View from the away end – Norwich City.

City back in the Premier League? Cook a cat.
Norwich are a club that should feel proud of their accomplishments over the past couple of years.

Things looked bleak a couple of years ago for the club as they were relegated from the Championship and didn’t make a great start to life in League One. The fans encountered a diabolical and humiliating display during a 7-1 thrashing at the hands of Colchester on the opening day of that particular season.

That result cost club legend Bryan Gunn his job as manager with the Norfolk club, despite Norwich responding to the Colchester defeat the following match with a 4-0 Carling cup win against Yeovil. Paul Lambert was appointed and led the club to back to back promotions.

Today on View from the away end I speak to Patrick, a Norwich fan. Here’s what he had to say:

How do you rate Newcastle fans?

Having lived in Edinburgh for many years, a city with a strong links to Newcastle (most people’s English team appears to be the Magpies) I’d have to say most Newcastle fans are mildly more bearable than most other teams.

If you could have any one Newcastle player at Norwich who would it be and why?

I would have said Nolan but that would only highlight my ignorance of recent events. So I would have to say Routledge. Living with a guy who used to do match reports for QPR I got to watch a lot of them and he always stood out – in my opinion much more than Taarabt who always seemed far too selfish.

Routy is an interesting choice. He seems surplus to requirements at Newcastle, could be a good signing for you guys maybe? Next question: Who is your favourite Newcastle player of all time and why?

Asprilla, purely for that hat trick against Barcelona.

From an away supporter’s point of view, what do you make of St James’ Park?

I’ve still never been although I hear the view from the Leazes stand is phenomenal.

Which Norwich player is one to look out for next season in the Premier League?

I’m hoping Grant Holt will light up the league and get those twenty goals we need but without a doubt I firmly believe Wes Hoolahan will be this year’s Charlie Adam, only not so fat.

You guys had a brilliant couple of seasons achieving back to back promotions. It’s certainly a great feeling being back in the big time. How do you think we did in our first season back in the Premier League last season?

Newcastle are such a big club that it came as no surprise your first season in the Premier League was successful. I think it’ll be more interesting how next season goes and how well spent that Carroll money is.

Last season two of the three promoted teams stayed up, with the 3rd very unlucky to go down. Will Norwich stay up next season?

I hope so, along as we don’t lose Paul Lambert I think we stand a good chance whilst still maintaining an attractive style of play.

What do you make of our business in the transfer market thus far? Do you think selling Nolan was a bad move by the club?

Letting Nolan go and, especially to a Championship club, was an abhorrently bad bit of business. It’ll be interesting how you rebuild the squad now you’ve lost both your main goal scorer and creative player.

What do you think of Mike Ashley?

I’m not sure I can answer this without sullying your ‘blog.

Lambert has worked miracles at Norwich and has done a fantastic job, but what do you make of Alan Pardew at Newcastle and how would you feel if he was in charge at your club?

Pardew is one of those managers it’s difficult to either love or hate, just a competent manager who’ll probably spend his career constantly inches away from European football and equally relegation.

Who will finish higher next season us or you guys?

I think it’ll all depend on how you strengthen your team but I’d be foolish to assume we’d finish higher. To be honest I’m not really bothered about relegation, if it happens it happens – I’ll just be happy to be up there, and as long as we maintain our style I’ll be more than happy.

Score predictions for next season please?

St James’ Park – 2-0 Newcastle.

Carrow Road – 3-1 Norwich.

You have again been linked with one our players that you once had on loan – Fraser Forster. What did you make of his time with Norwich and would you welcome him back on a permanent basis?

I think we’re pretty solid in goal so I’d rather see the money spent on strengthening the defence. However, I have no qualms with Forster and I’m sure he’ll be a welcome addition.

Finally… For these interviews I like to talk about players that have represented both clubs. Craig Bellamy – great player, but a bit of a character off the pitch. What are your views of Craig? Was he trouble when he started out with Norwich?

When Craig was at Norwich he was relatively unknown. To an extent his arrogance and flamboyance helped him do so well at Norwich and I think the fans still look back on that time fondly. Shame he lost the way a bit in the middle of his career – roughly around the time he moved North. Coincidence?

An excellent interview there from Patrick. He’s a guy who knows his club inside out. I wish Norwich the very best of luck next season and Paul Lambert has done a cracking job.

Can he carry that into next season? Comments welcome..

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I'm Mark, I live in a little town called Rugby. I go back a long way with Toonsy, we have traveled the country together watching the lads. I eat, breath and sleep Newcastle United! Follow me on [email protected] MRStockers or add me on Facebook- Mark Stockley.

63 thoughts on “View from the away end – Norwich City.

  1. Asprilla seems to be alot of peoples favourite 😀 if only we had a player of his talent right now 😀


  2. But what about Patricks views on Delia’s p1ssed up rant on the pitch…? I’m sure you could squeezed a ‘let’s be havin you’ reference in there somewhere…


  3. Almost choked on my coffee when Patrick stated that Nolan was our top goal scorer and creative player! 😯
    Top scorer yes !! Creative hmm 😕


  4. I lived down there for four years and got to a few of their games. He is right about Hoolahan he is pacy and a very creative player. The crowd are passionate and always turn up in good numbers. Apart from the fact that I had difficulty understanding there accent and likewise they could`nt understand me, it was an enjoyable experience and I wish them well in the Premiership.


  5. Hey Marveaux-lous are you out there mate??

    I/we are still waiting for N’Zog to sign like you predicted yesterday.
    What happened to your reliable sources?(twitter 😆 )


  6. Lads,

    I’m not surprised the Canaries fan thuoght of Nolan as our main creative player. When you think about it he was usually playing in the hole between striker and midfield so ot a lot of ball as well… how many creative players did we really have last year week in week out?

    Our midfiled has lacked creativity for a few seasons now but I would say that Nolan did add to it. Lets just hope that Cabaye turns out to be the creative player we hope as I have my doubts.

    Mark toon,

    Good idea this away fan interview thing. You should do one each week with a fan from the team we are playing next. Its interesting getting views from other teams about our club, especially on the current crop of players, how we’re performing etc.


  7. Enjoy these interviews, I quite like Norwich as a club, probably fronm their European adventure days. Good luck for the season.

    I like these articles though I still say don’t do any mackems, they have nowt of interest I’d want to hear 👿


  8. Norwich is the most friendly club I have visited, had my beer bought by home fans on more than one occation……..Hope they stay up, but not at our expense!


  9. Aussie Mag you gota love twitter 🙂 all those confidential sources 🙂 the best rumors are the ones on , its like messi is going to sign for newcastle.FACT. I know this casue my brothers friend dad is youth team coach. FACT. It makes me laugh 😆 😆

    Lesh Liverpool can go suck donkey balls. We shall be battling them , not only for collum inches on gossip pages for every player in the world but for mid table obsecurity next season 🙂

    Just read on Ed’s blog that barton is saying on twitter that he thinks the club is going to wash thier hands of him. Be gutted if ( or when ) he leaves 😥


  10. I like these articles. Interesting.

    I’m going to a Kevin Keegan Q&A tonight at Ramside Hall, courtesy of two kind people on this blog.

    I will keep their identities quiet unless they don’t mind as I would like to thank them publicly.
    I will wait to see if they give permission.

    On the issue, I have got a thousand questions I would like to answer and as per usual, I normally ask the most at any talk in I’ve been to.

    However, their may be a question you have that I had not considered but think it’s a good one ask, so if any of you do, please print them here for consideration.

    Tomorrow, I will try and summarise what he said at the talk – in.



  11. Bobby….ask him what he had planned with the £25m he was seeking in damages & how he would have felt had that sent us into administration? 😉


  12. Mark-

    Great read. I really love these articles and dig hearing what other fans have to say, though I agree with richie- no mackems lol! Just outta curiosity, would you accept articles from supporters of other leagues? I know a few folks that might be interested in writing a good article from the perspective of the Bundesliga and possibly even MLS.


    That sounds like a good time. I doubt there’s a question I could think of to ask that you haven’t already considered lol. Except for maybe when he’s planning his next holiday in Nashville. My mates and I will buy him a pint or two haha!


  13. Bobby,

    My question would be:

    “have you assessed your escape route if this talk doesn’t go plan?”

    Right at the start.

    Saying that, daft question really…of course he’s
    already planned a quick getaway!


  14. AndyKerrtv Andy Kerr
    Heard #Nufc move for Daniel Sturridge is moving closer with #cfc willing to sell


  15. Bobby ask him is he proud that he taught the Fatman a Lesson.
    Or is he sad that so many Toon fans fell for the spin that the Fatman put out about him, and then turned on him, after all he done for us.


  16. OH….it would be interesting to know what the Championship fans think, all the ones I came across on my travels were great.


  17. Dave…When I moved and found my old autograph book there was a photo in of the legend that is Keegan that I took at Gossie Park hotel when he came to sign as a player……..have to say he doesn’t look to thrilled in it tho 😆


  18. Lesh….that article was Big Dave’s fault, it was Joey re tweeting a question he sent him………he’ll do owt to get his name in the papers 😉


  19. Richie I swear that one of my cousins is called Wayne, my uncle must have been drunk when he thought of that name, because his Son takes some abuse over it.
    Before anyone asks Andykerr is F all to do with me 😉


  20. Bobby, I ‘m confused… What question could you possibly have to ask Keegan that you don’t already know the answer to? 😉


  21. @witters
    He has already publicy answered your question about the £25m.

    He stated it was against all his wishes and his legal advisor told him he had to. It’s part of the legal game, knowing you will get a fraction what you claim for.
    He also said, no matter what he won he would only take what he lost in wages.


  22. Norwich, purely because they have a main man type of manager in Lambert (why the hell we didn’t go for him and not Pardew….) will survive, but not comfortably.
    About the same as us, really.


  23. @johnno

    I don’t think he’ll have a spare tenner. If he’s doing talk ins he can’t be that well off. 😯


  24. Journal reporting we have missed out on Erdinc and Gervhino, well so far, we have missed all our striking targets, sounds very familiar, they better ring Kuqi before he signs for Carlisle.


  25. Thanks for the response Bobby…

    Ask him if the rumours as to why he was attacked by a baseball bat are true?

    Or ask him if his success at Newcastle was down to pure luck given he’s been a monumental failure everywhere else?


  26. @Aussie mag

    Don’t be confused. I know the answers but I like to ask Keegan to share the answers with the audience. 😆


  27. Bobby,
    Remind KK that he won SFA as a manager at the toon 😉

    Would he agree that he was tacticly inept 😉

    He is a bug eyed big bairn 😆


  28. please let us not turn this into a Keegan vs the club debate… well and truly over that topic!!


  29. Sounds too good to be true Hitman – too many others telling us we aint in for him. Could it be a smokescreen? Id love it to be Sturridge #9 but I darent believe. I got my head out of the sand and a big brew in my hand eh BSN9


  30. Robert – Howay, man, you’re not surprised are you?

    It happens every single year, the form book is open and its there for all to see.


  31. Richie… 😉

    I’m perhaps being a little over inflamatory but I’m not convinced he’s the God some people make him out to be.

    Dave…can’t say what he did for legal reasons 😆


  32. Richie…I’ll concede that & afford him legend status! 😉 I still have beef with him however…


  33. Witters….as is your right, I think some just need to remember that he’s done alot more for this club than bad. I know alot were’nt around or maybe too young to remember but when he first took over as manager we were more than likely going to end up in the 3rd division and if we had, who knows we may not have been able to be here now having this discussion.


  34. Hi guys, just a few quick things

    Whilst that Delia incident was incredibly cringeworthy, I’d rather have an overly impassioned chairwoman like her than Ashley anyday – wouldn’t you. Plus also I think there’s some unwritten rule that if you publicly critise Delia you become banned from Carrow Road

    Something got lost in translation. Meant Carrolls departure when refering to goalscorer and @Clinta thankyou, I obviously don’t have a vivid imagination where Nolan is the English Fabregas, but he was instrumental in most you’re attacking moves. all the best for nexdt year guys (Movie Reviews)


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