Is Enrique set to stay?

Will Jose stay? I think so.
I’ve put my investigator’s cap on and laid out the evidence. I’ve ordered the Chinese food, filled up my pipe and spent the past few days thinking this over – I think Jose Enrique will remain a Newcastle player.

It’s a complete u-turn on my part as I believed that he was as good as gone back in February. But these past couple of weeks I’ve allowed a little hope to creep in and have now convinced myself that there is a strong possibility that he will stay. Not so strong that I would be willing to put money on it, but still stronger than I felt back in May.

Enrique is apparently this much sought after left-back, but by whom is a good guess. Liverpool are said to be keen on him, along with seemingly every other left-back in the world.

A couple of weeks ago, I started to believe that Liverpool might be out of the running. It wasn’t just the fact that they were starting to get linked with other left-backs, it was a little piece of info that came out that I wasn’t aware of. I didn’t know that Jose Enrique was the second highest paid left-back in the Premier League.

Once I found that out I started to wonder if Liverpool would match his wages. Short answer, no in my opinion. There seems to be a belief out there that Liverpool will be big spenders this summer and many point to the Carroll and Suarez transfers as evidence. Fact is they didn’t spend a single penny in those transfers – they were direct monetary swaps for Babel and Torres. If anything, I would guess that they actually saved money as Carroll and Suarez are probably on less combined wages than Torres and Babel.

They’ve paid Β£13 million plus David N’Gog for Jordan Henderson, which isn’t cheap. They’re also apparently poised to spend over Β£60 million. We’ll see about that, but if it was so set in stone then I would think the deal would’ve been done already. The recent emergence of other targets suggests to me that they’ve baulked on his wages.

So if Liverpool are out, who’s left to temp Jose’s palate?

We’ve heard talk of Lyon being a suitor. Once again wages will be a problem and I doubt playing in Ligue 1 will suddenly convince the Spanish national team that he is now good enough for them. AC Milan? They seem to have found their man in Taiwo. Bayern Munich? Is that really any different than Lyon? Ah Barcelona. That’s it! Great move for the lad. Except the tiny detail that they seemingly aren’t really in for him.

Quotes have come out today from Enrique’s agent stating that: “We know nothing but what has emerged in the press.”

That doesn’t exactly sound like offers are just flying in.

This could all change as teams sort out who’s available and who they are willing to take the plunge for. Teams are still sorting out their budget and left-backs aren’t exactly priority number one when filling out your squad.

But another little eyebrow raiser is the certain disappearance of the links with Cheikh M’Bengue and the emergence of Neil Taylor. Now, Enrique or not, we still need cover there and Taylor should fit the bill. Besides, if you want to stay looking sharp you can never have too many Taylor’s (sorry about that 😳 ).

I think Enrique will end up signing a three-year deal with maybe a buy-out clause worked in, say for around Β£6-9 million. He may realize that compared to his other options, if any, staying at Newcastle may be his best.

Hopefully he’ll have some new exciting team-mates soon to help him with his decision.

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109 thoughts on “Is Enrique set to stay?

  1. @big Dave

    Not at all. I’m belly laughing at some of the dreamers. πŸ˜†

    How’s you?


  2. Quote AP we can`t compete with Liverpool and Spurs on wages enough said if Jose wants to go Liverpool will take him. I don`t believe for one minute that he is the second highest paid left back in the premiership


  3. Haha, just saw it now…

    I agree with you to a point… there are people mentioning Gomez etc. But I truely don’t believe Gervinho is too far fetched.
    Only due to the fact that the two other clubs mentioned being interested are Arsenal and Tottenham.

    Arsenal have Walcott and Nasri playing in his position.

    Tottenham have Lennon and Pienaar.

    So unless they sell, Gervinho really isn’t needed. And it seems like his agent is trying to spark interest through rumour.

    There may be Champions League Clubs interested, but I don’t think they are English Clubs, and I don’t think they could match our wages.

    Plus we have the likes of Tiote and Cabaye encouraging him to come… I’d say, if another top English Club doesn’t make a good enough offer, then he will end up here…


  4. Bobby trying to keep the faith but its real hard, from what was allready a small squad last year we are so far 4 players down with maybe more to go, and up to now only one player in. I just cant see us bringing in that many more new players


  5. GK: Harper, Krul, Forster.
    DL: Enrique, Ferguson, Kadar
    DR: Simpson, R Taylor, Perch
    DC: Coloccini, S Taylor, Williamson, Kadar
    ML: Jonas, Ferguson, Ben Arfa
    MR: Jonas, Barton, Gosling
    MC: Tiote, Cabaye, Nolan, Barton, Gosling, Guthrie
    AM: Ben Arfa, Vuckic
    ST: Best, Ameobi, Lovenkrans, Airey

    Sell/listed: Smith, Ranger, Campbell, Kuqui…

    This is what we have… Just like we can’t speculate who we are going to buy, we can’t assume that we are going to lose…


  6. When I was in Madrid this weekend, I bumped into Ronaldo, he said he’s defo not coming to the Toon….unless the Daily Mail reports it, in which case he says he might :mrgreen:


  7. JJ;

    GK: Harper, Krul, Forster.
    DL: Enrique, N.Taylor
    DR: Simpson, R Taylor, Perch
    DC: Coloccini, S Taylor, Williamson, Kadar
    ML: Jonas, Ferguson, Ben Arfa
    MR: N’zogbia, Barton,
    MC: Tiote, Cabaye, Nolan, Barton, Gosling, Guthrie
    ST: Erding, Ba, Best, Ameobi, Lovenkrands

    I just speculated πŸ˜‰


  8. Dan Routers aswell and the 4th I was thinking of was Judas but Kuqi took his place. but if there is any truth in the rumours you could add Ranger, Smith, Jose, and then maybe even Nolan and Joey πŸ‘Ώ


  9. Dave….but if you’re going to count rumours then you need to count the 36 we have coming in πŸ˜‰


  10. Stuart, certainly realistic I feel as well.

    Dave ah! In my opinion; Campbell, Smith, Routledge, Ranger and Xisco(if we can) will leave.

    And even if we brought the same amount in it certainly makes the squad a lot more competitive as I would think/hope the players we get will be better than them sorry bunch πŸ˜€


  11. I think when Tottenham get Gervinho we should offer for Lennon! πŸ˜†

    Ah… I’m just f#%n with you Booby! πŸ˜‰


  12. Sorry I wasn’t around to add to the banter but I’m pretty knackered reet now lol. Port wine and ale, I’m going to be wrecked tomorrow.
    The bull will stay!!!
    I’m definitely 20% sure :mrgreen:


  13. Dave, if we were to sign them, everyone fit I would play;

    Simpson S.Taylor Coloccini Enrique
    Cabaye Tiote
    Ben Arfa N’zogbia
    Ba Erding

    I know everyone will say what about Nolan/Barton etc but this is what I would pick with everyone fit and when do we ever have everyone fit πŸ˜‰


  14. Paris Saint-Germain have by completed the signing of France striker Kevin Gameiro from Lorient on a four-year deal.

    Oh well,NEXT! πŸ™„


  15. @ 22 Really he was walking around Mellwood … must have been his twin because a few days before he was seen in mellwood he flew home to spain before heading of on holiday .. ‘A friend of mine’ told me he was on the same flight … more than likely BS jus like your friend seeing him at Mellwood is more than likely BS. He has a year left on his contract and isnt allowed negotiate a contract with another team without permission, and he is not likely to be granted permission with a contract offer on the table not to mention Liverpools 6m offer was rejected…

    I dont know if he will stay or go, I just hope we get in that Mystery striker and N’Zogbia before Enrique returns to tyne-side and he sees things are starting to happen


  16. Totally agree with the sentiment that it’s fun to speculate and dream. That’s what the off season is all about isn’t it? Otherwise why even bother reading this blog for the next two months?

    I believe that this is a great club we have here, bigger than Enrique or Gameiro or Gervinho and whatnot. If they come, great, if not, that’s fine. We’ve survived going down, we’ve survived ‘all our best players’ leaving and we’ll do it again if we have to.

    So let’s have more posts like this JG, toonsy and all the other great contributors of this blog. Long may the dreaming continue, and here’s to dreams coming true!


  17. Always thought the Enrique business was just contract negotiations. Still do.

    And as for having my head in the sand on that topic, well, I’d prefer it there than have it up my arse like many others.


  18. i would want a bigger transfer trigger than 6 to 9 million mate more like 15 to 20 million.I also feel jose will sign new deal even more so if the club could pull off the signing of a really class striker.Watched the england game last night sturidge or whatever hes called is nowere near the finished article,See chealsea put a 20 million price tag on his head lmao in there dreams.Wont make the chealsea 1st team and dont think hes the answer for us so i would give him a miss meself.Cant see why most of ya raving about him.


  19. [email protected]….. exactly my point John…. its a done deal with jose and he is going to liverpool.. he was at their ground WITH our clubs consent, not behind its back.


  20. Llambias said he was the second highest paid left-back in the league. How exactly he’d know such things is a mystery and of course it’s wrong, Bridge and Ashley Cole are on more than Coloccini who is our highest paid player.
    More lies from our boardroom, so what’s new eh? Some people believed him, do they never learn?

    I think Jose may try and see his contract out, like Barton, whether the club would let him is debatable (very much doubt they would but can they force him out?).

    As for why he’s not put in a transfer request well players only do that if they want to go more than they want to get a loyalty bonus of possibly several million quid (hiya Andy Carroll!) as they don’t get a loyalty bonus if they put in the request. Seem to remember the loyalty bonus is 10% of the transfer fee so in Carroll’s case that was a fair bit of cash he gave up but the increase in wage he got will more than make up for it.

    Personally i can’t blame Enrique if he does leave, he is one of the best left-backs anywhere now, he should be playing for Spain, and he should be playing in Europe and challenging for honours.
    He’ll not do any of that, barring maybe a Spain call-up, if he stays here as we’ve got no chance of displacing any of the top 4 and Liverpool and Spurs anytime soon with these idiots in charge.

    I just hope he doesn’t go to Liverpool, can’t see them getting back in the CL, can’t see them ever winning the league, and it bothers me that the man who got rid of Keegan’s great team is once again trying to weaken our team by cherry picking our best players.


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