Pardew looking to raise the bar.

Scebes like this will be a thing of the past.
It’s silly season again although this time around club seem to be doing the business when it comes to bringing players to Newcastle.

But the revitalization of the club isn’t just occurring on the playing side of the squad. In contrast Alan Pardew has seemingly convinced the powers that be that if we want to be a top club, then we have to start to look like a top club. Not only with the kind of talent on display, but also their surroundings.

Speaking on his vision for the club, Pardew claims “What we want is a gradual increasing of the bar at Newcastle United. If you don’t do that then you’ve got mediocrity, and in a lot of ways that is a problem – mediocrity is a problem.”

I don’t think anyone can disagree with that. Mediocrity is a word that most Newcastle fans run from like the plague. We are a passionate bunch and we like our club to reflect that and I don’t think that many fans would be happy with the club doing just enough to stick around in the top flight, which is a fate that many supporters believe we are stuck with whilst Mike Ashley is around.

Instead Pardew believes tha even the smallest of changes can make a big impact on the mental state of the club. He continued:

“What we’ve done is partly with the pitches – the grass is thicker. There is undersoil heating for the winter. We’ve boarded parts of it off so the balls aren’t running off the field and blowing across the pitches. All those kind of things are important – it’s important for me and my staff. It’s important that when we come back on July 4, changes have been made.”

When Pardew first came in he did well not to change too much and disrupt the squad. Slowly he is starting to put his stamp on the product on the field, but he seems to have no desire to be ‘King’ and instead wants to create a vision for the club rather than it being solely down to one man.

“I don’t want it to start feeling like ‘my’ club,” he said. “What I want to happen at this club is that it has a vision, it has a goal of where it is going. I want there to be a process for how we’re going to go forward.”

“I want the players to understand that as well. I want them to understand that the training ground will get better, but we won’t stop this year. Next year it will improve again, along with the quality of the playing staff. I want the players to feel that as a club we are improving all the time.”

It’s important for the supporters to feel that as well. When the Toon Army can get fully behind the club, St James’ Park truly becomes a frightening place for opposition players. It will take some time to make up for the chaos of last few years, but having the belief that the club is being properly run will help heal those wounds.

The facilities will not be the only change the players will be faced with this summer. With a fresh start ahead, Pardew plans to tighten up the ship and ask professional footballers to act professionally. I know, sounds absurd.

“I will definitely improve discipline in and around the building next year,” he said. “I think when we inherit a club half way through a season and you start laying down the law – and I think that has happened in the past here – and changing things and saying this isn’t acceptable, that isn’t acceptable . . . I’m not sure it works.”

“I’m not a disciplinarian by any means but I do value certain traits. Players need to be in at a certain time, food will stop at a certain time, let’s train on time. I think that is the minimum ask from a professional player. Besides, players love discipline. I don’t care who you are. You ask Eric Cantona, Roy Keane, Robbie Savage, Craig Bellamy. You ask any of those so-called problem players what they hate more than anything and it is indiscipline from other players and the fact they’re being sloppy or not on time.”

“Let’s put it this way, I’ve never had a problem with Joey Barton being on time or Kevin Nolan or Stevie Harper.”

I don’t think Pardew is asking for the world, and if the squad had a little more discipline we may have had more points to show for it last season by finishing off some games in which late goals cost us points. I think the changes will be welcomed by the players, and it will also be a good starting point for any new players coming in. There should be a professional feel good factor going into next season.

We haven’t seen the final product in regards to ‘Pardew’s Toon’, but we will certainly see it next season. It will no longer be Chris Hughton’s team. The players we’ll see that soon enough.

Pardew said: “The message with these changes is ‘That was last year, this is this year’.”

Here’s hoping it’s a good one!

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46 thoughts on “Pardew looking to raise the bar.

  1. First time Pardews spoken that afterwards I feel optimistic.

    Its an approach I think we’d all buy into.


  2. Possibly, however get Gervinho and Gameiro in= £20m odd. £5m for cabaye, then what about n’zog which is supposidly all but done too
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  3. All good, sensible stuff from Pards – keep it up.

    Interesting that he’s used this for another pat on the back for Barton. I think this may be a bit of a rift between him and the bosses. I also think they’ll sort it out.

    There are some good quotes about that back up the idea that Ashley is genuinely keen on moving us up and going for some silverware, unlike the doom-sayers would have us believe. It makes sense – they guy has always been like that in every walk of life.

    The question is whether he’ll acknowledge his naivity and let the football men make key decisions: like whether replacing Barton with a younger, cheaper model is a good idea or whether it’s another blindingly stupid miscalculation that a rookie owner and MD would make. 👿


  4. …unless of course it’s as it was with Saylor, and it’s a good ploy to remind Barton of the reality of the situation…


  5. I agree with Stardust aswell. It’s all good stuff. Hopefully we can become more professional in every aspect. We’ve been a joke club for too long now and it’s time to change that impression.


  6. I still actually can’t believe there wasn’t under soil heating installed before now. 😕

    Any way good stuff from Pards again, always makes the right noises, the proof will be next season when we start to see his ‘vision’ for nufc.

    Good luck.


  7. Fur10ng PMF
    Whispers are emanating that Enrique could be set to sign new deal! This would be fantastic. Cross those fingers
    1 minute ago


  8. good stuff – wonder if he was hinting about shearer when he took over for last eight weeks and then tried to instantly impose discipline and a fine system which I’m pretty sure a lot of the players didnt like


  9. Good words from Pardew. He has really spoken sensibly since he’s been here, and he cleary has a vision for where we need to go.
    Also I agree with Whumpie as he points out the interesting fact, that Pardew again mentions Barton and in a positive way. I think that Pardew really wants to keep Barton and Nolan for that matter, instead of replacing them. owlheed needs to understand that the issue is not so simple that you just discard these important members of the squad with younger, cheaper and possibly foreign players.


  10. jose close to agreeing new 5 year contract i will get u lot a link shortly 😀 😀 😀


  11. ohh and one more thing. These pro footballers shouldnt be taking their job so easily. I mean, if Pardew wants them to meet at 4 in the morning the better have to, with what they are getting paid. 😕


  12. cheers toonsy, just saw it and im not one for seeing people banned for nowt o9r on the strength of anything ive done….nice one 🙂


  13. once Jose and Nolan sign new contracts the club will then withdraw all bids for Gameiro and Gervinho, job done 😉 😆


  14. Whispers that Jose will sign? They got someone in the air vents, someone with a glass to their ear against the door or does someone nip out during the talks to give Furlong (or whatever his name is) a quick update?

    I an starting to get bored of these ‘in the know’ twitterers


  15. Moreno……that’s why I don’t go on it, going of all the links I’ve read off the blogs they’re probably right about 5% of the time, I’d get a better percentage if I posted every Toon rumour I read on the “net”……..I did call the Perch one early though…..not my proudest moment 😆


  16. Twitter should be taken with a pinch of salt. It is exciting though, its added a new dimension to silly season and I for one am enjoying all the speculation.


  17. Some very good comments coming from Pardew , its good to see the club are improving as a whole and not just the first team been looked after, Hopefully the improving of training facilities will help the youth players develop


  18. Lille striker Gervinho is planning to announce this week which club he will be joining this summer.

    The Ivory Coast international is being tipped to leave France and a number of Premier League clubs are interested.

    Newcastle are the latest name in the frame and The Magpies have been linked with a €11million (£9.5m) bid.

    However, the likes of Arsenal and Liverpool are also said to be interested, so Newcastle will have a fight on their hands.

    Gervinho has confirmed he loves the Premier League, but he is not ruling out possible moves to Spain or Germany.

    “During the week I’ll announce my decision so that everyone knows,” he told

    “I love the Premier League, but I have interest from Spain and Germany as well, so let’s wait and see.”,19528,11678_6960817,00.html


  19. afan – I’m sure that’s just lazy reporting from skysports and he said that last week, before the last game of the season.

    Apologies if I’m wrong of course.


  20. Fur10ng PMF
    ********Gervinho to announce NUFC move in the next 24-48hrs!******* 😆 😆 😆 😆


  21. I do believe there’s more than a hint of wishful thinking in the rumours that Jose’s to sign up.

    Lifterpool and Manu appear to be turning their attention elswhere in looking for a LB.

    Fingers crossed


  22. It’s really good to hear positive stuff coming from Pardew about tightening discipline and improving everthing year on year, not his stamp but for the future of the cluurb 😆 😛 …….really exciting times ahead lads :mrgreen: :mrgreen: …I know you gotta take these twatta rumours with a pinch of salt, but if the bull stays i’ll be owa the foookin moon :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ….’a tell thee 😀 😀


  23. 33David
    Posted May 31, 2011 at 1:33 PM
    Twitter should be taken with a pinch of salt. It is exciting though, its added a new dimension to silly season and I for one am enjoying all the speculation.

    Me too- but not sure I will be come August 😉


  24. toonsy

    Posted May 31, 2011 at 12:39 PM

    I agree with Stardust aswell. It’s all good stuff. Hopefully we can become more professional in every aspect. We’ve been a joke club for too long now and it’s time to change that impression.

    Absofugginlutely. But words are cheap, lets see some actions aswell.


  25. Stardust
    Posted May 31, 2011 at 11:32 AM

    First time Pardews spoken that afterwards I feel optimistic.

    Its an approach I think we’d all buy into.


    Nail on head, hit with hammer!!!

    Certainly the right noises, approach and ideas. Pardew, since taking over the Toon is awful circumstances, is handling the role with a modicum of dignity (bar Judas!)

    Good to see a longer term vision, not just ‘keep my job for another season’ mentality.

    This could just work!


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