Passion vs Ability.

Do we need more passionate players?
Why do the majority of scouts and managers only take notice of the technical side of a players game?

With the recent signings of the French duo Yohan Cabaye and Sylvain Marveux and the apparent signature of Mehdi Abeid, questions have been asked of team spirit for the upcoming season. Will the team be able to bond with players that are not fluent in English? How can they gain trust between each other if they can not have a conversation together? A manager can not deliver the passion he conveys in team talks if a translator is needed.

Take a look back at the Sunderland game at SJP, the likes of local lads Andy Carroll, Shola Ameobi and Englishmen Joey and Kevin Nolan wore their hearts on their sleeves throughout the entire match and they were rewarded with an outstanding 5-1 win.

For Nolan’s first goal Ameobi, Carroll and Williamson all jumped to win a header and they beat a lone Sunderland defender who was left helpless, and their bravery was rewarded when Nolan scored the easiest of the game. I doubt that Gyan, Muntari and Sessegnon would battle together for their team! Anyway, it proves how the local and national spirit of the team drove us forward to not just beat, but thrash the ‘Unwashed’.

Take a look at the 4-4 Arsenal comeback, the defence were shocking, 4-0 down at half time when all seemed lost, but once again Joey Barton, Kevin Nolan and Leon Best (who has played British football virtually all his career) drove the team to a 4-4 comeback.

The only exception of ‘foreign passion’ was Tiote who has been praised up and down the nation all season. Jonas Gutierrez, Jose Enrique etc. had all given up until Joey Barton put in a tremendous challenge against Abou Diaby which ended up with Diaby being sent off. This lifted Newcastle’s passion and determination and it was in no doubt that we would then get something out of the game.

Of course these are very good quality signings and I don’t doubt for a minute that they will have a positive impact on the team. However I can’t help but think that with the departure of Nolan we are going to be lacking team spirit and commitment which could result in some vital dropped points in games when we first go behind. Of course this isn’t the players fault, they just simply don’t understand the passion that is felt towards the beautiful game up in these parts.

Maybe, and hopefully I am talking utter nonsense, but I feel that the players bond just won’t be as strong next season.

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234 thoughts on “Passion vs Ability.

  1. Looks like spence has brought his school mate on here – can’t you two chat on Facebook or something

    I expect same transfer action tomorrow, if coozys right there were 3 players staying up there this weekend

    Think I’ll hit the sack and watch Rory win U.S Open – night all


  2. I don’t think any of our players will leave because they have too much influence. Players are leaving for two reasons:

    1. Wages and
    2. Lack of technical ability.

    Everyone can see we are trying to completely reshape the side and create a more European style team. I expect no less than SIX new first teamers for the coming season, with only Colo, Taylor, Tiote, Simpson and Barton(He will refuse to leave) remaining in the starting XI. The rest will either be sold or relegated to the bench.

    In a perfect world, Barton would be sold for around 4 or 5million and replaced with the target Carr undoubtedly has in mind. Can’t see it though. He will leave next season for free as I don’t envisage MA/Carr wanting to keep him for anything other than a substitute.

    Barton is a very good player, but he is a very English player in that he doesn’t do things quickly. He has a great pass, but his movement and decision making isn’t as fluid as someone like, well, Cabaye. I think that is essentially why he is being forced out/forced into accepting a bench players’ contract.

    It’s clear to see top management have big plans for the future of NUFC, but I can’t help feel they are moving a wee bit too fast. Suppose proof will be in next season’s pudding, eh?


  3. El Toro I think he’s being forced out because he has publicly spoken out against MA and DL and they don’t want him at the club. Plus his wages and appearance record.

    I agree with most of what you say though. MA just wants value for money, sign good players with resale value, if they become really good and a big club comes in with double the wages and a big cash offer they will be sold re. Carroll.

    It might not be such a bad business model because the club should be living within it’s means financially and with good young talented players instead of older players on high wages. The club is naturally a great platform for young players who want to reach the top but for whatever reason the top 4 arn’t interested. I also think it’s a great plan because it will drag us up the table and eventually the club might say; right we’re gonna keep these players and compete with the big boys instead of selling to them..


  4. Where does this “foreign players don’t get the same passion for the game” come from?
    they’re all proffessional football players, you don’t get there without a certain level of passion, and I don’t know about france but i can promise you that the passion for football in Netherlands rivals that of England.
    Maybe its because the England National team has been losing so passionately and other countries have been winning with their lackluster attitude?


  5. Frysian-I’d agree, doesn’t matter where you come from, albeit if you’re actually from Newcastle then a Derby might be a really big deal, but to me being English makes no difference playerwise.


  6. Frysian @ 231 It’s the English myth. It’s been about for donkeys years. I used to believe it myself until I left the country and learnt to watch other types of football and got to know people from other countries.

    When I came to Australia I played in a few teams, and all were ethnically diverse. A lot of teams in Oz are UN teams, and have been ever since I landed here back in 76.

    There’s no difference in passion. I’ve played with soft Scots and some hard as nails Greeks. Some lazy pommies and some ferociously passionate Indonesians.

    The sentiments in the article are pure bollocks. But the English will always think it is true. That fighting spirit is the reason why England win so many tournaments 😆


  7. nolan is full of s**t he was offered a contract didnt sign and was sold he brought this on him self by taking a huff cos his mate didnt get offered a contract all he had to do was sign and then turn west ham down he can blame pardew all day long but the ball was in his court


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