Pardew thoughts on the coming season

Pardew speaks again...

Pardew speaks again...
Pardew speaks again...
Once again Pardew took time out of his busy schedule to talk to the lads on Total Sport which in my opinion is very good of him. This article is just a brief overview of his comments.

There were many questions posed to Pardew over the hour he spent in the studio and he answered them with his usual calm media savvy. Pardew answered questions on Signings, Depatures, Money and other interesting topics.

Cabaye – Pardew mentioned how Cabaye is the player we really lacked last year, “the creative force” which would have helped us break teams in down in games like Blackburn away. Cabaye was someone who Carr had watched ten times and Pardew’s seen him play three times live, and also seen every game he played last year on DVD, that goes to show how thorough our scouting is nowadays. Cabaye has also seemed to have settled well as he’s already purchased a house, let’s hope he’s going to be living in it for a long time.

Marveaux – There was less said about Marveaux but what was mentioned was the added pace which he brings to the side. Pardew was quoted as saying “he was pulling up tree’s in France 18 months ago” which is only a good sign, and if he’s fully recovered from his groin injury he should be very important for the team. Marveaux was watched by Carr for 18 months as we know he was going to be a Bosman, seems like a clever deal to me.

Ba – Ba was mentioned frequently and Pardew really seems to rate him, he acknowledged that we’d have some worries over his bad knees, but spoke of his “loyal staff” who he’d spoken to from West Ham, who checked him out thoroughly on behalf of him. Pardew was told that he trained every day for West Ham, but admitted he’ll have to be “managed”. Pardew also mentioned a phone conversation with Ba, which he said he used an old English phrase which cannot be repeated due to swearing. Which leads me to believe that Ba said he’d “work his bollocks off for Newcastle” which is always a good attitude.

The Enrique situation – Pardew said that there was “nobody more keen for Jose to stay then him” but which a year left on his current deal and his desire to play Champions league football it is going to be a struggle to keep him. That doesn’t surprise me but the positive thing is that Pardew says that there is “back-up plans in place if Jose leaves”, and he will be reporting for pre-season training this week.

Incomings – Pardew kept mentioning the figure two when talking about incoming transfers, but then said that Jose would be replaced if he goes. So, with two expected incomings then anyone of note leaving being replaced that is a good sign for the club and should ease some worries. Another thing which was said is that one of the signings will definitely be a striker. When asked about Erdinc Pardew said “It’s difficult to comment on individual players as no agreement has been reached” which doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, but Erdinc is on the radar I’m almost sure of that.

Money, Money, Money – Pardew made a point of declaring how much even free transfers cost the club in this current day and age. He claims “huge fee’s” were spent acquiring Demba Ba and Sylvain Marveuax, but insists there is still money there to strengthen. Also money is being spent elsewhere on the training ground facilities and developing good young players, with Pardew knowing the exact amounts spent on those. When being virtually accused of being Llambias’ and Ashley’s mouthpiece Pardew said that he was speaking his own words, and when it comes to money he has Lee Charnley, the club secretary in charge of how much has been spent so far. That leads me to believe that Pardew lacks a certain amount of trust for the boys at the top aswell.

The Barton Issue – There were very mixed reactions from Pardew over the possible departure of Barton. There’s no doubt that he wants the influential midfielder to stay, but Joey wants success, and we have to prove he can have that at Newcastle. Pardew mentioned that Barton was often knocking on his door last season bemoaning the lack of quality in the squad as they weren’t getting the results which the performances merited, and Pardew said he hopes he can persuade him that this squad has more quality and that at the end of this season he may be inclined to re-open contract talks. I never doubted what Pardew wanted if I’m honest, Ashley’s the one who isn’t keen.

Change of style – Pardew stated that last year often the results were good, but the performances weren’t that great due to being sloppy in possession and didn’t keep the ball well enough, he believes if we can sort that out we can challenge against the better teams in the league. That’s the main reason behind the acquisition of Cabaye, who was branded “the water carrier or creative force” by Pardew, I think his meaning of water carrier is different to the Sunday league version. He feels with Barton and Cabaye being able to control the tempo of games and move the ball better we’ll be able to keep possession for longer and frustrate teams. Also with added pace and flair Pardew claims we’ll be an “exciting team to watch”, let’s hope so.

Number 9 – Pardew branded the number nine shirt as a “heavy shirt to wear”, and claimed that the type of striker we were looking to bring in was very different to the big strong strikers we’ve had as number nines in the past with Shearer and Carroll being the benchmark. He claims the striker we’re looking at has to have pace and flair, but he’s not certain to get the number nine either. Pardew did go on to say that the number nine will be given out, but to somebody with “dignity, technical ability and power”.

With nothing new on the captaincy or number one front Pardew has said he will decide over the coming weeks. Captaincy wise he says he has “a few names in mind” but hasn’t decided yet, but we will find out in pre-season friendlies as I imagine a few players will be tested in the captaincy role. But the keeper debate seemed like a harder decision as he admitted he doesn’t really know who’s going to be his number one as Harper has “huge experience” and Krul’s recent performances have shown him to be a good candidate for the shirt, he also didn’t rule out Forster saying he had “natural goal-keeping talent”. Pardew unfortunately expects the keeper who is number three to be unhappy and wish to leave the club, as he says no-one wants to go from being a possible number one to a number three. So I imagine there will be some movement on that one.

Finally, Pardew stated that his goals for the season were to improve on last year’s finish and to hopefully win a cup. A tad optimistic, but look at Birmingham, they did it, and they were poor. Pardew also mentioned the real need to start fast and for the Frenchman not to take too long to bed into English football, but patience is needed during a “transition period”. He also expects us to be a much stronger side in the second half of the season, so hopefully we’ll take advantage in the run in.

Pardew believes we’ve got a stronger squad this year and so do I at this current time, but we need a few incomings and not so many outgoings and next year will be an exciting year. Howay the lads!

PS: Also as I know many people are looking to get Hatem Ben Arfa on their shirt I have to mention that Pardew has not decided the numbers, but will announce them soon. So I’d wait if I was you. 😀

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220 thoughts on “Pardew thoughts on the coming season

  1. @ 149 who said that Hughton was world class? he did a job, something which the “media savvy” failure that Jobey worships has only done against the weakest opposition.

    the fact is that jobey has not done his homework and looks down on people who cant write as well as him, even though he talks shite


  2. ” Batty @ 146 I have always said that Shola must be super in training as every manager has tried him out and give him a chance”

    Ye, he must het some real bad dirt on his managers…

    He’s got to be the worst player to ever have played so consistantly bad and not been released.
    He also has his one good month just before it comes to signing a new contract…


  3. What haven’t i done my homework on? please tell me? 🙂

    And when did I look down on you, we were sharing a debate, you mentioned something about my articles, before i’d even said anything. you’re just really really petty.

    I don’t worship him, He just is a better all round manager than Hughton


  4. JJ 😆 I cant see him having something on every manager as he has had a fair few, but he must have something in training ❓ that doesn’t get transfered into his games


  5. John

    Hughton had the benefit of making his team and having a preseason.
    Let’s give Pardew that same priviledge before we judge shall we.

    The last time Hughton took over a team on the Prem that wasn’t his was when Kinnear got ill… And he couldn’t win a single game…


  6. If jobey says anything to me now, ill just mention the fact that im getting a season ticket 😉 😆

    and RT, im not bent 😆


  7. I listened to it, very good interview, he didn’t dodge questions or anything like Hughton would do every interiew. He handled every question really well.

    Can’t wait for pre season to start now 🙂


  8. Spencer – It’s class how you’ve just said “that’s true” to being called backward 😛


  9. Robson signed Kluivert in July 2004 to play up front with Shearer.
    Shola dropped in August 2004 .
    Robson sacked in August 2004.
    I won’t comment on the saga behind the scenes but Bellamy and Robert might.


  10. Reet back to more important issues when are we getting rid of shrek of the top of this page. it makes me gringe when I see his ugly heed


  11. Bobby Shinton number 9 says:
    July 4, 2011 at 21:35
    Wow! Top 10! Really? Call me old fashioned but to break into the top doesnt really excite me.
    I think we should be aiming for 7th place and if we don’t get it then it should be classed as a failure.

    What a ridiculous comment to make Bobby.


  12. Big dave – I looked up then thinking Toonsy had put a picture of himself up at the top, was relieved to see Rooney if im honest


  13. @188 didnt see that, but fooking hell bobby, has your train crashed, top 7? The top six are in place, and imo there are better teams outside it than us.


  14. JJ, i know 😆

    but if it was, that would mean gay’s kiss with there arses, so bumming is like getting a BJ, cant see it myself 😆


  15. “but if it was, that would mean gay’s kiss with there arses, so bumming is like getting a BJ, cant see it myself”

    It’s obvious that you can’t see it, it’s because you’ve got your back to the guy 😆 😆


  16. Very good that one jobey 😆

    If its true, does that mean a quiff is a lesbian blowing a kiss? 😆


  17. I’m good, had to full on fight my corner – a bit like toonsy does, haha, to some nob, you?


  18. Nice read over-seer jobey cheers for putting this up, now SToP looking down on me 😀 😆 😀


  19. Wonder why on BBC and Sky Sports it says out next game is Leeds…

    Seriously though I cant wait for the away day atmosphere again next season 🙂 Really hope I can get to Darlo away, if not I’ll go to Leeds.


  20. Im abit lucky really, Leeds away bout 40min drive, then about 10days after we move. :mrgreen: 😆


  21. Chaps…and ladies.

    I think it’s already been said before but Pardew has never had a problem with PR, it’s results he’s had issues with. Granted it’s refreshing that he talks to the supporters but tempered by the fact he loves the sound of his own voice. Plus he doesn’t half talk some shyte sometimes.

    On at least a couple of occasions he blatantly didn’t answer the question despite what some have said about not skirting the issue. When challenged about the motivation of the new signings, he just repeated that they wanted to play for NUFC, not the reasons behind that. He basically stated the question back to the listener almost rhetorically.

    I was Nolan’s biggest critic but I think we let go far too easily without working on something clever to keep him and use him. I think it’s clearly suited them that he wanted to go.

    The nonsense about funding the clubs cost with the £35m is just that, nonsense. When did running a club become like this? When I go out to buy my cornflakes or pay my gas bill, I don’t sell my TV to pay for it. Unless I’m really desperate and it’s clear we’re not anymore. We’re going to breakeven earlier than expected, at the very least.

    As ever, I wait with baited breath for the coming season but there are so many question marks around unproven players and reliance on players returning from injury it’s frightening. I hate to say it, but Pardew and Ashley are playing good cop, bad cop and it’s been to good effect if everyone is carefree about the current situation.


  22. Jobey you’ll get that mate.
    If your going to be publishing people like to have a pop. I remember when a guy spotted 1 spelling mistake in an article I did that was 1500 plus words long and I was puzzled as to why he spotted that rather than the article I had worked hard on.
    Most people are great and supportive though, although friendly debate is what blogs are about. :mrgreen:


  23. Good write-up Jobey

    Seems as though you fought your corner well too.

    I’m of the belief that we’ll sign three more players. The two expected + replacement for Enrique as he’s likely to join Arsenal. He deserves it too

    Barton will see out his contract and we just can’t ship the rest. Nobody wants them.


  24. Great article jobey. Thanks a lot for putting this up since I definitely couldn’t listen in!

    And John, calm down mate. Just accept that hughton really isn’t a great manager. We’ll always remember him for what he was in charge of, but he is simply not the “legend” that some fans try to make him out to be.

    Pardew is easily the better manager


  25. Just had a listen to the interview.

    Pardew is very sleek, plays the media well, is very much a politician-type speaker – and I’ve never seen a politician who doesn’t lie. That 35m. I gather from what he says that every penny of it is being used for ongoing upgrades – ground improvements, training facilities, etc – and recruitment costs – fees, agents, travel expenses, hotel rooms, entertainment expenses, etc. So, technically, yeah, it is going back into the club, but, come on, that’s not what the common understanding of what he said back in January was. And he knows that.

    But that’s all just tricky-dicky spin doctoring, and that is what I find annoying, and it’s why I don’t trust Pardew, Ashley and co (or politicians).

    And one can only assume that income from all other sources is being used to pay off the debt, or whatever. Frankly, I don’t know what’s involved in running a football club, and I’m no accountant, so I really can’t speak with any degree of confidence about that merits of that sort of thing.

    I know football, though, and, all in all, away from the administrivia, I’m looking forward to the new style of play. It should be an interesting time. I think 4 things will determine the success, or otherwise, of our season:

    1. Keeping people fit, esp. HBA, Gosling, Marveaux and Ba.
    2. Whether the Frenchies settle in quickly
    3. The quality of our next striker
    4. Whether Pardew has the tactical nouse to make the new style work

    Am I confident? No, not really. I never am. I’m hopeful that we’ll make the top 10, and for me that means anywhere from 1-10. More likely it’ll be 5-10. Even more likely it’ll be 7-10. I expect the first half of the season to be a roller-coaster ride. So what’s new?


  26. Aim high – but would it really be failure to finish lower than 7th? I think 7th is the highest we could hope to acheive but I personally dont think this season will be a failure unless we finish outside the top 10.

    I just cant see why people cant accept that theres better teams out there. Haye lost so he is a failure. Or is he just not as good as the other guy. Murray is 4th in the world and ‘only’ got to the semis and lost to the machine Nadal. He’s branded a failure. Or is he just the 4th best player in the WORLD and just isnt as good as the others? When England lose we are fialures, or are we just not as good as we think we are? Surely theres a cultural thing here with us brits.

    John – The Hoots thing bored me to death. He has gone. So has Carroll. So has KK and so has Shearer and Supermac. Please move on. Does it matter who the F*** has the better win percentage? I bet wor bobby has better and KK but they arent coming back so please just move on from that man.

    Hoots will not do anything of note at Brum so will he then be a failure?


  27. @raffo

    You may not like to debate about past players or managers but some do and I suggest you just sit out whilst it’s going on. 😉


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