View from the away end – Everton.

Newcastle's Gosling whilst at Everton
In this edition of View from the away end I speak to Matt, a lifetime Everton supporter. I have been able to get a few interviews done, so they will be coming thick and fast.

Everton are a club who have gone from strength to strength under David Moyes’ management. The Scot has done an excellent job at Everton and offered stability to a club that has ambition and wants to be at the next level.

Everton have been a funny team in recent years, one season they find themselves struggling and the next season they are looking for a Champions League spot. Fact is Moyes has always been given the opportunity and the backing to continue his job, even during the difficult times.

Seemingly Everton have reaped the rewards and Moyes has even been touted as a possible replacement for Sir Alex Ferguson when he finally steps down at Manchester United. You can’t really get a bigger compliment than that and it’s a reflection of how good a job Moyes has done at Everton.

What I do like about David is his eye for talent. He appears to identify decent talent in lower leagues and help develop them into Premier League players. Joleon Lescott and Tim Cahill being prime examples, and even our very own Dan Gosling that David Moyes picked up from Plymouth Argyle. Everton don’t have the biggest budget in the world yet they tend to be shrewd in the transfer market.

Here’s what I asked Matt who is representing Everton:

How do you rate our fans?

Newcastle fans are some of the most passionate fans in English football. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Everton play Newcastle and the Toon supporters were in high spirits for all 90 minutes of the game. A credit to the Premier League.

If you could have any Newcastle player at Everton who would it be and why?

Even though he’s surrounded in controversy, my choice would definitely be Joey Barton. It’s hard to find a player who’s so passionate and determined these days and he would fit in well with our squad.

Who is your favourite Newcastle player of all time and why?

It would have to be Alan Shearer. The way he used to score for fun was a real honour to watch. A fantastic goal scorer and a great professional. A legend in every sense of the word.

He scored arguably his best goal against Everton :mrgreen: . Speaking of goals, Ben Arfa’s goal at Goodison last season…discuss?

It was a fantastic goal and a real surprise. I was at that game last season and that goal really did come from nowhere.

From an away fans point of view, what do you make of St James’ Park?

It’s a great stadium overall. One of the better stadiums in the division that’s for sure.

What do you make of our business in the transfer market thus far? Do you think selling Nolan was a bad move by the club?

That was definitely a bad move. Arguably the best Newcastle player last season and the fact he’s left for a lower league side is mind boggling to say the least. It’s a shame for Newcastle, but I think they’ll be fine without Nolan.

How do you think we did in our first season back in the Premier League last season?

They always managed to stay above the relegation dog fight and never really in danger of going down.

What do you think of Mike Ashley?

Newcastle fans definitely don’t approve of him, and by the sounds of it, they have a right to be angry. He doesn’t seem to have the fans interests at heart which is a shame considering the club is a big part of English football.

Everton have managed to keep the excellent David Moyes for many years despite interest elsewhere. Great manager, but what do you think of our manager Alan Pardew?

Alan Pardew is a decent manager. I can’t see the club moving forward under him though. I’m sure he will be able to steady the ship for the next couple of seasons and make Newcastle a permanent fixture in the division.

So you mentioned that Barton is the player you’d have at Everton. He’s an Everton boy, would you back the player despite his past and reputation?

We would definitely have him at Everton. One of my favourite Premier League players and is seriously underrated. His reputation doesn’t do him any justice, but his work ethic on the pitch is phenomenal.

Who will finish higher next season us or you guys?

For the past six or seven years we’ve been able to crack the top eight consistently, so I’m sure we’ll finish above you once again.

Score predictions for next season please?

At St James – I think it will be a draw at St James’.

At Goodison – Having outplayed us last season, I can see us rediscovering our fantastic home form and winning this comfortably next season – 2-0.

Beckford was a player once linked with a move to St James’. How do you think he’s adapted to life in the Premier League?

It took him a while to adjust, but I think next season will be when he really gets going. He should be proud of his first season as he did put in some good performances and did become a regular in the side later on in the season.

Finally…Dan Gosling, obviously he left Everton after a bit of a contract wrangle. He left in murky circumstances. What’s your opinion of Gosling’s move to Newcastle?

He was a good kid and scored some cracking goals, but I don’t really miss him down at Goodison. It’s a great coup for Newcastle and I’m sure in time he will become a regular for them.

So there you have it, Matt’s views. Another who has complimentary things to say about the fans and the club in general. Although like every other fan I have spoke to, Matt thinks his club will finish above us next season. At this rate we’ll be relegated lads 😐 .

Do you all agree with Matt’s opinions? Comments welcome.

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I’m Mark, I live in a little town called Rugby. I go back a long way with Toonsy, we have traveled the country together watching the lads. I eat, breath and sleep Newcastle United! Follow me on [email protected] MRStockers or add me on Facebook- Mark Stockley.

64 thoughts on “View from the away end – Everton.

  1. ‘Midfielder Patrick McLaughlin has become York City’s ninth summer signing after arriving at the club from Newcastle United.’

    Whats the point of developing these good young players if we are just gonna let them go. 🙁


  2. Carson Yeung charged with money laundering…hughton’s not having much luck with his chairman?!?


  3. All part of the plan unfortunately DJG, develop 10 use 1 sell 2 let the rest go. makes a profit. Also does our bit for the lower leagues. Should keep the Plymouth, Birmingham and Gateshead sympatheticos happy


  4. Premandup…it’s not a plan, it’s a result of trying to develop young players.

    What would you rather…develop none, sell none & use none?? 🙄


  5. Very true witters. I used to post on there but the idiocy has gotten so out of control that I don’t even bother reading the comments anymore


  6. He was no Tiote but I thought he was like a better version of Nicky Butt when I saw him, I can’t think of many players I rated higher than him so If he isn’t deemed good enough then thats worrying. I hope we keep Stephen Folan because Kadar is injured a lot and after Williamson who else have we got. 😕


  7. For fear of looking a retard myself I was supposed to say ‘there’s some right retards…’ 😐

    AndrewT…I go from being amused initially to livid within a few comments! I’d like some of them to come on here for a chat but I suspect reasoned argument (for the most part) scares them off 😆


  8. witters

    I meant after Collo & Saylor. Tavernier isn’t a CB. Simpson can play there, he had one of his best games there IMHO! 😛 Not exactly ideal though. Say Kadar is already injured, Collo gets suspended for 3 games who do we put on the bench. Jeff Henderson 😕 Perch is leaving.

    This is why we should sign a better RB and have Simpson as backup. 😉


  9. DJG…from the NUFC site:

    Versatile defender able to play full-back or centre-half.

    Call it evens? 😆


  10. He played RB for the heed last season, he’s a wide player with lots of pace. He could probably play there but it’s not his normal position.


  11. Big step up though, from the conference to the prem. I think his only previous game was against Accrington Stanley in the cup. 😕


  12. I as at the Everton away game last season, great weekend not just the result but the Everton fans were good craic 😀


  13. These views are not representative of any Everton fan I know. You must have picked the only one in the world that doesn’t absolutely despise Pardew or Shearer, let alone Barton.


  14. Amo…I can understand why you don’t like Barton and Shearer, bit puzzled by Pardew though, whats he done to incur your wrath?


  15. When you think, Everton are a good well organised side that usually finish above us and when was the last time we beat them at Goodison?

    The way Ben Arfa picked them apart and they couldn’t stop him is encouraging. I hope he can stay injury free next season touch wood.


  16. Sorry witters just reread what i wrote. Not quite what i meant. The plan is valid and i don’t have a better one. The unfortunately referred to the ones who don,t make the grade. I hope their experience at the toon academy stands them in good stead. The lower leagues dig refers back to some earlier threads. Good intentions but has to be married with good sense for NUFC. This is an example of where it does work.


  17. Premandup

    I think even 1 in 10 is optimistic. So far who could come through. Ferguson has done well but I can see him sliding back down the pecking order with R Taylor now that players are coming back. LuaLua seems like he is leaving 😕 Sammy Ameobi back down the pecking order. With players like Kadar (who is an international) how long are they gonna stick around before they want first team football somewhere else. I just can’t see the plan working so long as managers want senior experienced players from abroad.


  18. batty….ever thought about working for the diplomatic service or as a U.N peace ambassador 😉 😆


  19. Aye “you win nowt with kids” 🙂 I hope they are played. We should have a youth option for every position. If they are good enough then they should be the backup option.


  20. Evening all 🙂

    I like Everton. You’ve heard it before, but the best men at my wedding are Evertonians. Ones that go/went all over Europe to see them.Top lads 🙂


  21. Marktoon – did I miss the posting with the Liverpool fan or has that not happened yet?

    Got to say, addicted to these articles!!


  22. Lads, went into my local waitrose this evening and guess what after work I see Alan pardew! And you think ah impossible but he lives near the southern toon I’ve seen him before but never as our manager…

    Plucked up the courage to question him …. 😈


  23. I couldn’t read anymore after I saw “Jolean Lescott” and “talent” in the same sentence 😆

    Mark, this lack of sleep is getting to you 😀


  24. Unfortunately lads he wouldn’t tell me nowt about transfers 😐 But he said we will defo have a player in the next week 😀

    Asked him if our number 9 would be filled…. He said he doesn’t know yet but winked as he said it?!!?

    He’s actually a genuinely nice chap and seems to be very clued up …


  25. Aye BB I asked if we would see the Carroll money he damn well knows every fan knows! 👿

    He’s clued up in the sense that he’s savvy although i think he is being used as a scapegoat by ashley.

    I also told him selling Nolan was a mistake and he said money talks I’m afraid. Defintely wasn’t pushed if you believe that.

    Btw we were in the alcohol section :mrgreen:


  26. Oh well I thought it was quite interesting to meet the man who is in charge of our team! 🙁


  27. Andrew, it would be good if there is, but it would have to be the right type of person, other wise you would get someone biased and it would be boring 😆


  28. Ah….the scouse mackems.

    On an un-related note, at least Jose will be going to Arsenal rather than Liverpool!


  29. ‘Vincenzo Iaquinta’s Juventus future is on the rocks as his agent claims they are waiting for the club to declare their position.

    The 31-year-old striker has been linked with a move to Zenit St. Petersburg amid reports he may struggle to find space in the side if Sergio Aguero joins from Atletico Madrid.

    Speaking to, Andrea D’Amico said: “Will he stay at Juventus? It’s still early to decide this, we have to wait.

    “At the moment there is nothing concrete. When Iaquinta is in form he is usually a starter.”

    Iaquinta is tied to the Turin-based side until 2013, but struggled for fitness and form following a spate of injuries last term.

    Juventus are currently looking to add strikers to their attacking line-up, which could see some of the current stars at the club sacrificed to raise funds.’

    Worth a cheeky punt?


  30. Jose to Arsenal means we get feck all monies though, at least Liverpool might have given us say…20mil for him? 😆


  31. Liam, I think it’s pretty awesome that u ran into Pardew! As someone who lives in Florida and is gonna get his first real taste of Toon action in 23 days, I’m ridiculously jealous!


  32. Richietoon – The Pardew thing goes back a few years when he made some pretty graceless comments about giving us a ‘footballing lesson’, having just about nicked a win for West Ham.

    Have to say though that I have a lot of time for the geordie fans. My father in law is a season ticket holder and I have been along to St James’ several times and had brilliant banter. I just hope for your sake that there is a change of ownership and management soon, as you deserve better than Ashley, Llambias and Pardew.


  33. Unusual for an Everton fan, normally they can’t get through a sentence without quoting Mick Dennis ! 😆


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