Pardew causes fan unrest – not for the first time!

NUFC Transfer policy?
It’s been a while since I wrote an article due to holidays and other commitments and to be honest I have lacked a bit of inspiration due to the repetition of the media and the same rumours circling around twitter.

Fantastic to know that pre-season training is back up and running as it makes you start to feel like the footy will be underway again soon, although there is still a long while before we kick a ball competitively against the Gooners at St. James Park.

The reason I type is Alan Pardew. Now in the past, I have been annoyed with his ‘second hand car salesman’ style of smiling and beguiling us all. I wrote an article at the start of the year asking if Alan Pardew was writing cheques he couldn’t cash.

That article was brought about due to Alan’s assurances to the fans that Carroll wouldn’t be sold. Of course, Alan was scolded by what happened next, we all know what happened. Pards then came out and told us that Mike Ashley had assured him that the money would be re-invested into the team.

Now that article was written in March and since then I think I am actually starting to warm to the guy. Why not, always give them a chance I reckon.

I like the fact he communicates. I like the fact he is media friendly and I also think he is a good manager. Tactically he is competent and his preperation on the next opposition is excellent. He really seems to be winning a lot of fans over and that is fantastic in my book. If the fans are collectively behind the manager and the team then it’s a recipe for success.

However, in my absence from the blog and the world of twitter, I have only caught a bit of discussion over the past couple of days and it all seems to be about the 35 million not being spent and the fans interpretation of what ‘spending on the team’ actually means.

I noticed the fuel on the proverbial fire was down to an interview Pardew gave to the BBC Newcastle station in which he fielded a lot of questions on different topics.

The first bone of contention came about when Pardew mentioned that Ben Arfa and Gosling will be like two new signings. KABOOOOOM! The volcano erupted and there was outrage from sections of the support! Now it’s obvious he is trying to mug us off and we aren’t going to spend the money!!!

Erm… actually, he’s absolutely 100% right. They ARE going to be like two new signings.

There are a lot of fans out there who will lambaste the board in every single decision they make and pick apart every comment the manager makes to suit their blinkered one sinded argument.

I like to think I am not one of them.

What does concern me though, is all the other things Pardew had to say regarding the 35 million used in the sale of Carroll being spent on training facilities and wages.

In all my time as a football fan, I have never heard such nonsense from the manager of a football club.

It makes me realise that him and the board really don’t get us and never will.

Gentlemen of the South, you sold the best prospect from English soil since Wayne Rooney. You sold England’s future number 9, to be recognised all across the globe and feared by every single defender worldwide for many years to come.

What’s more…..he was ours. He was our number 9. He was our local lad. He was heir to the throne of Wor Al.

You sold him and now you expect to piss in our hands and tell us it’s raining.

The only reason any fan can justify the sale of him by the club is the money. That’s why the magic number 35 is mentioned in every discussion to do with Newcastle United since January.

Some fans never agreed with the sale full stop – for any money. Some agreed that at 35 million it was too good to turn down and some thought we should rip the arm of the Scouse for that.

Now for the club to come out and say that money is being spent on agent fees in free transfers and is effectively being put aside to pay wages is an insult to us all.

What if Cabaye and Ba have a great season and they leave after a year? What happens to those millions put aside for their wages 3 years later?

Oh, and what would we have spent in transfers had we not sold Carroll? I am guessing nothing by recent evidence and statements? If anything, survival in the Premier League and the ability to push of should have warranted a war chest of 15 million anyway!!!!!

My point is, this club would still be running without the sale of Carroll. We would still be paying wages and would still be able to afford the free transfers we have brought in (including the agent fees). We would even be able to stretch to undersoil heating for the lads to make it all cosy in the winter months.

So why are so many fans suddenly accountants and acting like they have been brainwashed into believing the club would have collapsed without that injection of £35 million?

Don’t get me wrong. I am happy if we come out of this window stronger than when we went in but I am still thinking that we won’t be as strong up front as we were going into the January transfer window when we sold our main attacking outlet – who has yet to be replaced.

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57 thoughts on “Pardew causes fan unrest – not for the first time!

  1. There is a lit if confusion about it all I agree, but its only because we dint know the full story, which makes it easy to conspire.


  2. I agree with a lot of that. But IMO as long as we’re stronger i’m happy, i don’t expect much from this current regime and try and see the bright things of everything as there isn’t usually much to shout about. But hey,ho, We’ll be alright. We could be great though 😕


  3. “But IMO as long as we’re stronger i’m happy”

    Definitely agree with that. I just think they need to be honest when speaking to us.

    A lot of fans who were up in arms about the sale said ”well if he spends the money on bringing in quality replacements then it’s fine”

    Who is our quality replacement for our number 9? Was it going to be Erdinc? Hardly blows me off my seat.

    I know there’s a lot of time to go in this window but Pardew also said theat they had done so much work scouting that they knew who was available, how much they cost and whether they would come to us…..every target other than the freebies and Nolan’s replacement haven’t come to pass.

    Why wait if they have plans? Why not get them in for the pre-season tour to America?


  4. Haha Dave,

    Cheers for your feedback mate, out of interest, which of my articles would you rate as garbage?


  5. what are we supposed to say??
    Everyone we have 40 million quid to spend and we’ll also pay all you money grubbing agent ,players whatever the F*#k you want too.
    maybe they’ve learned a lesson and are playing their cards a little closer to thier chest.
    They are gamblers!!


  6. dave…go and f*ck yourself..nice post mate agree with everything…but i cnt help thinking they are coming out and saying all this sh*t publicly so that clubs and agents and players dont hold them to ransom knowing that they have this 35 million warchest..the transfer window shuts dead in 2 months time..i firmly believe that we will be stronger by then and will have some suprise big signings on board..just cos we havnt been linked with any big name targets doesnt mean were nt persuing many of u haerd us trailing marvaux? not thing i learned bout this regime is they keep cards close to chest and say f*ck all..keep faith lads..


  7. I’m pretty sure when they talk about wages in regards to the £35m being reinvested in the club they are talking about this season’s salary – not the entire length of the contract. Could be wrong like, but I don’t think they are THAT daft!


  8. Paul,

    That’s a good point, but they aren’t saying it to the agents and players only are they?

    They are saying it to the fans. Does it make it OK to deceive us and treat us like puppets to get what they want?


  9. I understand that some money would have went on agent fee’s etc but using it to upgrade the training pitches…It’s annoying. I’m not too fussed how much we spend but knowing for a fine fact we could easily splash the cash on a couple quality players fustrates me. Buying free/cheap players from France isn’t the long term answer in my opinion.


  10. TC,

    A player on 40k per week gets just over 2 million per year…..

    If we can shift players like Xisco, Smith (already done it with Nolan and Campbell) then our wage bill is already looking healthier.


  11. .nice post mate agree with everything…but i cnt help thinking they are coming out and saying all this shit publicly so that clubs and agents and players dont hold them to ransom knowing that they have this 35 million warchest..the transfer window shuts dead in 2 months time..i firmly believe that we will be stronger by then and will have some suprise big signings on board..just cos we havnt been linked with any big name targets doesnt mean were nt persuing many of u haerd us trailing marvaux? not thing i learned bout this regime is they keep cards close to chest and say f*ck all..keep faith lads..


  12. Paul,

    It is getting ahead of ourselves a little bit to want to be challenging the likes of Liverpool and Spurs again….but with the nucleus of the team we have at the moment, a few really good signings and we could honestly be doing that.

    say a war chest of 15/20 million on fees for between 2/3 really good players to add what we already have. We could ask a lot of questions. The money is there.

    Our owner is a bloody billionairre. What else is he going to do with it? 😀


  13. Barry Vennison

    Profanity filter mate, any ‘naughty’ words and your post gets gobbled.

    Have put your comment up 😉


  14. Fair play moreno I’ve been saying on all the blogs and u have summed up exactly what ive been saying. Agent fees are part of the game and every club who signs a free transfer (bosman) has to pay agent fees. The Board are just making excuses and pardew was brought as face man cause he can the hind legs of a donkey!!! Ashley is a fat pig and pards is his little piglet . Poor Houghton got the bullet cause he was a man and didnt pander to ashley’s every whim!!!! We will prob spend e10 million which we will prob recieve from outgoing sales. Very good article!!!!!!


  15. I just don’t see why we can’t spend around 15m on Sturridge, instead we would prefer Erding or Shane Long for less than 8m. Sturridge would sell more shirts and have a bigger potential selling on price than Erding or Long put together – perfect number 9 material as well which Pardew wants to give to someone, ontop of all that he’s proven in THIS league. Still can’t get my head round why some of the Carroll money is being used on the training pitches…

    Rant over, just wanted to speak my mind on the striker situation.


  16. Billy

    Aye mate, when have you ever heard another manager in the history of football go on about the finances like that?

    Now he’s got a lot of the fans penny pinching too and agreeing with the board!

    Should be David Cameron’s spin doctor if the toon doesn’t work out!


  17. Andrew,

    I reckon we should have bought Whickham 😳
    6,3 works like a trojan on his game with total dedication….bags of potential.


  18. ok cheers mate…. 😉 i wouldnnt read too much into all this money been invested n that to be honest..think about it if our aim is to buy young up n coming talent then u have seen the ridiculous prices that they have been going for and the fact that every club will know we have 35 million sitting there they will hold us to ransom..therefore the radio interview and lambias interview is a smokescreen..we will use the money but not all in august…money will be kept for jan..15-20 will be spent in this window


  19. We tried Gamerio, Gervinho and were after Erdink, There’s your 2 to 3 good players. I honestly believe we’re trying and I’m confident we’ll see at least two difference makers com thru the door before itcloses.


  20. Toonsy
    Just got back from the pub mate, sorry for turning all this into politics, but got to say, I agree with you 100% with what you are saying. I’m in the office and we are bringing that line of thought in there and totally agree with it. Just I’m leaving it to the others to sort out as I’ll make a mess of it, or I’m I just copping out lol.
    Mind you, if we can introuduce this into the football club and team, we can move forward and look to a bright future.
    Well I’m off to bed now after a few pints and looking forward to good stuff going on there. Don’t know if it’s his account or not, but I tried to be clever and tweeted something in Spanish to Jose, his response came back and after using google translate, he says he wants to stay in Newcastle if he can, wants to sort things out (something like that anyway). Means that after my beer filled night, I can have nice (if not sad football ones) dreams about next season and be pleased I can sleep in in the mornnig

    As for this thread, the £35m will help the club run and I agree that feebies are never free, got agents to pay for a signing on fees etc, but thats the way of the football worls these days, should budget for that anyway. The extra we have from the Caroll sale should mean, we can buy an extra couple of players for more money than we thought we originally could, and the rest of the expenditure should have been budgeted for anyway. The other option is, pay of Ashleys debt quicker. As much as I want it spent on players, if it means we owe less out, the quicker things can be turned around, either better players in the near future or a new owner that bit quicker.


  21. Remember when Wickham played against us at St James, only 17, got himself a goal and did really well. I’ll be interested to see how he does next season like, Sunderland could well double their money on him.

    From what a few journo’s said on Twitter we had been watching him for ages but didn’t think he would be good enough for the Premier League.


  22. It’s not about Andy Carroll, thats now history as is Keegan and Hughton.
    It’s about the the people who run this club.

    Do we trust them ?
    Have they lied to us? actually yes! do the continue to lie to us?
    Do they give a damn about the fans?

    Have they any respect for a fan base who supported the side while in the second tier, in most cases with greater support than the majority of PL clubs.

    Who buy the overpriced shirts from Ashleys retailing firm , which in turn brings in a decent sized part of the clubs revenue.

    It’s really not about £35m. it’s about being disrespected and treated in a cavalier manner by a group who show little other than the desire to part them from their money.

    Who make promises they fail to carry through, thats what it;s about.


  23. Andrew,

    Way I see it with Whickham is that he cost a third of what Carroll sold for. He could turn out to be as good or better.


    Yeah, there’s plenty of time to go. I am just concerned that our main targets fall through who we spent the bulk of time scouting and we end up signings players we know less about.


  24. Chuck @ 26,

    “Who buy the overpriced shirts from Ashleys retailing firm”

    You’re telling me mate, I got both the bairns kits the other day and then re-mortgaged the house.


  25. Forgot to mention the new colours on the background look much better, I like the banner as well.


  26. Chuck @ 26

    I agree with that post. A few months ago I maybe wouldn’t have as I was still sitting on the fence and undecided but this latest pish about spending that money on undersoil heating has swayed me to your line of thinking.


  27. First comment on this blog. I agree with this article 100%. selling big andy was heartbreaking, and for it to be justified with freebies and upgrade of training pitches….well I’m sorry but that is pathetic.

    I’m stunned how many Newcastle fans suddenly have become experts in football finance after reading dirty derek’s comments about toon spending.

    I’m not saying we must spend every penny of 35m. But to be happy with a net transfer spend of 0.5m is beyond a joke. Surely at minimum we should have spent 20-25m by the end of the window to show ambition!!!


  28. I really like Erdinc, I think him and Ba would work well together.

    I would like Sturridge but Chelsea want £20 million for him so that’s a no go.


  29. First week of the transfer window.
    We’ve signed four Internationals.
    We’ve been told there’s defo 2 more players coming in.
    Jose and Joey are still with us.
    Goslin and Benny are fully fit
    What more could you want?


  30. Asley wants players that will appreciate. Anyone we can pick up for free will be hopefully sold on in a few years for a price. The odds are sturridge wont be worth more than 20 mill unless he scores a packet next season and even then we wont want him to be sold. Nice blog though.


  31. Look at how we started the window, nothing short of brilliant! Just because nothing has happened in a while is no reason to get too worried, I have complete faith that when the window closes we will have a very strong side with a new number 9. All this talk of the money nearly gone is so that clubs don’t try and rob us when they see us coming(my opinion of course). If Pardew had said we’d spent 4million and got 31 left I don’t think we’d get away with any small bids, got to appear broke and play hard ball. Pardew is known for doing good business in transfer markets, I’m confident it’s a reputation he’ll still have after this one. 😀


  32. I dont think it is as simple as ‘go and sign Sturridge’. Who’s to say we havent asked about him and Chelsea dont want to sell? Or his price is too high? Or he doesnt want to leave the big smoke? I would love Sturridge and yes he would sell shirts but I dont think it would make sense to blow our load on him instead of Long + NZogbia for example. The £35 million is going on the fees, agents etc and upgrades.

    I for one dont mind the training facilities being upgraded. How many articles have been written in the past on our injury records and how we seem to have so many more than other clubs? This investment may prove a money saver this season and we will reduce training ground injuries to help keep the first 11 playing. Wheres the harm in that?

    I think a lot of people see £35 million and think its just like pocket money we can blow. We have to be sensible. Yes the clubs wagebill was lowered, but I suspect and in a way hope it will have increased a little after this window, and we still have the running costs, which should be more than covered, and the debt to slowly pay off.

    In my humble opinion I think I am happy with what is happening. The club are a lot more financially aware and improvements to the team and club in general are happening.

    Judas’s replacement will be forthcoming guys. But can we stop going on about him. He hasnt pulled up any trees at the bin dippers and he isnt anywhere near as good as Suarez, and with the number of MF they are playing, and the fans unhappiness with how they change the style and system when he plays, I dont think he will be a fixture in their team. He is good but not that good. He may well come good and be the next great thing, or he may continue drinking and pi$$ing the management off and have more injuries and flunk. Who knows. All I know is we bummed them for at least £20 million more than he was worth and we should be happy we are seeing improvements.

    Lets see what the squad looks like on 1st Sept. See how the improvements to the training ground etc help the team along esp in the winter, which is a lot harsher than anywhere else in the league and see what gives!


  33. 👿 What’s coming through time and time again is Llambias is a liar and about as transparent as a lump of concrete and about as thick.
    The only slight comfort I got from the sale of Carroll (as a born Geordie I was livid) was the assurance that it would all “stay in NUFC.” Anouther clever play on words you devious little (insert copious amounts of degenerative expletives.)
    All this goal post moving and creative accounting is really making me detest this horrible little bean counter with every ounce of my being. What an odious creature he is!


  34. Great article Moreno, the problem with telling porkies is the harder you try to cover up the truth, the worse it sounds, the quotes have now been recovered where they distinctly promised re investment in the ” TEAM “, not the club.
    There is a continual lack of respect for the fans by this board and although i live in hope that they will yet splash out, i think the nearly full cheque book has been locked away.
    I wonder if they would have a different attitude if the transfer window closed before the season ticket deadline.


  35. Ba, whickham and sturridge for 23 m – that would have been good business.

    Agree with Omar we have to look at 20-25 m spend
    However ‘presuming’ we had some transfer budget for this summer i dont think itwould be unreasonable for transfer ‘fees’ alone (im not talking agent fees) to be around the 30m mark.


  36. Definitely not believing the “spin” from Llambias & Pardew.

    We’ve only spent what would have been invested in 2011 anyway.

    You sell our local hero for 35M … you damn well use some of that money to buy us a new No9 who can fill the shirt.

    Get some money spent. Cheapskates.


  37. Yep id say we are par for a summer transfers if we’d KEPT carroll.

    Now we need a replacement, it may well be in the offing but sooner the better so we can get him embedded in team before the season starts.


  38. Raffo @39.
    Thanks for some good comments and common sense. I feel the same way. Far too much bleating from so many people who clearly know how to run a football club better than anyone else.
    Why cant people just accept that we will only be buying players with future resale value. No mega trophy signings like owen ( 👿 ).
    Hence we wont be blowing £20M on sturridge no matter how good he may or may not be.
    To get the club turned round from where we were with shepherd into a financial sound club with low debt will take years, not just a few months.
    What we need more than anything is stability. A manager who will be around for more than half a season, would be a start.


  39. Could people stop clinging to the silly view that saying the money’s spent is ‘a smokescreen’, or somehow an ingenious plot to fool ‘greedy’ agents and clubs.
    How stupid do you think these agents are?
    If most of the fans don’t really believe the money has been spent then the agents definitely won’t.
    Their job is to get the most money possible for the players they represent. Never in a million years would an agent believe that a club that received £35m from a transfer fee, managed to spend it all on undersoil heating.
    Some fans may be that gullible but agents aren’t.
    Would you hire an agent that fell for a smokescreen of such brilliant sublety? No, I thought not.


  40. #45
    Im fine with the fact the owner is trying to get the club on a stable footing but the Carroll cash was outside of this plan, If its not and is needed to stabilise the club then just say that,

    As for sturridge – goalscorers cost a premium and id think he fits the mould , ie young and with a high resale value


  41. This is a great story to stir up comment but damaging to the Newcastle cause.


    Pardew has to face the public but can’t show our cards in the transfer market, obviously. He then has to put a positive spin on things, again obviously. He is an intelligent man & deserves our support for his strength of character alone in difficult circumstances and a difficult job

    Carroll asked for the transfer & eff ed off He also is up in front the beak, injured & drunk & disorderly a lot so £35Mill is a no brainer to those with one.

    We are now being run properly & even though the MD & Owner are chronic at PR they are putting plans in place that give the majority comfort.

    If this continues we may even win something which lets face it we haven’t since the 50’s so the old way hasn’t worked

    In short get a grip


  42. The argument about trophy signings and players with resale is a nonsense.
    Who is asking for signing like Owen and Kluivert?
    Most sensible people I know thought players like that were a bad idea at the time, and certainly want to buy players like that again.
    That doesn’t mean everyone has to be free, or a gamble, or an injury risk.
    Newcstle once spent a record fee on a striker who turned out to be brilliant for the club: Shearer.
    Or are you saying he was bad for the club because he cost money?
    What’s important is the quality of the players we get in.
    Saying we shouldn’t get players like Erdinc or Sturridge because they are more expensive than our freebies or will have less sell on value is daft and shortsighted. A player like like that could just as easily go on to be worth £20m+ if they fit in and develop well.
    And no, I’m not saying we MUST spend £35m on any old player as if it were burning a hole in the pocket.
    But neither should we only be scraping around looking for freebies.
    We should be prepared to reinvest some money if the right quality players are available, to improve the squad.
    We need another striker, we need defensive cover (and a proven LB if Enrique leaves), and a proven RW wouldn’t hurt either.
    If we get the right players (not just the cheapest) and no one else leaves, who knows we may push for 6th.


  43. Argh – it should say ‘most sensible people DON’T want players like Owen and Kluivert again’


  44. When are we all going to wake up and realise he has no intention of spending any money. Maybe I am being too negative but I genuingly dont think it is a concidence that the only actual money spent this summer was £4.5m and a week later a player was sold for £4.5m to balance it out.

    All you claimed faithfuls can bury your heads but these are the facts. Since Ashley took over in the summer of 2007 we have sold roughly £110m of players with approximately £78m being spent on players. By my GCSE maths that is £32m profit from transfers alone. I am not interested in fees or wages as without a doubt the money generated from season tickets/tv revenue/merchandise far out weighs our wage bill.

    There is only 1 man who will have the last laugh at Newcastle and he won’t be one sitting in the Gallowgate end. When Ashley leaves it wont be because of the fans, it will be because he has recouped what he needs. Chants and marches may have seemed funny at the time but the payback has started. All players brought into the club now are knowingly done so beacuse they have a sell on value. It is clear his only strategy is to make back his losses. I can’t believe any footballs clubs long term strategy for success involves continually selling your best players every transfer window because it means you have made money on them.


  45. Ameobi’sGums,

    I agree with a lot of that.

    Like I said on facebook page

    Time is a great healer for most. People forgive and forget. Unfortunately, I am a bit stubborn and I still remember the assurances we were all made when we sold our local lad (who we were previously assured we wouldn’t sell) and none of it has come to pass yet.

    Imagine at the time of the Carroll sale the club had outlined that this would happen with that money? There would have been outrage. Now a few months have elapsed and the optimism is around as it always is in pre-season and a lot of fans forget. The board aren’t stupid.

    In my eyes, they still have a chance to redeem themselves. Bring in a quality striker…not PSG’s third choice who doesn’t want to be here anyway (embarrassing to bid for him really if that’s the case) but someone to get the fans off their seats and I will hold my hands up and agree with the Carroll sale.

    Until then, 35 million may as well be £350 to me.


  46. I`d have a go for agbonlahor from Villa I think he would link up well with Ba. Big man little man bristling with pace


  47. Things will not change Ashley and his sidekick are tossers but it is Newcastle that matters. When you sign up to supporting this club disappointment is at the core. I should know I`ve been supporting them for fifty years and nothing has changed. From patch Westwood right through to the current regime it has been a disaster and every one of them has dipped their noses in the trough. Unfortunately we are the one`s who suffer but get over it I am a pessimistic old bastard anyway and I suppose Newcasle and me deserve each other.


  48. Basically agree with you Moreno…Signing on agent fees as well as transfers? Yeah that makes sense…but loads on contracts? We have to sell to buy anyway with regards to our squad…and facilities? Load of sh1t, its not like we’re Derby under clough or something.


  49. Moreno
    Seriously, you talk of “telling the fans what’s going on” or similar, against the media and agents re the 35 big ones.
    Do you honestly think the agents and media wouldn’t find out what was told to the fans?
    Everyone’s banging on about “tell us when/where you’re going to spend the money”, giving a heads up to all & sundry about cash about to be spent.
    Think about it, who knew about the signings so far until they arrived…
    They came in at an excellent price virtual nothing.
    The club’s new approach re fees, undergound heating other exes…….. IMO it’s a ploy to put off would be money grabbers Erdinc? Etc looking for a big payday.
    Steady as she goes, give them (mgmt) a chance and let’s see what happens in the next 6 weeks or so.


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