Help out the minnows!

Adam Rundle of Gateshead FC
Most people go through life supporting one football team, and one football team only, and anything otherwise is considered blasphemy.

Until very recently, I too followed that same philosophy but that all changed when Newcastle were playing away and I had a bit of spare time. A few of my mates go to Gateshead games as well as Newcastle, and a couple exclusively support Gateshead which I have to give them credit for. Anyway they rang me up asking if I was interested in going to the Gateshead match, and being the football lover I am, I jumped at the chance.

For all of you unaware Gateshead FC are in the Blue Square Premier having recently been promoted from the Blue Square North, they are now only one step away from football league.

So we headed down to the International Stadium and paid on the gate and went up to the back of the stands to stand with the “Heed Army” (A cracking set of lads that like to stand and sing all game). I have to be honest I braced myself for a terrible game of football, but actually the standard was decent, and the stadium is excellent for a team the size of Gateshead.

Unfortunately a ridiculous decision by the referee saw our keeper sent off in the first half, and reduced to ten men we lost 7-1 which was disappointing considering we had taken a 1-0 lead. However despite the fact we got beat 7-1, I can honestly say I fully enjoyed the experience, just as much as a match at St James.

Your probably wondering why on earth I thought that, but it was refreshing to see players give 110% all game, to not see any players diving, and there weren’t some half bad payers. Also, it wasn’t just on the pitch, it made a pleasant change to be able to go anywhere in the stadium you wanted, to go and stand, sing and have a laugh without being hassled by stewards, and to hear a crowd that doesn’t moan after every misplaced pass.

At a time when football is an extremely profitable business for the top clubs, spare a thought (and some cash) for your local teams who will struggle with their finances. Although Gateshead have a decent side, facilities, stadium etc, the average crowd is only around 600 and it would be great to see an increase in that next season.

But I’m not just specifically talking about Gateshead, if you have a nearby non-league team nearby then why not give it a try, you never know you might love it and follow them along side Newcastle!


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Follow me on twitter - @TheDimpleboy I support the Heed as well as NUFC and you will find me at the International Stadium when Newcastle are playing away. I currently have a season ticket in the Leazes end.

260 thoughts on “Help out the minnows!

  1. DAVE- bollox! I have 6 blackbelts in broon fu. Do about a dozen sets of “curls” every dee like!


  2. OH- 😆 😆 😆

    If my dad told me to stick it in her ass, I could never take him serious again 😆


  3. Toonsy

    Been around. Reading but not commenting much. Not sure why, just went off of the debating for a while.

    I see the site has gone from strength to strength. People are rational on here. Stuart79 and Craig Chisholm seem a lot more measured in their comments, which is always a good sign.



  4. It’s kind of depressing that I will have to make wholesale changes to my gravatar soon 🙁


  5. The Daily Mail are running with the story were in for Taarabt again and direct quotes from Taarabt saying he wants out from QPR and that he would love to join the French legion with us 😉


  6. @CharlesNzo
    Charles N’Zogbia
    @Gav_King88 Newcastle is a big club, and a gret atmosphere to play at St James’s Park ! I enjoyed the time I had playing for NUFC ☺ <<<<< this was a week ago when some 1 asked him if he was coming back notice the wink at the end


  7. hey batty just havin a frisk with ya kid,we have been blogging for years


  8. Ice;

    ‘They want me to stay four years on the same terms. But I don’t want to sign for four years then after one year I am going to be back in The Championship.

    ‘No disrespect, but if we keep the same players, it will be very difficult to stay in the Premier League when you are playing Man United and Chelsea.’

    Taarabt said: ‘It is good for me that Newcastle have a few French players.

    ‘People say Newcastle will be good for me, that the fans love players like me. It is fantastic to play in front of 50,000 supporters every week. I do not need one of the very big clubs at this stage.’


  9. Batty, defiantly, with this all talk of Barnetta and Zog if we got Taarabt he would be them two rolled into one.


  10. Taarabt would work with our potential new team. He is not unlike Ben Arfa in that when he gets the ball, magic can happen.

    If we got another holding midfielder to help Tiote and let the likes of Taarabt, Marveaux, Ben Arfa and Ba, etc. go crazy up front, he can work.

    I still think an out and out striker is more important though.


  11. DAN,doesnt give much hope to,they say strange things at times these french guys,seems a bit of a big heed when ive seen him on t.v.dont know if hes quite up for P.L. yet


  12. Ice, true but if he did turn out class for QPR then could ask for a lot more than what we could get him for now.

    Just whether Carr thinks he’s good enough 😉


  13. Thanks to Richietoon and Big Dave for replying on last thread.

    On a different note, is anybody on here going to see NUFC play Orlando City in the friendly on July 23rd?


  14. Just read that Chelsea are looking for scouts as they aim to completely restructure their recruitment area. 😯

    …Hope they stay away from Carr. Wouldn’t surprise me if they came sniffing. Chavs!


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