Will Demba Ba grab the spotlight?

The main man?
Rumours. Is that all they are? Mostly yes, but what do the squad think of them?

With Newcastle United said to be interested in a few forwards, and rightly so, it has left me thinking how this can affect other players for the team.

Now I know this has been mentioned before by other writers, but I am not focusing on the squad in general. I am focusing on new signings: Demba Ba to be precise. It’s never nice to hear that your side wants you to have to ‘fight’ for your place, but when you’ve been signed for them for around a week, it must be even harder.

For a new player, I feel the average mood of the player is to come in and to take the spotlight if possible, perform out of your skin, and to win over the fans. But when new signings come in, in your position, what can you do?

Well play for the benefit of the team obviously, but I don’t think all players think this way anymore. I understand that the morale of a player can drop if a new signing is taking the spotlight off him. But if your Demba Ba, you may have to wait to even gain this spotlight.

The only situation that can provide happiness on both parts, is if Demba and his upcoming partner play as a team, share goals and provide for players in better positions, rather than being selfish.

Ba slightly relieved me by saying “all I want to do is win games” even though they all say that.

I hope our partners upfront, Demba Ba and who ever joins him, form a brilliant friendship and play for the benefits of the team. I have no doubt Ba will raise his game by joining us, and wish him and his future strike partner all the best.

It will be interesting to see what happens. Strikers are notoriously selfish and generally want to be the top scorers in the team. Having two of them, both new at the club, can be a good thing or a bad thing as the battle can either spur on competition or put pressure on the other if he is not performing. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m assuming that Ba will have discussed his role within the team before he signed for us, so he’ll have more of an insight than any of us will with regard to whether or not we’ll see a new striker to partner him in attack. The question is, will he view it as competition, or a team-mate?

Hopefully the best bits of both!

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36 thoughts on “Will Demba Ba grab the spotlight?

  1. im 50/50 on demba ba – good player with a gammy leg!! lets hope his injurys are behind him and we can add another striker to form a prolific forward line


  2. He did well in a struggling team last season. With better service and Hatem playing off him, I think he will play even better.


  3. I know people are saying Ba & Arfa will play up from but I can see Ba and Shola combo being quite ruthless. 2 big men one fast and one with good hold-up play.

    Until someone pointed out the other day, Ba hasnt been injured for quite sometime so no injury worries with him

    I see we’ve apparently pulled out of the race for that QPR forward Taarabt, personally I’m glad we have.


  4. Mark – Me too. His comments at the weekend put me right off him, then after that he was whoring himself with moves to Chelsea and Arsenal……. Bullet dodged IMO.


  5. yes, same here.

    Nothing like ‘bigging yourself up’. He’s only had one good season at QPR. hasn’t proven owt yet.


  6. to be honest imo i dont think tarrabt would get infront of tiote ,cabaye, ben arfa , marveaux and barton so he can jog on , seems a whingy shite aswell


  7. I see Barton continues to edear himself to MA and a new contract..

    He’s a great lad and we were all gutted to see him leave Newcastle but it was a no-brainer, really.

    “He had to go and test himself at a fantastic football club with great tradition.

    did anyone notice the #bosmanfree comment he made a few days ago on twitter.

    Shame it has come to this, he’s one player I think would of guided the new signing to a successful career at the Toon


  8. I think Demba Ba will be just fine, He joined the Hammers in Jan, (mid season) did’nt have time to settle scored 7 in 13 with a struggling team. He now has all the pre-season to settle at NUFC and seems to have a strong will to prove himself, I can see him scoring 15+ goals for us this season.


  9. I think this is pretty stupid. You don’t just come and walk in a team and i’d assume ba would have been told this.. It should be nice and seen as a challange to be bringing in players to compete. I’m one of the players shirt to lose mob.


  10. If any striker got down in the dumps because they faced a little competition for a starting place, that would be a disgraceful attitude. Sport is all about competition, and you need competition within your own team to be able to bring the best out of everyone. No one is guaranteed a starting place. If Enrique stays (that’s a big ‘if’) and Ferguson starts playing better than him, then by all means start Shane instead!


  11. @army69

    just show you should take players loyalty with a pinch of salt.

    the only thing theyre loyal in is their bank accounts.

    I thought his comments after signing for the Hammers were quite patronising..


  12. @14 players kissing badges means nothing these days i actually hate seeing it even with some of our players i personally think its disrespectful to the fans.

    Ba will be a great signing he proved he can do it at west ham in a short space of time


  13. I think Enrique will stay, not that he wants to, I can’t see anyone paying a big signing fee and then matching his wages.

    Only Prem teams could match his wages but can they afford him..

    Barca could afford both wages/signing fee but apparently theyve ended interest.


  14. I can see the point. I mean Ba in his own mind may think he is going to be the main man, but if someone comes in and takes that title then he is going to start questioning himself. It’s natural.

    The key is how he reacts, or any player reacts in fact, to that. We saw with Jonas how a player can exhibit a positive reaction to competition, whereas James Perch πŸ˜† is showing a negative reaction by complaining about the competition and resulting lack of chances. Incidentally I see he bypassed the fact that he is shit πŸ˜†


  15. Ye, fairly pointless debating this thread…

    It’s never a bad thing to have competition and players having to fight for their spot in the team…
    If a great player is sitting bench then it means someone is outperforming him… Which only bodes well foe the team as a whole.

    It used to grate my tits when Martins sat bench for Owen because Owen was garaunteed to start. Despite the team playing far more effectively with Martins leading the line.


  16. JJ
    Posted June 23, 2011 at 9:40 AM

    “It’s never a bad thing to have competition and players having to fight for their spot in the team…”

    In an ideal world where everyone is the same….. The fact os that it isn’t an ideal world and not everyone is the same. People view competition differently


  17. @17 yes there bank accounts seem to over shadow footy these days!!! sad!! there shud b a rule that all players shud be paid the same amount ( a grand a week πŸ˜† )


  18. a grand a week would be amazing πŸ˜† then youve got ronaldo wanting 350 grand a week πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† I FECCCCCCCCCCCCKING HATE HIM


  19. I watched a heap of games featuring Ba last season… Foxtel over here play every game live and have replays… He was a real stand out and i couldn’t help be a bit jealous that the hammers had him and we didn’t… The other strikers coming in may have to have the “why aren’t I starting” conversation with themselves when it comes to competing for a place…


  20. That marveaux seems a nice lad , just watched his video and he seems very happy to be here!!

    has any1 ever watched him play??

    the only one of the three signings ive watched is ba but cabaye and marveaux are meant to be a canny hand !! im so pleased ben arfa will have some pals here



    i know none of us have a clue BUT in your own opinion who do you think so far out of our 3 signings will be the biggest hit at st james’s??

    the player i think who is gonna shine is mr yohan cabaye , looks really really good!!! think he will fit straight in the middle for us !!! …


  22. [email protected]…..Nolan obviously had the backing of the team at the toon, after all he was the captain. Now he’s at West Ham, good luck to the lad, nowt wrong with kissing their badge and showing them loyalty imo, he did the same at the toon, and we cannot question what the lad did for us.

    Good luck Kevin Nolan at West Ham.

    That JB was almost bubbling cos Nolan left says more about JB than Nolan. I mean, I bubble all the time when my workmates leave, I’ve always done that… πŸ™„ πŸ™„


  23. he only gets good luck off me when he plays for newcastle united munich mag!! i coukdnt care a less what happend with him at west ham!!


  24. Oh oh…the dominoes are being lined up…..

    Surprisingly, Chelsea have hired that new Portugese gadgie instead of Huddink… He’s gonna be given a shed load of money for new signings…Sturridge on loan, come on down…. πŸ˜‰


  25. @Army69- I personally think Ben Arfa will shine, hardly played for us and will be keen to impress over fellow frenchman πŸ˜‰


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