Have the club made hard work for themselves?

Alan Pardew

Alan Pardew
Have the club made it hard for Pardew?
At the time of Andy Carroll’s sale there were many split opinions on whether we should have let him go or not, and whether it was the clubs decision or Andy’s to leave.

Of course those opinions didn’t make a jot of difference as the transfer had already taken place and there was nothing anybody could to change that fact. One recurring issue that many fans had though was just why did we sell our most valuable asset on the last day of the transfer window without getting any capable replacements? I’m sorry Kuqi, but you don’t fit in the capable category.

We were assured that the current squad was more that capable of not only maintaining our Premier League status but further outdoing our initial objectives of the season. And although we did achieve that, many fans were left scratching their heads, wondering how, with a strike force consisting of Shola Ameobi, Leon Best and Peter Lovenkrands.

After the sale, Alan Pardew made it very clear that Mike Ashley would invest the full £35 million back into the team. Now although many people viewed this as positive news I can’t help but worry that it may have the opposite effect.

Newcastle fans now have their sights set on all the money being spent, and if that doesn’t happen then that will surely create more discontent and anger at the club’s hierarchy. Ashley has made it clear in the past that he will not be held to ransom over players, and there is no reason to suggest he will change that philosophy now.

This could leave Pardew in a difficult position as it could be tough to encourage Mike Ashley to spend big money on players. If the transfer kitty isn’t invested as promised then Pardew’s credibility will take a blow and will be seen as a puppet to which Mike Ashley holds the strings.

Hopefully this is all just a doom and gloom scenario which will bear little resemblance to transfer proceedings, however judging by previous transfer windows under Ashley, I can see it is a likely one.

Have the club made hard work for themselves from something that was supposed to boost fan’s morale?

On a personal level I just wanted to so hello. My name is Jonny and I look forward to featuring on this site in the future. I’m an opinionated bugger (which is probably the main reason I’m sat here now writing this) and I’m also one of those “stand up and sing at matches” kinda guys. I’m gutted about the singing corner being abolished.

When I can’t watch the Toon (if they are playing away or I have a lack of funds) I get myself down to some Gateshead matches which are pretty entertaining, and if you haven’t been to one I recommend you try it.

Favourite player…hmmm….tough one….my heart says Shearer but my head says Beardsley. Yeah I’ll have to go with Pedro, as he is the most technically gifted player I’ve seen in a black and white Shirt.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this!

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Follow me on twitter - @TheDimpleboy I support the Heed as well as NUFC and you will find me at the International Stadium when Newcastle are playing away. I currently have a season ticket in the Leazes end.

59 thoughts on “Have the club made hard work for themselves?

  1. Did they have a choice? Couldn’t really say, yes we’ve sold him and we are not reinvesting. As it is we “appear” to be trying to find bargin buys, some squad, a couple better than we have and exact amounts don’t actually matter. I’ll look to see if squad is stronger or weaker next season.


  2. Welcome along Jonny. I’m sure the other lads and lasses will be along at some point to say hi.

    Most of them will be in bed though 😉


  3. Well, the fact they sell the best players and sell a lot of players and buy in worse quality and less players means we end up with a smaller squad of lesser quality.

    Unless we can essentially rob a team through some contract loophole, we don’t go for it.

    The £35m isn’t the reason they make it hard for themselves, being lying muppets is why it’s impossible to back these dunces.


  4. i think this is why this summer is the watershed moment. On one hand we have the bash to spend so a lot are hopeful that for once the club will do something.

    In the other camp are those who say that past history suggests otherwise. True enough it does,

    Only time will tell though, which is why this summer is going to be a frustrating one.


  5. Now then dimples lol…

    I agree we made it harder for ourselves, given the timing of the sale but i don’t think there was a lot we could do about it to be honest.

    Carroll pulled what he thought would be the perfect bluff in that, he knew we were into January and also at the end of a transfer window with basically thread bare strikers.

    I think that he reasoned that he could haggle for a pay rise based on him thinking the club would panic, knowing Liverpool were ready to show their hand.

    He called Ashley’s bluff and Ashley called it right back and didn’t give in to him, plus got £35 million into the bargain, which i don’t believe anyone would turn down.

    Andy Carroll is a good target man and a good footballer and could have been a number 9 hero for many years to come but he chose greed over it.

    Naturally that left us scraping the barrel in respect of who we had up front and obviously Pardew had to make do and bank on those strikers contributing to our safety, which in effect worked a dream really.

    In a nutshell, we got out of Jail free and we also passed go and collected £35 million. 🙂


  6. It’s gunna be a long summer thats for sure…Expect ups and downs, twists and turns, already had some with Barton/Nolan then a postivie with Cabaye agreeing to join.

    Good read Jonny 🙂


  7. Welcome aboard…nice to have another writer…not that the others aren’t doing a fine job, mind you…variety is the spice of life…at least that’s what my wife keeps telling me…not sure what’s she’s getting at. 😯

    Personally, i am not looking for all the money to be reinvested in players…at least not transfer necessarily. Tying up contracts and what not sure. Transfers would be nice, but honestly, if the money goes to helping the club remain in a sound financial position, then that’s good too. I honestly can’t see how these clubs with massive debt can maintain…some day when they can’t service the debt, it’s going to create an ugly scene i think.

    I think that using that money wisely to invest in quality is where it’s at, and if that means that only 15 Million is spent, but good players brought in…then so what…


  8. Any more news on Andy Carroll being depressed at Liverpool then?

    I just wonder if we will sign him back at some point, if Liverpool manage to sign Connor Wickham and keep Dirk Kuyt scoring plenty alongside Suarez, where is Carroll gonna fit?

    It strikes me as an obvious case of Tottenham’s transfer policy, in that you sell a guy for silly money and then buy him back a year or two later for half the price.


  9. FJ- we’d need to match his wages. and we won’t. i also think he wouldn’t fit the brand of football pardew wants to play


  10. Aye, even the Liverpool fans moan (shock horror) when Carroll plays as their football style changes. To be honest it’s going to though isn’t it? You don’t have a player like Carroll and no play to his strengths do you……


  11. If any player would drop wages to sign for us, it would be a player who supports Newcastle from the time of being a baby.

    Does anyone really know what wages he is on now anyway? He may not even be on the wages we are paying Ben Arfa or Coloccini.


  12. How stupid are Liverpool…20 million plus Ngog for Henderson 😯

    Why do Sunderland even want Ngog as part of the deal? Well done to them for getting 20 million for him though, worth about 10.


  13. N’Gog is a good player I think. If he didn’t get his goals last season, who knows how bad Liverpool’s season may have been as he was single handidly keeping them in competitions.

    If you get him for nothing, you don’t complain. He’s the same age as Nile Ranger or something and scoring important goals. I’d take him in a heartbeat.


  14. Jobey07,

    As someone on here earlier said, it may have been a game of ego and oneupsmanship.

    If he saw Ashley wasn’t going to give him the money, he may have taken that as a sign he didn’t want him here at all. He is a bit of a dummy after all.

    In an emotional, high pressure situation like that and being advised by an agent Liverpool hire for you, and your best pal who supports Liverpool telling you to go, you may well do something you regret later.

    That wouldn’t stop him coming back for less money later. N’Zogbia wanted a huge club and he has admitted he is open to coming back because we are huge.

    Change of circumstances make a change of opinion.


  15. Markus – How you doing mate. You always catch me when I’m on the way to bed 😆

    I think you are stalking me 😉


  16. Ngog isn’t that great. Plenty of strikers would be able to finish with the service he got last year.


  17. Interesting thoughts on carroll. I could see him coming back here. It would also be tricky to see how/if he would fit into what pardew is trying to do with the squad.


  18. Liverpool fans moan about Carroll and the “style of play” because they’ve got feck all out of him, and have done poorly for the matches hes been in, largely when he’s not 100%. They absolutely loved him after his two goals against City though….funny eh? Just cause you get a big un you don’t have to play hoofball, but if they do it a couple of times and theres no goal then everyone starts complaining about the brand of football etc..


  19. FJ: I have the great pleasure of working in football!. It’s quite widely thought that Carroll is on 70/75k per week as a basic, plus add on’s for appearances and goals. Apparently he signed something that enables him to a percentage of AC related merchandise as well. So oneupmanship definitely seems like it’s in his (or his agents) locker, as he seems to be robbing the scousers blind!.


  20. That’s ridiculous wages to go with ridiculous fee. Can’t believe it. Carroll probably can’t believe it either


  21. If that’s the wage he is on, can you blame him for moving and possibly going back home a few years later, lol.

    That’s insane. Even if he comes back at the end of his contract, he would only be about 26 or 27 and right in his peak and that’s if he doesn’t leave before.

    Nutty deal.


  22. Jonny, love your Blog mate, keep up the good work. I agree with your choice of Beardo, he’s the best player Newcastle have had in my time.


  23. Funky-“If that’s the wage he is on, can you blame him for moving and possibly going back home a few years later, lol.”

    Course you can, after his consistent media “oh look at me i’m living the dream, just want to be shearer” blah. It’s not as if he was languishing for cash, he was always going to get himself a good deal because the fans would not have been happy had he been mistreated. Even now plenty of them are on his side, but I think most realise he’s just a judas. And on him coming back-hopefully we’ll have better in a few years, by the time he’s drunk away his money and ruined his career :mrgreen:


  24. I would be interested to hear opinion on judas’ wages from others. Presumably they will be thinking we shouldve paid an unproven talent stupid wages. I really dont understand some peoples views, but I respect that they have them. Life would be boring if we all agreed.

    Good article Dimple.

    Bobby – if you read this I didnt go to bed hating myself bud, your mum stopped me crying 😆


  25. Well if thats what he is on then fair play for him getting that, and fair play for the club not going that high for a player yet to prove himself. That in turn wouldve meant Collo and prob Jose would want parity or even higher and so we wouldve been in such a bad situation. Thats my opinion anyway


  26. Cheers for all the comments lads (and possibly lasses) 😛 . Yeh I agree that the club had little choice to make the statement as they needed some way to appease the fans, however perhaps they didn’t go around doing it in the right way? And personally I find it difficult to judge the Carroll situatuation as I can’t really blame the lad if he was forced out the door. But unfortunately we don’t know who made the call and probably never will…


  27. I can confirm that there have been no lasses in this thread, yet. I’ll point them out when they arrive 😉


  28. He wasnt forced anywhere Dimple.

    Does anyone think Upson would be a decent addition for CB, given that he is free and a regular in England squads? I am in two minds as to whether it would be better for Kadar to go on loan to the championship, or do we think he maybe ready to be thrown in as Collo’s partner. I suppose it depends on how Tiote and Cabaye/Barton shield the back 4, but that would be a cultured CB pairing


  29. Welcome Johnny, i agree with your article and its the same old as far as the board are concerned, when bad news is released into the media they do little to re assure fans and therefore create a mass gnashing of teeth.
    Having seen Lambias in action on rare occassions and also reading his pompous comments in the programmes, it wouldnt suprise me if he enjoyed giving the fans grief as payback for the abuse he get, either way they do little to prove that they actually care one way or another.
    I thought Pardew would improve the PR but we are not hearing much from him either, lets hope that there is something positive going on behind behind the scenes but with the boards track record im not holding my breath.


  30. Upson? I think he’s a solid defender but I do question whether he should be making the England squad. Williamson doesn’t do it for me so any improvement is a welcome one in the defensive area.


  31. bobby
    Posted June 8, 2011 at 7:45 AM

    “I thought Pardew would improve the PR but we are not hearing much from him either”

    You’re joking aint ya Bob?

    People are always saying that he talks too much lol

    I would hope he is either up to something, or perhaps having a break. Seems strange that we haven’t heard from him for a few days though.


  32. Theres a few that make the England squads that shouldnt, or are there on reputation. Heard a good conversation on it with Saggers and Quinny on my way home yesterday.

    I think CB is a position that is being overlooked for strengthening. Obviously it is not the priority but I think it is more important than RB for eg, as Saylor can play there


  33. Toonsy, yes he has said plenty but none of it has been backed up with positive action and thats the problem for me, he has built us up for a mass improvement of the squad but the way things are going we are going to be even thinner on the ground than before, more going out than in, familiar or what!


  34. Twatter talk that gervinho is due for talks with Arsenal and then us today. Would be interesting to see what happens as we are rumoured to be willing to offer a higher fee than them. I wonder if he will go for the chance of silverware, or the chance to play every game. I dont think he would be a starter at Arsenal.

    PArds is preparing his patter for him, thats why he has been quiet!!


  35. If it’s a shootout between us and Arsenal they’ll win hands down.

    People say about Tiote…… But Arsenal also have Eboue


  36. Campbell and Kuqi, Smith released, Ranger told to find another club, Enrique, Nolan and Barton on the brink and thats just for starters, can you see any of these staying, i cant so thats 7 out and how many in ?


  37. Is anyone really bothered with the first four of them Bobby? Three bench-warmers and a striker who couldn’t score in a brothel?

    As for the other three. Still up in the air at the moment. I think two of them will stay at least.


  38. I still think we have a chance of getting Gerviniho.
    When a player is about to complete a move his agent always puts something in the open that another club is after him in an attempt to screw more cash out of the club he has agreed to sign for.
    An example is when Jobey decides to accept the job at McDonalds he tells them KFC also want him but if McDonalds dive him a £1 a week more he will definitely join the drive thru staff.
    Now if the noises were coming from Arsenal and they were saying they wanted Gerviniho then we are dead in the water cause that is diffrent.

    Enjoyed the article dimple boy.

    How many players will Ed’s blog have us after today. Three is my guess


  39. Welcome to the nuthoose Dimpleboy.

    Does a fellow international being there really influence a life changing decision though? obviously it would be a factor but I suspect it would be down the list (in no particular order)after, money, chance to win something, chance of a starting place. If it’s just so he can have a bit craic any french speaker will do….even Stevie Harper 😉


  40. Think we dodged a bullet with Ngog going to the SMB’s I had a horrible vision of us going for him.
    Nae better than what we have,


  41. “An example is when Jobey decides to accept the job at McDonalds he tells them KFC also want him but if McDonalds dive him a £1 a week more he will definitely join the drive thru staff” 😆 😆 ……………..but then they’ll say that Spencer also wants to sign but is willing to accept a lower wage 😉


  42. Toby le Rhone
    Posted June 8, 2011 at 8:09 AM

    “An example is when Jobey decides to accept the job at McDonalds he tells them KFC also want him but if McDonalds dive him a £1 a week more he will definitely join the drive thru staff.”

    He’ll throw his hair straighteners across the room when he sees that 😆 😆 😆


  43. I would be very suprised if Jose left for Barca, but would be chuffed for him actually and the club. Would be like Woodgate and real, always good to see a player going upwards if they have to leave. I dont consider Liverpool as a forward move really at this stage, but they are looking to spend and spend big


  44. Welcome to the show Jonny. A thought provoking piece. As for AC,s situation at the Bindippers, I can,t help but think that they are beginning to realise they have dropped a huge 8ollick.
    Can anyone honestly see them going to a lond ball game. ? It,s not Liverpool,s style and never will be, unless they are in a tight corner and have to starty lumping it about.
    I know Andy does have a bit of skill in his large plates but he,s more likely to be used on the end of a long ball.
    Forget all the hero worshiping crap. He was a damn fine bit of buisiness and anyone who says any diferent aint on the same planet.
    On the transfer front, what does it matter if we were to lose Enrique, Barton and Nolan as long as we strengthen for the long term either with youth or class. Too much Hero Worship at the toon and not enough winnin dirty IMHO. I was brought up on crafty players like Jinky and Tony Green but the shelf is still bare.


  45. AndrewT. Plenty of crazy rumours mate. None of them will I post on here!. I’m not one to spout bullsh*t and gossip and that’s what most of the rumours are. Have North East clubs got some kind of hold over the scousers?! first we get 35mil for Carroll and then The unwashed get 20mil for Henderson!? Crazy money. We should offer them Shola, he’s a Geordie…..


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