View from the away end – Nottingham Forest.

Perch when at Forest.
There is never a dull moment at Newcastle United. Our club is often the subject of ridicule and criticism from neutrals and at tmes the southern press.

Despite all the drama and off field turmoil the club has found it’s self in over the years, we have continued to support and love our team. No one can question our passion or dedication as fans that’s for sure.

As fans our opinions differ at times but looking at the bigger picture we all want what’s best for our club. We all visit blogs such as this because of our undying love and affection for Newcastle United. But as a club and as fans how are we perceived by other football fans?

If you speak to any armchair supporters they are likely to say the same thing. That we are deluded, fickle and a bit of a joke. I find when speaking to Liverpool fans or United fans they normally rip into the club. Of course most of these people haven’t attended a match and don’t tend to know anything about football.

In truth I don’t know many individuals who share the same obsessive passion about the game as myself. If I ever want an intelligent chat about football I tend to look no further than a lad I work with. His name’s Sam and he’s a hardcore Nottingham Forest fan. Sam is a season ticket holder and he makes the effort to follow his team around the country too.

Sam has a good knowledge of the game and is one of the most passionate people I have met when it comes to supporting his team. Of course Nottingham Forest were fellow title contenders during our Championship season and were in fact one of only four teams that were able to beat us during that season. If you can recall Forest beat us 1-0 courtesy of a Dexter Blackstock goal at The City Ground.

I was at that game and remember being impressed by the Forest fans. For me they were one of the best set of fans in the division in terms of getting behind their team. Granted Toonsy and myself nearly had a spot of bother that afternoon in Nottingham. We bumped into some Forest fans after the match who didn’t seem too thrilled to see us, but hey that’s football and every club has a few fans who like causing trouble.

Like me, Sam takes football very seriously and will let a bad result affect his weekend. I thought I’d ask Sam a few questions about his opinions on Newcastle United as a neutral as it’s always interesting to hear what other fans think of us and how the club comes across.

He’s a top lad and knows his football, here’s what I asked him:

If you could have any player from our squad at Forest who would it be and why?

Jose Enrique – good, solid left back. He seems to be getting good recognition and is constantly being linked with other clubs. Plus Nottingham Forest don’t seem to understand what a left back is.

Yeah, Jose is almost certain to move on. He is indeed attracting a lot of interest and seems unlikely to sign a new deal sadly. Next question, who is/was your favourite ever Newcastle player?

Alan Shearer. First ever player I ever got shirt printing for. It was on my Euro 96 England home jersey. On my first trip to Wembley, he scored a volley in the goal I was behind. It was against Portugal I believe. I hate to use the word legend. but that’s what he is to me.

How do you rate our fans?

Very good fans. Sold out your allocation of course last time round at The City Ground. Got behind your team throughout, even when losing πŸ˜‰ I was really impressed.

How well do you think last season went for us?

Extremely well, surely for a promoted club survival is number one. You did it seemingly comfortably. I did fear for you slightly when Carroll left and your response was Kuqi, but you got away with it no trouble and finished the season well.

Where do you think we will finish next season?

Mid table I’d say, tough to say exactly where.

If you were to have a guess?


What do you think of us selling our captain Kevin Nolan?

Kris Commons taught me a few years ago there in no loyalty in football as I’m sure your just as aware after the Carroll saga. Money talks unfortunately. He has been brilliant the past couple of seasons, but he is replaceable and you are bringing in decent players.

You guys have appointed a new manager recently. Hypothetically how would you of felt if Alan Pardew was named your manager?

It wouldn’t excite nor upset me to be honest. He does seem passionate which I like and he has done OK for you guys. But I did think Hughton was doing a tremendous job though and didn’t need replacing.

Who in your current playing squad do you think could play at a higher level and do a job for Newcastle?

Lewis Mcgugan. Fantastic young talent, he’s a midfielder but plays best behind the front two. Very affective from set pieces too, a higher level beckons surely (if not with Forest). If you haven’t seen his free kick against Ipswich, YouTube it asap.

What do you make of our new home shirt? Would you wear it?

I associate Newcastle with stripes, it could easily be passed off as an Ajax third shirt! I do like it but I prefer my football shirts to be traditional.

Finally….James Perch?

I don’t like to see any player who has served our club well fail. He is a good Championship squad player and I believe he knows his own limits. Take him for what he is, he will always give 110% but I don’t think he is 110% good enough or the Premier League (at the moment)

So there you have the opinion of an outsider. We did talk about Mike Ashley a bit and Sam sees the problem many Newcastle fans have with the owner but refrained from hammering the billionaire owner.

I thought it would be something a little different talking to someone not connected with Newcastle discussing the club and the fans and on the whole it was fairly complementary. Good luck to Nottingham Forest FC in their quest for promotion next season.

Sam is on Twitter as samwelljacks and posts as bastians13 on LTLF if your interested in any more of his views.

Comments welcome as always.

About MarkToon

I’m Mark, I live in a little town called Rugby. I go back a long way with Toonsy, we have traveled the country together watching the lads. I eat, breath and sleep Newcastle United! Follow me on [email protected] MRStockers or add me on Facebook- Mark Stockley.

56 thoughts on “View from the away end – Nottingham Forest.

  1. Going to Nottingham tomorrow, staying with wife’s relatives who are all Forest supporters. Always moaned about Perch at every game but were amazed and delighted when Nufc bought him. As soon as I see them they ask if Perch is still as hopeless and fall about laughing! Then I remind them we’re in the Premiership.


  2. I remember going to forest the season we blew it. Drove straight after work for a 7.45 kick-off. Ian Woan scored a cracker if I remember rightly. I think I blamed Shaka for the goal along with the 2 we conceded to Fenton which I went to at B’burn…

    lol we nearly got car-jacked at some traffic lights 1mile from the city ground. Some black guy tried to jump in our car while we stopped at the red-light. obviously we jumped the light and offskied..

    was always a good atmosphere whenever I went there.


  3. BeeGuy – should be Lincoln green. Lincoln should play in green because they’ve got the worst strip in the country.


  4. Here’s one that’s prob been mentioned but hey. Now hoots is at brum, do we think we maybe able to wheel and deal some of our dross?

    Do u think he would take:

    perch, smudge, best and routledge/ranger

    and in return we get danns and Johnson?

    Could maybe throw willo in or kadar on a years loan? They were a great cb pairing until danns’ injury


  5. Like the outside view. Being from the states most EPL fans here tend towards the likes of Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal etc… But most also don’t know the derision NUFC and their fans face from other fans in England. I began watching the EPL about 16 – 17 years ago (I honestly am not sure as the coverage here was so sporadic at that time), and I remember seeing Newcastle play for the first time and it was magical. Not just the play on the pitch but the fans were amazing!! I will be attending their match in Orlando this summer and couldn’t be more excited (I’ve already warned my wife that I might get arrested for running on the pitch and to have bail money ready)!! I am a season ticket holder for Orlando City and this is my first time as a true hometown supporter, but Newcastle will always be my team. Maybe someday I’ll be able to attend a match at St. James’ Park…….


  6. HillsJW John W Hills
    @toondm Rock The Stars should enjoy Carlisle on Wednesday.<<< think it must of gone sight seeing to enjoy itself πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  7. Bit off thread but may I and all my fellow Mag fans In Cyprus offer Chris Hughton every success at Birmingham and hope that he gets all the plaudits he deserves. HWTL


  8. I live in Nottingham, althpugh most of my mates are Man U, Liverpool or Arsenal fans πŸ™‚ Modt of them think they are amazing and all they talk about is there history πŸ‘Ώ They also say half of their team would get into newcastles team!!! Apparently, Moussi, McGugan, Blackstock, Gunter, Chambers, Ernshaw, Cohen and Camp would all get into out starting eleven πŸ˜€ stupid deluded people!!


  9. I live in Nottingham & remember sitting outside Via Fossa, next to the canal & near the train station.

    The Forest lads were there & for whatever reason I found myself stood next to them with wor lass, anyway they were talking about an England away game & one said:

    ‘We’re gonna get fcuked up, coked up & locked up!!’

    They were well radge….I finished my drink & sloped off!

    This isn’t a representation of all Forest fans…


  10. Canny business from blackburns chicken farmers, selling jones last wek and samba next week and giving Benjani and new contract πŸ˜†

    Make fat mick look sane…


  11. This article has given me an idea for another…only got the title at the moment but I’m sure the content will look after itself. Anyway here goes….

    View from a ‘bell’ end – Bobby Shinton Number 9!

    Sorry Bobby…couldn’t resist, I’m sure you’ll take in the manner in which it was intended πŸ˜†


  12. need a striker maybe we could take hooper and give them a keeper,think lennon might bite :grin:and wolves have bought 2 players might be short of cash noo,offer them a few quid for jarvis πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  13. cwarr07 Colin
    #nufc close to announcing next signing, news/announcement
    expected this evening

    πŸ™„ πŸ™„


  14. HITMAN that could be just a guess m8 as swansea chairman back from hols today i belive,so we know it will be taylor πŸ˜‰


  15. Toontastic1892 Newcastle United
    #nufc BBC understands that NUFC are to announce another arrival this evening.


  16. marktoon, i would really enjoy that actually. I could even try to send some written up interviews your guys’ way


  17. Mark- I think it would make a nice regular feature, maybe once a month or so. It would be especially informative for those of us from other parts of the world (I’m in the States), since we don’t have as much of a sense of the way Newcastle is perceived.


  18. Mark, I think it’d be interesting. If you could find a fan from every other team in the league and ask the same set of questions perhaps, you could build a running tally on opinions.
    This may also help us choose which teams to dislike more… πŸ˜†

    I think it just makes for some interesting banter opportunities.


  19. Andrew T – our tix are behind (a little right of) Orlando’s bench. I’ll be the guy going fucking mental with his wife looking worried next to him!


  20. I know a Forest fan, but he supports Man U as his prem team…perhaps that says all there is to know about him? He seems to think we’re deluded and all horrible people for firing Hughton, unrealistic, blah blah πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  21. Great article. Good memories of your place, we lost a good competitive game. On the top row, with a nose bleed and altitude sickness! NUFC have been my favourite other team right since keegans time, and you can’t fault your backing of your team.

    As well as Lewis, we have a great right back in ex spurs Chris Gunter, and Lee Camp who debuted fir northern Ireland and is a very capable keeper woulcould make the step up. Polish starlet Radi Majewski was the hottest young prospect in his country, and on-form is genius. We hope the new manager gets the best from him. Watch out too for Robie Findlay. Only played a couple of games so far but looks class. Regular striker in the USA world cup team.

    Carroll will be a big loss for you but my goodness you got a lotta dough for him! As for fishy-boy Perch, he’s a utility player, but I can’t quite get over the fact that he was at fault for 2 goals when we lost 5-3 to Blackpool the year you went up.
    Great lad, but he will be bench warming the rest of his career unless you get him loaned or sold to a club at his – mid table championship – level


  22. Husky- top man!
    Glad you enjoyed the article. Yeah been impressed with your fans and you are a Prem team for certain. With the likes of Wigan in this division, it seems an utter insult that a well supported team like forest aren’t there.
    Yeah Sam who I spoke to in the article is a hardcore Forest man, very very knowledgeable.
    Always nice to speak to other fans, especially when they have something nice to say about our club. Good luck for next season and thanks for posting mate.


  23. Thanks for this Mark, Forest fan here, very good idea to get fans talking to each other.

    The happiest summer of my life was spent in Whitley Bay on a holiday job mostly because of Suzanne who had black and white striped pyjamas. I still look for your result and think about her………..

    No idea what Hughton is supposed to have done wrong mind. I thought he did well. Good luck this year. Give us Championship teams hope by doing well.


  24. Tim……don’t let your current lass catch you dreaming about far off exotic places like Whitley Bay mind πŸ˜‰


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