‘If I have to continue here, I’m happy’

Happy at Newcastle, happier elsewhere?
Jose Enrique’s future has been the subject of a lot of speculation in recent months. The left-back has been linked with a summer move with the likes of Liverpool and AC Milan. And now Arsenal said to be admirers of the player.

Jose has proved his worth over the last couple of seasons and his excellent form has been noticed by the ‘big boys’. Inevitably the bigger clubs come sniffing around when a player shows they have ability and Jose sure has bags of ability. The truth is it’s hard keeping hold of players when better teams show concrete interest.

A lot has been said and speculated about the future of the Spaniard, with several newspapers reporting that he will be on his way in the summer despite manager Alan Pardew being desperate to keep hold of the player. In an interview with BBC late kick off Jose spoke about his future. This is what he had to say:

“I’m just concentrating on playing for Newcastle,”

“If I have to continue here, I’m happy. If I have to go to another club, I’m happy in England. If I have to go to another league, I’m happy. I just want to play football – it’s my life and it’s best for me.”

“We haven’t spoken about contracts yet – I don’t want to say more about that. I’m very happy here. I know there are a few difficult things at Newcastle, but we the players don’t have to think about that”.

Jose later went to say how the team has a lot of fight, unlike the star-studded team that was relegated in 2009 following a pathetic and unacceptable season. He said:

“This team has fight. It’s hard for players like me, Jonas [Gutierrez], Joey Barton and Kevin Nolan – we’ve played with big names before.”

“But a lot has changed. Before, we had players like Mark Viduka, and now we have players like Williamson and Perch – players who have played in the Championship and they fight to play in the Premier League. We’re doing well, we had Michael Owen and players like that and we were relegated, but with this team we will stay in the division.”

Interesting comments from Jose, hearing him say he’s happy at the club should fill us all with confidence. But the interview as a whole doesn’t. By saying ‘if I have to continue’ makes it sound as if there’s a bit of a reluctance there. By saying he’s happy to play elsewhere in England or abroad just confirms the player is keeping his options open.

Both manager and player have openly said contract negotiations were on hold until our Premier League safety was assured. With that now looking to be the case, it seems any potential talks will wait until the end of the season. If Jose decides he doesn’t want to pen a new deal then it’s sensible to cash in on him with just a year remaining on his current contract.

Enrique has said in the past how much he loves the club and how he’d be willing to spend the rest of his career at Newcastle. Seemingly the situation has changed slightly and the player is thinking about his personal ambitions and whether they can be met at Newcastle. We all know the player wants to play for his country which is admirable and shows the ambition and drive the player has.

Now I’m not saying it’s a foregone conclusion that he will be off in the summer, but he was very casual and relaxed when questioned on the matter and I get the impression he’ll go with the flow. I think that he will stay unless a better offer comes in, but I hand on heart believe if Liverpool or United put in a bid and the player was asked what he wanted to do, I think he’d ask to go.

I genuinely feel that Enrique has great affection for our club and fans but I think he has one eye on the bigger picture and has become very aware of how talented he is. I just hope come the summer he’ll sit down with the club and listen to what they have to say. I haven’t given up hope of keeping him but I must admit I am pessimistic and not especially confident.

Some say Enrique has looked distracted in recent weeks and a bit out of sorts. He has been lacking a bit of form by his high standards but it’s nice to hear the player say he’s committed to playing for the club right now and we have to believe that.

Jose’s situation has been a talking point for a long time and I’ll just look forward to it all being resolved one way or another. He’s been brilliant in last two years particularly and I won’t be angry at any player for being ambitious and even any current player that questions the direction of the club, as fans we do it too.

The situation seems no clearer really, Enrique seemed relaxed yet coy when it came about speaking about his future with the club. It certainly hasn’t made me feel too optimistic after reading the comments in truth but we’ll just have to wait and see.

What do you guys think? Sorry by the way it has taken so long to put this up, I have been at work. Almost old news now I know. πŸ˜•

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73 thoughts on “‘If I have to continue here, I’m happy’

  1. i have said before i dont think he will leave. Look at his goal celebration from last season , it shows his passion for his team mates n his team. I cant see how 6 months after promotion n him clearly showing how happy he is at the club can change to wanting to leave. Yes there was two very big departures in tat time frame. But i dont think tat will change his mind. The only thing i can see changing his mind is an agent. I think agents should be banned. Im all for players making as much as possible but agents in my view are parasites in football. They feed off misery. The more transfers they do the more money they make so of course its in their interest to encourage players to move as much as possible.


  2. ‘If I have to stay…’ speaks volumes and that translates into ‘if the club refuse to sell then he’s happy to run his contract down the he’s off. Hir words hardly say that he wants to commit hΓ­r future to us – I read them as ‘I’m happy to be sold to a club with bigger names, demonstrated ambition and a higher profile than us!


  3. As I said before, in my opinion Enrique is an average player. If he was an ace he would help us to get more points with better performances, especially against teams that are below us. He was playing for Newcastle when we were demolished by Bolton 5 x 1, he was there when we lost 1 x 0 to Aston Villa, he was there when we lost 3 x 1 to West Bromwich. If the club sell him for 8 million pounds Alan Pardew will be able to bring in another average left back for 4 or 5 million pounds and save some money.


  4. First of all i think the jose is the second best left back in the prem bar cole BUT this interview IF not misinterprated disappoints me. I know and so does every other newcastle fan know that he is a top quality player and is capable of playing at a much higher level than we are currently playing at and i’ll understand fully if he leaves and will give him applause if he returns, so i have no problem with him saying he wants to move to a better side. The two points that annoy me are the fact he draws players that will hopefully and should be hear next season into his oppinion, then says it’s tough playing with players like williamson, who has been excellent and a regular this and last season compared to players like viduka who although a good player essentially robbed a wage for the game’s he played. Maybe i’m looking at this half glass full but…


  5. marcos- average, he’s way beyond average. yes he played in games where we lost but so did 10 other players. one man cant prevent losses.

    rorycn- i agree bout 2nd best comment. in fact i agree with all that bar saying williamson has been excellent. he’s been steady. inconsistent though.


  6. Carroll sale has affected Jose and he now feels staying here is not good for his career. Now all depends on Pardew. He should convince Jose that the future is bright! If Enrique stays then its a good sign that the club is moving forward.

    Anyway think the club will be sold in the summer ? I think so!


  7. I’m actually starting to think there is a chance he could stay. Dunno why, but I’m less certain he’ll go than i was πŸ˜•


  8. For anyone who missed it:

    johno toon
    Posted May 4, 2011 at 1:00 AM

    Mrs johno toon on the 3rd of may at 23:24 gave birth to the beautiful baby girl ava weighing in at 8 lbs 9. Both mammy n baby r doing great. This has nothing to do wit newcastle united but i want it on record for the world to see how proud i am of both my girls n i love them wit all my heart. The toon army just got a new member

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  9. Many congrats Johno πŸ˜€

    I wouldn’t read anything into the interview either way, you won’t get what point he’s trying to put across.
    My Spanish wife, who’s English is a thousand times better than Jose’s and who’s grammar is probably better than the vast majority of native English speakers often struggles to say exactly what she means(a rare feat for a women πŸ˜‰ ). Believe me it’s been the cause of many arguments when I’ve misinterpreted what she’s trying to say and we’ve been together over 7 years, so what chance has any of you got in understanding Jose? The Spanish phrase things in a completely different way and as Jose’s English isn’t the best he translates literally how he would say it in Spanish……it doesn’t work, trust me πŸ˜‰
    In short, wait and see you’ll glean nowt from his interviews.
    Personally, I think he’ll go but that’s from what he’s not saying rther than what he is! 😐


  10. Moi? πŸ˜† …..true about his interviews tho πŸ˜‰

    Whey off out to Murcia for the day 28c 😎 later lads.


  11. I agree with richie @12.

    I have a Spanish friend (Deportivo fan) who has lived in Australia for going on 30 years, and he still has trouble expressing himself clearly at times, and is especially discombobulated by local idioms πŸ˜€ And he’s got an MA in English Literature!

    Maybe Jose won’t sign a contract until Xmas, so he can see if the ambition of the club and the playing style is moving in the right direction.


  12. I agree with rich and bris πŸ˜‰

    When I was learning Spanish I learned that its much harder that just translating like for like as it just doesn’t make sense when you do that.

    Google translate doesn’t help as that also translates literally and because its easily accessable people tend to take it as gospel.


  13. Anyone got any suggetions to how I could get a day off school? πŸ˜†

    @4-I would love to no the answer to that mate πŸ˜†


  14. I agree with Rich,
    The cultural difference and the way the Spanish put themselves across means we have absolutely no chance of successfully analysing his comments.

    This is a nation who prides themselves on their philosophy of maΓ±ana. They are completely laid back and will always flippantly dismiss questions.

    Don’t read anything into it!


  15. @toonsy
    You say ;
    I’m actually starting to think there is a chance he could stay. Dunno why, but I’m less certain he’ll go than i was.

    Incredible you can think that having read Jose’s comments.

    I have never seen anything more blatant that he is preparing to leave.

    He’s not just explaining to the Toon fans that he’s happy at the Toon, he’s telling the rest of the football world he’s happy wherever he goes, another club in England or anywhere else,

    Very naive interpretation of his comments Toonsy. 😯


  16. He touting other clubs without upsetting us!

    How can’t you all see it? 😯


  17. It’s great how some of you are saying it’s difficult to translate the true meaning of Spanish into the English meaning.

    I never heard anyone saying this when he was expressing his love for the club and city last season.

    Can’t have it both ways. πŸ˜•


  18. Touting other clubs? Is AC Milan, Bayern Munich and Man Utd not enough for him then. πŸ™„


  19. Maybe he is like Barton and waiting for the club to show some ambition, the sale of Carroll is having a big adverse effect on the team and he may be waiting to see if they will buy anyone that can get on the end of anything they produce.
    The interview says everything and nothing really and the quote , ” A few difficult things at Newcastle, but we the players dont have to think about that!”, could be either about the team strengthening or about wages on offer, in fact you could apply any spin you want on anything he said.
    Personally, i think Keegan is on the money and the club will be sold this summer.


  20. Kenny Dalglish is at his holiday home in Spain with Danny Wilson at the minute. Arrived yesterday.

    Will have more info on the craic he was giving last night later


  21. @Moreno
    He’s making it known he’s available.

    Other clubs means other than the toon which means AC Milan, man U and bayern, does it not?


  22. He may stay, he may go…ideally he’ll stay but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if he went either…

    For me, he signs a new contract this summer or we sell this summer as opposed to letting him run his contract down & leave for nowt…err obviously?!?


  23. @Moreno

    Nothing to do with betting so use the normal meaning.

    To make it known he’s available to play for interested teams. Touting interested parties.


  24. @witters
    You say;
    If he stays or goes it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

    True, but it sends out the wrong message to future transfer targets, current squad and may influence an exodus of players.


  25. load of bollocks – journo asks loaded questions such as are you happy in England, would you think about playing abroad, Owen and Perch blah blah but just interprets joses answers and prints what he wants
    personally I reckon he’ll be off but got jack all to do with this interview


  26. when is this anouncement going to to be maid by the club carnt wait really intrested to know what it is i hope fat greedy b a s t e d is selling


  27. @bobby

    Even using the normal meaning, ‘touting other clubs’ is a pretty aggressive and certainly obvious way of selling yourself. I really wouldn’t say this interview is as blatant a sales pitch as you are making out.

    As I said, he is from a different culture, try not to read to much into his comments


  28. The facts;

    He spouted his undoubted love for the club and city last season. ( no one questioned the interpretation).

    He later criticised the club for not keeping promises.

    He then criticised the club over the sale of Carroll.

    Phil Thompson says it’s a done deal with Liverpool.
    He then states he’s flattered by Liverpool attention in him. He’s never denied the link with Liverpool.

    He Has repeatedly stated he is not engaging in any contract negotiations until the team have secured premier safety. That’s been secured over a week and he comes out and says he still hasn’t discussed a new contract.

    He now states he is happy at Newcastle but would be happy anywhere as long as he’s playing football.

    And some of yous believe he will stay here? πŸ˜• πŸ˜• πŸ˜•


  29. @Moreno

    I’m more than happy to interpret his comments that he’s touting other clubs making it known he’s wanting away.

    For me, there’s no other interpretation.


  30. Ive never known yous be so quiet?

    Don’t say yous now agree with me? Surely not? 😯 😯


  31. The new strip is revealed today and on the front of the chronicle.

    It’s absolutely horrendous.!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜₯


  32. What announcement is going to be made or should I say, when is it being made, heard nothing about it, but I’m not in the north east at the min


  33. Aye thought the same west brom of old, The keeper kit looks like spurs current home kit in a cacky yellowy colour, shocking efforts…


  34. Well I hope Jose stays, but if he wants to go then he can for me. Ive said it plenty of times that I only want players here who want to be, which is why Judas can get Fcuk’d.

    I am pleased that we are linked with several LB’s which shows forward planning, esp the 2 guys from Toulouse who are highly rated, but also play together so could form a great new look Left wing combo, allowing Jonas to shift over to the RW.

    Time will tell, but the retention of Tiote and HBA are more crucial than Jose, and even BArton and Nolan who may only be worth something this summer


  35. interesting article on uncle ed’s, ireland putting us off by wanting 50k a week? I think if we can find a happy medium of 40-45k a week he will still sign and I would have him here. Clearly theres talks going on about him anyway. Positive


  36. rorycn – dunno mate. Did you send it via contact form? If so it goes into a different location that I can’t get on my phone. I’ll have a look when I get home πŸ™‚


  37. Here’s a thought.

    This must be the first time in god knows how long that we actually have a few players that other clubs might want to have for themselves.

    I guess its not surprising that Bobby et al are getting their knickers in a twist about it.

    But once you get over the initial hysteria you’ll see that it’s pretty normal really. In fact, from what I hear, clubs all over the world buy and sell players every season. Mental eh?


  38. @toon chicken

    First thing; I was getting my knickers in a twist about something totally different. Some were interpreting his words as he may be staying. I was saying it’s blatantly obvious he’s touting for interested clubs.
    Only my opinion of course.

    Second; it is an indication of the lack of ambition by the club if he wants to leave. It’s up to you if you think it’s ok but I believe it will be the beginning of a player exodus.
    Only my opinion of course.


  39. @ raffo
    You say;
    interesting article on uncle ed’s, ireland putting us off by wanting 50k a week? I think if we can find a happy medium of 40-45k a week he will still sign and I would have him here. Clearly theres talks going on about him anyway. Positive

    You could be way off the mark with 40-45k IMO .


  40. I think Ireland would take 45k a week, Dunno if we’d give it him, cause would he be a starter?


  41. Bobby – your knickers have been twisted tighter than a gnat’s chuff since Judas jumped ship.


  42. You think we need to go lower Bobby?

    Jobey – I would like him to come as I think he would give us options to play my favoured 4-3-3 formation with HBA and A.N.Other.

    I am not sure that he would be considered a starter, but then again I would like us to be in a position of strength where we only have a certain couple who are termed starters, where we have the ability to change players and formations around to suit our needs. A dream!


  43. @raffo

    I’m still of the opinion we don’t pay those kind of wages.


  44. Bobby Shinton number 9
    Posted May 4, 2011 at 12:03 PM

    Ignore that cock. He has such low expectations of the club it mirrors his own life experiences. Obviously a man of many low points in his life and now just accepts dissapointment and medicocrity as it’s easier than becoming successfull.


  45. @bobby

    His apprehension re signing a new contract is around securing safety (almost done) & a mood change regarding the ambition of the club (obviously based on selling AC). All very understandable in my view…

    It’s up to Pardew/Ashley to convince Enrique et al via their actions in the transfer market. It’s this that will send a message to existing / potential signings regarding ambition & whether players come or go.

    Now, we’re supposed to be on a sound financial footing so it’s over to the management team to demonstrate their ambition via the transfer Market…


  46. @witters

    I accept it’s down to the club to convince players to stay. But I don’t accept for one second you need to wait til players come in.

    It’s about Ashley sitting down with the players and manager and explaining his intentions and providing promises.

    I don’t buy this wait and see by who we buy. Some purchases are completed on the last day of the window .


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