In hindsight…

A sorry sight.

A sorry sight.
Villa Park...need I say more?
Now I realise that at the time relegation seemed like the worst thing that could possibly happen to the club, but did it actually benefit us in the long run?

If you remember back to the previous two seasons before our relegations, we had finished 12th and 13th respectively and it didn’t exactly look like we were going anywhere. Yes admittedly that is where we finished this season, however for a return to top flight, and in a squad that lacked any quality in depth, 12th was a very good place to finish (it could have been even higher if it wasn’t for the last game).

Relegation is never an easy thing to go through as a player, and as proved in our situation, it separates the strong and committed from the weak. There were clearly some players that had no interest in the future of our club and simply wanted the best for their careers, and in some cases their wallets.

The likes of Mark Viduka, Michael Owen and Damien Duff were all undoubtedly top class players, but for whatever reason they never performed consistently for us and we were left with a squad of less skilled players to try and achieve promotion.

However in the Championship commitment and passion is a must, and we probably wouldn’t have come straight back up if those players hadn’t left. Although fans would have much rather watched a premier league team, I have to be honest and say I enjoyed some of the games in the Championship more than Premier League fixtures. It was refreshing to see players busting a gut to get to every ball and there is no doubt it would have significantly boosted the teams morale to be winning week in week out.

Also it made Mike Ashley realise that our current business model was unsustainable for a mid-table Premier League team, never mind a Championship team. This year has seen the best net financial income for the past decade and we seem to be a lot wiser before handing older players lengthy contracts and paying ridiculous transfer fees.

Of course no-one likes to see their team go down, but in my opinion it was worth it and we have improved because of it, what are your thoughts?

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104 thoughts on “In hindsight…

  1. @stu I have not once said on this article that we are going to be signing anyone for big money, I actually, am gradually starting to accept that Ashley dosent give a flying fu’ck where the club ends up.

    Jobey- At least hes been here for a few years 😆


  2. Cheers Jobey, I was certain that I saw somthing on the website ages ago, my bad 😀


  3. In total agreement with the whole article. For the first time in years I am at total ease with what is happening at the club albeit still knowing that we are very much in a state. I once again say that Mike Ashley seems to be winning me over each and everyday…..will that be enough to get me to buy another season ticket again?

    Knee chance at the moment, for me he needs to step up to the punter and say……….
    “Regrets, I’ve had a few, But then again, too few to mention
    I did what I had to do and saw it through without exemption
    I planned each charted course, each careful step along the byway
    And more, much more than this, I did it my way”
    Then I’d hope he would have learnt his trade (Football) and eaten some home made Geordie pie and that would see me and a few thousand more return………OMG I just seen a pink fly past the window oh well another season watching the matches on the telly!


  4. we are doing nothing now that we could not have done had we not been relegated! it wasnt a necessity but rather a gut-wrenching route towards the same end-goal…..profit for ashley regardless of whatever else happens! have we yet to keep a player who has had a decent bid come in for them?


  5. and all this talk of Ashley making PROFIT lol ashley is a about 100 million worse of since he bought the club and thats not including the fee he paid for the club.


  6. It’s true, asim. If we get a big money player, fans would then have immediate apprehension about spending so much money on someone


  7. thanks…sir hc rockets…what more do u wont…we got ben arfa and tiote who would walk in2 anyside in the top 4…thts a start…be postive..


  8. Yeah, Yeah. We’ve all read and talked about relegation being the best thing for us before in hindsight. Agreed.


  9. This has been discussed many times in the last two seasons and I am sure a similar story was posted here recently. Not a complaint just an observation.


  10. Hello all.

    Anyone around this fine evening? Will be dipping in and out. OOOH as the vicar said to the choirboy. 😆

    I think relegation was the best thing to happen to us. I think we may have seen a similar purge of players as Toonsy mentioned, but it wouldve been slower and perhaps less well received. Esp given some of the comments now that because we have £35 million burning a hole that it should all go on transfer fees. Forget about wages, signing on fees etc etc.

    The rot was gotn rid of and I think we are in a much healthier position for it. I would love to think that Ashley would see reason and offer Barton another contract, but it may still not be what both parties want.

    I would love nothing more than Sturridge coming too, esp given Wickham has gone to the unwashed, astute signing for the future but not sure how he will deal with the obvious pressure that will come on his young shoulders. They will also need to buy a few more so he can continue to develop. If Sturridge’s fee is around the £20 million mark, I cant see very many being able to afford him, probably Spuds if they sell a few first and the obvious Liverpool. I cant see Bolton having that amount of money, or Fulham really. Maybe another cat and mouse game to keep prying eyes away from what we are doing.

    That is another thing that has changed, we are alot more secretive with transfer business and trying to keep targets under our hats which is great. Not for me as a gossip hungry monster but for the club in general!!!

    Well off for a bit to look busy at work. TTFN


  11. I have been out of range of conventional signals for last several days…… Anything happening toonsy? Have we bought any other Frenchies or have we moved into the African continent yet? Is zigs coming? Who’s going still… Did Taylor sign and what day is it as I am a bit out of it.


  12. Craig main news is that the link Raffo has put up there about Joey is all Big Dave’s fault, that tweet about “slim to none” was re tweet to a question he asked 😆


  13. Cheers Richie I feel so much better now, knowing that I have helped 😆 MA will want to prove that we know nowt so will over him a contract 😉 wait till you see.


  14. We will always miss out on any player that involves spending any real money on at the day. That’s just the way it is alas


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