Gameiro blowing more French and Spanish kisses!

Not keen on Newcastle
Last night reports emerged on Twitter suggesting that Kevin Gameiro had spoken out on French radio and declared that he would not being joining Newcastle as he favoured a move to PSG or Valencia.

Personally, this is something I’d resigned myself to a while ago as he never really seemed very interested in joining the club from the start. So this shouldn’t really come as a shock to many. Supposedly Newcastle have had a bid accepted of around €12 million and PSG and Valencia are yet to match that, but with PSG’s new found wealth it is believed that a bid from them will be tabled soon. Here is what the Lorient striker had to say about his future:

“I’ll think about my future in the coming days. It will be Paris or Valencia. The two clubs are very good,” said Gameiro as he spoke to RMC Sport after the France match.

“I will calmly make my decision over the next days. I love both clubs. I have always been attracted to Spain. We will see what will happen, but an agreement has yet to be made with Lorient.”

The most optimistic of fans could still cling on to the hope that others may not match the bid and he has no choice but to come to us, but I see that as unlikely. The positive point from the Gameiro deal is that seen as we lodged a bid, it shows we’re actually looking to spend money on a highly-rated striker. We offered around £10 million for Gamiero and hopefully that signals the intent for the rest of the summer and other potential deals.

I’m not saying we should be spending all of our money on high priced signings but it’s nice to see that if the right player becomes available that we’ll be in the market for them, at the right price. Spending money and improving the squad is something which Ashley really has to do, otherwise he’s in a no-win investment. Hopefully he can spend a bit of money and make us a decent top half team before flogging us to Billionaires, well, we can hope. 😉

As we’re Newcastle I guess, well actually I know, that there will be fans out there already turning on Alan Pardew and Ashley for missing out on Gameiro. But, really I think this deal was a bit of a “if you don’t ask you don’t get”. I don’t think the club really thought we’d outdo Valencia or PSG, so I’m sure we’ll have a long list of targets for this area, so there’s no need to worry.

Who the other targets may be? I’m not sure really, but I can speculate. I’d have a rough guess that our list of targets included the likes of: Shane Long, Demba Ba, Mevlut Erding, Gervinho and a few others. Maybe the case will be that Graham Carr will pull a player out the bag who he has been scouting for a while, that’d be nice.

We’re currently odds on favourites to sign Demba Ba according to Skybet at a price of 4/5. I feel that this really may be possible, obviously there will be doubts about his dodgy knees, but for a cheapish fee I think it would be worth a punt. Something which has sprung to my mind over the last few days is the possibility of a swap deal being struck with West Ham, along the lines of Ba for Nolan. Would that suit both clubs?

I know some people may mention Ba’s reported relegation release clause, but I do not think that is feasible, you wouldn’t pay £5 million for somebody when you were bottom and then potentially give him a way out for free in the summer. That’s just what I think, it’s for the good of us if they were that silly, but I doubt it.

So, with the Gameiro deal being seemingly dead, who will be the next man on our shopping list? Hopefully we’ll be finding out that very soon.

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119 thoughts on “Gameiro blowing more French and Spanish kisses!

  1. Think Zog would be a smashing player for us. Dunno if he will come to us but we wait n see. I bet wigan fans are sick of him talking about moving to a bigger club ( us ) all the time. Like we were sick of him talking about joining a bigger club in Arsenal. Which might suggest he will end up at a smaller club than wigan if form repeats it self. Sunderland anyone?? 😉 😆


  2. So Ashley Young is going to Man Utd and the Wigan manager knocked them back.

    Isn’t looking too great at Villa at the moment.


  3. batty, yeah, just saw it on your link.

    That is a major fluke. I’d be gutted if I was that goalkeeper, lol.


  4. Some of the YouTube comments are saying the game is being replayed due to the rules for such a penalty not being clear.

    Seems fair, you can see why the winning team would want it to count but if it happened to us, I’d be foaming at the mouth.


  5. Where does that end though?

    What if a tornado hit and gust the ball all over the pitch and then it rolled in about 30 seconds later, lol.


  6. I wish we could get a freak goal like that.

    I guess the closest we’ll ever get is Nile Ranger actually scoring at some point.


  7. Good for martinez! He was one of the studio pundits over here for the WC and he seemed a good guy, knowledgable, good temperment, etc. He does a nice job at wigan despite the lack of resources. At only 37 years old he has a good future ahead of him and probably knows he will get to manage a really big club some day.


  8. According to talksport Gervinho is going to Arsenal for £10M.

    Not surprised at all like and at least we won’t have to see bobby’s ‘arris in fenwicks window. 🙂

    The funny thing is he is actually the wrong type of player for them, they need some defenders and some strength and he is neither of those things.


  9. French press report Gervinho signed by City.

    Hope there is some closure on this whole farce soon. We are only linked with him due to twitter rumours and it has gathered pace from there.


  10. An astute bet by Bobby.

    We aren’t signing Gervinho and likely never stood half a chance.

    I hope he goes to City and they fancy selling Johnson for 10 million….


  11. @ andrewNUFC
    you say; Bobby
    It’s not like Gervinho has signed for someone else.

    Looks like he’s signed for Arsenal which i said was obvious from the start.

    Heads back out the sand boys.

    It’s okay I’ve phoned Fenwicks, they know Im not coming.


  12. The next obvious thing to happen is Enrique will be a done deal arranged in January for it to go through to Liverpool on the final day of the window .

    Anyone care to believe different? ❓


  13. Ooops. got Tottenham and Man City mixed up there. so used to ‘arry stealing our targets i got confused. still rate kranjcar though 😉


  14. Bobby, since you seem to know what will happen, do you think we could sign El-Arabi would seem to be one of our targets?


  15. We have to face facts – we can not compete with top 6 clubs when it comes to players
    Fact: we are a lower mid table club
    Fact: we were relegated season before last
    Fact: we will not pay over inflated wages
    Fact: Newcastles is almost in Scotland

    Most foreign players want european football, have a realistic challenge for some honours, big wages, live down south (or manchester)

    We’ve done well to get Cabaye in and Ben Arfa, think we’re being used by agents to get bigger clubs to bid for players


  16. Lads,

    Hate to say it but Bobby is right.

    Jose hasnt signed a contract put to him a while back.
    When you are in negotiations with anyone, there is usually a timeframe which you wait for and ithe longer it takes the less likrly it becomes (Ben Arfa being the only exception i can think of)

    Why hasnt he signed? He is waiting fo the right bid from the right club to be expected.

    I am usually a member of the rose tint brigade, however, in the cases of Gervinho/Gamiero and Jose staying, I havent thought any of this would happen since rumours began.


  17. Joses attitude changed february time and his interest has got less and less, Plus the lack of news after last weeks contract talks and the Taylor bid its not really bold prediction wise.

    Gameiro has said since pretty much day one Spain was his preference.

    Zog is realistic if the “sources” are telling the truth (im dubious) and maybe a punt on Sturridge with Chelski more than likely buying Lukaku and Neymar, If there was £10m on the table for Gameiro why not try the same for him, Much younger and more potential sell on to get the fat fecker drooling… 🙄


  18. Gervinho to Join Arsenal to go along with the rejection of Gamiero.

    Perfect excuse for the club to not spend any money. “We tried to spend but nobody would come to us with our wage structure”.

    Perfect excuse for them and perfect storm for fans.


  19. why do people panic after the first week of the summer long window? There will probably be all kinds of comings and goings over the next 2 months…maybe for the better, maybe not…far to early to tell anything. It’s like trying to predict a season long point total after the first match is played.


  20. @MDS

    The point is not that he is moving but the point is Jose will not leave until the final day of the window so it’s too late to spend the cash.


  21. That’s always possible but my guess is that the Enrique situation will be sorted one way or another rather quickly.


  22. @BS9 – Enrique will leave as soon as a decent bid comes in from one of the top 6 clubs in prem or abroad.
    If thats the last day of window then thats when it’ll happen, you can hardly blame the club, don’t think other clubs will agree to bid at last minute of transfer window, what if someone counter bids in last 30 secs – this aint ebay mate


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