View from the away end- QPR.

Sir Les whilst at QPR.
In today’s edition of view from the away end I speak to Stephen, a QPR fan. In truth I struggled to find a QPR supporter to take part in an interview for the series.

I got talking to Stephen through email and he was kind enough to answer the questions and represent his club in the QPR view from the away end. So many thanks to Stephen for taking part, top man.

Queens Park Rangers enjoyed an incredible season that saw them deservedly win the league and crowned Championship champions last season. Rangers can now look forward to Premier League football again after a 15 year absence from the top flight.

Newcastle winger Wayne Routledge was loaned back to his former club last season and put in some decent performances for Rangers. Much like he did during Newcastle’s promotion season, there is no doubting that Routy is excellent at Championship level.

Here’s what I asked Stephen:

How do you rate our fans?

The fans I’ve met have been knowledgable, passionate and fun. Some of the best I’d say. Though, I’ve never met one who has beaten me at pool.

Haha, sounds like a challenge. Although I must admit I’m not very good at pool. Next question, If you could have any one Newcastle player at QPR who would it be and why?

Wayne Routledge was a good loan, at the right time, for us. He seemed to fit it very well, very quickly – so I would keep him.

Who is your favorite Newcastle player of all time and why?

Les Ferdinand – a QPR legend.

What do you think to the sale of Kevin Nolan? Was it a bad move for the club and how do you rate our dealings in the transfer market so far?

I’ve always thought that Kevin Nolan was a great player and he did well for Newcastle. However, I guess his contract was up and he’s knocking on a bit. It’s a good signing for West Ham, that’s for sure. I couldn’t possibly rate or criticize your transfer dealings – the mess at QPR almost cost us promotion. However, it’s always the same at Newcastle with Mike Ashley “promissing” to re-invest the dollars.

From an away fan’s point of view, what do you make of St James’ Park?

Amazing. I’m jealous. You’ve got to remember that our ground, Loftus Road, is surrounded by council flats, can’t be expanded and only holds 18,360.

It’s safe to say your owners are well off financially. What are your opinions of our owner- Mike Ashley?

Remember “Behind every great fortune is a great crime”.

How do you think Newcastle did last season in their first season back in The Premier League?

A great season. I enjoyed watching them.

Last season two of the three promoted teams stayed up, with the third team very unlucky to go down. Do you think you guys will stay up next season?

Put it this way, I’ll be pleased, and pleasently surprised, if we get 4th from bottom.

As a recently promoted team which of your players do you think will be stand out next season in the Premier League?

Paddy Kenny in goal was superb for us last season – he won many of the points. Adel Taarabt was the star player – and he knew it(!) – though by the time this is published he may well have been enticed elsewhere.

Taarabt is a talent but he is very aware of it that’s for sure. Next question . Warnock won the league with you last season and got you back to the big time, he’s done a good job. But what do you make of Newcastle manager Alan Pardew?

Yep, I rate Pardew. Though, I think it’s a perception issue with him. He needs some good PR. He’s one of those managers that rides the wave when the going is good but will easily lose the confidence of all around him when it turns around. Good luck to him!

You mentioned earlier that Routledge would be the one player you would have off of us. How important was he last season?
He made all the difference at the right times. And some vital goals. I would definately get him back permanently.

Who will finish higher in the league out the two of us next season?

You- of course!

Score Predictions?

St James’?– 4-0.
Loftus Road?– 2-2.

Finally, during these interviews I like to give a mention to players that have represented both clubs. You mentioned Sir Les and we’ve spoken about Routledge, that leaves us with…. Peter Ramage?

Yeah, he’s OK. Nothing spectacular. But how many right backs are spectacular?!

Very good words from Stephen, it was nice to get a mellow interview after the controversial Liverpool one the other day. Good luck to QPR next season and thanks again Stephen for agreeing to take part.

What do you guys think? Agree with Stephen’s views? Please discuss.

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I’m Mark, I live in a little town called Rugby. I go back a long way with Toonsy, we have traveled the country together watching the lads. I eat, breath and sleep Newcastle United! Follow me on [email protected] MRStockers or add me on Facebook- Mark Stockley.

56 thoughts on “View from the away end- QPR.

  1. I’ll have a write up on Pardews interview, i have 1,000 words of notes so far 😆 😆


  2. He’s a bit “deluded” isn’t he?….4th bottom for God’s sake 🙄 …………..just kidding, canny interview. He’s right about Loftus Road though,I went down there when we played Yeading in the cup, absolutely nowhere for them to expand the stadium. Good luck for next season.


  3. I’m a doofus, I scheduled this article earlier no even remembering the pards interview was at 5.30- bad marktoon


  4. Jobey how about you doing an article on the Pards interview ❓ 😆
    well he does plan on another striker so thats one less thing to worry about


  5. Dave…or one more thing to worry about….if Bobby’s arse has to go in Fenwick’s window 😯

    Mark….don’t be so hard on yourself, we knew you were a “doofus” before you did that 😉 😆


  6. I’m bashing one out now, an article that is. Mark, what time shall i put it up? tonight or tomorrow?


  7. Jobey, tonight because I had to go for tea half way through 😆

    Must be hard typeing a article with one hand? 😆


  8. Jobey07 , I’m not Mark but..

    Tonight! I want to read it! I’ll RT you on twitter or something, that seems to be the currency these days.


  9. From whatever I have read of the Pardew interview, I actually think he gave fairly good answers to the questions put to him without giving too much away.A far cry from the usual interviews where he would just go on and on cause he liked his own voice too much.. 😉


  10. Could anyone imagine Hooters giving an interview like that all ye ever got out of him was ‘ this group of lads or i’ve got a great group of lads’ 😆 .
    I actually think he came across well and he didn’t duck any questions


  11. Spencer – Even I am having a bit of a problem mate,but I thought it was my connection or something..


  12. Spence no mate but I remember Richie saying something about you being a bit slow, so unless he was talking about your connection 😆


  13. Spencer- it’s fine my end bud. When jobey finishes typing up pards’ interview…,what do u guys think of the qpr edition?


  14. RT- thats good to hear 😆

    Deepak, I thought that last night, but its been like it today aswell 😕


  15. What browser you using marktoon? Might be worth a shot using crome.

    I never really thought much of QPR until last season, they really seemed to shine. I wish them all the best next year, but I do worry for them, cant really see any prem class in there defence. There midfield and attack are class though.

    By the way, I love these away end views. 😀


  16. I can do it all Mark so i’ll be fine. Lack of direct quotes though lads as i was typing out notes on my own, I wrote down all the stuff he’s said though.


  17. Kudos to you Mark for taking the pain to find and interview all these fans and getting their views on us.Really enjoy reading them although I admit the Liverpool fan that you had over last week made me want to take a sledgehammer and knock some arrogance and attitude out of his head.. 😆


  18. Dave…tried mate, it was spose’d to be 10mb but on a good day it almost makes 3 but they say there’s nowt they can do cos it’s the cables, being right on the edge of the town doesn’t help I think 👿


  19. cheers lads- yeah everyone has been sound so far, the ‘Pool interview was controversial for sure 🙂

    Spence- I use Chrome mate, never lets me down!

    Jobey- cool man, I’m sure you’ll do a top notch job buddy 🙂

    oh and guys Sunderland fan being interviewed for the view to the away end this week 😉


  20. I think it’ll be a real struggle for QPR unfortunately, obviously depends who they can bring in and who goes. But tight little ground, alot of players won’t like it there you never know, that’s the beauty of football. 😉


  21. Mark, have you got the sunderland fan yet?

    Not aimed at you, but if hes biased it will be boring as fook to read.

    For example if you ask, which player from newcastle would you have?, and they reply none, there all shyte. 😆


  22. Spence- I wouldn’t interview a guy that would be that impossible….. don’t worry. Obviously it could always get heated but I would abandon if I wasnt getting sensible answers!
    But look at Liverpool… every other fan has been so complimentary so far, so that was a different slant to the series.
    interesting ive interviewed two clubs so far that we in The CC last season and both fans chose Routledge as the one player they would have of us…. 😆


  23. Ye, I dont mind fans having diffrent view, it will just be annoying if there a complete twat 😆


  24. Spence……don’t expect much from the Mackem fan 😉
    The Chelsea and Arse fans I’m talking to though are sound.

    Jobey- How you getting on mate?


  25. If they somthing decent worth reading, I wont slate him.

    If he says a bunch of gob shyte, ill rip him until he commits 😆


  26. I’ve never heard a mackem say a decent thing yet…..apart from an old army mate from Jarra who’s a scum season ticket holder, he once told me though that he hates people from 5under1and itself 😆


  27. Still like that Fitz Hall guy, think he has a cool name.
    Good luck to QPR next season hope they do well.


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