View from the away end- Aston Villa.

Speaking to a Villa fan.
We ran an article the other day that was slightly different. We spoke to a Nottingham Forest fan and asked him a few questions about Newcastle as I thought it would be interesting to get other fans’ views and opinions of our club from the outside.

On reflection a few of our readers found it an interesting read and said they would like ‘view from the away end’ to be a regular thread, speaking to other fans and hearing their opinions of Newcastle United. It is my aim to locate a fan of every Premier League team if possible and quiz them a bit 😉 . Who knows we may take a dislike to certain fans and find a surprising respect for others. It’s a decent bit of banter too.

I think it’s always good to talk to people who know their football and can give a bit of feedback on our club; Are we a well run club? Are we a decent set of fans? Are we a laughing stock or well a respected club? We on here will of course be a bias bunch, so lets see what outsiders have to say about us.

Last time it was Nottingham Forest, today we speak to an Aston Villa fan. Paul has followed Villa all his life and is a dedicated fan. Much like Sam who I spoke to before, Paul is a knowledgeable guy and supports his team well which is something I respect. Don’t get me started on plastic, armchair fans who look blank when asked to point at Manchester on a map.

Here’s what I asked Paul:

How do you rate our fans?

Some of the most passionate fans in the country. St James’ Park is still one of the only grounds where I have been able to have a drink in the pub with the opposing fans before and after the game.

If you could have any Newcastle player at Villa who would it be and why?

Hatem Ben Arfa. I saw a lot of potential before his injury. He adapted to the Premier League quickly and well. Besides we have just lost Ashley Young and could do with a playmaker.

Who is your favourite Newcastle player of all time and why?

Mainly for his hat trick against Barcelona it has to be Tino Asprilla. I remember watching that game, I had been sent to bed without tea by my mother. But I watched the game upstairs in my room and watched Asprilla put in that wonderful performance.

Last season Aston Villa was our first home game of the season. Your thoughts on that game please?

6-0, can’t really say anything other than 6-0. I think on a good day for us it could have been 4-0, but it was six.

Many of us saw that as redemption on the club’s part for getting relegated at your place :mrgreen: . Next question, from an away supporter’s point of view what do you make of St James’ Park?

It’s my favourite stadium I have been to other than Villa Park. My only gripe being that you put the away supporters up in the satellites 😈 .

What do you make of our business in the transfer market thus far?

Your certainly going continental and I think your changing your style. Your evolving from Hughton’s Championship side to a more pass and move and exciting side. That has been proven by the sale of Kevin Nolan, your changing your style.

Interesting that you feel were improving our style, how do you think we did last season?

Excellent considering the goal was to stay up. Especially since you lost players during the season and selling your key player in Carroll in January.

What are your opinions on Mike Ashley and how does he compare to your owner?

Well if I’m to be frank up until the appointment of Pardew I thought Ashley was the worst owner going. But since the arrival of Alan Pardew he appears to have found a man he is willing to back a bit. But put any owner up against Randy Learner and they will probably look bad. He really backs his managers, Houllier wanted a goalscorer and Leaner splashed the cash on Darren Bent.

We had one of your players, Stephen Ireland on loan last season. He didn’t feature much due to injury, what’s your opinion of the player?

Utter waste of space to be honest. The boy doesn’t seem to care about playing football, he has talent but lacks desire and passion for the game.

You’ve recently appointed a new manager, it was certainly a controversial decision. How would you have felt if Villa had of appointed Pardew? Do you rate him as a manager?

At the moment I think both men are of similar stature, at their new clubs it’s almost make or break time. For both managers it’s their shot at a big Premier League club. Pardew could fly like Sir Bobby or sink like Sam Alladyce.

OK now for some quick predictions on next season. Who’s going to finish higher in the league out the two of us?


No hesitation there Paul, you must be confident. Lets predict some scores between the two sides for next season. What will the score be at St James’ Park?

Urm, I’ll go with 3-1 to Newcastle. Such a hard place to go and it’s like a wall of sound at St James’ Park from you fans.

At Villa Park?

I’ll go with 1/2-0 to the Villa.

Finally… a word on Wayne Routledge. Villa are one of many of the lads former employers. What are your views on Wayne?

Well I heard that he was once sent to a Sunday League team and the manager said of Wayne; “he’s a little to raw for our team” 😆 .

So there are the views of a Villa fan. Another who has good things to say about Newcastle United and it’s fans. Of course Villla Park will always be the place we got relegated following that diabolical season but it’s nice to get some friendly views from a die hard supporter.

I will continue to talk Newcastle United with other fans and it’s surely only a matter of time before before we speak to fans with less complimentary things to say about the club. Thanks to Paul for his time and his views. Comments as always are very welcome.

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I'm Mark, I live in a little town called Rugby. I go back a long way with Toonsy, we have traveled the country together watching the lads. I eat, breath and sleep Newcastle United! Follow me on [email protected] MRStockers or add me on Facebook- Mark Stockley.

36 thoughts on “View from the away end- Aston Villa.

  1. Good read, Mark. I hope you’re able to find a willing interviewee from each club.


  2. Good Read … !

    I’m an Ex Brummie Aston Villa fan living in Northumberland & I knew about the passion Geordies had for there football team – well its only when you live up here do you really get the full story ! I’ve seen toddlers, barely old enough to stand up through to Grandads – all decked out proudly in there Black n White stripes ! Proper fans of a proper football club !
    I’ll differ from the Villa fan you spoke to, in that I’d offer you double your money on Check Tiote as whoever scouted him & got him to your club deserves a hugh pat on the back ! Magnificent player !

    Good Luck NUFC in the forthcoming season !


  3. I’ll find them, drink in a pub by Birmingham university 😉 good interview mark, and FairPlay to Paul, I usually hate villa supporters but he seems a level headed lad.


  4. You should go for a beer at my regular mark, interview most supporters from Europe and Africa 🙂


  5. It’s going to cost ya a fair whack on the auld trains come KO this season 😕

    Fuming with wor lass, she has to attend a ceremony in Toon and she was given choice of 2 dates, one in July and one in August. She’s picked July, I’d have been home for Arsenal,5under1and and possibly Fulham if she’d picked Aug 👿


  6. CC….actually, you’ve just made me feel alot wore. Her ceremony is 17.00 on the 15th 😥 😥


  7. Is Erdinc any good? I mean if this £10million rumour is true, wouldnt we be better adding a couple more andf going for Sturridge? How many players are going to come and go?!


  8. Anyone seen the latest Sports Direct ad?

    Thought bobby and his band of merry bullshitters would be all over that like a cheap suit!!

    Sounds like Fatty has spunked the Judas money on McEnroe and Barker!!! 😆


  9. Actualy my bad they were talking about it but it was from the paper so probably BS

    The Daily Mirror: Tony Pulis is to make a £6million bid for Chelsea striker Daniel Sturridge.


  10. Trains cost a bomb at the moment, need to be closer to the toon 🙂 Richie you should tell the missus she’s going in august, man up FFS 😆


  11. Jay…can’t, ceremony, flight, hire car etc all booked, pity cos it’s your round 😆


  12. Never met Mark..but words of his deep pockets and short arms are legendary nationwide 😆


  13. Lol – Now that we’re on newsnow are we gonna mention a different club team everyday and get their fans on for a good battle, is that what this is. 😛


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