Bridge not a target, but Jose’s future still uncertain.

Should I stay or should I go?
The left back spot has been a talking point for some time now at Newcastle. Will Jose stay or will he go?

To be honest I think most people believe that Enrique’s departure is inevitable and the chances of the Spaniard staying on at Newcastle next season are slim to nil.

Jose still hasn’t publicly revealed his plans and hasn’t officially announced that he won’t sign a bumper new deal that the club are wiling to offer. With this being said the silence is deafening and the player needs to communicate with the club now. If he wants out that’s fine, but we need time to find a suitable replacement.

The Journal this morning deny that Newcastle have any interest in Man City outcast Wayne Bridge. The Sunday rags were reporting that the club had lined up the former England defender to replace Jose. But The Journal have stated that Wayne Bridge is a no go. Just as well really the player looked well below par during his loan spell at West Ham last season.

It’s interesting that The Journal are reporting that the Enrique situation still hasn’t reached a conclusion. I must admit I would be very surprised if the left back decided his future was on Tyneside, however if the player himself apparently hasn’t told the club of his intentions I guess there’s a small chance he could stay.

More realistically Jose is biding his time and assessing his options. Waiting to see which clubs come in for him and even who will pay him more maybe. With Arsenal searching for a replacement for Man City bound Clichy, Enrique’s name has frequently been linked with the Londoners over the past week or two.

We all know Liverpool are long term admirers of the classy Spaniard too. Kenny Dalglish was heavily linked with Arsenal’s Clichy but it would seem he has lost out to City for the French left back. Therefore his interest for Enrique has been renewed reportedly.

The Enrique saga is dragging now in truth, we would all like him to commit to the club and stay on but even the most optimistic Newcastle fan will know it’s highly unlikely. It’s a situation that needs resolving now because a player of Jose’s caliber and importance needs replacing and it can’t be a last minute job. If he was to leave I’d rather it be now.

Neil Taylor is a name constantly linked, but seemingly that deal is off for the moment. Who would you bring in to replace Jose- if indeed he does leave this summer?

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32 thoughts on “Bridge not a target, but Jose’s future still uncertain.

  1. I think terms have been agreed with N Taylor if the clubs can come to an arrangement. Also think that the terms demanded for M’Benge have been clarified with his club should he be needed. Just waiting on Jose.

    Arsenal also have Kieran Gibbs. Also some continental clubs are reported to have enquired about Jose. He’s on good wages as well.


  2. Been looking at the transfer activity of our competitors and really, to date, we have nothing to worry about…

    Discounting the teams we 100% expect to finish above us anyway…
    Man United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spuds, Liverpool and Man City… the other teams look rather weak and have lost talent rather than strengthened…

    Lets take a look:

    Aston Villa: bought nobody, lost Ashley Young
    Blackburn: bought nobody, lost Phil Jones
    Bolton: brough in Pratley (they have a good manager and solid squad)
    Everton: bought nobody
    Fulham: bought nobody
    Liverpool: bought Henderson?? average joe player who doesn’t strengthen them in the least bit, but wastes valueable funds.
    Norwich: bought Bennett, Johnson, de Laet and Morrison… doesn’t exactly scare me, and I see them finishing rock bottom…
    QPR: bought nobody, but lost Routeledge who was great for them…
    Stoke: bought nobody
    Scum: lost Henderson, bought Wickham for 8mil (massively overated and over priced), Seb Larsson, and Gardener… (on the whole they have probably improved slightly but not gained much).
    Swansea: Bought in Graham, lost Pratley (which kind of balances out) I see them being this seasons Hull/Blackpool (quick start slow finish)…
    West Brom: Bought no one…lost Scott Carsson…
    Wigan: bought nobody and will probably lose Charles N’Zogbia…

    All in all, we have gained: Cabaye, Marveaux and Ba, and effectively Ben Arfa and Gosling… lost Nolan, which puts us slightly stronger in my opinion.

    I expect us to at least finish above:

    Wigan, West Brom, Swansea, QPR, Norwich, and Blackburn. (for me the weakest Premier League we’ve seen in some time…)
    That puts us into a minimum of 14th place…

    We will be competing with the likes of Bolton, Aston Villa, Everton, Fulham, Stoke, and the Scum for that top seven/eight place IMO… and just how well we strengthen, or don’t weaken, in the next three weeks will decide that mini league…

    Final summary for us this season:

    Worst possible outcome we finish 14th…
    Best possible outcome we finish 7th…
    Prediction: Bolton, Everton, finish above us and we take 9th place… :)… perhaps one lower is we lose Barton and Erique without good replacements.


  3. JJ you should have submitted that as a blog as it deserves discussion in it’s own right.


  4. Ye, I thought about it but I don’t have Toonsy’s email add… πŸ˜‰

    Perhaps he can take the concept and expand on it for discussion.


  5. Enrique needs to stop mucking everyone about, he promised to speak to the club once we were safe but has gone back on that promise and i agree he needs to get it sorted now either way, we dont need any last minute drama which will leave us short again.


  6. I just want football. Probably just my f*cked up mood after a f*cked up weekend and a f*cked up week ahead of me, but blast it! Enough with the transfer nonsense. I’m going to build myself a time machine and zap myself to the first day of the season.


  7. JJ if you ever want to write, don’t forget that I’m administrator here too. I’m like Toonsy’s right hand man and can do anything that he can on here.


  8. Think we need a transfer policy which means we only sell our best talent abroad where it can’t come back to bite us.


  9. @hitman

    That means nothing. how many articles have you seen like that linking him to every club mentioned there, we still have a good chance if we bid for him.

    I think the longer jose stays the more pressure he will have to sign back up with us and i dont think barton will leave this summer.


  10. Hardly a shock, hitman. He isn’t likely to show up here I wouldn’t have thought, not at Β£9m anyway.


  11. sick of that bloody rooneys face on blog heading πŸ‘Ώ
    whats happened to the comments on side of site πŸ˜•


  12. just seen clichy arrive for a medical at city…why havnt they gone 4 enrique..find it strange..he is crap..doesnt look good for us..i hope not…arsenal will go forward with enrique..thats were they are losing goals…


  13. It will be interesting to see what reception Enrique will get in the first game if he moves to Arsenal. It would be nice to think M’Bengue would cost a certain amount and we could demand that amount for Enrique and then replace him with M’Bengue on a 5 year contract. That would be a good piece of business IMO. The other names being touted like Wayne Bridge and N Taylor don’t fill me with optimism.


  14. sick of this jose carry on,he is showing no respect to the club or fans in anyway,hes just holding out for the best offer not even showing any intrest in what toon have to offer,for me i would withdraw offer to him and tell him to get on his bike,even if he did sign he would just want to go again if our season wasnt good enough for him,just want players who want to play for the toon sell the git and move on imo


  15. JJ….. Great post mate and agree with you on it as we stand right now. The left back issue is fast becoming a serious issue and needs nailing down now one way or other. If we replace Jose with some mediocre player we will perhaps struggle to improve on that 14th spot you mention. Great post mate


  16. ” …we would all like him to commit to the club and stay on but even the most optimistic Newcastle fan will know it’s highly unlikely.”

    Speak for yourself. I’ve always said he would stay, and still think that. I think he needs to show what he can do for another season before a Champs League team will come in for him. Otherwise he risks going somewhere and becoming just another might’ve been stat. Does he trade a sure thing start in a team where he is a hero for a move to a different team culture where he is not a certain starter. Bearing in mind how difficult he found settling in at Newcastle.


  17. One thing that you to remember is Jose is an a fecking good wicket here wage wise… and if he has been offered an improved contract, he would almost be priced out of the market… I really can’t see the Arse and Bindippers paying what he will demand… He may have to realise that he has priced himself out of most of the intersted clubs.. Also it may be a case that some of the 35m we got for the sale of what’s his name, may be being spent on fattening up Jose’s new deal… I would not be surprised if he stays at all… πŸ˜€


  18. I think Jose should sign up or FCUK OFF DOUBLE QUICK.
    He’s holding the club to ransom and If I was Ash, I would shift his 4r5e pronto.


  19. Is it just me or is the Β£10m price tag quoted for Jose laughable. In an age when the most upnproven of unproven 18 year old strikers turns up in Blunderland for Β£12m and they sell Henderson for Β£20m then Β£10m for Jose is a disgrace. Everton have been clear in saying that Baines is not for sale but if you want him then its Β£20m. If we don’t put out the same sort of message we are all wasting our time even attempting to give Ashley any sort of benefit of the doubt. It will prove to me that “any deal will do” and recouping of cash is plain and simple his number 1 priority not trying to retain our better players. ❓


  20. @28

    It is a joke that because he is spanish he is half price but he only has a year left on his contract and that means we sell him cheaper or lose him for free if he wants to leave next year. so we might aswell make something out of him.


  21. Dont forget he is in last year of contract now and can walk for free at end of season, this has the effect of lowering his price.
    Had the fecker signed a new deal last season, he could still have been sold if he wanted to go, but NUFC could demand a higher price.
    Once again a player/agent pulling all the strings to suit only themselves. Couldn’t give a sh!t about the club. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.
    I just want him to hurry up and go. πŸ‘Ώ


  22. If Jose does not sign up before the end of the week but has still not moved on before the lads board the plane for the states then we should leave him behind to train with the kids . Its a efffing disgrace how he is mucking the club about now . Who does he think he is ? telling the club he would talk when we were safe ,then it was at the end of the season and now we are into pre season training and he is still keeping silent .


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