What do you want to see next season?

With the transfer window sort of taking some sort of shape I thought now would be a good time to show who I’d like to brought it this summer.

Now you might say similar articles to this have been done before and your right they have but one thing articles like this do, it’s getting people talking!

I’m going to get straight to the point and show the team I think we will have come the start of next season, a 4-2-2-2 formation consisting of;

Krul, Simpson, S.Taylor, Coloccini, M’bengue, Cabaye, Tiote, Ben Arfa, N’zogbia, Ba, Erding.

I think that team is realistic, well balanced and more importantly, it’s a good team in my opinion. We have a steady defence with Cabaye and Tiote protecting it although Cabaye will look to get forward from time to time.

Ben Arfa and N’Zogbia would bring flair, creativity and pace to the team which would compliment the front who in Erding you have someone who likes to drop deep and Ba who not only is a target man, likes to run in behind as well.

I know people are going to say where is Nolan/Barton etc but if we had these players, everyone fit this is what I would play – but when do we ever have everyone fit?

The new signings in that team would cost about £30 million I’d guess but with Enrique looking like he’s on his way out that would balance it out nicely.

So what do you think of the team I picked and what team would you like to see running out at St. James’ Park next season?

Onwards and upwards!

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50 thoughts on “What do you want to see next season?

  1. Speed and guiler down both wings with a target man to head ’em home and a poacher to gather up the opportunities.


  2. Not convinced by 4-2-2-2, and don’t think we have enough AM for 4-2-3-1 so I think either 4-4-2 or 4-3-2-1
    Simmo saylor collo LB
    Jonas, cab, tiote, zog
    Hba Ba

    Cab tiote Ireland
    Jonas HBA


  3. —————–Krul——————-


    ————Cabaye—– Tiote————


    ————Ben Arfa————————–

    It would be nice to have atleast another english player in our starting 11… Perhaps in the striking position? But maybe that’s asking for too much and maybe we’d only sell them on in the January transfer window…


  4. The major thing that worries me is the settling in time for overseas players, It took Coloccini a full season, Jonas still isnt firing on all cylinders much and Jose took two seasons to settle.

    We could get lucky with a shit load of Tiotes and Ben Arfas who hit the ground running and impressed on their debuts and continue it (in tiotes case) but many dont and im all for adding the pace and technichal ability that Nolan doesnt have but will these lads cope with 45k simpletons screaming and slobbering at them on wearside and stoke/blackburn/wolves aproaches to the game.

    I certainly hope so… 🙁


  5. ———Erdinc/Ba——-
    –Krul/Forster/Harps(Whoever is actually best in pre-season 😎

    Same as yours then really >.<


  6. CC,

    I think you have to judge each case on it’s own merits though?

    If he has been sufficiently scouted (not just youtube) then it’s not as much of a gamble.

    Would you say the mexican league was anywhere near the standard of the PL? Nope and look at Hernandez 😯


  7. good link hitman, although I don’t actually like it, if that makes sense.

    ….find it very easy to believe.


  8. Krul

    Simpson S. Taylor Coloccini Izaguirre

    Cabaye Tiote/Gosling

    Jonas HBA/Erding Barnetta/Ferguson


    Based on the people we’ve been linked with so far. I doubt that we’re playing ball for N’Zogbia but I’ll happily have him ahead of Barnetta.


  9. this team would be quality i like demba ba but were is harper that is the only one i dont agree with i think although krul is getting international caps hes abit clumsy i like harper as he has been with us for awhile and has never said he would like to leave and i think he is a good keeper apart from that i like that team 🙂


  10. Dunno man, all happened so fast today, rumours spread like wildfire on twitter a couple of hours ago he was down at west ham and then sky confirmed it just over two hours ago or summit. The original figure being touted around was 5.5mil, but theres nothing confirmed so far as I know, even heard it could be as low as 1.5mil 😯 that seems unlikely though.


  11. ——Demba Ba




    Subs: Gosling, Guthers, S.Taylor, Fergy, Shola, Lovenkrands, Best

    Whoever the new LB and RW are is anyone’s guess, but they’ll get my full backing. I would love N’Zogbia here and Erdinc fella if he’s as good as some people are saying.


  12. i would just like to see ashley die next season, that would do me… have another pie big fella!


  13. er…i kinda feel is pre-mature to have players that doesn’t belong to us yet in a discussion of a new formation…

    I would suggest based on current squad,who is possible to field up the positions.

    players such as gosling,ben arfa,cabaye can be added in,as well as kadar,vuckic,shane fergie..

    Also we could try to work out a formation without the likes of barton,jonas,and enrique,and see who fits in?

    That’s better in a way. 😉


  14. have answered you mate but incase you didnt get it… i wil lsay it on here too… nolan is cabaye and routledge is Ba. same money (ish) deals.


  15. Nice article to cheer us up after the previous! 😀 😆

    Does anyone think ba maybe be a make weight?


  16. Moreno- it’s not going mate, not even a nibble… 😥
    I should’ve put funkyj on it 👿

    Maybe I’ll do a Ed and start writing up some “could Newcastle be interested in Jozy” articles 😳


  17. We need to offload Strola, McLoven, Smith, Barton and Jose. Give the youth a chance and bring in some fresh blood. Rumours flying around that Jonas may be joinging Nolan out of the door, Lazio coming in with a bid.

    Simpson, STaylor, Colo, M’Bengue
    Barnetta, Cabaye, Tiote, N’Zogbia
    Ben Arfa

    Best possible team to field based on who we have left and who we are in for.


  18. Nah, ed is more direct than that.

    he would write

    “newcastle sign Jozy on 5 year deal”

    to drum up a bit of interest. 😆


  19. Totally agree AOD, however was asked for who would I like. Assuming current squad minus a couple of obvious ones
    Simmo willo collo jose
    Gosling tiote jonas
    Vuckic hba


  20. Maybe I’ll send Ed an email saying I saw graham Carr at the USA game last night and he was looking at Jozy 💡
    That should get him on it 😎


  21. Is anyone getting worried that we’re actually gonna end up with a worse team than last year?? selling all our best players from last year and replacing them with unknowns.. i guess fat will spend the £30 million now, but will also sell another £25 milions worth, so really we’re spending £5 million of the Carroll money…slowly seeing the same happening as every other season under Mike Ashley..


  22. —– Best — Loven





  23. craig,

    from the other thread….

    Ah right, how much we sell Routledge for and where too?

    Also, how much we sold Nolan for?

    You said:

    “what i am saying to you is that we have sold nolan to get the 2 million for Ba and his agent.”

    Then said:

    “nolan is cabaye and routledge is ba.. next question pls”

    You fancy straight talking and telling me which side you believe? Or do you just want to admit you were talking utter rubbish and trying to pass it off as fact?

    Clutching at straws with Routledge…


  24. ————-Best



    N Taylor–Collo–S Taylor–Simmo


    Subs: Krul, Gosling, Guthers, Willo, Fergy, Shola, Lovenkrands, Vuckic.

    Bonus’: Erdinc, Ba, Izgierre.
    Best signing we could make is Zogs. But doubt we’ll get him…

    That’d mean five Brits in the starting lineup and five on the bench…


  25. I have a thought,not sure can make into an article or not. 😆 😆

    Is the club doing the right way? Sometimes i do wonder.

    Clearly there are some deadwoods that needs to be clear,rather than selling off players who still can contribute atm.

    Is it a case of Rebuilding or a demolition job?


  26. Am sick of Barton throwing his toys out og the pram ….he should realise that he is a professional footballer and he can’t say things like this online….the rags are taking it as Gospel truth also.No wonder the club are not giving him a new deal…they are his employers after all..he can’t slate them lie this in public.


  27. [email protected], if we are clearing out the deadwood surely there are others well in front of the queue of Nolan – , Simpson, Loverpants and Shola for a start, then again, who would buy them.


  28. I agree with your team Dan, however I rekon we could sign a different left back.

    Sorry to talk about Nolan again but I think Moreno said in the previous article – Nolan wouldn’t start even if he wasn’t leaving.


  29. Agree about Nolan not starting, but we will have injuries / suspensions and tiote will be at ANC for up to 6 weeks – we were paper thin last season and will be next season


  30. @40

    Well I would have wanted Van Aanholt but he signed a new deal at Chelsea, not sure who we will sign but I don’t think it will be M’bengue anymore.


  31. @Robert: I believe as long as the club advertise those players available one or two clubs below the epl or overseas would take a look and buy for sure…


  32. @SpencerTheToon: I believe at the moment is a demolition rather than rebuilding.

    Clearly,the board thinks that by acting quicker in changing the squad,would be the best.

    But i feel they are taking the steps way too quickly.


  33. I asked a journo to retweet the Nolan article on twitter and he did, then someone started going wild saying its sh1te 😆

    Branko_85 .
    @ @AndrewHunter9 NUFCBlog – It’s a total embarrassment to our club and City


  34. The board have proved time and again that they are very good at flogging players, its the recruitment they havent quite grasped, i saw a quote that Ashley is in pocket to the tune of 50m plus in his transfer dealings since he took over, not suprising when you look at his shops.


  35. What I’d like to see next season? The inside of St James, and with flights booked from Australia and the fixture list being released Friday, the dream is getting closer.

    I really do believe it’s a rebuilding because nobody in their right mind, including Ashley, wants to go through the nightmare and financial pain of relegation again… But for me personally, I’ll just be happy to see the team take the field in the premier league – because that’s something a lot of us fans abroad (and other clubs) may never get to see.


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