Cool intentions?

Fresh bif for Gameiro at least shows some ambition.
There have been fresh reports suggesting that Newcastle have put in a £10 million offer to Lorient for the services of Kevin Gameiro.

Gameiro, who recently turned 24, has been a force up front for a very average Lorient side. He’s scored 48 goals in 103 appearances in his three seasons with the club and has increased his goals season on season for each of those years scoring 11,17, and this past season 20 goals. He’s been a loyal player to the club but with only one year left on his contract he will most likely be moving on this summer.

We’ve been linked with him for some time now and there have been rumours of a bid being put in over the past few days although most reports have the pacey Frenchman poised to move to Spain with Valencia being the strongest link.

I believe his game is better suited to the Premier League, although I have no doubts that he will be a quality player where ever he decides to lace up his boots. His work rate is wonderful to watch and he has a great “footballing brain”. He has improved every year so far in his career, and at 24, he still may not yet be the finished product.

I have my doubts about whether or not we will be able to secure his signature, but one thing that is very positive is the intent. A bid of £10 million for a player in the last year of his contract is a strong bid and the fact that it is coming only days after the season has ended is a very promising sign that we may be able to do some good business this summer. Of course the bid may not be £10 million, it may no even be accepted, but at least it shows us that the club are willing to at least try and secure some quality additions.

Pardew has recently voiced his doubts over our ability to land some players quickly as agents and players will try to wait for offers to come in. But it is good to hear the the club is trying to push the issue and not trying to bargain buy and pick up scraps once other teams have had their fill.

The quality of the player is great. The intent is great. The aggressiveness is great. Now let’s see if, like Gameiro, the club can show us a quality finish!

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46 thoughts on “Cool intentions?

  1. Nice thoughts JG

    I do think the intent is there from the club to invest, but I also don’t think we will throw money about just because we have it. Sure most of it is speculation at the minute, but its the same at every single club so really its all we can go off.

    On that basis the sounds coming from the club are decent and they look to be doing the homework needed to make sure we get the right players in.

    Fingers crossed anyway 😕


  2. Well what an interesting day yesterday?!

    I dont mind people disagreeing with my point of view but I think people need to respect other peoples views and not slag them off for having a different opinion.

    I think we are still set for a couple of good good players that will improve the team. I think Barton will stay, Nolan will too but I think the Bull is going. I am not bothered about that anymore. Its obvious to me that someone who has said he will talk a new deal as soon as we are safe and then continues to not engage shows his intentions. I will be suprised when people blame Ashley for that too. 🙄


  3. I hear you raffo…I was going to comment on the previous blog but didn’t fancy my comments being picked apart by a certain someone who is always right…I’m all for debate but I’d like to think I respect other peoples opinions…

    For some reason I’m getting a bit worried about this summer, I want us to improve the squad but we’re possibly going to lose two of our best & most experienced players.


  4. Thought Pardew wanted Barton to stay? Big test of his credibility now, his big statement of intent was that he was going to knock down the chairmans door to improve the squad, little did he know that they have the ear plugs in and this transfer window will be no different to all the others, Barton has been the heart beat of the team, selling Carroll was bad enough but they got away with that one so why not the others, season ticket money is in the pocket anyway.
    They have no interest at all in team improvement, saleable assetts is their game and i f*ckin hate them for it


  5. Yeah but we dont know this for certain do we Bobby. He couldve asked for who knows what. I agree he has had a good season, esp as he has been marooned on the RW for alot of it. I have to say personally I would prefer Barton to stay over Nolan as I just dont think Nolan would get into the team ahead of HBA, Tiote, Barton and I seriously hope a couple of newbies too. That would suggest progress. Now if the newbies are better than Barton and Nolan then I am sure we will not be too upset to get a bit of cash for players who will only decline IMHO.

    I actually think that Barton is past his peak, and should we get someone like Menez or even a second CDM to play alongside Tiote in a 4-2-3-1 formation I would not be adverse to it. I really hope Joey signs, and I am sure he will, but I for one dont see it as the be all and end all to the future of the club.

    But I respect your opinion


  6. Raffo, I want to believe that the squad will be strengthened, but look at the evidence mate, cant be bothered to go through all the windows but look at the last one, Routledge and Carrol out even though before that Pardew said we would be bringing in 3 or 4 players, we then signed Kuqi and Ireland who didnt play a totla of 90 minutes between them.
    I dont know about you but i can smell bullshit a mile away, this board are not going to do a complete turn around and become buyers overnight, Pardew is their new front man and mouth piece, if he had anything about him at all, he would be in to see Lamearse and fight for Barton to stay, but no, we will probaly end up with Smith instead, how cruel is that.


  7. Raffo, i used to be been going to SJP since 1968 but this board is the worst i have seen for taking the piss out the fans, Westwood and McKeag took some beating but Ashley has managed to out villain them by a country mile.


  8. Why is he so bad Bobby? I am only 28 and started going in ’91 with Jim Smith so I have seen the relative bad times too, but surely financial stability and getting the club out of the mire has to be a good thing on his part? Of course mistakes have been made with Wise and KK but I think £35 million for Judas was a cracker and I really do think we will see some investment this window.


  9. Newcastle have signed highly-rated Lens youngster Mehdi Abeid on a five-year contract.

    Abeid, 18, is a defensive midfielder and had attracted the interest of Everton, Atletico Madrid, Rennes and Le Mans amng others. However he has been persuaded to move to the North East to continue his career.

    “After eight fantastic years at Lens, I have stagnated. I needed a change of air. I am not afraid to leave for abroad,” he told L’Equipe. “I have had contact dating back some time and I visited the facilities there [St James’s Park] last week. I even trained with the reserve team.

    “The leaders of the club told me about their plans and that they will rely on me for next season. For my part, I intend to give everything to develop in the Premier League. I already discussed things with Hatem Ben Arfa and Cheick Tiote and they encouraged me and welcomed my signature.”

    Reports have also suggested manager Alan Pardew has made an improved £10 million offer for Lorient striker Kevin Gameiro and stepped up his interest in Lille’s Gervinho, although sources on Tyneside have played down the speculation.


  10. plus I read he was an attacking midfielder?

    Nee one knows the crack man, all rip each other off


  11. Bobby “Westwood and McKeag took some beating but Ashley has managed to out villain them by a country mile.”

    Eh? 😕 😕 😕 You’re not being serious ? 😕 😕 😕 – if so your thought process must be concentrating on the unimportant and pointless.

    Heard some bizarre quotes but that one was made up in the heart of the mob and has no substance to it whatsoever (other than emotional)


  12. Here we go, hooky ‘Arry’s apparently tapping via the media again…. Just when will this stop.

    For crying out loud, Rednap’s being touted as a possibility to replace Ancelotti at Chleski, for the England job and buying players!

    Has the small matter of his impending trial slipped peoples’ mind, or do they know something the trial judge doesn’t!

    😯 😉


  13. @raffo and witters

    I never said anything derogatory during any post yesterday. I strongly disagreed with many views but never slagged anyone off.

    Please read the posts again and find what I’ve said that is so bad.
    I only disagree and explain my reasoning. Disagreeing with others is not being abusive?


  14. Bobby, you’ve apparently been a naughy person and disagreeing with others is perceived as abuse – depending on who you’ve disagreed with!

    Some can take disagreement and others see it as an afront – it takes all sorts dunnit!



  15. Guten Morgen Herr Lesh – stalking me again? 🙂 😆

    What do you reckon for Jose? I say if Pardews quotes are real – to sell him to the highest bidder outside the UK – and under no circumstances whatsoever to Liverpool!


  16. Hang on, who said abuse?! Not me. I said slagging off, which you do do sometimes. Thought as a regular poster myself you’d know what I am like Lesh et al, but hey no bother


  17. @raffo

    Slagging off? It’s called disagreeing.

    Please explain where I’ve been slagging off?


  18. Transfers and Ashley/Llambias don’t really mix too well.

    Are they going to be dining out on the Tiote signing for the rest of their lives?

    One swallow and all that.


  19. wont get me self to excited about players coming in,coz no doubt ashley and his lap dog will fk it up


  20. That new french lad we’ve just signed, on the sky sports arictle they say he’s a holding midfield player – sure he’s a winger/centre attacking.


  21. I cant recall every convo thats been had over the last 500 blogs. I am not interested in starting a tete a tete with you so lets just leave it. What I will say is that I didnt say you abused anyone. Shows how things can get blown out of proportion


  22. @raffo

    Let’s move on and again, it’s not personal. 😉
    Toon Toon!


  23. i can see this being a crackin transfer window 😆 😆 😆 after a decent season the shit houses will put us all on a downer 😥


  24. Hey Bobby – ne fuss bud. Nothing can get me down today, not even the shisen job I have and in which I spend all my time on here and looking for another job. At the hospital at 12pm for a 12 week scan on my first! Happy and nerve racking days


  25. batty
    Posted May 26, 2011 at 9:47 AM
    i can see this being a crackin transfer window after a decent season the shit houses will put us all on a downer

    Isn’t that their modus operandi, batty?


  26. No Mr Sawdust, I’m not stalking even for the first time! After all, I don’t want to be accused of being abusive!!!

    😉 😆 😆


  27. james_eastham James Eastham
    by MsiDouglas
    Gervinho on his future: “My choice is made.” LOSC, Arsenal or Manchester City, according to L’Equipe. #LOSC #ligue1


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