King Shola day

Do the Ameobi and turn around...
After looking on twitter and seeing today branded by many as “King Shola day” I couldn’t think of a better opportunity to pay tribute to our sometimes great, but sometimes frustrating Shola Ameobi.

How many other teams have a Geordie speaking Nigerian? Exactly. That’s one of many reasons why he’s a special player at the club. Shola’s never been a prolific goal scorer and I don’t think he ever will be, but some games he’s a footballing genius.

Last season against Chelsea in the Carling Cup for example, the scorer of two goals that day, one of them a turn and shot from more than 20 yards out and the other being a last minute headed winner.

Other flashes of class from Shola last season were most notably against his favourite opposition ever, the Mackems. Shola produced a sterling performance that day scoring another two goals, firstly his penalty just before half time which virtually killed the game. His second goal was rather special though, a flying scissor kick volley after a header off the bar from he who shall not be named.

His brilliance against Sunderland has gained him the name of “the Mackem slayer” after a total of six goals against them throughout his career, with hopefully a few more to come. Shola most games can seem lazy and lethargic, a bit like Berbatov without the added class, but every 5 or 6 games he pulls out a belter of a performance, and that’s why he’s loved.

Shola is also a legend when it comes to European football as he is our 2nd highest European goal scorer behind Shearer. With 12 goals in 41 appearances he has most probably scored more goals than Sunderland in Europe with his most notable European goals coming against Bayer Leverkusen and away at Barcelona. European pedigree eh?

Shola is also renowned for his clinical penalties, bottom right of the keeper hard and low usually, he rarely misses. He must have got some tips of Shearer as he was a handy penalty taker in his time. Even when Shola gets older he should used as a quarterback type player just for penalties, we wouldn’t miss many.

What next for Shola? Well, he’ll be a squad player next season, and will inevitably score against Sunderland, but I’m sure after that he’ll always be in the hearts of NUFC fans for his loyalty and effort. I’m also sure that this won’t be the last July 1st which is King Shola day.

Show your love for Shola, #KingSholaDay, get it trending 😉

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  2. has anyonr mentioned when shola played half a season for roeder injured which probably saved us from relegation


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    July 1, 2011 at 23:47
    Army69 you got a link for the boxing by any chance?

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  7. Nicely done subliminal aesthetic overhauls anyway, team!

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  12. Played with Shola for many years as a child at walker central and high school too. He was great at basketball and cricket too. We were at the same trials together for the academy. He hasn’t always been good penalty taker. At one game for our school I was playing left wing. I stormed into the box and won a penalty. Shola stepped up. Maybe 15 years old at the time. He swung his long leg at the ball and caught not much but turf, sending the ball trickling at walking pace towards the goalkeeper who thanked his lucky stars and picked it up. I’ll never forget that moment. Classic Shola. We drew 1-1.


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  14. Sun, 2008 Nov 9

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  16. I like Shola as a person and I appreciate what he has done for our club. What do you think he would have done if he had had Carroll’s talent? I reckon he would have stayed at Newcastle


  17. I saw shola 2day, walking down the main street in Ponteland. THe only blackman in the village. they only accept blackmen that have money 😯


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