A tribute to the Green Army from the Toon Army

A recent discussion between a few of our bloggers brought up a subject which occured on the 19th April 2010. It’s a date which may not instantly spring to mind yet it will live in our memories for the rest of our days.

The travelling Toon Army made the longest round trip in the football league to visit Home Park in Plymouth with a view to be crowned outright winners of the Championship. For the opposing side, a loss in this match would consign them to relegation and League 1 football.

Now we can all empaphise with being relegated. That sickening feeling when the final whistle goes is one which I never want to experience again. We all remember where we were at the time. I was in a pub in Dundee and had Celtic and Rangers fans putting their hands on my shoulder and offering to buy me drinks. They were generally concerned for my well-being as I must have looked a mixture of deathly white and sickly green.

Anyway, I digress. We all know how gutted the Green Army would have been to be relegated. That wasn’t on our minds at the time though as we had just won the league. When you follow Newcastle United trophies and accolades are so few and far between that you celebrate it when and while you can.

Newcastle ran out comfortable 2-0 winners on a day where just a point would have been enough and The Pilgrims were well prepared to offer their congratulations consisting of banners and ‘We are the Champions’ blasted over the tannoy.

Fair play to them. Even though they knew the writing was on the wall as they still had a couple of games to go, it was still an excellent gesture from a top set of fans.

Plymouth Argyle, much like ourselves, is a one team city and is actually the largest city in England to have never tasted top flight footy. At the minute, that prospect is so far away you can’t even see it as Plymouth are in serious trouble.

Due to the fallout from the Championship, the club entered administration and suffered another relegation year after. This is a total injustice for a club with a (almost) 20,000 capacity stadium and such an excellent set of fans. The club are into the tens of millions in debt and the Argyle Fans Trust (www.argyletrust.com) are trying to buy a stake in the club to save it’s great heritage.

Now a couple of our bloggers mentioned that it would be a great gesture from NUFC to have a friendly with Plymouth and let them keep the proceeds to aid the Pilgrims in their plight and this got me thinking about what our club actually gives back nowadays?

Football clubs all across the UK are major business for their owners nowadays and with all this money, we seem to be forgetting the sporting and communal aspect of the game. If clubs like Plymouth don’t survive, who makes up the divisions? Where does young British talent like Dan Gosling come from?

As a club, do we do enough for the football community? Definitely not, but do many multi-million pound Premier League clubs?

An example of what I am talking about is something that happened on my doorstep.

Dundee FC went into administration recently resulting in a fine and docked points which should have seen them relegated. Stirling Albion – down the road – gave Dundee FC a cut of EVERY ticket sold for the match to help them out. This is a club 60 miles away who took a cut of their own income from match day to help a club which, to be honest, not only deserved the fine for living beyond their means but they were also rivals in the league to boot!

In this day and age, when so much money is spent so un-neccessarily, surely if the football community all pulled together, it would be easy to save a club like Plymouth, which have staff that are currently working unpaid and struggling to afford the petrol to get into work.

It would be interesting to see if we can get a message to the club in some form regarding the idea of a friendly and see if we can get some response. It’s a long shot I know as the friendlies have been announced and some might even scoff at the suggestion. I always believed that shy bairns get nowt though!

Green Ar-may!

Thanks to richietoon for e-mailing the site with the article suggestion, if anyone has an idea for an article they’d like to see written, contact us by clicking ‘contact’ at the top of the site

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128 thoughts on “A tribute to the Green Army from the Toon Army

  1. 74: aye as a daft unemployed bloke walking round outside SJP spouting delusional shyte which makes all toon fans look daft.


  2. spence @ 74 aye the headline will be > young lad gets arrested for streaking @ st james park 😉


  3. Batty @ 67 yeah mate its easy saying that on here 😉
    Spencer if its too emotional for ye you will always have Jobey’s shoulder 😉
    Rich are you looking forward to getting the place back to yersels 😆


  4. Spencer….havnt we already seen you on SSN outside SJP with ya burberry cap and your bedsheets 😆

    Dave…..aye a bit, off to Madrid on Thurs tho so not much rest 😕


  5. Jobey only reason ide come near nottingham would be to check that lass oot 😆

    And RT- I dont think that was me 😉 😆


  6. Ill have you no, i have top branded clothing, normally purchased at the reatiler store, eg adidas from the adidas shop.


  7. Aye Spencer the one I saw could almost string 2 syllables together so it couldn’t have been you 😉 😆


  8. Spencer…..and I have no BTEC 😉 ………..coming up to my 26th year at the drive thru 😆


  9. 😆 You must be a manager by now?

    What is the pay like mate? Must struggle to afford the toon matchs?


  10. Aye I’m assistant manager to the satchets of ketchup section…pays great 1p above minimum wage 😉

    Reet of to kip, ketchup to count early doors 😀


  11. Cream? you’re obviously f*cking blind. They’re grey.

    Naah, i’m not badman enough 😥

    Have fun richie, make sure you don’t mix up the BBQ and the tomato, there will be hell on again


  12. You dont have to be bad man to wear adidas? 😆

    And im sure they were cream, if not my bad, still not my first choice, and im not dissing your clothing, well i am, but i dont care what people wear aslong as they like it 😆


  13. Someone told me over Twitter but I know the person and there genuine, he doesn’t say anything like this normally or tries to be ‘in the know’ but he mentioned it to me earlier.

    Seen a few comments on Ed’s ‘blog about it as well….


  14. Yeah, if there is a press conference it was surely be to announce more than one signing because usually it’s just on the website, a few photo’s and a interview.

    The rumors are it’s a triple announcement of Neil Taylor, Cabaye and Gervinho….


  15. …..and ref “alledged” press conference, hopefully some signings along with resignings(Jose) 😀


  16. Nice article, hope we can arrange a friendly with them.

    If the club listens to the fans, this would be great.

    Plymouth missed out on a percentage of Gosling’s transfer fee because we got him free due to a contractual cock-up by Everton.

    Green Army v Toon Army

    Please contact the club and ask them to arrange a friendly.


  17. I’ll write to the club too; it’s would be an affordable and meaningful thing to do for them.

    Yes, they have lived beyond their means, like many other clubs (including ours). But these boys are different. I’ll never forget that night in Plymouth and how great they all were. Not to mention them selling out for a 900-mile, mid-week round trip for the FA cup replay up at SJP. Top, top supporters who deserve some help at a shitty time.


  18. Many thanks to all the Toon fans who are trying to help us out in a time of dire need at the club, I had a fantastic weekend at Newcastle when we played at ST James’s a truly great stadium but shit those steps up to the gods nearly killed me, it was also a great night for you in Plymouth and it did ease the pain of relagation a little to stand on the outside of your celebrations, The news at the moment is that an Irish consortium are going to buy the property and let Risdale run the club ( oh shit) but hey at least we will have a team, Good luck for the coming season and if you can shake a few quid out of that fat cockney bastard send it our way. Green Army


  19. LL- best of luck to you lot. You guys are the second favorite club of many Toon supporters because of that day. We are pulling for you and hope the situation is settled to your benefit.


  20. LL good luck to you and your fans,your a grand lot,makes a nice change to fans slagging each other 😀


  21. Hope everything gets sorted for you guys. You love your football and go and back your team. In my mind that makes you more deserving of success than the likes of Wigan, Blackburn etc.

    I just wish our club would do something to help. I might fling them this article and see if they anything. I won’t get my hopes up lol


  22. A great blog and one that makes us all very proud to be held in high regard by a set of fans who are quite rightly considered the best in the UK. The situation at the moment is not clear, I fear that we have jumped from the frying pan into the fire with the Riddler coming in and we still after a month have no idea who the preferred bidders are…All we can do is continue hoping that it will all work out in the end

    It would be awesome to have NUFC at Home Park again in the future for a friendly. All of the toon supporters are more than welcome to visit at anytime, we will all make sure there is a hot pasty and a cold glass of cyder waiting for ya!

    All the best for next season 😀


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