View from the away end – Bolton Wanderers.

Former captain Nolan whilst at Bolton
In this edition of view from the away end we speak to Bolton fan Alex. He was born in Bolton and has supported the team all his life.

Me and Alex go back years, he’s a top lad and loves his football, that’s probably why we get on so well. I have however on multiple occasions tried to convert Alex to Newcastle United, thus far I have been unsuccessful sadly.

Bolton have evolved from the football they were playing under Sam Alladyce a few years ago, a style that Gary Megson seemed to like and continued after replacing Big Sam at Bolton. Current boss Owen Coyle has binned the long ball malarkey and replaced it with attractive football to be fair.

With all due respect to Alladyce and Megson they didn’t exactly provide an electrifying brand of football at Bolton and it must feel like a breath of fresh air for Wanderers fans to see Coyle’s decent style played week in week out.

Here’s what Alex had to say:

How do you rate our fans?

Decent people, loud, loyal and committed supporters to their club.

If you could have any one Newcastle player at Bolton who would it be and why?

(It would have been Nolan) I’m not sure he’s still with you guys, but Ben Arfa would be nice to have at Bolton. Skillful midfielder with an eye for goal. Kind of fits in with Owen Coyle’s philosophy.

Good choice, yes Benny is still very much at Newcastle. Who is your favourite Newcastle player of all time and why?

Asprilla – Just because he was a really entertaining striker, and as a youngster he always made football interesting.

From an away supporter’s point of view, what do you make of St James’ Park?

I’ve never been to St James’ Park but from what I’ve heard and seen it would appear to be one of the best grounds in the country.

As a Bolton fan you know Kevin Nolan well, what do you think of us selling him to West Ham and do you think it was a mistake?

Of course it was a mistake! As a Bolton fan I was miffed when we sold our talismanic captain to you boys so I imagine most Newcastle fans feel now how I did then. It doesn’t send a good message when a club is willing to sell it’s captain and one of the best players – if that’s the case is there anyone they wouldn’t sell???

What do you make of our business in the transfer market thus far?

Couldn’t say to be honest, I know you’ve signed at least one player but I don’t know too much about him. I think managing to keep hold (thus far) of Enrique and Barton is the best transfer business you’ve done. Though I’m not holding my breath after the Nolan sale.

Yeah signed three now mate: Yohan Cabaye, Sylvain Marveaux and Demba Ba. Next question how do you think we did in our first season back in the Premier League last season?

I thought you did extremely well last season. My highlights were the thumpings of Villa and Sunderland.

What do you think of Mike Ashley?

75% of the time I think he’s an idiot 😆 25% I think he’s doing okay. But I think NUFC would be better if he wasn’t the owner.

Bolton made a very good appointment in Owen Coyle, but what do you think of Alan Pardew? Would you be happy if he was in charge at your club?

Pardew has exceeded my expectations at Newcastle. I wouldn’t prejudge him if he managed us (after all, I supported Megson) but results would have to roll in and our best players kept, or else.

When asking other fans which NUFC player they would have at their clubs, very few are saying Joey Barton, which is a surprise. As an away fan what are your opinions of Joey? Would you have him at your club?

I think he is a great player and leader at times, but has a tendency to lose his head like an idiot. Though he seems to have got it under control at NUFC.

Who will finish higher next season us or you guys?

If we can get Sturridge or a striker of his goal scoring capacity in the pre-season then I think we will finish higher. If we can’t I suspect we will be fighting relegation and you will finish above us.

Score predictions for next season please?

St James’ – Difficult. Presuming we get a decent striker in: 1-1.

The Reebok – 2-1 Bolton. Very very loose predictions though.

Finally…. We were both managed by a man whose head barely fits through the door. He did a great job at Bolton, what are your opinions of Allardyce and was he given a fair chance at Newcastle?

I think he is a great manager, if slightly big headed. Saying he could manage Real Madrid was dumb! I respect him for all the good he did at Bolton. If he’d been given the five years he said he needed at Newcastle he would have revolutionised the club. Only getting six months was disgraceful behaviour by Mike Ashley.

Good words from a down to earth Bolton fan. Do you guys agree with what he said? Are you sore from the Nolan sale? Fat Sam dismissed too soon by Newcastle? Opinions welcome.

About MarkToon

I’m Mark, I live in a little town called Rugby. I go back a long way with Toonsy, we have traveled the country together watching the lads. I eat, breath and sleep Newcastle United! Follow me on [email protected] MRStockers or add me on Facebook- Mark Stockley.

42 thoughts on “View from the away end – Bolton Wanderers.

  1. Yet another Asprilla fan, loving it 😀

    Ben Arfa has alot of expectation to do well next season. lets hope he can meet it after a horror injury.


  2. i like reading these thoughts on other “fans”and not the dicks that tend to get on the blogs to boast there egos and talk crap,keep ganning MARKTOON 😉


  3. Allardyce definitely had to go. He would have revolutionized our club by bringing in more big lumps as strikers and grossly overpaying them.

    We wouldn’t be anymore near having the squad we’re capable of having next season with him here


  4. MarkToon – Dunno if you could ask this Bolton fan on how he thinks the’ve progressed since selling Nolan. I mean they’ve gone through a transformation since he was with them, and we are now doing the same – playing more attractive and faster football. So despite selling Nolan, a great captain, they are playing better football and Nolan wouldn’t nessesarily fit in that strategy????


  5. Never mind Bolton, Pardew is again saying today that there will be 2 more players in and thats it, its early in the window for a bold statement like that and i have yet to see him asked 2 very important hard questions relating to previous similar bold statements.
    1. If last years squad was thin, why hasnt he bought more players.
    2. Explain where all the supposed 35m+ transfer money has or is going as he has conned the fans into believing that the Carroll deal was good for the club as the cash would buy replacements.


  6. Poor Ed. Hasn’t Ed been through enough lately?

    Mark- see if Alex would mind a cheeky bid for Stu Holden 😉


  7. Robert- we’ve brought in 3 and lost one. With Gosling and Ben Arfa that’s 4 more quality players than we had last year plus 2 more by the looks of it.

    As for #2, I think we need to wait until the end of the window. Those 2 possible signings could turn out to be 10m a piece.


  8. A few people seem to disagree with Nolan been sold…i can see why he was liked at Bolton but were/are they any worse off for selling…I say not


  9. Sad to see him go witters but we will be grand without him and he will be grand without us.


  10. Johno bang on mate. Robert sorry that reading about bolton on a thread with bolton in the title isn’t what you want to read about 😉


  11. steve stone expects 2 more signings , striker and taylor??? al be so p***ed off if we dont get another striker!! shane long , erding??


  12. Nice to see ‘Ambassador’ Ben Arfa and Tiote had recommended Abeid – and that we acted on it and signed him. Seems quite a prospect / first teamer?

    Seems to me we really have had and have our act together these days.

    I also love the fact they have astutely recognised the best way to get the 12th man again – is to entertain us. In KKs day even Ferguson recognised you were a goal behind before you arrived.

    Again all brilliant moves – engineered by Ashley. Hat doffed.


  13. Mark, Forgive me, the article is a good one as always, didnt mean to offend mate, i had just read the Chronicle articles and once again, no hard questions are asked. I know that with this regime they need to toe the line to keep what little dialogue there is going, but why shy away from what everyone is asking?


  14. Abeid – what do any of us no about him ?? whers he play? do yous think he will manage to get in our first team??


  15. Posted on last thread but nobody there:-

    From the signings we have made so far under Carr 3 are players who like to take people on and 3 are players with good technical and passing/shooting ability.

    I like this direction we are going in, the new Barcelona ❓ 🙂


  16. Army69

    I though he was a central midfielder from what people had said mate but in the video he looks like a general wide / attacking midfielder. He likes to take people on which is nice to see and has a good range of passing (including cross-field) which is also nice to see.


  17. Yeah it seems some one at the club has grasped the fact that if the Fans are entertained then they will be won over and on side . Lets face it if we start well and win a few games and are in the mix for 5th-8th place then most of us will be happy and come the end of next season we have improved on last seasons placing and points total then we will have done fine . I hope that we get another 2 in before the window slams shut and for me they dont have to be expensive signings ,so long as they are quality . That Taylor lad and Shane Long and i will be chuffed .


  18. Stardust.

    Agreed. Watching players take people on is what entertains me. Not stopping and going backwards like we have had a lot of recently.


  19. do yous think abeid will be in the fisrt team next season?? you never know he could be the answer to our right wing 😛


  20. Army69

    Who knows mate, depends how he does in preseason doesn’t it. I think he’s still only 18/19 though.


  21. Robert – re: Chronicle asking tough questions….

    It’ll never happen mate as they’ll get the same treatment the Mail and others did, is banned. They don’t want that I guess, do they’ll stick with the simple stuff.


  22. my attacking team

    willo taylor collo
    barton cabaye gutierez
    marveaux ben arfa

    defensive team
    simpson taylor colo enrique
    tiote cabaye
    barton or marveaux ben arfa gutierez


  23. Mark – You should havegrabbed a few words with that special ASDA man from Bolton. He’d have shared his wisdom about Nolan surely? 😛


  24. stuart79 they have made moves for Taylor from swansea and it could be they are waiting to see if anyone leaves before moving for a defender . I am starting to get the feeling that Enrique will run down his contract .


  25. @18

    good read, Personally i am happy with the business thus far we have strengthened our weakest area up top with an out and out goalscorer and brought in another creative pacey winger to add depth in another weak position in our current squad.

    Cabaye looks a snip and if we can bring in another striker and replace whoever leaves im happy.

    Irrelevent how much we spend just that we hit next season with a improved squad…


  26. So if it’s irrelevant how much we spend as long as we are stronger to most fans,

    Why is it relevant how much we sold Carroll for to most fans?


  27. Im not speaking for most fans, Im speaking from my point of view that spending money is no guarantee of success we should know that better than most…


  28. Great question Moreno.

    I guess for me the more money that comes into the club the better, because it may lead to 1) new signings, 2) being able to retain players, 3) imrpvoing facilites, 4) paying down debt, etc. all of which are good for the club in the long run.


  29. MDS,

    get what you’re saying but would the club NOT have been able to

    retain players, improve facilities and pay down the debt without selling him?

    We aren’t retaining our best player from last season either and I haven’t seen the money spent on signings yet. I am also sceptical whether we will spend over 5 million on anyone so it looks like we are spending it all on undersoil heating?

    Fact is, if that money is budgeted to be paying cabeye’s and marveux’s wages in 4 years time then that is complete and utter bollocks (pardon my french)


  30. I here you Moreneo. I just don;t thinkwe know enough about the internal financials of the club to know where the money is going.

    I can only assume that ashley is taking a chunk to pay down the club’s personal debt to him. Is that really a bad thing though as it will make us more financially sound?


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