View from the away end- Liverpool.

Owen whilst at Liverpool
In today’s view from the away end I speak to Phil, he’s a Liverpool fan and certainly has some blunt and honest views on Newcastle United.

Liverpool are a club that we have a bit of history with, who could forget the infamous 4-3’s? Of course they splashed the cash to sign our star number 9 on the last day of the transfer window in January. In 2005 Michael Owen arrived on Tyneside after being heavily linked with a return to Liverpool, something that left a bitter taste with Liverpool fans at the time.

There have been some big names to have represented both clubs in some capacity whether it be playing, managing or coaching the clubs. Keegan, Dalglish, Souness, Terry Mac the list goes on. But whilst the two clubs have quite a lot in common there does appear to be a bit of rivalry between the two sets of fans.

Here’s what Phil had to say:

How do you rate Newcastle fans?

Passionate to the core. You have ridiculous pain endurance when getting the numerous Geordie male bitch tits out on a cold January evening and are cracking for the premier league. That being said, ridiculously over ambitious and unrealistic with your aims. Right now you’re a bottom half club with a big stadium and in the modern game you need better structure and stability at boardroom level if you’re to ever progress any further.

If you could have any one Newcastle player at Liverpool who would it be and why?

Enrique or Ben Arfa. Both your two best player and would give us options where we are looking weak at the moment.

Who is your favorite Newcastle player of all time and why?

Alan Shearer. Who doesn’t love watching that volley fly in against Everton? Although I did love Temuri Ketsbaia just to watch his goal celebrations.

From an away supporter’s point of view, what do you make of St James’ Park?

Great stadium, with great support. One of the best things about NUFC is the ground and those that fill it.

Andy Carroll, where to start with this one- £35 million. The move, the player. What are your views?

The fee was always going to be dictated by the Torres fee. He has a lot to prove, and although you guys think he’s a traitor, it has to be seen as good career move for him. You should also be happy with the fee. Well over inflated but overall I think it’s a good deal for both teams.

Torres was vocal about wanting his transfer to Chelsea, Carroll handed in a transfer request to force a move after pledging his future to Newcastle. Do you think there’s any loyalty in the game?

There is loyalty in football. Look at Carragher, Scholes, Giggs and Neville. Football fans just need to be realistic and remember it’s a job and it’s people’s career’s we’re talking about. The loyalty is in the minority rather than the majority.

What do you make of our business in the transfer market thus far? Do you think selling Nolan was a bad move by the club?

Absolutely. So far losing core English players will set you back, especially if you’re replacing them with foreign lightweight players like Marveaux.

How do you think we did in our first season back in the PL last season?

12th is a really good finish for you. I’m sure if you finished there again next season you’d be happy. Until your ownship chances I can’t see you doing anything more, give or take 1 or 2 premiership places.

Liverpool have been bought by a man who seems to be happy to splash the cash, but What do you think of Mike Ashley?

He’s a joke of a chairman and really just needs to sell up. Hated by your fans and is a laughing stock to the rest of the premier league. The guy is really in it for himself (like most chairman) but he’s ridiculously overt about it, which must be a constant embarrassment to you guys?

Kenny Dalgish has recently returned to Anfield, but what do you make of Pardew at Newcastle?

Pardew loves himself so much that if he was made of chocolate he’d eat himself. Comes across as really arrogant and to me is another average Joe manager in the premier league. Did well at West Ham, will do ok at you, but never going to be a world beater.

You have been linked with other Newcastle players, Jose Enrique, Jonas and even Barton. What would your reaction be if you signed any of them?

Enrique is decent enough. Left back a really weak area for us now and looking like we’ve lost out on Clichy he’d be a decent option. Still think there’s perhaps better out there though if we really want to challenge.

Barton you can keep. He does well enough for you but he won’t take us to the next level and his baggage is an issue that he’ll never lose.

Jonas I also think isn’t good enough for top 4 and therefore he should stick to what he does well, playing well for Newcastle.

This is a question I ask everyone Phil- who will finish higher next season?

Are you serious? What a ridiculous question. We’re on our way back under a past legend and a really good chairman who’s running things properly. You’re selling your captain to a championship club for very little cash. I don’t even need to answer this.
Although I’ll say, I don’t even fancy Pardew to finish next season with you guys and will probably be shown the door by March time. If you can get Ben Arfa fit I’m looking forward to seeing him play again.

Score predictions for next season please?

St James’– 1-2 to Liverpool.

Anfield– 3-0 to Liverpool.

A lot was said about about Sylvain Marveaux’s move to Newcastle, a player that nearly joined Liverpool. He was rumored to of failed a medical, a claim that has been denied. What do you make of the player and his move to Newcastle?

I read rumours on this guy. Another injury prone player that in all honesty I’d never heard of before then English press got hold of his name. I think we’ve probably dodged a bullet, as if we’d really wanted him we’d have gotten him. We already have enough deadwood in his position with Jovanovich and Cole. We don’t need anymore thank you.

Michael Owen?

I have little thoughts anyone on Owen. I grew up in an era idolising Fowler and when Owen emerged on the scene it was him that began to excel under the Houllier era, strike a partnership with Heskey and begin Fowlers move to Leeds. Owen had great Liverpool and England moments, my favourite being the FA cup final against Arsenal in 2001 and his goal vs Argentina for England. One of the most sided games I’ve ever seen an he turned it on its head single handily.

In the Rafa era he had one year to go on his deal and fancied a change at Real Madrid, Rafa really had no choice but to let him go. What angered me about that deal is the 8 Million + Nunez we received. Pathetic fee for one of our best ever home grown talents. At Madrid he excelled again especially as an impact sub and although I could see he was frustrated, I was still happy to see him do well. When his time there came to an end a number of factors decided his next move.

1. Owen’s always been an England first kind of player. I think deep down he had to move when he did to try and maintain his hopes of staying in the national squad.
2. 16.8 million to obtain Owen was never ever going to be matched by Liverpool after the fee we received for him. I have no doubt where Owen wanted to go, Carragher’s autobiography even said he fancied Liverpool but the deal was never going to happen. I still didn’t mind Owen at this point as I understood his need to move at that point.

The thing is, Newcastle fans in this whole story still don’t seem to look at themselves as Owen’s second choice. In his mind you were nothing more than a move to regain form, fitness and an England place. Unfortunately for Owen this didn’t happen and his constant struggle with injuries only lead his career into more stagnation and frustration.

Then came Owen’s last chance to regain all that he once had. A Bosman move to Man United. Really nothing more than pawn in Fergie’s bigger chess games. To me his move’s been a flop and his career has really fallen from grace. Letting down Liverpool fans and forgetting about tradition and also not living up to his 16.8 mil fee (Then again you have to look at yourselves and say “we created that ridiculous price for him in the first place.”)
Now to me, Owen is nothing more than someone to laugh at. He is clinging onto his career by a thread and it won’t be too long before we see him sitting on A Question of Sport Panel or The Match of the Day team.

To finish on Owen and my current feelings on him, nothing could sum it up better than his recent online conversation with Piers Morgan.

themichaelowen @piersmorgan I take exception to footballers being labelled greedy pigs by morons like you. Get me on your programme so we can debate it!!!

Morgan then responded with a series of replies that I will just group together.

piersmorgan @themichaelowen Would love to interview you, Benchwarmer, but don’t think you’re big enough any more for me, sadly. Try Titchmarsh.
but I wouldn’t expect someone who supported Everton but played for Liverpool then joined United to understand loyalty. but then I’m not just expected to sit on a bench for nine months a year, whistling Beatles songs and talking horses

Some interesting views from a Liverpool fan there. I think some points Phil made were perfectly valid however Newcastle fans aren’t all the deluded and unrealistic bunch some have us down to be. Yes as supporters we have ambition and expectations for our club but most of us are also realistic.

When asked what supporter’s expectations for last season were, most said survival. We do have a few fans who expect bigger things than our club will provide us, but I have to say they are in the minority and most Newcastle fans are down to earth. We can be an optimistic bunch but we know there’s never a dull moment and we are realistic about what we can achieve at the moment.

Yes we have been guilty for booing managers and players, but which club fans haven’t? We pay decent money to watch our team and expect a performance to reflect that.

In terms of Michael Owen, we were under no illusions that his first choice was Liverpool when he signed. He was very public and honest about that. To be fair that is one of the few things I respect about Owen on reflection. He did come with a hefty price tag and with the wages he was on naturally there was expectation on his shoulders.

It’s not Michael’s fault he got injured, but his lack of passion or leadership was the problem. He had a face like thunder seemingly the whole time he was here despite the mega bucks he was earning. He didn’t seem to get involved or do many interviews either,which is just unacceptable when your club captain.

Whether the guy wanted to join us is irrelevant, fact is he was unhappy in Madrid and wanted to come home. Newcastle were the only team that were willing to match the asking price and get him back in The Premier League where he wanted to be- maybe a bit of gratitude from Michael wouldn’t have gone a miss. Not only were the fans paying his wages but for his image rights on top of that, the amount of Owen replica shirts that were being sold would have made him a bit of dosh.

In terms of Marveux, I guess we’ll just have wait and see. He has had documented injury problems and it will be interesting to see if he has overcome the injuries and whether he will be ready for pre season.

Thank you very much to Phil for his time and feedback today. Do you agree with the answers Phil gave us? Please discuss.

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I'm Mark, I live in a little town called Rugby. I go back a long way with Toonsy, we have traveled the country together watching the lads. I eat, breath and sleep Newcastle United! Follow me on [email protected] MRStockers or add me on Facebook- Mark Stockley.

139 thoughts on “View from the away end- Liverpool.

  1. bobby…every fan has the right to be hopeful, but there’s a difference between hoping and expecting. I’m hopeful but don’t expect owt. Also the Marveux comment got me a bit, saying he was a “foreign lightweight” then saying he knew nowt about him. He may well turn out that way but don’t state things as a fact when you don’t have a clue.
    Can we finish more than 2 places higher, possibly, as things stand at the moment imo the squad is stronger than the one that finished last season. That squad that finished last season would have been 3 places higher if they hadn’t went into holiday mode on the last day of the season and chucked away a 3 goal lead. So yes it is possible, unfortunately though it isn’t only about how much we strengthen it’s also about how much the teams around us strengthen or are weakened too.


  2. Wow! This guy, phil, really comes across as a genuine prick with a loose handle on the reality of things in football at the moment


  3. Bobby- My mum and her family are Everton supporters so have been brought up with the knowledge that Liverpool aren’t a great team. They wouldn’t have been Liverpool if it weren’t for Everton. Everton and Liverpool were one club before but a disagreement led to Everton moving, if that haven’t of happened then it would be a very good club. Some people forget that though.


  4. “The Liverpool fan has every right to have his views”….yep, just as everyone else has the right to air their views about his views, whether they’re right or wrong time will tel,l it’s all about opinions 😉


  5. @goose

    You confuse me? ❓

    Are you saying Liverpool aren’t a great club because your mum and family are evertonians and they say so?

    Sorry, all those European glory years count for nothing? Ok. 😕


  6. @Richie

    It’s the way the toon fans react tho.

    The Liverpool fan does nothing but throw compliments in the direction of our fans and stadium and he’s right. They are the only things at the moment that are great about NUFC.

    Calling them bindippers is a disgrace.


  7. some scousers are just tossers (the ones they show on TV at games), expecting everything, also the fact that we got ripped by the media for bringing back King Kev, and they brought back King Kenny and they were once again praised like the f*cking media darlings they are.

    Gerrard, smacked a DJ got a way with it. absolute prick. Carroll went there, with blatant tapping up and illegal use of agents, Enrique may go there after a senior ex Liverpool player said on live TV that they’d agreed a deal. Liverpool also expect everything off the FA and UEFA, they’re like an extended worse version on Man Utd. Arrogant fans like this get on my tits with every team.

    “if we’d really wanted him we’d have gotten him.” – On Marveuax, Once again, better than everyone else,

    Want anymore reasons Bobby?


  8. bobby…maybe it’s a term of endearment, like wor lass calls me useless fat fecker but I know she loves me really……….I think 😉 😆


  9. @Bobby

    The liverpool fan tha you say is right in what he says lol are you joking? or just such a doom mongerer that you just want to disagree with most people.

    He said “That being said, ridiculously over ambitious and unrealistic with your aims” We are one of the biggest clubs in the country should we not be expecting high for our team? yes we should so he is a twat.

    He then says about tranfers “Absolutely. So far losing core English players will set you back, especially if you’re replacing them with foreign lightweight players like Marveaux.

    He dosn’t mention ba or cabaye who are both potentialy better than Nolan (ageing operpaid player who thought he could hold us to ransom). so he is a twat.

    He then says we are happy with 12th place if you think thats were we should be then your a twat aswell. for a start we realy should of finished 9th and our squad is alread much stronger than last year.

    He then calls pardew an average joe manager lol the man that got west ham to an FA cup final (he lost but still an amazing acheivment). Pardew is the best manager we have had in recent years and he has had only half a tranfer window so far.


  10. @jobey

    Howay fella. Do we really want to pull their club apart with misdemeanours ? We wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.
    Pot kettle black.

    Our fans that are interviewed on TV are straight out of university challenge aren’t they? 😯


  11. Bobby – Ours are usually moaning about the club, not saying we should be winning the league.
    you asked my reasons for dislike, there’s mine


  12. bobby….the problems is fans of all clubs will go over the top a tad in defence of their respective clubs if they think someones having a go, whether that someone is right or wrong doesn’t really come into it unfortunately, it’s a passionate game and every club has passionate fans and that’s why we love it.


  13. @santil

    I couldn’t disagree with anything he said about the Toon.

    And no I don’t do it just to argue with people.

    I mean what I write.

    You may call me a twat but you no doubt refer to Liverpool as bindippers . It doesn’t bother me one iota and just reflects badly on you IMO . 🙄


  14. Richie – It’ll take the poor lad about an hour to answer the question which player would you take off us? he’ll want our whole fecking squad 😆 😆


  15. this bindipper said”ridiculously over ambitious and unrealistic with your aims”

    WRONG we all would of been happy to finish 17th


  16. @Richie

    I realise that fans are passionate but the Liverpool fan did not say anything offensive.

    Go back and read the abuse hes got on here and he will be reading this.

    Next time, it might be an idea to ask for nice views from the away end in case they upset our readers by saying we are over ambitious.

    Read the disdain in their posts. Shocking. 😯


  17. bobby- No but without everton they wouldn’t have been the club that they are. If it had stayed as it was they might not have been what they are now. Ok maybe my mum’s family has influenced me but not that much, they wanted me to be an everton supporter and who do I support Newcastle.

    The point that I’m trying to make is that some liverpool fans don’t know about the history of the club and I wasn’t born when they won the european cups


  18. can someone explain to me what the bindipper references are about? I don’t get it. what does it mean.


  19. This is far more ill-informed than what the interviewee says:

    some scousers are just tossers (the ones they show on TV at games), expecting everything, also the fact that we got ripped by the media for bringing back King Kev, and they brought back King Kenny and they were once again praised like the f*cking media darlings they are.
    We were widely criticized for wanting Dalgish back and constantly accused of not giving Hodgson a chance. In the same way you did when Allardyce ran your team into the ground with poor football, we pushed for Hodgson to go.
    Gerrard, smacked a DJ got a way with it. absolute prick. Carroll went there, with blatant tapping up and illegal use of agents, Enrique may go there after a senior ex Liverpool player said on live TV that they’d agreed a deal. Liverpool also expect everything off the FA and UEFA, they’re like an extended worse version on Man Utd. Arrogant fans like this get on my tits with every team.
    Gerrard acquitted in a court of law, unless of course along with the FA and UEFA we have the legal system in our pocket? Joey Barton punched Pederson on the pitch this season amongst many other issues, Carroll broke Taylor’s jaw in training, there was the famous Bowyer/Dyer fight etc every club has these things but you’re right Gerrard is the disgrace of all football.

    Carroll’s signing was done on the last day of the transfer window and Carroll himself said at the time he didn’t want to go. Maybe he did want to go, but i got the very clear impression Ashley was rubbing his hands together and did everything possible to get the move through.

    Phil Thompson is a muppet, the fact he said a deal for Enrique was done on Norwegian TV means nothing. Every club has idiot ex players/coaches. Kevin Keegan recently came out with some of the most bizarre crap i’ve ever heard. Do you honestly think it effects anyone but the fans?
    “if we’d really wanted him we’d have gotten him.” – On Marveuax, Once again, better than everyone else,
    Sylvain Marveaux: “I do not want to go into details, but if I have not signed for Liverpool, it was because there was a contractual disagreement between the involved parties, Thursday evening,”

    The man himself says we clearly could ahve signed him had we given him the contract he wanted. That doesn’t mean he isn’t happy to go to you, just that we could have signed him. Also at 5″7 1/2 and just over 10 stone and with a poor injury record, and also being from a FOREIGN COUNTRY, saying he is lightweight and foreign is an entirely reasonable comment to make. Doesn’t mean he won’t be a success of course.


  20. so wanting to avoid relegation is over ambitious is it ? because this time last year thats what 99% of Newcastle supporters said they would be happy with . Is wanting players to be worth what we payed over ambitious after spending 10’s of millions on them ? because that is what we have done for years before Ashley came and the most was money down the drain . Was that good boardroom structure and sense or is good boardroom sense and good transfer business investing in the youth and paying sensible fees for players that are worth bringing on board . AS WE ARE NOW DOING under Ashley . Answers please Bobby , simple fact is the scouse twat does not see the big picture at Newcastle and , realise that we have changed from overspending beyond our means to getting value for money Tiote , Ben Arfa , Enrique ,Colo and Krul to name a few . Nearly forgot we also have homegrown players coming through the ranks as well Ferguson being the pick so far , but hell thats bad business sense as well isn’t it . Bin Dipping cunt .


  21. j ryan..I think they’ve all gone but as I said @91….and to be fair, everyone’s lightweight compared to Nolan foreign or not our very own Jan Molby 😉


  22. I have hated Liverpool since our glory days where we were actually ahead of them, yet in their mind they would always be Englands greatest with their mid size stadium but buckets of trophies from past glory days


  23. Just now read allege way from top to bottom. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when BS9 showed up to counter every other Mags’ opinion on the blog. Of course HE would!


  24. I can’t believe everyone jumps on the blog as soon as o say I’m on my bike and won’t be on for an hour! 😆

    You have all made yourselves look like a bunch of sensitive, jealous and childish individuals.

    Please revisit sine of the posts referring to him as a prick, twat, Cnut and look at yourselves in the mirror . 😕 🙄 ❓ 🙄


  25. @batty

    Oh aye. 😆

    Mind batts I couldn’t but help laugh at your comment about, if you met them in jail you would realise they are a bunch of scrounging gets.

    If you meet them in jail!!!!!! 😯 😯 😯 😆


  26. bobby honest m8 ,before i had even sat down with me breakfast ,they would say if ya dont want it la ile have it, i used too growl at them and they wouldnt ask agen 😉 good job i worked in the kitchens 🙂


  27. bobby lets hear your views on why we are overly ambitious , after all fans at every club want to win something , be it the league they are in or even getting promotion . For every team a cup win is an ambition ,so why are we being over ambitious for wanting to achieve something .


  28. Must say that I am almost agreeing with Booby as there are many views here that are just too precious to believe. Still think that Liverpool fans are just as deluded if they think they are going to win the league this year. top 6, probable, top 4 possible if others blow it. top 2 very surprised.


  29. @axel

    Alot of our fans are over ambitious. We don’t pay big enough wages to expect to be guaranteed a top ten slot.

    We are offloading our top earners who dragged us back up and bringing in foreigners that we can’t guarantee will settle, dig in when the going gets tough and remain injury free considering 4 of them have medical issues which seriously cast doubt on them.

    We will never be a top 6 side paying the wages we do.


  30. @AndrewT

    Of course I would. Some are an utter disgrace with the abuse they gave the scouse lad.

    Maybe you should have done the same. Oh you probably were one of them. 🙄


  31. @andrewT
    You say;

    Wow! This guy, phil, really comes across as a genuine prick with a loose handle on the reality of things in football at the moment

    Really? Maybe it’s you . 😉


  32. bobby the only top earner that has gone so far is Nolan and he is replaced with a french international , cabaye . The fact that Joey and Jose have not signed new contracts is a bit worrying but certainly in joeys case ,we can’t be held to ransom by players who are entering the last 3-4 years of their carriers . Jose wants CL football but as yet no team has come in for him , maybe it’s a case of big fish small pond with him . And as for paying big wages we have been doing that for years and where did it get us ? apart from sir Bobbys era nowhere .


  33. Ok ! The prize for the best comment on this blog goes to CRASH – a Liverpool fan for his immortal quote;
    “I’m 41, grew up on the kop watching the Dalglish and Rush era….I’ve experienced the sh*te our club has gone through….”
    Well said CRASH.


  34. The Chronicle understands French star Hatem Ben Arfa is keen to wear the No 9. 😯 😯 😯 😯


  35. @axel

    That sums it up for me. You really don’t think Jose to Liverpool is not a done deal? 😕

    Says it all for me.


  36. @army

    I like to see a player with confidence but I’m of the opinion now that the number 9 shirt should be deserved.

    Give him a season and let him earn the right. Same goes for any of the strikers.


  37. No Bobby i dont think it,s a done deal ,why would he go their when he is reportedly on a big wage with us and a better deal is waiting to be signed . As for the injury worries Joey has had more than his fair share since joining us and the new players will have all gone through medicals and passed them . Liverpool have even admitted that Marveaux did not fail his and it was other reasons that he joined us .


  38. Army69 i could see that happening , Pardew has already said he wants him playing in the hole . He could end up our top scorer next season , if fit the lad is pure class the nearest i have seen in style to Pedro when he was at his top .


  39. wow quite an interesting response from this one.
    Remember all PL teams being interviewed 🙂


  40. Bobby, I think you are right.
    Much of what the scouse lad said about Newcastle actually rings true.
    Some bits more than others, but pretty accurate, nonetheless.

    I think the reason some of you are acting so ridiculously and, frankly childishly, about it is because it was like looking in a mirror and not liking what you see.

    Yes, his aspirations for L’pool are probably a little bit higher than their actual grasp, but that is true of most fans.

    His comments about buying good English talent may well prove to be true.
    Future changes to tranfer and squad rules may well see English player values rise even further. In which case buying players like Carroll or Sturridge may well pay off in the longer term.

    What is unfair about his comments on Marveaux – the player himself admitted we were his second choice and as they seem to have money to burn I’m sure if they really wanted him I’m sure they would definitely have been able to get him.
    Also if he has any injury problems next season then they may well have ‘dodged a bullet’.
    Of course we will all be hoping that doesn’t happen and he scores a hat-trick past them, but I can’t believe any reasonable person hasn’t considered the possibility it is still uncertain and therefore a bit of a risk.


  41. Some of us are overly ambitious because many seem to feel fairly confident about breaking into the top eight or even top six with a squad that is only slightly improved over last year.
    The first eleven look better on paper but there are fairly big question marks next to many of those names, which should give anybody with even a hint of balance to their thinking, at least some pause for thought.
    -Hopefully we won’t won’t lose many to injury.
    -Hopefully Ba will play enough games to score around 20.
    -Hopefully we wont lose Jose, Jonas, Collo, Barton etc without getting in quality replacements.
    -Hopefully all the new foreign players will adjust to the PL in just a few matches.
    -Hopefully Ben Arfa won’t have lost his sparkle following a truly awful injury.
    -Hopefully the younger players and fairly untested players will live up to their potential.

    Just seems to me like we are relying to much on hope.
    Hope is generally what you use when you haven’t planned enough and you haven’t got much of a plan ‘B’.

    I would prefer to see proper planning and some signs of contingency planning rather than relying on quite so much hope.

    We clearly need a couple more players, even if we don’t let anyone else go.
    Especially another striker – at the moment we have Ba then nothing.
    Best should be third striker at most. Shola and Loven are nowhere.

    If we can get a really good striker for free – great!!! I’m all for saving money.
    If we can’t then we NEED to pay for one, whether Ashley likes it or not, if we are serious about improving this year.
    Erdinc, Sturridge, Welliton, Ruiz – we need someone who has the potential to improve the team, not keep it stagnant.
    Personally I don’t think a fee of anywhere between a free transfer and maybe £15m is unreasonable if we have any realistic ambition at all.

    I suppose once the transfer window has closed we will all see for sure exactly what Ashley’s ambitions are.
    To improve in the league we need him to have a plan that doesn’t realy on quite so much hope, I fear.


  42. Typical pompous laughably hypocritical bin dipper.
    A prime example of Liverpool fan – “We have always won stuff, and we turn out to see non-stop trophies, ergo we are the best fans” odd how they drifted away when the trophies slowed to an almost stop under Evans and Souness.
    “Over ambitious” We want to see a team that reflects it’s support. Why in God’s green earth is that over-ambitious ?
    Like their scouse bretheren at Goodison clearly they base their knowledge on the tame national football press.
    You know – the same press who rant at Newcastle fans for demonstrating against Ashley and called us what this bin dipper and his Everton friends aim at us (over-ambitious (Jesus wept) and “delusional”) at the bottom of the league, and PRAISE the scousers for doing the exact same AT THE OTHER END OF THE LEAGUE ! (They praised Man U fans too)
    Now I’m all for criticism from other fans, nothing wrong with that – even abuse…but the sheer arrogance of Liverpool fans dwarves that of Man U gloryhunters – and their hypocricy is 10 times greater than their arrogance
    They ain’t known as the mirror kissers for nowt


  43. Phil K

    what you’ve wrote there is the ultimate irony…typical laughable hypocritical bin dipper???? base our knowledge on the gutter press,…sheer arrogance…disappeared when the trophies stopped …..

    fuck man..have you even got a view of your own…utter utter trash bitter as they come you mate …..Up until i read your post i always had respect for Newcastle and their fans…this thread has just enlightened me…is their no fuckin hope for this game….if thats what your football knowledge amounts to….i give up..fuck everybody might as well just stop going the match you beaut!


  44. oh and by the fucking way ..most scousers i know red and blue where rooting for Newcastle to stay up…we were near enough in a relegation scrap ourselves and were close to administration ffs…you must live with your head right up your fuckin backside…arrogance of Liverpool your own fuckin post back to yourself and be fuckin proud of what you wrote and the team your supposed to represent!


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