Me and NUFC!

A memorable afternoon!
I have now written five articles for NUFC Blog, well six after this, and haven’t really introduced myself very well. So here’s an insight on how NUFC has affected my life.

I was born on the 20th October 1996, a very memorable day in Newcastle United’s history. Three hours before I was born, the whistle blew to kick-off the match between Newcastle and Manchester United at St. James’ Park.

I don’t think anyone in the world would have predicted the score line, but after goals from Darren Peacock, David Ginola, Les Ferdinand and Alan Shearer, Philippe Albert sublimely chipped Peter Schmeichel to round off a 5-0 demolition of Manchester United.

The next NUFC memory I experienced was my first game. I can’t remember my age, but it was against Inter Milan in a Champions League first leg knockout game. My ticket was funded by my uncle, who supports Inter as he is Italian. We got beat 4-1 that game, but I remember Nobby Solano scoring a great goal, and that is strangely the first ever goal I recall seeing, even though Inter scored all of their goals before Solano scored his!

After going to many UEFA Cup, Premier League and a few Championship games over the next 6 or so years, I bought my first ever season ticket as I was old enough to use my own money for it. The season was 2010/2011, I will never forget it. But I won’t bother stating the obvious, and tell you what has happened last season, except for one game.

I rushed from my own football game (ironically all my team mates are Mackems), to meet my English uncle at a pub near Central Station. The City Centre was buzzing; I went to St. James’ one hour before kick-off. The atmosphere was like nothing I had experienced before. I really wanted a result against Sunderland, and I was made very angry when I found out my 14 year old mate had had his head split open after being struck with a one pound coin, thrown by a Sunderland supporter.

You will never believe it, but we won 5-1 😉 and jeered Sunderland’s only goal. It was one of the best days of my life. The sheer joy and everything attached to that day will live with forever.

NUFC has definitely influenced my life, and I am proud of my team. If anyone has any personal NUFC stories, I would love to hear them!

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48 thoughts on “Me and NUFC!

  1. Good read Louis,

    My first game was when Shearer scored that ‘other’ volley vs Aston Villa where he left Schmeichel rooted in 2001.

    I went to one Champions League game and that was when we had to beat Dynamo Kiev and we did 2-1.

    I got my season ticket the season we went down. I don’t think I’m ever giving it up 😈 :mrgreen:


  2. Good read Louis. Not a bad day to be born really 😉

    At least its memorable, like mine was until tge queen mum snuffed it 😆


  3. I know exactly what you mean about the 5-1 aswell Louis. I was there, what a day. I even made a new friend out of it 😀 fooking loon 😕

    Can’t believe your mate got done with a pound though. Since when do Sunderland fans have a spare quid? If they do the scabby twats need their benefits cut


  4. my first match was in 1967 against southampton – we won 3-1. we finished 3rd bottom in the league but didnt get relegated (only 2 down them days)


  5. You write sickeningly well for one so young! Good article!

    What I wouldn’t give to see us thump Manure again… 😯


  6. My first match was Everton vs. Newcastle…it was Mirindina’s debut I think & Adrian Heath got sent off for everton…no idea what year it was


  7. Best SJP memory: Shearer hat trick vs (I think) Bayer Leverkusen in ’03. My southhampton supporting mate went mental. Happy days.

    Worst SJP moment (apart from every time I fail to get to the front of the beer queue before the 2nd half starts): Bowyer vs Dyer. It’s lodged in my brain as the day I realised what a slippery slope we were on and where it could be going.

    Best thing about NUFC in my lifetime: Sir Bobby. Just loved the man.


  8. First match was away againts Swindon Town in a league 2 match in 1989. Wasn’t a memorable game, finished 1-1 but will live with me for ever!


  9. @tattyheed

    Cheeses wept! I thought I was old but you went to a game a year before I was born!

    Your heed must resemble an old tatty, hence the name surely? 😆


  10. bobby….’67 is a cracking year 😉

    LukeEdwards0 Luke Edwards
    Newcastle United targeting two more strikers – NUFC News – #NUFC via @AddThis
    14 minutes ago

    Does that mean they intend to shoot Shola and Lovenkrands? 😉 😆


  11. BS9 – my first game was in 1958 when my dad took me – his mate with a season ticket couldn’t go. Can’t remember who against as I was just 8. We lost 3-1 but I was hooked – my favourite players were George Eastham, Len White and Ivor Allchurch.
    And no, we didn’t travel by horse and cart!


  12. Rich – I wonder if has been allowed out since? Maybe he managed to dump a weaker, less muscular over the edge in the next game? 😯


  13. I was born in August of 1550 in Naples,.and again, as a woman, in Japan in 1734, and again in Germany in 1822, and again in England in 1954. Well, that’s what the hypnotic regression brought out.

    First saw Newcastle play in 1964.


  14. WTF!!! 1994 – Bomb attack on Jewish center AMIA in Buenos Aires, 86 killed. If I was Jewish I’d stay in on my birthday 😯


  15. My first game was agaisnt Coventry at home with my uncle…I can hardly even remember it to be honest, all I remember was that Shearer scored one of the goals but I couldn’t even see it. My guess would be that I was about 7 or 8.


  16. My most bizarre experience involving Newcastle was on a mountain in Nepal. One of the locals from the village had an English newspaper that was about 6 weeks old. I picked it up to read about how we had lost in the cup final to Liverpool.

    A local guy who couln’t speak a word of English pointed to me and said, “you Livpool?”

    I shook my head. “Newcastle.”

    “Geordie!” he said with delight.

    I nodded.

    “Whey aye. Me Geordie,” he said.

    About 3 months later he appeared again with a crotched black and white top. I used to wear at prayers every saturday. The monks loved it.


  17. Army, Neil Taylor is the only one that looks imminent at the minute and that might not even be done until next week sometime.

    Other than that and the constant rumors about Matuidi/Barnetta/Erding nothing concrete.


  18. First match was 1973 at home to Everton 0 – 0 😀

    Best ever moment was at Wembley in 2000 when Rob Lee headed an equaliser against Chelsea, the whole tunnel end errupted into euphoria for the grand total of 6 minutes before Chelse regained the lead. 👿

    p.s Good thread Louis, I used to work with a Tiplady at Swan Hunter’s before you were born………………….. 😉


  19. My first match was home against villa, when Bez yelled, “fcuk off kev! You’re talking bollox!!” 😆


  20. Christ, talk about last of the summer wine, this little stroll down memory lane beats it hands down!



  21. jay jay – on that subject, I share a birthday (not the same year, natch) with Hitler. Nice. Couldn’t be Hendrix or the Dalai Llama, could it? No – had to be the most famous psycho in history. Thanks mum. 🙄


  22. Can’t remember the year exactly but I was the head greenkeeper at a Good golfcourse in Reading . We had been given the British Ladies carlburg open and a host of top pro’s would attend.
    On the Wednesday before the first round, we had a rather glamorous Pro-Am with many celebrities attending. The usual TV personalities, Tarby, Lynchie. and many many more. However as I was the only geordie in the area, I was asked to carry the bag of one Bobby Robson. He really didn’t give a toss about the game although a pretty good striker of the ball, and we spent the whole round just rabbiting about Newcastle, it’s history and his love of the game. I could have wandered around there for months on end. His Infectious love of the game was totally evident and though I have seen so many of Newcastles Greatest performances, this was my greatest moment as a Newcastle supporter HWTL.


  23. Nice article Louis. Can’t believe you are so young!

    And I found out I was born the same year as BSN9 😯


  24. My first games would have been in 1948/9 with my Dad.
    The sensation of being past over the heads of the crowd to the front will never go away.
    I will never forget giving the Ball to Stan Mathews, it made my day.
    And I will never forget the Newcastle team going past in the train with the F A CUP 1952.
    My Birthday December 1940.
    Do not ask me what I did Yesterday.


  25. remember goin to hosp day you were born wavin and singing to all the horrible manc fans louis …good read nephew !


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