Should Barton make amends for the good of NUFC?

Joey should think again.
Those of you who have known me for sometime now will know that I’m a massive supporter of Joey Barton.

I have been since his Man City days and I was over the moon when he signed with us.

He is the type of player that I’d like to be if I was a professional footballer. A box-to-box midfielder who plays with his heart on his sleeve and never gives up. A solid defender and a quality, unselfish distributor of the ball.

I can also relate to his misgivings on a personal level as I too have had my temper get me into far worse situations than Barton has been in trouble for. He’s honest and a straight talker and I can respect that as well.

The English football world is watching his twitter account waiting for the tell-all story that he has promised in due time. But I feel that Barton’s next step should be to apologise to the board for his actions.

Aside from his temper, Barton’s pride has been the source of many of his problems. Having a strong sense of pride can be a gift and a curse. In one sense pride can fuel you to be the best at whatever you choose to pursue, and it’s his pride that I believe has made him change his life for the better. But pride can also have a stubborn side that can blind someone into not assessing situations properly in the face of the possibility of being wrong.

I believe, in this case, Joey is wrong.

As has been said by many, you can’t slag off your employer and expect to be welcomed to work. Not even some of the most powerful actors in the world can get away with that. If an actor was to slag off his production studio, he’d soon find himself out of work.

Regardless of whether or not Joey’s comments at the talk-ins were right or wrong, he shouldn’t have made them. I believe him when he says that he wants to stay at Newcastle and loves the club, but bad mouthing the board in public would only cause harm to the club at this point and after some modest signs of stability, we really don’t need another Keegan-esque turmoil caused from within.

Joey was expressing his honest views like he always has, but he can’t expect to be exempt from the consequences that anybody else in his shoes would face. Maybe he thought that it was alright since he wasn’t speaking to the media? However he has been caught, he is wrong, and if he truly wants to stay and do what is right for the club, he should apologize.

The Chronicle is quoting a source close to Barton who claims that: “Joey is only interested in one thing – remaining at Newcastle United. That’s one thing that is unlikely to change. He’s aiming to have a season just like the last one, but hopefully help Newcastle achieve an even higher finish and do something in the cups.”

If he truly wants that then he’s going to have to step up and be a man once again and reassess the problem. I have the utmost respect for how Barton has taken full responsibility of his previous actions and has tried to better himself as a man. I think he should continue that progress and take responsibility for this most recent action, and not further the divide by going on some kind of Twitter rant.

There’s only one Joey Barton, but there are thousands of Toon supporters, and regardless of the outcome, Newcastle will as ever press on.

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176 thoughts on “Should Barton make amends for the good of NUFC?

  1. I’d put a fiver that all these Twitter accounts are Dennis Wise on the wind up.

    I just wish we had a way to know what guy the real craigcoozy is – the only one to ever get these things right on a consistent basis.


  2. Nah Batts – I’m cool with anything – as you know from what you do – and I know from what we all do – anyones details are but a stones throw away.

    Its cool fella – but thanks for the heads up!

    (I read the thread last night and I know what you mean)!


  3. I have no idea, I don’t have a Twitter account and it says his tweets are protected.

    Can’t anyone just make up an account and claim to be someone though? I mean, in the internet world of Newcastle fans, craigcoozy became a cult hero that everyone knew because his stuff was already accurate.

    The fact every forum seemed to have a fake craigcoozy at some point doesn’t make me believe twitter should be any different.

    He should get a tattoo on his head or something.


  4. FJ
    craigcoozy craig
    no players staying over, thought there might of been some movement today!<<< thats what he put last nite


  5. I think he got one thing right FJ and that was on the laws of probabilities. Then all of a sudden it became the gospel according to cc.
    Truth is he knows nowt mate.

    Who knew about the cabbage thing the other day???
    No one until the very last minute. Says it all really.


  6. BB – Day off today mate. And tomorrow :mrgreen:

    And the passengers shouldn’t be distracting me whilst I’m driving tugging, texting and deleting comments all at the same time 😆


  7. Evening boys. don’t worry. if i’m not greeted i won’t throw a hissy fit like Spencer 😉


  8. Trying to remember what we all did a few years back before the net and blogging/twitter really came about or at least went big and loads using it. Where did we get all the rumours from then? Seems so long ago now


  9. Beardsleys Boots,

    Didn’t coozy get the Ben Arfa stuff, Tiote and Wayne Routledge stuff at the very least. I am sure I remember him mentioning them before the usual news places got it all out.

    He isn’t like this Cwarr07 guy, whose only claim so far is partly getting Stephen Ireland and even then, everyone else was already suggesting it weeks before he did.


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