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First and foremost I would like to say to Simon great job on the site, it looks brilliant and this blog is definitely on the up! It has been a pleasure writing on here so far and I hope to continue to do so for a long time in the future.

Anyway, over the past couple of days I’ve been watching a couple of DVDs’ and quite a few videos of Newcastle season reviews and matches. Some of the performances were sublime, watching Beardsley at his best, seeing Cole smash in goal after goal, and witnessing our famous 5-0 win over the cockneys in denial. This got me thinking about which players would feature in my strongest Newcastle team? Being a younger fan I can’t really judge players that were before my time so this list only includes players that played in the premier league.

Formation: 3-5-2

Goalkeeper  Shay Given: There is a reason why Given was voted the best keeper in the premier league by his fellow professionals and managers alike, he was unbeatable at his peak. Given was often underrated by his own fans, which was a real shame because he showed tremendous loyalty to the club until his desire to earn silverware before he retires forced him to move elsewhere. One of the most astonishing things about Given was that despite the fact he played behind one of the most error prone defences in England, he still produced top class performances.

Defender  Jose Enrique: Newcastle have never had the best defence in the league, in fact until the recent addition of “El Toro” it was pretty poor. Jose provides great flair in his partnership with Jonas whilst also maintaining his defensive duties with ease, a great player and will be sorely missed if he does leave this summer.

Defender  Phillipe Albert: We all remember that goal…4-0 up against Man U…the ball comes to Albert…he pushes forward…spots Schmeichal of his line…and lobs him to perfection. Whilst not being the most consistent defender, he was extremely exciting to watch and fitted in well with Keegan’s “If they score 5 we’ll score 6” mantra.

Defender  Jonathan Woodgate: Although we never really got the best from Woodgate, he oozed class from his first touch and could have been a world-beater. However like so many others, his talent was wasted thanks to a mixture of injuries and personal problems.

Midfield  Peter Beardsley: This man was a magician with the ball. I’m not going to spend all day describing his abilities because you simply had to see it to understand what I mean. Probably the best midfielder to have ever graced the black and white shirt, Beardsley had a great partnership with Cole which was one of the most prolific strike forces the EPL has ever seen.

Midfielder  Nolberto Solano: Another individual that was so comfortable on the ball and could do marvellous things with the ball. An extremely technically gifted player that could also put in a cracking set piece, especially free kicks.

Midfielder  Rob lee: One of Keegan’s great buys, Rob had an outstanding work rate and was famous for his box to box runs. With a keen eye for goal, he was one of the main reasons Newcastle came so close to winning the premier league, but for some reason never received the praise he deserved.

Midfielder  Gary Speed: Like Rob lee, Gary took a few months before he became comfortable in the team, and like Rob Lee he was rather underrated. He wasn’t the most skilful of players, but he was the heartbeat of an impressive team managed by Sir Bobby and was very composed on the ball.

Midfielder David Ginola: When the going was tough, he often disappeared from games, but we can forgive him for that because he was literally unplayable at his best. One of the most entertaining players in the premier league at the time, he knew where the back of the net was, and put in balls with deadly accuracy.

Striker  Andy Cole: There were a few contenders for this spot, Bellamy and Ferdinand would both have been worthy to take his place, but it was Cole’s astonishing goal scoring record that singles him out from the others. 41 goals in all competitions in his first full season at the club is a strike rate that any other striker would have bitten your hand off for. As mentioned earlier, he linked up very well with Beardsley which was arguably the main reason he performed so well for us. “Andy Cole, Andy Andy Cole, he gets the ball he scores a goal, Andy Andy Cole!”.

Striker Alan Shearer: He was a legend before he even kicked a ball, any player that rejects Fergie in favour of Newcastle seals their name in folklore. Off the pitch he was as good a role model as any and a true gentleman, but it was on the pitch where he showed his brilliance. Beating Jackie Milburn to become our all time top goal scorer with 206 goals is not to be sniffed at, and he had the most powerful shot I’ve ever witnessed. The fact that he is the highest goal scorer ever in the premier league surely cements the fact that he is the greatest striker this league has ever seen. Shearer, we salute you.

Once again I remind you that this is only including players from the premier league era which is why some notable names have been omitted. With a team like that I would fancy my chances against any other club around the world, so who would be in yours?

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  1. By the way my 1st post on this site but i`ve followed it for a while, Ed`s blog
    seems getting swamped by kids.
    Supermac, Gazza ??? ❓


  2. TheDimpleboy good thread mate and an excellent line up, as Toonsy says I think Shearer and Ferdie would have been the best partnership, Cole I just couldn’t see as a good partner for Al but he was an excellent player in his own right
    CT welcome onboard mate a lot of good Lads on here 😉


  3. Cant argue with that lineup, Beardsley for me was the most exciting player on his day, magic, he conned the Norwich keeper at home with a near post shot after he feinted to cross which was just unbelievable.


  4. tino for me…2 me the best day off most geordies lifes…barca…no body will forget it…magic player had it all…


  5. UN how lovely to hear from you.–Dimpleboy point taken but whilst I rated Nobby, Tino was a genius if a little flawed so I`d go for him.
    BIG DAVE—Cheers 😆


  6. Pretty good line up Dimpleboy…would maybe swap Alan Kennedy for Jose Enrique, but that’s maybe just me being controversial… 🙂

    Tino deserves a place on the bench too..


  7. Cheers for the feedback lads 😉 And yeah Tino was great but perhaps inconsistent 😥


  8. Tino is a legend for his hat trick against Barca…still get goosebumps when I see those headers flying in.

    Ketzbia will always be a legend for his radged out atack on the advertisement hoardings at the Gallowgate End, he could play a bit too 🙂


  9. TheDimpleboy @ 16 I agree with you about Tino he could be excellent but not consistantly
    MM I can remember that hat-trick like it was yesterday, him and Gillespie tore Barca apart that night 😀


  10. Here is something controversial – take penalties out of it – Cole was a better goalscorer than Shearer BY FAR!


  11. Stardy 12 of Cole’s goals were in the 1st div then he had Beardsley feeding him aswell, but as you say he had a better record than Al but Al gave a lot more to the team than Cole did by Far 😆 😉


  12. Stardust, I agree Andy Cole was a fantastic goalscorer, and scored different types of goals to Shearer. I’ll never forget the day he was sold…tragic. 🙁


  13. Beardsley was the best all round footballer in the last twenty years. if he can get just one kid to be as good as him we will be very fortnuate


  14. gan away for a weekend in the toon and I come back to a new look 😯

    Mind you, with the weather I may aswell have been in Florida 😆

    Is the TV fixtures out yet? Cos I went up to SJP and outside the stwarberry they have a TV fixture list? Unless its from the end of last season.


  15. An Andrew Cole is what we now need. Picked from the championship went on to win every trophy at club level


  16. Spence the blog has missed you lad, oh and did you not see wor Batts got a tweet of wor Joey aswell 😉
    As for the fixtures they must be last year but then if you looked you would have noticed


  17. Dave, I will get one off him, I will just have to work my magic 😉 😆

    And I just glanced and saw them 😆

    Got my season ticket sorted :mrgreen:


  18. Andy Carroll in trouble again …
    Posts: 823
    Hall of Fame

    IT WAS never going to be plain sailing when boozy bad boy England star Andy Carroll took his family on a luxury yachting holiday.

    And sure enough, the voyage on the French Riviera turned into a drunken mutiny as the Geordie striker gave his half brother one in the eye-aye.

    Carroll Ship of nightmares… Carroll and yacht EMPICS Sport

    In the ensuing punch-up, £35 million Liverpool ace Carroll decked Mark Simmonds then sank his teeth into his THUMB as other family members joined in the rum do aboard the chartered £20,000-a- week Indulgence of Poole.

    It ended with furious Carroll, 22, ordering battered Mark and his wife Irene, 31, off the boat in the middle of the night. Then he flew everyone else home by private jet next day leaving the couple stranded in the South of France.

    They only got back to Newcastle after borrowing money from the yacht’s first mate who handed over some of the £450 tip Carroll had given him.

    “I’m still in shock,” Mark, 33, told our source. “Andy just turned on me. I could feel his thumb at the back of my eye and it felt like it was going to pop out.


    Carroll Horrific… injuries to half-brother Mark

    “He turned on my wife too. Just days earlier we had all enjoyed a lovely meal on board.”

    Carroll arranged the family holiday at the end of the season to celebrate becoming Britain’s most expensive footballer after his move from Newcastle to Merseyside.

    He took Mark and his other half brother Stephen along, together with Irene and Stephen’s fiancee Leah. Carroll’s girlfriend Stacey Miller, his dad Thomas and mum Susan, mother to his half-brothers, were also on the private jet to Nice in May. Then they all boarded the 85-foot yacht – complete with four staff – for a seven-day Riviera cruise.

    Carroll Before the bust-up… Carroll and family

    Our source says: “They were all happy. Andy had never treated his family to a holiday together before.”

    But, after visiting the Monaco Grand Prix, Cannes and St Tropez, motorway workman Mark suggested everyone should give Carroll and Stacey, 23, time alone together. Our source says: “The rest of the family thought it would seem ungrateful if they just wandered off without Andy.

    “On their final day, there was a frosty atmosphere. The silent treatment was so bad Mark and Irene stayed on board while the rest went out in Nice for their last night.”

    When they returned at 2.30am, it all kicked off. “Mark asked Leah why nobody was speaking to them,” says our source. “Andy told Mark to leave her alone.

    Carroll Brawl at sea… Carroll holiday turned sour Xposurephotos.com

    “Before long Andy was punching Mark and Mark was grabbing Andy’s hair. Then Andy pinned Mark to the side of the boat and stuck his thumb in his eye.

    “Mark tried to fend him off and bit his thumb. Then Andy’s dad pinned Mark down while Stephen started punching his brother.

    “Andy bit Mark’s thumb in revenge. Their mum Susan had to prise Andy off.” Carroll then ordered Mark and Irene off the boat. Our source says: “He was yelling, ‘F*** off back to your scumbag friends, your scumbag house and your scumbag lives. Where are you going to go? You’ve got no money – you’ll soon come crawling back with your tail between your legs.'”

    Mark hadn’t enough money for flights home – so he rang the yacht’s first mate who later gave him some of Carroll’s tip. Our source says: “He had seen the fight and said he wanted to help ‘good people’. When Mark got home he tried to play it all down – but he was covered in cuts and bruises and had a septic thumb.” A concerned friend gave the News of the World pictures of his wounds.

    Carroll has a history of violence. He had to pay £11,000 to a girl he attacked outside a club in 2008 and was fined £1,000 for gashing another clubber’s face in 2009. In 2010, a training ground incident at Newcastle left team-mate Steven Taylor with a broken jaw. Signing for Liverpool, Carroll said: “I have made mistakes but they are behind me.”

    A source close to the player said: “The brothers did have a disagreement and Mark was asked to leave the yacht.

    “Perhaps it wasn’t settled in the most friendly of ways, but there are two sides to every story. Andy doesn’t feel he’s the one in the wrong.”

    Souce: NOTW, but you need subscription.


  19. You didnt even get one did you? 😆

    I cant be @rsed to watch, got my newcastle vs sunderland DVD on, does anyone know who wins? 😉


  20. I agree with Dave. I think as a partnership Shearer and Ferdinand were better. Cole was still top drawer, but I don’t think he would have complimented Shearer as much as Sir Les did.

    Quite surprising that Cole came from the championship really. Perhaps food for thought for those who write off players like Shane Long…..


  21. Don’t want to discredit either player – just Cole’s stats were better – BTW Shearer scored 183 penalties 😆


  22. I’m on the Big Red Bus Batts – front seats for you and Hitman in the ticker-tape parade 😆


  23. ide take the front seat but only if fatty is the driver so i could stot his head of the window 😉


  24. Newcastle have lodged a €7.5 million [£6.7m] offer for Paris Saint-Germain striker Mevlut Erding, according to radio station RMC.

    Erding has been at the French capital side since 2009, when he joined the club from Sochaux, and has been a regular presence at the Parc des Princes.

    Newcastle have been credited with an interest in the Turkey international for the past several weeks, and it is believed the Magpies made a formal approach for the player earlier this week.

    However, RMC reports that all of PSG’s transfer decisions will be put on hold until Leonardo is officially appointed as sporting director, which will reportedly only happen on Wednesday.

    Erding, who has a contract with PSG until 2013, will reportedly not turn down a move to Newcastle, who finished 12th in the Premier League last season.

    hope so lads


  25. 😆 was gna ask u the same question mate ?? we signed any1 yet spencer?? 😆 al ask you in 3 minutes we might have sum1 new by then 😆


  26. Batty, shh 😉

    We havent signed anyone, but I saw a Audi R8 on Benton road on friday 😯 😉


  27. Batty, shame it turned in the other direction and not towards the training ground 😆


  28. batty dont get me wrong routledge isnt our worst player but we arent goin anywhere with him on the wing!!!! me lass always laaughs at the match how big his arse is 😆 😆 😆


  29. Army, watch it, I heard he’s good at beating a man and sliping round the back 😉 😆


  30. Hitman @31 Wow, that’s incredible – you actually subscribe to the NOTW. Unbelievable!


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