N’Zogbia next in?

Zog (back) on the Tyne?
Newcastle have certainly made big strides in the transfer market over the past couple of weeks and Alan Pardew has already secured three new players in Cabaye, Ba and Marveaux.

It has been nothing short of what was required in truth. Not only were we light on bodies before hand, but now, with the departures of Kuqi, Campbell and captain Kevin Nolan, it has left the squad looking that bit thinner. It has forced the club to swiftly ensure that they manage to entice and secure their targets.

One player that Newcastle have been heavily linked with for some time is of course former winger Charles N’zogbia. We tried to get the player during the last moments of the January transfer window, but failed in our bid at the time. The player was once a crowd favourite at St James’ Park, but Charles seemed to believe his own hype a little too soon and was very vocal about it.

It seemed every week Charles would tell is which Champions League club were interested in signing him. The French international was nicknamed Le Sulk by some, quite appropriate for a lad who didn’t seem to smile during the latter days of his Newcastle career.

Charlie of course left under a bit of a cloud after a row with then manager Joe Kinnear. Joe infamously called N’zogbia ‘Insomnia’ in a post match interview, which didn’t go down too well with Charles who then claimed that he would never play for Kinnear again.

Charles was insulted and felt disrespected which I can understand and sympathise with to a degree. Despite being popular with the fans for much of his time on Tyneside, most were glad to see the back of him in the end. He thought he was destined for better things than Newcastle United and liked to publicly declare his genius so to speak.

At the time I suspected that Charlie was using the ‘Insomnia’ incident as an excuse to leave the club. To me it was evident he had been unsettled for some time, but he got his move in 2009, although many were surprised that Wigan would be the Frenchman’s next destination. This was a move that saw former Toon tormentor Ryan Taylor move in the opposite direction.

Charles even went on the record to say that Wigan had more ambition than Newcastle when he arrived at the DW Stadium. The boy seemed quite bitter when he first left the club. One thing that has been said by many on here is that the player has matured as a footballer and more importantly as a person too, something I agree with.

The news that has been doing the rounds on Twitter today is that Charles could very well be on his way back to Tyneside. Sky Bet have apparently suspended bets on the player returning to Newcastle United. It’s a story that has seemingly gathered a bit of pace today, although I stress it’s merely rumour at the moment.

Charles is believed to want a return to St James’ Park. It could very well have something to do with our new French connection at the club as it was Charles who recommended Newcastle to Yohan Cabaye and convinced him that Newcastle United is a great place to play your football.

It’s nice to know that the player still holds the club and the fans in such high regard and it’s fantastic that he has bigged the club up to the other players.

I was watching a season review DVD the other day, the season where Roeder got us a 7th place finish after replacing Sourness. Even looking back on Charlie then, he was such a talent and to be honest the lad has continued to develop and get better.

For me the return of the Zog would be very welcome, it’s a signing that would excite me and the kind of signing that would lighten the mood following the departure of Kevin Nolan. Let’s just hope that the rumours are true and that Charles will once again don the black and white of Newcastle United.

This has been discussed amongst us several times – whether you would like him to return. I think most would love to see Zoggy back?

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108 thoughts on “N’Zogbia next in?

  1. Morning all.

    Seems like our list of targets are;

    N.Taylor, Matuidi, Barnetta, Erding – replacement for Jose if/when needed.

    That would o me nicely :mrgreen:


  2. Devon

    I too rate NZogbia highly, but after the Marveaux signing I must admit that I would now prefer a midfielder more in the Barnetta mould.

    NZogbia will go to the mackems in a player+cash deal with Malbranque going the other way. Although, I hope our last minute Marveaux signing may force Liverpool to go for NZogbia.

    Nothing like sabotaging your rivals’ signings, eh? 😆


  3. FJ, it wasn’t that you were being negative, but it was a bit funny when you said Nolan and Barton should be kept tp warm the bench :mrgreen:
    The players think they are better than that, hence why they wouldn’t sign new contracts.

    It amuses me tho that throughout the season, and despite his goals, Nolan was getting called fatty, tugboat, the invisible man etc but all of a sudden because he has been sold, to a championship club :mrgreen: the sun shines out his backside and he was the greatest player ever. ffs
    Yes he did a good job of getting the club back into the prem and will probably do a good job for WHam, but if he didn’t fit into Pardieu’s plans then you cant blame him or the club for parting ways.
    I am more worried about our striker options tbh, I just cant see Ashley forking out the mega bucks and wages necessary to bring in the required quality that we so obviously need.
    Berbatov has got to be a joke, more likely someone cheaper and on lower wages that hasn’t been talked about yet. And we need more than just 1.
    Finally, if we all agree that Jose is looking for a way out, then who are we going to replace him with.


  4. i carnt see us landing the zog like,shame.
    the bloke from the ronnie says there has been no contact what so ever,which is strange as we bid 12 mill in january


  5. Why is it ok for Jose to want to leave, even tho he has been offered a new contract, and been told he is wanted by the club, yet its a disaster to sell Nolan? I dont understand sorry.


  6. Makes me laugh how an insider is ranting in the NOTW about why Kevin Nolan didn’t want to sign an incentivised contract that tied in with the clubs’ league position.

    Apparently, “That’s the managers job”, and if they want him to sign such a contract they should give Nolan the managers role.

    Oh yes! How dare accountability be placed at the feet of the players! He is absolutely right!

    …Everything that’s wrong with modern day footballers in that one statement.

    I think incentivised contracts are the way forward if more clubs would implement them. Would certainly ensure clubs only sign players who actually want to play and achieve a lot with their teams.


  7. EL TORO,kev nolan was looking for 1 big pay day,we told him to do 1 and he found the perfect mugs in westspam


  8. ……or because nowts been said about Zog, it’s the one the club will pull off out of nowhere….let me dream please 😀


  9. Hitman I agree 100%
    Bang on. And it doesn’t matter how experienced he is.
    He obviously doesn’t think he has the ability to make the bonuses, so turned it down


  10. I do think WHam are mugs mind.
    A 5 yr contract on 50k for an old fat knacker. MUGS :mrgreen:


  11. lol I find it strange that I use to get abuse for my views on Tugboat, but now there is lots of people now express the same views. But I wont say I told you so 😆


  12. WHam will have to try and offload him if they don’t go up at the first attempt and that won’t be easy on that contract 🙄


  13. Dave…you can’t tell me I told you so 😉 I think he’ll be a miss but the club were right not to give him the contract he was after. What I find a bit disconcerting is that he had the same amount of time as Colo left on his contract yet there’s been no mention of any sort of new deal for him 🙁


  14. Nolan felt he was left with no option, other than to drop down a division for a 5 year 50K a week contract….now that’s hardship … 😯


  15. One time Toon target at Hamburg…Pitroipa…who’s contract expires in 2012 by the way…take note Mike Ashley, being linked with a move to Rennes…5 million euros…


  16. MM, it’s areet man we’re getting Matuidi and Erding and they both speak French 😉

    Barnetta might not fit in so well though 🙄


  17. Jay considering he had himself play almost every game possible, even when carrying a knock, rather than standing aside and letting someone else that was fit play. But no Tugboat thought of himself, and he continued to think of himself when he jumped in to the CC with his mate BSA. So I cant understand what point that would prove, its ok playing in the games but if you are missing for 90% of the game whats the point.
    But I could say that you always claimed how loyal to the cause the leader was, what happened his loyalty ? But Saylor was classed as all sorts of shite and that he would jump at the 1st chance he got because he was a greedy bastad that had no loyalty to the club ! So which one is still here ? 😆


  18. to be fair the contract Nolan got from W Ham is ridiculous, but that is sill undeniably a seriously class signing for them. 18 goals in the champ, 12 in the prem and he’ll take the captains armband on arrival – if the Hammers need anything it’s someone to tie them together and bring discipline and commitment to the squad and there’s no man better for that job than Kev. I think they’ll go up first time no problem. Saying that, I really, REALLY hope Allardyce buys Smith off us! 😆

    El Toro, where’ve you been anyway mate? And what’s Barnetta like as a winger? I’ve only seen him on wisetube and read his Fifa rating 😳 Certainly not qualified to pass comment on him


  19. Beardsleys Boots
    Posted June 19, 2011 at 10:38 AM

    “It amuses me tho that throughout the season, and despite his goals, Nolan was getting called fatty, tugboat, the invisible man etc but all of a sudden because he has been sold, to a championship club :mrgreen: the sun shines out his backside and he was the greatest player ever.”



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