Would Barton really be a big loss?

Barton's previous woes.
After the news that Joey Barton will not be signing a new deal, despite contrary indications throughout the year) I was initially filled with shock and anger.

However the more I’ve thought about it the more I don’t feel that he’ll be too big a loss. Cue angry responses from half the blog… First of all lets get a myth out of the way. Joey stuck with us when we got relegated. Granted he was with us when we were relegated, but was this down to a desire to stay and right his wrongs? Or was it because he was damaged goods and nobody would have touched him with a bargepole?

For me he was damaged goods. His troubles off the pitch and performances on it at the time did nothing to help us. We were both a good fit for each other at the right time.

The second reason is his age and wages. Barton is currently on £60,000 a week although I know rumours suggest that he’s willing to take a pay cut to. But they also suggest that he wants a three year extension on his deal.

At 28 closing on 29, I feel this season and possibly next will be his peak years and then we’ll see a decline. With our new view to players having resale value and potential to improve do we want a declining pro at 32/33 on high wages? He has made only 79 appearances since his £6 million move to Newcastle four years ago. This averages at less than 20 games a season, including our 46 league game Championship season.

Thirdly, his temperament. I have been his biggest supporter this season. His growth as a person this season has improved his performance on the pitch. He looks more and more like a leader with each passing week, but there is always that potential for him to do something stupid. I’m sure Morten Gamst-Pedersen will testify to that.

Fourth, his attitude towards the deal offered, again only going on rumours although repeated at that. He should be willing to take the two year deal on offer considering we’ve stuck by him on his numerous offences. If he is still performing at his peak then what is the problem? He’ll either get a new deal then or find a club who are interested in him.

And finally, the last and most important reason why I don’t feel that his loss would be a huge disaster, is the style of play it looks like we’ll be playing in the coming seasons. Alan Pardew is going to be our manager for the foreseeable future and looking at the players he’s tying down to deals and the players were being linked with it looks to me like we’ll be playing a 4-2-3-1 or a similar variation with Cheik Tiote and Kevin Nolan as the middle two I’d imagine, Jonas/Gervinho/N’Zogbia types on the wings and Hatem Ben Arfa fitting in behind a lone striker.

Barton’s main qualities for me are his passes onto a strikers head, which is the reason why he had so many assists when Andy Carroll was here. I know Barton could play the Nolan role but for me he wouldn’t start ahead of him. I can only think that Pardew and the board have had similar feeling to me and don’t believe he is worth the risks.

Despite the tone of this article I hope and believe that Joey will sign a new deal; I just don’t think he’d be as great a loss as some would believe. If he does leave this summer or next he’ll go with my blessings. A good player who has grown as a man. Value for money? Depending how he performs next year/coming years we’ll see.

I know I’ve left myself open for the “it’s because of lack of ambition” argument, but the players we seemed to have targeted and are apparently talking to it looks to me as if the ambition is there..

Cheers for reading! Hopefully it sparks a bit of debate.

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66 thoughts on “Would Barton really be a big loss?

  1. Our best player for the last two seasons, at the very top of his game and the heartbeat of our team, i dread to think what we will be left with the way things are going, Smith running the midfield, 2 Ameobis up front, going for a lay down in a dark room.


  2. Last two seasons ? He hardly played last year due to injury I hope he signs he’s quicker than Nolan has a better eye for a pass and is better in a tackle


  3. We’ve had to endure the sh1te that comes with him for 4 years. And now all of a sudden he has one half decent season and him/his agent think they can call all the shots.

    Like many have already said – take the 2 years and if you’re still playing well in a year 18 months the club will renew it.

    That is all I have to say. I don’t think it’s any secret that I wasn’t his biggest fan to begin with.


  4. Barton can play in the 4-2-3-1 as a deep lying playmaker…..

    He did play the similar role in the 3 man midfield under KK……

    He is one of the few English midfielders, who can play at multiple position across the midfield. And deep lying playmaker position doesnt require the player to be ultra quick, you need to be a good passer (Check), should have a good work rate (Check), good reader of the game (Check) and good tackler (it can be a problem, but few seasons back he was one of the best tacklers in the country)….
    Actually I was very excited about Tiote-Barton partnersip in the centre midfield…..

    It can be bad for the team spirit, as it is a fact that Nolan, Barton play an important role in helping the players settling down on the Tyneside and with Enrique leaving and Andy Carroll already gone, we have to build all over again and I am not a supporter of a complete team overhaul in a single transfer window….

    Personally he deserves a 3 year deal, I will waiting what he has to say in the interview tonigh….


  5. He’s made 8 more appearances than Michael Owen did in roughly the same amount of time, and yet while Owen is widely derided, JB is lauded as some kind of cult hero.

    Cult’s not the four-letter word I’d choose to describe him, but its not far off!


  6. the thing is, in the role you’ve suggested, Nolan is totally ineffective. Nolan can’t sit deep and distribute long-passes, and he’s not much of a tackler. Add to that the fact that his legs have near enough gone, and there’s no way he’ll be effective in that position. It will just leave Tiote doing more running, more tackling and, subsequently, collecting more suspensions. For me, everyone only sees Joey as a source of passes and crosses, but this just aint so: He’s actually got a great engine and constantly closes down and hassles players, he’s got a ridiculous winning mentality and is never happy for the rest of the team’s standards to slip on the pitch, and he’s a tough, but decent, tackler. All of my fantasy team-sheets for next season have had Barton and Tiote sitting deep together, with the faster players on the wings and HBA in front of them with a new striker up top. Nolan would be a super-sub, but obviously start a lot of games due to squad rotation and injury. I genuinely think he’s pretty vital to us next season, if only to keep stability in the spine of our team.

    This is not to say I agree with his alleged contract demands, and I also realise he won’t be going at the same level for a few more years, but I do genuinely really want him to stay. Don’t think he’ll get the same admiration here that he will anywhere else either. Go on Joey, 45,000k a week for two more years with an option of a third, sounds good eh?


  7. Gonna have to wait for Barton’s little chat and reserve judgement on him for then. As far as the article goes in “will we miss him” then yes, yes I think we will. Fair enough you could say those crosses into Carrolls head are unneeded from now on- I agree completely, Barton shouldn’t be first team on the right. In the middle however he would compliment Tiote better than Nolan would-and don’t get me wrong I’m a massive Nolan fan, just Bartons distribution is superior. Obviously this causes problems as I think we need Nolan in the team as a starter, but that is another matter.

    In the middle we have players in abundance, but if tiote/nolan get injured/suspended, the later of which is guaranteed for next season for at least one match, who would you want to step in?? Maybe Gosling could do a job? Guthrie-if he’s here? Smith? Thing is its a massive drop in quality and we could easily drop points in those games, even if Barton was in the fringe in his later years, which I really doubt he would be, it would allow us quality options in team selection and not the same starting 11, as well as a buffer when our players inevitability can’t make the starting 11. I don’t feel I’m being biased towards joey here, I love most of our squad, I’m just stating it as I see it really.


  8. neeraj I agree utterly and wholeheartedly with you. Another good point, why are so many people happy to see the team broken up so much? We need stability, Barton is key. I understand the club’s position and I understand Joey’s, just hope it can be resolved. I was looking forward to

    —————–Ben Arfa—————–

    😆 😆 😆


  9. Be a huge loss…

    I still fully expect him to sign a new deal, be interesting to see what he has to say tonight 🙂


  10. drogba , gervinho and menez wouldnt want to come to us devon , we aint in champions league and thats wot they want


  11. I think this comes down to- Owner of company looks at outgoings and thinks ‘why is so and so on such high wages’.
    The club probably thinks it can get BETTER VALUE for the same amount of expenditure i.e 2 younger midfielders for the same wages. They probably can tbh. I don’t think this regime has ever liked Barton or the wages he is on, going back to the fact that he was signed just before they got their fett under the table. One good season hasn’t changed their opinion of him.


  12. Devon mag sums it up well.

    If it came down to Barton or Nolan, I’d have to say Barton. Barton is faster, a better passer and tackler and has a sense of where the game is going and how to take advantage of that. Nolan has to have the game come to him.

    What is missing from all this equation is “Who is Newcastle going to bring in?” If a quality right winger is brought in, then you have to choose between Barton, Nolan and the rest of the central midfiellders crew. If Barton loses out in that, what kind of guy would he be hanging out on the bench getting spot duty?

    If I were AP, on game day, I’d want a lad with Barton’s guile and drive keeping order and attack on the pitch.


  13. Howay man, Josh. Its common knowledge that Barton is the best midfielder in the Premier League. At least he is according to Barton. 🙄


  14. Agree Josh.

    Not saying it would happen by any means but if we knew Barton wanted out for definite, Adam would be the one the for me.


  15. Adam’s price will be sky high, with all the interested clubs and all the pundits drooling over him all year, not a chance of it imo if it could set us back by like 8mil..would rather keep barton for free.


  16. As I have said before, Barton has slagged off the owner of the company who employs him and the Managing Director – in public.

    In any company, in any business in the world, you do that and you are a marked man destined for the boot.


  17. Adam’s a great passer and class over a dead ball, but he can be anonymous in a lot of games – just ask your average Blackpool fan. He’s slow as f*ck and again that would leave Tiote covering too much. I’d rather just keep Barton to be honest, as long as he agrees to stop taking direct free-kicks! Anyone else agree that we really need a free-kick specialist for next season? The amount of great set-pieces on the edge of the box Jonas has won us which have just come to nothing, really did my nut in all season.

    And Army – that was a joke line-up mate, hence all the 😆 faces! (Still wouldn’t rule out Gervinho though 😉 )


  18. Look whether you like him or not, it’s obvious he’s been one of our better players this season. You are going to miss your better players – simple.

    As for the twatterers – they need to get a life. It’s just an ego wank for them as naive people twat them back asking silly questions.


  19. I kind of agree with bits of everyone 😀

    I agree with TC in the fact that this is his best season for us, in four years.

    On the other hand, he would be a miss to the team no doubt, but then again it hasn’t exactly been apparent that Barton would finally produce the goods so who is to say that someone else (gosling, new signing) may not do just the same.


  20. Barton is the best player in our squad for picking out those quality through balls that are required for the kind of footy we seem aimed to be playing next year. Perfect combination of him and Tiote in the middle. Miles better than what Nolan would offer.
    Plus, it would cost a lot more to replace his quality than it would to resign him.


  21. Off topic but bang goes my early finish. Frigging motorway closures and stuff 😥

    Still, least I’m getting overtime for it. A far cry from having to do extra hours for free 😀


  22. Liverpool after him as well? they’ll end up with a squad of about 300 players and 50 left backs if the press have anything to do with it 😛


  23. Sounds like maybe a fee people do agree with me, I didn’t post something similar to this article yesterday when the right people were on eh!?

    Good article buddy, did u rehash my post!? Only kidding.


  24. Cheers for reading, barton has been one of our better players this year. But has he done enough over his contract to deserve a bumper new deal on his terms? For me no. Plus if his wages going mean we can give enrique a bit more in wages i’d bite your hand off. We’ll see how it turns out. I reckon he’ll stay unless there’s a big offer and sign a reduced deal in october.


  25. hitman,

    One of me pals is running down the hill to see what the craic is and whether it’s true so I will let you know. Probs just bollocks to be honest but you never know.


  26. hitman, I live close by and there is something happening at St James’, you can hear the guy talking on the tanoy, but just sounds like some sort of open day or something for kids, that’s probably why they’re there.


  27. Moreno – anyone asked Donna? She will let us know the score – I can prob get a quote if you want 😆


  28. stevewraith steve wraith
    joey barton has asked me to ask all toon fans to add him its @joey7barton


  29. ohh and if it is him, and knowing his gob, this account could make for some headlines


  30. Steve Wraith is usually pretty reliable with that sort of thing,

    Joey has a lot to tell us obviously, radio interview later and then a request for fans to add him on twitter. Sh1t is gonna go down….


  31. dannysimpson12 Danny Simpson
    Joey as joined the #nufcmovement n is now on twitter! Follow him tweeps @Joey7Barton


  32. ohh and if it is him, and knowing his gob, this account could make for some headlines


    My first thought as well. This could be a very interesting day…


  33. “I don’t want to leave. I love it here and the fans know that.

    I will be here next season, no way am i being sold. Once my contracts up my hands are tied but hopefully someone buys the club by then.

    I love this club and want success. We should buy the club like they did at Barcelona.

    I am starting a twitter account this week so every fan will know the truth.

    I love the fans of this club and want to bring a trophy here. ”


  34. That f*cker on the radio can’t read, he read out my comment as ‘Marco’ instead of ‘Moreno’


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