Cabaye signs – 5 year contract!

Cabeye signs!

Yohan Cabaye has finally officially signed for Newcastle United today on a five-year deal

The move has been in the offing for a couple of weeks now but with it finally completed this is what Yohan had to say on the move;

“This is a fantastic move for me. I have enjoyed great times with Lille but the time is right now to test myself against the best and playing for Newcastle United in the Premier League does just that.

“My first impressions of the club and the city are that it is a lovely place and the stadium is magnificent.

“Now that I have signed I am looking forward to meeting the rest of the team, working with Alan Pardew and his staff, but most of all playing for Newcastle United and their supporters.”

Meanwhile manager Alan Pardew had this to say;

“We are delighted to have signed Yohan on a five-year contract.

“He has a first class pedigree having proved himself at the top level in France, both for his club and the national team. He will add great quality to our squad and I am really looking forward to working with him.”

This there you go, the first summer signing is complete and you have to say hats off to Pardew, Ashley, Carr and even Llambias for getting a quality player like Cabaye in at this early stage of the window.

It’s a great start and lets hope there’s more to come!

Welcome along Yohan!

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364 thoughts on “Cabaye signs – 5 year contract!

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  2. 301: Kick off? Hehe. ffs, i’m not being serious. touchy or what Spencer? thought you were harder than that πŸ˜† πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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  4. Dave 283, mate, that’s the fkn funny onion. What’s the stats eh, 1 in 10 osumik? That means there must be at least one mincer on this blog right? I say Batty.

    ….anyway, aye, regarding Xisco, the Sunday papers had a fkn ball printing his face while he was with us, and that takes me back to my ‘favour theory’ earlier. Spanish people find homosexuality far more complicated to us, give there high Jesus count, or whatever the good book says, whatever.

    …hence the buck-passing that seems to be going on.

    I posted a couple of weeks back, somewhere or other, the extremely seedy story I heard from my friend at an unnamed newspaper, regarding Patrice Evra – which will probably never go to print.

    There must be some kind of underground ‘gay-passing-for-big-bucks’ deals going on. Meks ye think like…


  5. I could, but only if you commented on summat really personal..

    Im not a mardy cu’nt

    Just sometimes feel the need to have a paddy πŸ˜†

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  8. Big Dave,

    Would the Queen give her life for you though? No, the Royals have more history taking life than giving to it.

    Do people in the Military really buy into that Royal rubbish? I always thought in today’s age, the Military was a national thing where they want to protect their home, not some elite old biddy who is no different to someone on the dole.

    Then again, 20+ million watched the Royal Wedding this year so maybe evolution isn’t as fast as I’d hoped for, lol.


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    I guess losing several family and friends during that time made me more patriotic.


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  16. Big Dave,

    Fair enough. Everyone has their own beliefs, I respect that. I just thought patriotism was more the country and homeland, not necessarily a family who have a privileged life off our work and taxes while the people are losing their jobs and life on a daily basis.

    If her DNA had 1 strand difference, she’d be cleaning the throne and not sitting on it. It’s peculiar we have genetic superiority still ruling in the UK in 2011 when we criticise others for having the same sort of eugenics ideology.

    I’ve never understood it.


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