Colo committed to Newcastle.

I want curly hair too.
If you were to ask me which players I would want to keep at Newcastle United the name that would top my list is Fabricio Coloccini.

Colo has demonstrated his class in the past couple of seasons and after a tricky first season in England the player has certainly justified his massive price tag. He plays with a cool head and such composure, and I certainly like my defenders to be composed and comfortable on the ball.

Following the sale of Kevin Nolan there has been all kinds of talk that half our dressing room will leave during the summer. Colo has been one of the high profile players linked with a move away from St James’ Park, with Sevilla said to be interested in the player.

Now we all know that these day it makes little difference if a player says they want to stay at a club. I say little difference because footballer’s are fickle and money talks in most cases. Seemingly it also makes it difficult for a player to stick around if the club want shut of them.

Still, Colo has reassured the Newcastle faithful that he has no intention of leaving Newcastle and that he is happy and committed to the cause. Here’s what the Argentinian told reporters:

“Now it is about the future at Newcastle and working towards next season.”

“Our first aim was to be safe last season and we achieved it. Next season we will look to move up the table again. We work well together as a team and I think that showed when it mattered last season,”

“Hopefully we can get better results at home, win more matches than last year and climb up the table.

“I am happy at Newcastle and when I hear the fans singing my name it gives me a special feeling.”

Always nice to hear one of your best players confirm they are happy and I’m glad Colo enjoys hearing us singing his name. For me Fabricio is a player we must build around, I think he has so many good qualities and as I have said in a previous article he’s certainly captain material in my eyes.

It bugs me that Coloccini still gets the occasional dig from other fans. I was speaking to a lad the other day that described him as ‘a donkey’. Very harsh indeed. But hey he’s an armchair fan and you guys know my opinion of arm chair fans by now :mrgreen: .

Let’s hope Colo is still wearing the number two at St James’ Park come the start of next season. ‘Oh Coloccini you are the love of my life’…..well you guys know the rest 😉 .

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56 thoughts on “Colo committed to Newcastle.

  1. I really never sleep, if there are any fellow insomniacs out there, I hope my late night posts help :mrgreen:


  2. Wonderful words from Captain Colo!
    I’m sure he’ll be at the club come September, too valuable to lose in my opinion.


  3. I think I’d prefer to keep Barton if I’m honest, and possibly Tiote next as they’re both more “hot property” than Colo. Nothing against Colo though, he’s been immense this season 😀


  4. yeah basically i don’t think tiote departure is going to happen YET anyway.
    Joey will be gone.
    colo falls into a category with tiote and benny for me!


  5. Yeah, I have no doubt Tiote and Benny would be off given the proper opportunity. Unless Arfa’s injury massively altered his mental state then we can only expect so much “loyalty”-we all knew the score when we signed him. Still, really hope he sticks with us for the many years ahead :mrgreen:


  6. joey and jose will be gone before the end of next season and maybe harps and few fringe players, but i’m confident of keeping others


  7. mark i like the late posts. keep them up.

    I too think colo is rock solid in the back 4. we would be lost without him. willo and saylor are to inconsistant and make mistakes they shouldn’t. he is a keeper


  8. Joey’s not going anywhere….I hope 😕

    Lobacka-yeah, in all instances its just used to hike the price up really. As soon as you go “yeah we’ll look at all offers” then the buying clubs hold the advantage.


  9. when people talk about the two best cb we have, his name is always included. Im sure willo and saylor could make do but i would be nervous to start the season without him. first game Arsenal. if you know what i mean


  10. Willo worries me, he’ll have a handful of decent games then a couple of howlers, he’s great in the air, but with his height he should be. i think he’s terrible on the ball, lacks composure. Tayls is a bit prone to error, but I think he’s better than Willamson.
    Colo is by a country mile the best center half at the club.


  11. Very true @14, only think Willo will get a chance if Taylor is injured, and hopefully that’s all behind him and he can have a full season injury free. Plus he needs to continue his goalscoring record 😆


  12. Aye, all Willo can do is hoon it up field. The thing is though that Colo has looked much better alongside Wilo than STaylor…or at least until our last three games. Or maybe I should exclude West Brom as our defending was child-like then..but against Chelsea they were certainly solid. Can’t deny Taylor offers a bit more of a threat as well, although Williamson is still good at battling in the opponents box even if he hasn’t scored this season.


  13. Newkie yeah, he did come close a couple of times….. I think he nearly scored against b’pool, the home loss game….we had so many chances that day. their keeps kept them in it big time


  14. Mark-Yeah, he’s notched up a couple of assists or knock down for chances I believe, and he won us that clear penalty against Arsenal 😆

    Yeah…Gilks was awesome that match. Typical then that whenever I saw him playing against other teams he was pretty average 🙄


  15. I am strongly in the “Colo for Captain” camp. He is fast becoming my favorite player. But then, I am a fickle one.


  16. Aye aye benders!

    Mark – No insomniac but working and yeah this keeps me going.

    Willo has been decent but only that. I really hope we get a new CB in this window. Saylor is ok but is also prone to errors. I would like to go for Danns at Brum, I would even take Upson as he has an awful lot to prove, but is always in and around the England team. I would ideally like to see Kadar given a chance alongside Collo, but I fear they are too ‘flairy’ and we need one of our CB’s to hoof it.

    I agree with the Joey and Jose going thing. Really I am not too bothered about it now. Joey could be used in a swap for Ireland at Villa which I think would be a great deal. I think Jose has had his head turned for some reason and will be away. Shame but we can get someone else in and continue along.

    Actually have something to do now and will be back in 30mins to see who agrees with me!!

    Oh also I think Krul and Forster should play next season. Harps’ time has come to step aside and be a coach. He is consistant but your never going to bring on the youth if they never play. No point in keeping him in wehen theres the dutch no1 on the bench


  17. @ Raffo

    Mostly agree with you 😀

    Think we should be going for younger CB for long term replacements for Colo/Taylor we mite already have one in Kadar but i think he is our only decent youth defender to come through. Cant realy think of any young CB’s at the minute.

    Think Jose and Joey are both going to leave not sure if N.Taylor will be replacing Jose or not. But swapping Joey for Ireland, no way Ireland is awfull he has no drive to win what so ever and is very injury prone he would be a waste of space imo there are much better players out there.

    As for the keepers think it should be 1 Krul 2 Harper. Forster isnt good enough to play for newcastle, he done ok at Celtic last year but the only reason why he got so many clean sheets is because the Celtic defence is good.


  18. Our problem is that we have had such a poor back 4 for so long that we tend to get a bit carried away when a defender doesnt just fall over.
    Our back 4 are a vast improvement on what we’ve had, but hardly class.
    Simpson pushhes players to the by-line quite well but has no idea what to do when he gets them there.
    Williamson seems to get confused between free kicks and Dancing With The Stars, seeing every corner as an opportunity to hug the opposition.
    Colo spends more time in no-mans land than an Army Scout, and Enrique needs to remember what happened to Bramble when he started screwing around in the box.
    As for Steven Taylor – he spends his entire game throwing himself at the ball, which would suggest he’s always at least a yard away from where he should be.
    The defence is not good, as shown by the fresults we got.
    So, as a reward for Harpers loyalty, staying for years at number 2 behind Given, you’d ask him to step aside, even though he still performs superbly?
    No doubt you would have had Giggs retire 5 years ago too.


  19. @29 Exactly what i mean buy them now and give them a few run outs and keep them as 3rd chioce behind Colo/Taylor/Willo/ when one of our main defenders move on then we have a bright young player who knows the team well and is ready to step into the first team.

    @ 28 Krul is better than harper simple as that. I love steve Harper for his loyalty but it shouldnt get him a starting spot.


  20. Archie – No I wouldnt have had Giggs step down at all. He continues to defy age and clearly is the best midfielder at Manure.

    Yes he has been loyal, but so has Sholla. That isnt to say that we shouldnt look to replace players when better younger ones are emerging. Carroll played ahead of Shola who was older and had been around longer. I dont subscribe to this idea that because he has been at the club for 17 years that he should get to play. He has just got to 100 apps and that for me shows a lack of ambition and desire. Given was a decent shot stopper but he made many mistakes, as Villa Boas points out in the scouting document. Why should we risk losing Krul, who has also been loyal and spent a long time on the bench waiting for a chance? He had the shirt at the end of the season and has gone on to play twice for Hollands in the close season. They are looking for a new no1 with VDS retiring, and I think Steklenberg was/is injured. I see no reason to stifle Krul and Forster for that matter so we can have HArper in goal for one more season just because he has been happy to play 2nd fiddle to a number of keepers for years? Not for me. I thank him for what he has done though of course I do, but would you play Sholla simply for his loyalty?


  21. Now guys, I know that this has come from Twatter. And I know what people think to Twatter. But a guy on Twatter reckons we may have been sold. Specifically he thinks it is the same people who tried in Jan, the Quatari investment group.

    I take this with a pinch of salt. I really dont know if this is a good thing or not, but PERHAPS if it is true that may signal the reason Jose has stayed quiet so long. Perhaps BSN9 and others have been right that he has been making the club alot more atractive to buyers. I really dont know if this is a good thing or not.

    Kinda like the devil you know thing. Just worries me that we could get Venki’s mark 2


  22. Nah just talk. ‘Trying to verify it and will let us know more later’

    Sounds like guff to me and I generally am skeptical about things, esp when it could just be sensationalism. Just a niggle though!


  23. The thing with colo, for me anyway, is that despite him sailing close to the 30 mark age wise, I actually don’t think it matters. His reading of the game is immense which means the need for him to use pace is less relevant so in my mind he could play at the top for a good few years yet. I just hope tge club recognise this 😕


  24. I remember judas saying he didn’t want to play anywhere else and the club saying they didn’t want to sell him 😯


  25. Always stood up for Colo when he first arrived…

    And I do the same for Saylor who I think is a very good player… Other clubs fans seem to see it, bit not some of our own.

    “Error prone”, Yes sometimes but what defender isnt, behind a poor midfield..
    There is a reason our defenders have looked much better the last couple years (no Butt or Smith)…

    I think Williamson is great cover. And I think Simpson a decent too. Not great but hardly terrible.

    We really do have some retarded fans that expect perfection, not realising we are a mid table club trying to consolidate…

    If we were going for the championship, then yes. criticize but we arnt.

    What we need now is to strengthen in depth. And improve where we do suck, which is up front and on the right wing.


  26. I’ll be gutted when Colo ever does leave and I think he will be here for next seaon, if for no other reason that there’s no way any interested club will be able to match or beat his current reported wages. His words are nice to hear but experience has taught me that players words very rarely mean feck all. They all might “love it” here and playing in front of the “magnificent” fans but when money comes a knocking 9 times out of 10 they’re gone without so much as a backward glance! 🙁


  27. I think Colo is the one player we need to keep. As Toonsy said, his reading of the game is immense and thus I can see him playing on at a high level for a good few years. The problem is, he may want to stay but if the club accept a bid for him, things can change very quickly as we saw with Carroll. Anyways, its one more week before the lads return for preseason training 🙂


  28. Morning lads….has anyone noticed for about the past month the journal has just used all the media gossip from the weekend or previous day and whacked it into one article….

    Its poor i could blooming do that!

    THis blog is more up to date than that journal :mrgreen:


  29. Liam – I feel sorry for them to be honest. I mean they get bugger all out the club so what are they left with?


  30. Yeah I feel sorry for them as well. They get no inside information and are forced to go with some other media gossip. I do like the fact that the club keep their cards close to their chest, so to speak but that only means the Journal misses out on big stories.


  31. Toonsy I know what you mean. How does the chronicle seem to get more then?

    i thought the two were linked?


  32. ….of course if they were proper “journos” they should be able to “dig out” there own stories without having them handed to them on a plate…..failing that, just make something up like the rest of the feckers 😈 😆


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