Is any player really safe from the axe?

Pair sold.
I just want to start by saying sorry it’s taken me so long to write again for the blog. When Toonsy started this blog I gave him assurances that I would write regularly and assist him with the running of the site. It started well and I was able to write most days, however in recent months I have had internet issues and as a result been unable to write as often as I would have liked.

What I will say is well done to Toonsy for creating such a well organised and consistent site. Me and Toonsy have met some top people on here, I’ll certainly never forget the support and kind words from all of you following the death of my father who I loved very much. You guys have contributed well and done some cracking write ups between you. the likes of Moreno, Jobey07 and Dan4Toon keep up all your good work and thank you for your good efforts.

Anyway enough of the apologies, back to Newcastle United. The news of Kevin Nolan’s inevitable sale to relegated West Ham has caused mixed reaction from United fans. Most fans are understandably angry and slightly puzzled at Mike Ashley’s decision to cash in our captain right now. It’s been well documented that Nolan rejected the club’s offer of new deal at St James’ Park. The player was thought to be seeking a 5 year extension with club only prepared to offer 2 years.

Kevin still had a couple of years on his current deal, so many could argue that the player could have another season or so in him before the club considered moving him on. Especially since the player himself has always been dedicated and settled on Tyneside. Seemingly the club decided it was the correct time to cash in on Nolan, who turns 29 this month.

The decision is bound to be unpopular in the dressing room, Kevin is a role model and a natural leader. If you look at what Nolan did for the club last season, he scored 12 goals and led by example both on and off the pitch. I just fear the sale could have a knock on affect and players will question the motives of the sale. It evidently shook the squad up initially when Andy Carroll was sold. Players were questioning the ambition of the club whilst questioning their own futures. Could it be the sale of the popular captain have the same negative affect on the mentality of some of the squad?

My point is is any current player at Newcastle United truly safe from the axe? It’s been said that Newcastle are indeed a selling club and the owner sees the club merely as a business. It’s true that every player has his price and with Kevin Nolan the club have probably looked at the bigger picture and thought he isn’t get any younger and if we can break even and get back the £4 million we paid Bolton in 2009 for Nolan then that’s a smart bit of business.

For me I have to say I don’t think it’s a smart bit of business, but that is merely my opinion. Kevin is one of a handful of senior players who managed to be the glue that kept Newcastle United together following relegation. He has the experience and maturity that every successful dressing room needs. I am aware that we are blessed in the midfield area with Cabaye, Tiote, Gosling, Guthrie and for now Joey Barton, but in my honest opinion Nolan’s experience, know how and goals are worth more in the long run than a few million quid.

I’m hopeful along with everyone else that the club will strengthen the squad further and be able to kick on next season, maybe Ashley has an ace up his sleeve and we have targets that will blow people’s mind. It’s not too late for the club to exceed our expectations in the transfer window, although I will remain sceptical until signings are through the door and holding up a black and white jersey at St James’ Park.

Are Newcastle at a point where they would sell if a half decent bid came in for any player? Obviously the Nolan situation is there for debate but would the club for example resist a decent bid for a player like Tiote? I would like to think that the Nolan saga was a tactical thing rather than a financial one. I would also like to believe that the club would do everything it could to keep a young important player.

All I’ll say is if your willing to sell the club captain who was also the top goalscorer last season are you willing to listen to offers for anyone? It’s unlikely that we have made a profit on Nolan is it. I just want to echo what has been said in previous articles and say thanks Nobby. You have been vital and the real fans of Newcastle United will never forget your excellent attitude and contribution.

Good luck at West Ham and on behalf of every Newcastle fan could you please punch Fat Sham in his egotistical, stupid face. Ta very much.

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175 thoughts on “Is any player really safe from the axe?

  1. The Deloitter club doesn’t take into account the clubs who are trying to turn a profit and the clubs that are so rich they just don’t care how much money it costs for the glory of winning trophies.

    Which bracket is Ashley in?


    Certainly the former…without success so far, minus the Carroll sale. But it will take many years of profit to pay off the debt.


  2. bobby…aye you’re probably right, but people usually only remember the things people say that they strongly disagree with and then often form a completely incorrect opinion about them from that, as I said earlier though the lad is a fan and just as toon daft as the rest of us.Like all of us he’s entitled to his views.


  3. @Richie

    My main point is though that he meets the players and clearly hears things that aren’t in the public domain.
    We only second guess and think we are right.

    It just sounds pathetic that people who disagree with his opinions, rubbish him.

    I was a bit confused by your comments, as initially you agreed with me but then went on to say he was biaised towards the players and put their slant on it.
    Unless I’ve read it wrong, I would suggest your contradicting yourself.


  4. Bobby, I don’t get you?

    I have mantained the same thing all along.

    Steve is a fan and hears things from his sources (ie: the players)
    They are always going to defend themselves it what they say and have their opinions of the club, which Steve then reveals through his media outlets.

    You said

    “I believe alot of you are blinkered by his personality, which some may not find likeable, or feel he speaks on behalf of all Toon fans when you don’t wish that to be the case.

    The way I see it, his words should not be rubbished on every occasion, like some seem to do.”

    Which I fully agree with.

    can’t see how you are confused?


  5. What steve says are his opinions and beliefs about what he hears in the circles he mixes in.

    he is entitled to them and don’t think he deserves abuse for it.

    He also speaks to those close to the club more than I do, so would suggest he has more credibility than myself when commenting.


  6. Raffo,

    Aye mate true.

    When you look at the difference, Joey hasn’t been offered a contract yet is still releasing statements that he wants to stay whilst Nolan is off at the drop of a hat without a word….


  7. @Moreno

    Mischief? Not at all. It genuinely gets on my wick when I read abuse towards him when he has more credibility because of his job than any of us.

    Some of the players don’t know what’s going on, as I’ve spoke to a few, but he is still privvy to more info than us. Guaranteed.


  8. The trouble is, many don’t like him because his views differ from theirs.


  9. Thats the thing I dont understand Moreno. If he was so desperate to stay why has he left for the first club whove come in, and they are in the division below. I dont have a problem with Steve saying things, I personally wont take everything as the truth, but also I am not nieve to think the club are squeeky clean.

    I can only judge on actions, and the actions of Judas and Nolan havent convinced me that they have been pushed out as I simply cant grasp this theory. If so they should go to tribunal


  10. bobby don’t disagree with you, the only comment I can remember was the wage cap one which I thought was a bit daft, other than that I don’t really know much about the lad.


  11. Aye Bobby,

    Doesn’t mean that info is correct all the time though is all we are saying. He may truly believe it is when he mentions it and that’s fair enough. He certainly doesn’t deserve the abuse he gets from over 90% of the comments about him on the site.

    He has plugged the site a fair few times for me and has even linked articles I have written on here to his own site, I speak to him about the band he manages as well so have a fairer judge of his character than most of the twitter lot on here and I reckon he is a sound bloke.


  12. I neither like nor dislike the kid, he’s entitled to his views as others are to disagree with him, he shouldn’t be abused for them as others shouldn’t be abused for theirs.


  13. I reckon neither Carroll or Nolan were pushed out, they are both looking after no.1.

    The fact their employers are Mike Ashley and Dirty Dez must influence their decision no end. If you don’t like your boss and someone else offers you more money then you can understand it I suppose.

    Don’t think they were forced. You could argue that the club are forcing Joey by not giving him a contract and they are in a way….Nolan and Carroll weren’t into their last year and were offered contracts so its a totally different kettle of fish but which out of the 3 are still at the club?

    the one they are trying to force out


  14. I have had decent chats with him. I dont abuse him, but i dont have to agree with all he writes and that doesnt make either of our opinions any less valid


  15. @ Bobby Shinton No.9….. You seem very protective of Wraith…. I suppose like minded people always gravitate towards each other, Tube !


  16. @raffo &moreno

    Clearly we are singing from the same hymn sheet but I will pull up other bloggers who slag him to see what their intellectual views are more rather aren’t.

    That applies to you Geordielander 😉


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