Is Pardew just a ‘yes’ man?

Yes man
Alan Pardew wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea when he replaced the sacked Chris Hughton at Newcastle. Some fans still aren’t overly convinced that Alan is the man to take Newcastle United forward.

Alan arrived with a massive job on his hands as the majority of Newcastle fans were happy with the job Chris was doing at the club. Pardew knew that he had to win the fans over and to justify Mike Ashley’s reasons for replacing Hughton.

We have had the Pardew vs Hughton debate before and people’s opinions differ. I think in capability the men are about on par to be honest. Alan maybe edges Chris in terms of experience, but I think most will agree that Chris is an up and coming manager with a lot of potential.

I’m not writing to discuss the comparisons and the abilities of Chris and Alan, as I say we have touched upon that on many occasions. Alan’s management capabilities aside is there a reason Mike Ashley made Pardew his first choice to replace Hughton?

I was reading an article from today’s News of the World earlier. Don’t get me wrong it’s certainly not a newspaper I trust or choose to believe, but the gist of the story made me think. It’s in regards to Kevin Nolan’s move to West Ham, with a source close to Kevin revealing how disappointed Nolan was that Pardew didn’t try harder to keep him at the club.

This is what a source close to the player told the Sunday paper in full:

“Kevin is disappointed with Alan Pardew. Kevin is especially disappointed because he made a point of supporting the manager when he first arrived at Newcastle.”

“He thinks Pardew paid lip-service to keeping him at Newcastle. He feels let down and he’s furious with his former manager. Kev expected him to try harder to keep him at the club during contract talks.”

“The incentives they wanted put in Kev’s contract were all about how high up the league table Newcastle finished. They are managers’ clauses, not players’. If they’d wanted him to be manager, they should have given him the job.”

“It was a very difficult time for Alan Pardew to take over and the support of the club captain was crucial. He needed Kevin Nolan on board and Kevin made sure the dressing room moved forward with the new manager.”

“When the crunch came, the manager did not reciprocate the support and that was very disappointing. Kevin was a big character who helped him settle in and that was forgotten.”

Interesting stuff and whether these quotes are accurate or not, it raises an excellent point and it’s something that crossed my mind from the start in truth.

It seems strange that Pards was happy to let the player leave, this being a player that Alan stated on several occasions as being a player who’s contract was a priority. Alan also couldn’t understand why his Captain wasn’t included in the England squad and went on record to question Nolan’s exclusion.

It makes me wonder whether Alan was consulted about the transfer or whether he was just told that Kevin was being sold? Much like the Andy Carroll situation. Alan assured the fans that Andy wouldn’t be sold in January. Well…. come the 1st of February Pardew was made to look a bit silly on that front as Carroll was indeed sold on deadline day to Liverpool.

We all know the Carroll situation was a bit murky, a lot was said from both sides following the transfer. But despite the big bids that eventually led to the transfer request did Alan ever really get a say in that situation? Same can be asked in regards to Nolan’s transfer.

Is Pardew just doing as he’s told? Chris was often branded as a ‘yes’ man during his time at the club, if that was the case do you believe Pardew falls under the same category? Is Alan happy to go with the flow? I know if I was manager of a football club I’d demand to be consulted on such big decisions.

Maybe Pardew did authorise both the Nolan and Carroll transfers, it just seems strange that he was adamant on both players staying at the club proir to both being sold. Of course in the end money talks in Andy’s case and contract talks break down in Kevin’s case, but were there any real attempts by the manager to resolve the issues? Obviously a lot goes on behind the scenes at a football club and we don’t know the half of it.

I would just like to think as manager Alan would stand up for what he believes in and wouldn’t be afraid to be vocal if he didn’t agree with in comings or out goings. As manager you want full control and the respect and trust to do it your own way.

What do you think? Is Alan Pardew just a ‘yes’ man?

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108 thoughts on “Is Pardew just a ‘yes’ man?

  1. Clearly Pardew has no input into contracts, so he has no influence in that area. That’s probably part of his own contract (which I presume he was involved in).

    His comments about Nolan’s contract show his distance from the process. I can’t find that quote atm but I’m sure you remember him saying something like ‘I know he was offered a good deal but we couldn’t come to an agreement.’

    This puts his talk about keeping Carroll and his priority for Nolan, Barton, etc, in some perspective. That’s what he wanted to do, but he can’t make it happen coz he doesn’t have the influence to make it happen.

    As somebody said earlier, he’s the coach not the manager. Financial affairs are run at a higher level than Pardew. He probably recommends players, but after that he can only stand by and wait for somebody to tell him that the player has signed or not. Same with Jose contract negotiations. Pardew knows about it but isn’t central to the negotiations.

    The guy, though, still tries to put on a face that he is in charge. He should stop doing that coz he’s beginning to look like a fool – or a doormat.


  2. your missing my point, i stated whats most important is that the right decision was made in regards to nolans transfer. Whether the manager has all the power to wield his axe however he wants to is rather a mute point at nufc.

    pardew knows what he signed up for. if whoever above pardew is making good decisions n hopefully continue to do so, then what is the problem? Pardew gets paid a very healthy wager, part of his job is to keep the harmony at the club from the sh1t stirring media and get the team going amongst many many other things.

    Im making u out as a sh1t stirrer, but most red top papers get any wiff of a discontent and there they go speculatiing who’s out who’s in, who’s control. Think us supporters n the community can do alot better by posting positive views on what we think the club might be trying to and heading towards rather then what could possibly be going wrong.


  3. i meant to say in *not* making u out to be a sh1t stirrer.

    i respect your views, but dont fall into the try of many of the red papers and other silly media correspondants


  4. i respect your views, but dont fall into the trap of many of the red papers and other silly media correspondants


    ok im drunk , spelling is everywhere. il get my coat


  5. Ultimately Pardew is going to be judged on next season. With the ins and outs that have already happened, coupled with whatever transfer plans are in the pipeline for this window, Pardew will not be able to say that this Newcastle team is not his.

    Personally I hope he succeeds and obviously you all do too, if not I’m in the wrong place. Its been a rough couple of years to be a Newcastle fan but I have lived through similar and worse, although brought about in different ways.

    Ba has already shown, albeit for a short period, that he can cut it in the premier league and reports on Cabaye are very favourable. If Marveaux is as good as he is being touted to be then we have made three good signings already that improve the strength and depth of our squad. If these players have been pushed onto Pardew then we have to hope that he recognises whatever talent there is there and uses it wisely. If he does that and we succeed next season then I think maybe we will all be happy with a yes man in charge.


  6. Of course he is a yes man, Pardew would have had no say at all in the sale of Carroll or Nolan, he’s Ashleys puppet so to say – we all new this would be the case when he took over.

    The sale of Nolan upset me because I thought he was a great person but if Nolan wanted to stay he could have, when we signed Cabaye it certainly put doubt in my mind would Nolan be starting? I think Pardew would have told Nolan he might not be starting next season.

    Good article Mark.


  7. Does it really matter if he is a yes man or not ❓
    Pardieu is under enormous pressure now, to take this NEW team and mold it into a cohesive unit that gets results.
    Its going to be difficult, and most of all he needs to get us the fans on board and backing the lads on the pitch.
    We can and do make a big difference imo.
    If Pards fails in his task, then the whole pack of cards will come tumbling down, as there will be no backup plan or wise old heads to get us out of the brown stuff.
    So be it, bring it on and lets see what can be done.but please lets not start the new season with a defeatest attitude. You never know, but we might just be on to something very special happening at the Toon. Wouldn’t the press just love that 😯
    For many many years we have used the tried and tested methods, and all it has gotten us is skint and with nothing to show for it.
    We dont know whats going on in the minds of the board, but I’m prepared to give em another year to find out.


  8. Mr Ranger The Danger…. I think your a complete [email protected]…… simply because of profile picture etc! Have you nothing more productive to do with your time…. presuming you have a job or something to keep your simple mind occupied? If not… go [email protected] yourself nto a coma or something you dipshit! Peace out… [email protected]…… ‘bigg kiss’ ………………


  9. ju duzhyem sett, BB. Nooz kee parl franglaze et sont orssie fanatiques de NUFC collair ensombal. Howay lay garsons. πŸ˜‰


  10. Alreet bummers! 😯

    I suspect I will be alone for a few hours but hey ho.

    If Pards is a yes man then fine. I think every manager is to a degree and if he continues to bring in players of quality then great. I couldnt give a monkeys that Nolan has gone and although I would like Barton to stay if he goes too then so be it.

    I read a great article which was linked through Twitter companring Cabaye and Barton and how we are going to be so much better for having Cabaye in the middle with Tiote.

    I really would rather Zog in over Barnetta, and Twatter talk has Zog staying in Toon and wanting to sign for us. It would make sense with him telling others to sign for us but you never know.

    Marveux was a bolt out of the blue and I welcome those!!

    Heres hoping it continues. And it is ideal to get them all in early as they can all have a pre-season together working on formations and teamwork etc etc. The later they come in the harder it will be to do that so I am all for an early start to the over haul.


  11. Yeah Raffo. I just think we are like doing most of the shopping in Heron Foods and Lidl’s at the moment to see what bargains we can pick up and then when the time comes we will pop into Marks and Sparks for the stuff that you can’t get anywhere else so to speak. Don’t think Ashley has an evil plan or anything, the plan is just to only offer sensible contracts and try and sign good bargains like Tiote and thats fine diddly fine by me. πŸ’‘


  12. Is Pardew a yes man? Aren’t most bosses? I tell you what, people slagging off being a yes man should go to work and start causing their boss problems and see what happens.

    It’s the same all over the place. To get more sway you first have to earn it, although I wonder if it will ever be possible to have more sway with Ashley and Llambias as hands on as they are.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with it at the end of the day, as long as he gets the results of course.


  13. As long as we have an excellent scouting team who properly research players and their suitablity to Newcastle and the premier league then frankly I don’t give a damn. If thats the case we will probably sign better players than a manager would! It’s not like Carr can’t tell where our weak areas are and is just reccomending players at random is it.


  14. DJG, that was a ridiculously biased article from the dailymail that, as always, neglected to incorporate all the facts.

    bunch a bitches


  15. Reading some tweets. And i notice some common tread of most english footballers.

    They seems to be very interested in golf. 😯



  16. hes saying his incentives were for a manager rubbish why should a player that loves the club and getting paid thousands a week need incentives i mean come on ffs us working class dont get incentives to get up in the morning and go to work and gratf our bollocks off for pennies compared to these over paid prima donnas. tbh am glad hes gone i new all he wanted was money well thats not what we want at this club we had it and it didnt work why esle would he choose west ham


  17. of course he is a complete puppet of a man… i dont know how he stands up with no backbone. read steve howeys article from yesterday too… its easy to dismiss one and others comments on here… bit diff when its nufc legends coming out stating same stuff.


  18. It’s ok I found it…thanks for your help πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ˜‰
    and yep decent article.


  19. He’s not a Manager, he’s barely a coach. He is a 100% out of his depth yes man. should never have been appointed and will be glad to see the back of him when he is inevitably fired during the upcoming season.


  20. can i just point out . that out of the 3 players we have signed only one of them has cost us something , and low and behold nolan is sold for what would pay for that player … so what happened to pardew sayin the money we made off carroll would be used to bring decent players in .. once again that money will be safely tucked away in mr sloth ashleys bank account .. well isnt that a surprise. 😈


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