Argie Ace: Coloccini

Unbelievable Tekkers!

When it came to this years player of the season, and The Chronicle both voted charasmatic scouser Joey Barton as their no.1 choice.

Joey has had a fine season, as described in our write up here and quite rightly deserved all the plaudits he received. I must admit though, he didn’t get my vote. My vote went to our curly haired collosus – Fab Coloccini.

Colo went about his business this season with minimum fuss and fanfare and has improved even further from a dominant season in the Championship last year. It seems that in this day and age, it’s usually the people scoring the goals or creating them that get the lions share of the limelight and the guys at the back stay in the shadows. Look at Steven Taylor for example. He had just as good a game as Colo but when you score a goal – you take the plaudits.

Scoring goals is important, but so is keeping them out. You could score 9 and it wouldn’t matter if you conceded 10 and Colo’s contribution in keeping our ‘goals against’ tally down cannot be underestimated.

His regular centre half partner, Mike Williamson, has also had an excellent season in the Premier League. I am under no illusions that Fabricio has played an important part instilling confidence in Willo and keeping him right. After all, it has been Williamsons first season in the top flight and he has adapted with relative ease.

One thing that Colo has brought to the team is the ability to actually play the ball to a team-mate. The traditional centre half tends to belt the ball up field in the hope of finding a player whilst Colo will hold the ball up until either Tiote, Barton or Guthrie finds space. As Bob moncur has recently said “Some of the things he does on the ball would have been unheard of in my time.”

This was proven in one of my favourite goals of the season. The scene was St. James’ Park. Danny Guthrie pinged a cross into the back post and Coloccini stepped inside Alan Hutton to chest the ball down, swerve his body shape and majestically plant a volley into the bottom corner that his compatriot Diego Maradona would have been proud of.

Another fine example came about in what was, for me, the most nerve racking game of the season (behined playing the scum – obviously). When we played Wolves, I felt it was an absolute must win game and a poor showing at home against them could see us sucked into the mire.

The game was evenly poised when Coloccini produced a sublime bit of skill on the halfway line and set Joey free down the right with an inch perfect pass. This resulted in the Lovenkrands goal which fully killed off any potential Wolves fightback.

His reading of the game, tackling, skill and leadership make him the first name on the teamsheet for me. I am shocked he hasn’t been linked to the likes of Madrid, Barca or Milan and for me, he is the only truly irreplacable player in our team.

With the speculation that Joey Barton is out the door either now or next year and there being doubt as to whether Nolan will get a starting berth in our new look side (should we sign anyone), Surely that puts Coloccini in the driving seat to be the next captain of NUFC?

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68 thoughts on “Argie Ace: Coloccini

  1. Good
    I think the reason Bigger club haven’t been in for him is because he’s not the kind of guy to constantly put his name out there and pat himself in the back. But after this season the noise will start, because the pundits are starting to realize he is class.
    Class defender. Class skill. Class lad.


  2. There are going to be times when we are putting bids in for players that the media and fans don’t tweet about and the club keep to themselves.

    There is a strong possibility clubs will make an offer for Colo and then what happens? We are a ‘selling club’ after all.


  3. I think he would be a good captain as well. Its funny how he’s got the flashy hair and the flashy skill yet seems to be a really humble bloke. I bet he’s highly respected in the dressing room.


  4. The Tottenham goal was at St.James Park Moreno and we were already in the lead when Lovenkrands made it 3-0 against Wolves…Other than that very good article. He certainly deserves to be Player of the Year in my opinion!


  5. By the way Moreno, couldn’t agree more with this part:
    “His reading of the game, tackling, skill and leadership make him the first name on the teamsheet for me. I am shocked he hasn’t been linked to the likes of Madrid, Barca or Milan and for me, he is the only truly irreplacable player in our team.”


  6. SajChowdhury Saj Chowdhury
    by JamieDalton82
    Oo la la. Found out that Yohan Cabaye’s move from Lille to Newcastle may not happen. Heat from across Channel but not this side #bbcfootball


  7. He works for the bbc aye Moreno, he’s tweeting saying final talks havn’t kicked off yet…

    For the players manager to announce it’s been done I still think were gunna get gim.


  8. Colo is, for me, one of the greatest players to have graced SJP for many years. For me he is up there with Ginola and Shearer in terms of being an artist of their craft.

    When he arrived he played a strong back line – like the continentals but his team mates weren’t on the same hymn sheet – this caused him to be one two’d as Saylor dropped deep like a dummy. Once Williamson came along – he found a team-mate who trusted him and would take his lead – this pushed the whole back line to a quality we haven’t seen at SJP in decades – particularly considering the pace and power of most teams in the Prem.

    Colo is a player you are privileged to see, I am over the moon at the lack of fanfare as I believe he would grace Barca’s team no problem at all. He would also fit into their total football ethos.

    I don’t understand why anyone would vote for any other player than Colo this year or last for player of the year.

    Colo – A true artisan of the game. Genius.


  9. Great write up Stardust,

    I have mirrored those views re: Taylor/Colo partnership all season too


  10. STARDUST the reason fans have voted for players other than collo is easy to understand,why do some fans belive loverman,r.taylor,shola ect ect are P.L. class,its there view,rightly or wrong,agree it gets on my tits at times,but thats life eh,we all want the best for the toon,just grin and bear it mate what else can we do?


  11. I agreee that Collo has become a real treasure for the club. Very calm and assured and seemingly made the right play all season long.

    I know I’m in the minority, but i think taylor gives us a bit more that willo. Not slagging Willo mind who was terrific all season. The three of them give us a solid CB rotation with Tavernier and Kadar coming along nicely behind them.


  12. Colo has been absolutely top class, and he is quite possibly one of the most technically proficient centre backs in the prem-well what would you expect from an Argie? 😛 His goal at Spurs was quality, and he’s proven he can be dangerous in the opposition box like he did when he rescued a point against Wigan.

    He wasn’t even that bad in the middle even though he got a fair bit of stick for it. Definitely one to keep around, hopefully Staylor can learn a thing or two from him now!


  13. Oh Coloccini, you are the love of my life, oh Coloccini, I’d let you shag my wife…


  14. I want curly/girly hair too?

    He probably will be captain next year if neither Nolan or Barton are starting 😛 He seems a bit quiet, but theres no faulting his determination.


  15. I can see similarities between the Puyol / Pique partnership in Collo and a taller partner. Not saying they are AS good but there are similarities. I deffo prefer it to having 2 big lumps that are the same as each other. If we can keep Enrique and sign a good RB then that is a top 6 backline for next season IMO.


  16. I hope the club fancy to make a bid for A.Palombo from the relegated sampdoria as 2nd CDM. 🙂

    Smith clearly cmi as DM. 😯


  17. I voted for Colo as well so am getting more and more confused that he didn’t finish higher in the awards!

    And Moreno, I like the way you go out of your way to make a point about goal-scoring exploits often dressing-up a performance, and highlight the almost superior importance of keeping them out rather than putting them in… only to go on to pick out your highlight’s of Colo’s season as his goal against Spurs and the one he set up against Wolves 😆

    Only winding you up mate, it was a good write up!
    Not to mention I agree wholeheartedly with your opinons.


  18. devon 🙄 😀

    It’s those moments you seem to remember though isn’t it?

    The last ditch tackles, vital interceptions and goal line clearances don’t stick in the memory as much! 😳


  19. If Walter Samuel is injured / retires from international football in the next few years they will probably call up Collo. We may have a problem on our hands then. I can only think the reason we kept him when we went down is that he is on quite high wages and clubs will look at the fact that he cost us £10M.

    he is just at the level that has allowed us to sign/ keep him. Kind of just under the radar. Any higher and I think he would be at one of the ‘big boys’.


  20. Moreno 😀

    I just remember this one time when a forward was through on goal almost and Collo cool as you like back heeled the ball to a fullback in a sort of showboating way. I felt humbled to watch such brilliance. I don’t think some of our fans realise how incredible he trully is. I have never seen such a good footballing CB at NUFC. I hope Kadar can recover from his injuries and get up to a good standard again.


  21. DJG,

    I remember that too thinking back!

    There are loads of instances where there is a killer, defence splitting through ball and he just sticks a toe out and intercepts. Just can’t pinpoint a particular moment 😕


  22. Mr Stardust.

    Must say I’m impressed with the lyrical waxing in your post @13 – who wrote it for ya?

    Oh, nearly forgot to say that I totally agree with the sentiments too.



  23. When Steven Ireland refered to him as a ‘world class’ player I think that is a fitting tribute to the guy.


  24. you can keep clean sheets but without a goal you cant win a game 😉
    I do think Colo is superb but I have seen him make silly mistakes aswell, but alot of fans dont see that but they well notice other players mistakes 😀


  25. He does have the best song, too. :mrgreen:

    We were singing it in a bar in London at the last game of last season (QPR) and he wasn’t even down for the game!

    Damn. Got that song stuck in my head again. It does tend to get some odd looks if you find yourself singing it on the train down here in Devon. 😆

    The guy’s made some mistakes, of course – and cost us some goals – but who hasn’t? Brilliant player, and has recently shown that he can play with Willo or or Saylor – whichever AP deems most suited to the particular game.

    Nice problem…


  26. Big Dave – you’re right there. Odd, ennit?

    My favourite stat regarding defence is still this: Saylor has twice the goals-to-games ratio of Carroll this year.


    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


  27. Moreno

    Aye those sorts of balls can kill players like Bramble. 🙂

    It’s just his reading of the game is so good as well. He’s not even that quick but like all good South American defenders they shouldn’t need to be.

    To think Argentina have ‘back-up’ like that is frankly insulting, who do we have people like Upson and Cahill. pfft. 😕


  28. Sorry Dave – re Collo – I don’t buy the silly mistakes line – that’s a nonsense – you bought the mobs line from when he signed 😆

    The fundamentals are sensational – in defence if you get out of shape you rely on your partners to be there – reading the play in its entirety – look at Man U – Ferdinand and Vidic – the sum of the whole is far greater than the individual parts.

    Colo has nothing to apologise for – he is a genius and I love him 😆 😆 😆


  29. Pfft indeed.

    Anyone else think Colo’s attacking play has improved a lot since AP arrived? Not that he did badly under CH, but he seems to be free to get about more now.

    Perhaps that’s how we shipped 3 against Brom. 😳


  30. Big D

    Have to be there to make a mistake though. How many mistakes would Simpson make if he actually went in for a challenge or tried to intercept when it’s 50/50. Guess we’ll never know. For every mistake Collo has made there is literally dosens of times he has intercepted or took the ball of someone. Can’t do that if you keep backing away into your own box. 😉


  31. DJG – I think he is lightning fast when he needs to be and he runs awkward – across the path of his opponent – Genius 😆


  32. He’s not that bad! Needs coaching in that area, but has shown what he can do. As I’ve pointed out – he made Cole look useless.

    No smoke from the chinmey on the Jose talks yet, then… 🙁


  33. Oh Dave – I forgot to mention – every mistake is always Saylors fault 😆 😆 😆


  34. Stardust
    Posted June 1, 2011 at 5:21 PM
    Oh Dave – I forgot to mention – every mistake is always Saylors fault

    Not in the last 3 games, 😯

    Since Pardew’s came he’s turned into Booby Moore. 😆


  35. Toonsy – we want a stewards enquiry – why didn’t Colo win when a lot of us voted for him? Has there been seem FIFA style shennanigans going one? 😆


  36. We did ok without Colo for a short while.. but my nerves suggested we were a lot better with him!


  37. I would have expected everyone to be Pro Barton and arguing for him as he was the winner – but no one is 😯 everyone loves Colo – wonder if there’s been some skulduggery by Joeys agent 😆 ?


  38. No tampering with the vote from me. I voted for Nolan so if there had been it would be him who won it! Besides, Joey also won the official club one so we aren’t that far wrong 😉


  39. I think there should be a re-vote just to clear it up. With an independent adjudicator. Then if that doesn’t work there should be a coo. Then if that doesn’t work call the Swiss police to investigate Blatter. 😀


  40. Deb im not 100% but I think more people picked Joey 😆
    DJG I never said owt about Simpson I was just saying in general fans dont make a fuss about Colo’s mistakes, but the some of the same people will slate other players for making a mistake.
    But in Simpson defence Colo was £10 mil and supposedly £80+k a week, which is a big difference from £1.5mil and £10k a week 😉


  41. 🙄

    Okay then lets just sign a team of players on £10K a week this summer. Then we’ll have nowt to complain about when we’re playing in league 1 in two seasons.


  42. Stardust-Joey got my vote, and I think he deserved player of the season. I’ll still give credit where its due however-and Colo deserves plenty. I found it almost impossible to choose between Colo, Tiote, Barton and Nolan, but I eventually opted for Barton. Think he just pipped it.


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