven’t mentioned is Youssef El-Arabi, he may also be somebody that we’re looking at, but he wouldn’t be one of my first choices, or one of yours as the poll shows.
[poll id=”11″]
This may just be speculation or it might be true, we’ll probably not know until the summer. But hopefully it’s true that we are indeed working out our targets early doors.

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36 thoughts on “The three men in France?

  1. I have doubts over that Colin but to be fair he got the Ben Arfa deal right. He talks a lot of bull…I remember him saying Carroll was going to Chelsea in January just because he was having treatment over in London for his thigh injury.

    I would love to get Gervinho me, we no doubt will be buying 2 or 3 players from France and Holland in the summer – lets hope Gervinho will be one of them 🙂


  2. better off with players from the championship

    gunther full back
    williams centre half
    tarrabt midfield

    and 2 dutch strikers – van wolfswinkel and luuk de jong – 2 good young lads.

    along with that cardiff centre forward Jay (name escapes me) – apparently thats a free tfr.

    id be happy with that and what we’ve got at the minute


  3. From reports I’ve seen it looks like sow and gameiro are going to Spain Seville and villareal respectively. I can’t see us getting gervinho with him wanting Europe and can’t see Lille agreeing a deal now without shopping him a little. I think he’ll end up in arsenal. Also think we’ll be priced out of m’bengue.


  4. Lots….

    Shops can’t play a full game. Ranger is to badass for premier league, lovemkrands will only work wit a big man. Best is the only one I have any confidence in, and that says summit 😉


  5. we will be better off getting players in,who you know can do a job in the prem.bring in too many foreign lads,and how long will it take for them to settle down?.
    there’s more articles on this site,than the list of remedies on a zam-buk ointment tin.


  6. Anyone remember this dude from the World Cup, he made a name for his non-stop running, his skillful play and his bubbling at the national anthem. He moved to the German second division oddly enough and has a goal record of almost a goal every second game. I always thought his never ending movement would open up space for other strikers:


  7. anyone seen tonights chronic? “united target anfield misfits” paul koncheski and david n’gog,f**k hope that’s not true.


  8. Konchesky can do one but N’Gog is young, kept Liverpool in Europe when no one else was scoring and has potential.

    I wouldn’t object to N’Gog.


  9. No, not really. He has the occasional match he is good and he has double that where his best asset is running about. He’s a squad player at Celtic while Stokes and Hooper score for fun.


  10. No, not really?
    I would say missing a penalty in the last 5 minutes of an old firm derby is fluffing your lines…


  11. I would say McGregor made a great save on a well struck penalty. You see penalties struck like that in that area go in every week. McGregor is a top class keeper who wasn’t going to be beaten that day.

    I’d say Rangers fluffed their lines since they were the ones who needed to win the game.


  12. I’d take N’Gog but not Konchesky. As FJ said, the guy scored goals for them while everyone else forgot how to hit the target and I reckon he’d improve with the first team games he’d get with us.


  13. Dalglish filled us up with his “Has Beens” and “Never Wheres”once before when he was manager here. Perhaps he’s trying again from the outside this time 😆


  14. I agree about N’gog he would improve the squad that is for sure and prob wouldnt break the bank.

    Not going to dignify the other player with a responce 🙂


  15. M’Bengue seems the most logical target of the bunch. I want gervinho but if he is already looking for europe that is a bit of a concern. Also concerned about Sow being a one-year wonder.

    In that case, I hope it is Gameiro, M’Bengue and ______. 😉


  16. Anybody reckon we will be back in for Nzog after januarys last minute bid, particulary if Wigan go down?


  17. Halftime- I sure hope not and frankly I don’t see it.

    Other than age he seems like the exact type of player we do not want


  18. Hang on a mo. If Liverpoop want to clear out their fringers, what makes them good enough for Newcastle United? If those players aint good enough to stay there, what makes them good enough for us. They could always go to Blunderland, Tranmere or Southport!


  19. Agree MDS, hoping it was just a last minute panic most get someone in situation. Plus it would take around the 12m mark which is money better spent elsewhere in my opinion


  20. Lesh – Because we’ve not long come up from the Championship whilst they’ve not long dropped from the Champions League places.


  21. @ 26 looks a good option.

    my choice of strikers up front would still be Seleznyov & Sigthorsson. They would add to Best & Stroller nicely.

    we then need some more creativity & some width.


  22. Aye but Toonsy @25, they’ve dropped from Champs League level because those players weren’t good enough to keep them at that level!


  23. Lesh – True. So then I guess the real question is, what should we be aiming for next season. If we are going for Champions League, not them. If we aren’t????


  24. Toonsy. Champs league’s a medium term aim and the milestone next season’s gotta be the euro cup. To get there though, we’ve got to get players who’ll get us there and Liverpap’s fringers couldn’t do that for them. If they’re parts of the Jose proposal, I’d say forget any notion of even discussing any part-ex deals with them!


  25. To be honest, I have never seen any of these players play and can only go what people are saying and the stats….. But how much have people on here seen them play? They all seem like good players but I’m not sure that many people can really judge how good a player is unless they see them week in week out


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